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Found 9 results

  1. Firstly big thanks to @Dinafem-Mark for letting me be one of the five chosen for this UK420 Ocean Grown Cookies pre release grow show. Hopefully I can do them justice and do a good preview of this new strain. I will be growing out 3 of them along with 1 Dinamed, I have never grown CBD strains before so this is a first for me. Also in the mix is 2 Purps#1 and 1 Remo Chemo, I ran these 2 last year and I want to fill my jars up again. Lastly 1 each of Gorilla and Bubba Kush, these two are new strains for me too. So that’s the plan, 6 strains over 9 plants to showcase Dinafems brand new unrealeased strain, a CBD strain, 2 old favourites and some new ones to me. I will be getting them wet tomorrow evening, I loves a Dinafem grow so this spring should be a lot of fun.
  2. Hey, In an effort to make some serious medicinal oil I am going to grow out and extract CBD Plus. This will most probably be mixed with an extraction of Karma Genetics Fruity Pebble Rado (FPR). With this method I am hoping to have a high CBD AND THC medicine, probably mixing the two oils at a 1:1 ratio for a hopefully narcotic, relaxing effect. I know that THC 1:1 CBD strains exist (shout to Sweet Seeds Honey Peach Auto) but I am hoping for a stronger oil when mixing the two. A learned friend of mine will do the extraction - he gets very good results out of a big Grand Daddy Purp grown in his garden every year so I'm hoping my indoors can match the potency. He has lab testing and experience so I'm excited for the numbers on paper as well. I've grown out the FPR before and it gave incredibly strong head and body high. This time I will let it go a little longer for a real narco effect. It's top stuff! Since that grow I have been looking for a high CBD plant and Dinamed CBD Plus came at a great time! I'll be growing in biobizz light mix for the starter pots and I may step up to allmix for the bigger pots. It's a small grow; 4 plants in 7l pots, two of each strain. Their sunny days will be provided by two small QB's; 135w (dimmable) and 75w (not so dimmable) from @diyleduk. The 135 fills the dr60 amply, so I use the 75 in the small prop tent. However with both lights at 3000k, I will probably cram the two in at flowering time as I like to dim the 135 a little. @Dinafem-Mark I see that you are active on the forums which is great to have! Any soil / nutes tips you have observed for this strain before I but them in bigger pots would be a fantastic help. I have a good range of biobizz on deck from previous years; grow, bloom, heaven, topmax, algamic, root juice. I'm going 24/0 lights for veg. 3 seeds were popped about a week ago and today showed the first green shoot on the long road from Babylon!
  3. Dinamed, 70 Days Flwr.jpg

    From the album x4 Subbie Strains + Dinafem Dinamed CBD

    Dinamed, 70 Days Flowered.
  4. Dinamed, 10 Wks Flwr.jpg

    From the album x4 Subbie Strains + Dinafem Dinamed CBD

    Dinamed, 10 Weeks Flowering.
  5. Dinamed, 9 Wks Flwr.jpg

    From the album x4 Subbie Strains + Dinafem Dinamed CBD

    Dinafem Dinamed CBD, 9 Weeks Flower.
  6. Hi all and a big thanks to @Dinafem-Mark at https://www.dinafem.org/en/ for the opportunity to run a test grow on these new auto cbd https://www.dinafem.org/en/dinamed-autoflowering-cbd/
  7. Dinamed 8 Wks Flwr.jpg

    From the album x4 Subbie Strains + Dinafem Dinamed CBD

    Dinafem Dinamed CBD, 8 Weeks Flowering.
  8. 5a9be77795bf6-Dinamed5WeeksFlower.jpg

    From the album Subs Seeds

    Dinafem Dinamed CBD, 5 Weeks Flowering.
  9. I didn't run a journal on this grow because of some health issues I had to get through, so I thought I should post the end result so far. The Dinamed CBD was intended for others so I haven't tried it yet but the Early Amnesia CBD is a very pleasant surprise. Water cured and smoked in my old V-Tower produces almost no smoke when you exhale, which is deceiving because I get the most pleasant Sativa buzz, the best I've experienced in years, no burn or coughing at all. Very good for arthritis pain. Lifts you up but doesn't interfere with sleep (?) The fact that it produces no smoke when you inhale is because of the water cure which is actually flushing the bud after the chop, is much more effective as it relies on osmosis, the curing is still done in the traditional way. Very clean for medical users, coffers, asthmatics ... It also does what it claims for pain. I was on the fence about growing a CBD strain strictly for myself until now. I don't have a tolerance issue (low) which may explains the pleasant buzz. Oh yea, two plants gave me about 2.5 ozs. A keeper for sure if your into medical use and don't mind losing the connoisseurs aspects of your smoke. Peace N