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  1. As some of you might have seen I’m currently doing an auto grow so this will run alongside the main diary for you Dinafem fans Mid-April two Dinafem Critical+ 2.0 seeds were soaked in water for 24 hours, then placed into small pots with seedling compost and put into a propagator. Two days later, the Critical+ had cracked and were reaching for the sky, so were placed into my MicroBox under a 23w CFL on 24 hours a day. I also had a lone MobyDick auto, it must have been 6/7 year old but sadly after a few extra days it didn’t crack. On day 6, a second 23w CFL was added to the MicroBox and the wet/dry feeding cycle started. On day 8, the pots had dried out enough so I started with some supplements… 0.5ml per litre Plant Magic Bio-Silicon 0.25ml per litre Aptus Start Booster Day 11 everything was going OK, they were maybe a little leggy, so I got them as close to the light as I dared. Day 15 was pot up day into 7L finals, they could have been potted up a day or two earlier, but it is what it is They were then placed into my tent, ballast was set to 250w and 18/6. I also added some seaweed extract into the feed so they each got around 1.25L of the following… 0.25ml per litre Aptus Start Booster 0.5ml per litre Plant Magic Bio-Silicon 1ml per litre Plant Magic Catalyst By day 23, they’d got a bit of a spurt on so I started on some LST and flicked the ballast to 400w. I also added some CalMag to the feed, more as a prevention than a cure and they each got around 2L of… 0.25ml per litre Aptus Start Booster 0.5ml per litre Plant Magic Bio-Silicon 1ml per litre Plant Magic Catalyst 0.5ml per litre Plant Magic Magne-Cal Yesterday was day 29 things are ticking along nicely and pre-flowers are now showing I’ve been continuing with some LST as they’ve had a bit of a stretch and the ballast is still set to 400w, but will be flicked to 600w in the next day or so. Feed is also still the same, but I plan to stop the Start Booster next feed. That’s all for now and keep it green
  2. Hey guys and gals! Well to start, I had been doing some light reading over the winter on this forum and I have to say its a delight to see such a welcoming and friendly place for info and tips! I decided to have a go at this 'grow your own' business. Ive got a south easterly facing garden with a greenhouse so it gets the sun for most of the day til about 8pm high summer. Ive even used foil insulation to increase the ray trap. Looks like a bit of a grow house! Ive got a full spectrum of veg and flowers on the go for the neighbours curiosity to be satisfied its not a dodgy grow house lol. Anyways, Ive bought Dinafem seeds, all Autos, I germinated the quick kush a few weeks ago, its doing well I think - a nice rich green. My main worry is that its had a bit of a stretch and purhaps the pot its in is a little small? I think its in a 3L pot and Ive read in a lot of threads that 5L is a good size. So my first question is do I stick with the pot or size up? My worry is I should probably size up very soon.. so its a decision that I need to make asap. Whats your thoughts? The pot has a false bottom so the roots arent soaked and a drainage hole. For Soil I used Biobizz light mix. And Ive used a little fishmix and root juice with its 2nd watering yesterday, maybe 1ml/L of rainwater. Im only watering when the pot feels light and the soil under the top starts to dry. This quick kush germinated when there was no real sun for a week so I bought a little full spec LED lamp to nurse it indoors. At the minute its still sleeping indoors with some LED before bed and spending its days in the greenhouse. Too eager to wait! Ive got a Bubba Kush and a Critical 2.0 seed ready to germinate. Those will deffo be going in bigger pots! And by the time they pop out the soil we should have lovely May sunshine, so wont be getting the LED treatment unless we have a month of rain! Cheers! Red P.S. i have photos but as yet unable to upload due to file size?
  3. Tucker's 2019 Dinafem Outdoor Auto Adventure Hello hello hello , Yep its that time of year again. The long dark and cold winter is receding aday at a time. I decided to sign up to this Dinafem outdoor competition because of the great strains on offer and i would never turn down the offer of getting a outdoor project on the go. Firstly I’d like to thank the seed sponsor @Dinafem-Mark for allowing me to take part and grow some of these marvellous Dinafem strains. For this grow diary I've decided to choose White Widow Auto and White Widow XXL Auto and some Amnesia Autos which have been sat in my fridge for a year . I’m really interested in giving auto’s a try and i can see that autos are improving in quality. Lets face it ,autos are getting better and better and i believe they will feature more and more in the coming years. Inspired by other growers on uk420. This diary/ competition entry is dedicated to growing auto strains in the somewhat unreliable English summer. Watch this space for an update .... Speak soon.
  4. All im saying is.. bring that shit on.. spring i mean.. Have been furiously scrubbing the days off on the calendar.. the time is approaching.. seeds will be popped.. land will be borrowed.. and the sun shall shine. Big Thanks to Mark, for the seeds !! much appreciated brother! Hopefully i can, in return, put down a decent diary! Critical + 2.0 On paper, this plant is unbeatable i reckon. Huge yield, mold resistance, roadkill skunk flavours. Expecting a mid-late october finish. this will be perfect for me. hopefully the blisters on my scissor hand will have healed by the time i get round to these. ive already popped 1 seed to see how fast it gets established. this will give me a better idea of when to pop the others for optimum start. I dont want any uncertainty. A great start is the key to big yield. All the best to everyone !!
  5. So after a few grows using RQS I decided that I would give Dinafem a go, I'm just finishing a grow that was supposed to be all RQS but due to a couple of dodgy seeds not sprouting, I bought 2 Dinafem seeds (only one grew though, maybe my fault) but the one that did has really impressed me. (2 weeks behind the RQS and the biggest plant) Grow diary here... Anyway, I have bought 4 more seeds and plan on getting these going once the current grow has finished. The seeds are... 1x Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering 1x Haze 2.0 Autoflowering 1x Blue Critical Autoflowering 1x Original Amnesia Autoflowering Set up... Old kids wardrobe (insulated and made slightly bigger) Kingbo 300w led (120w real wattage) Topplanet 300w led (120w real wattage) (Surprised how well these 2 lights have done considering they are cheapies) 2 X modified ceiling led panel lights (4000k) 80 watts Ram mixed flow extraction Rhino 4" filter 2x 4" usb fans Heat mat 600mm X 600mm Fabric pots Soil will be a mixture of pre used (once) canna soil mix / home made compost/perlite / Coco coir. Various canna / biobizz fertilizers. Pic from current grow...it's a bit rag tag but does the job... Hoping the current grow will be finished in the next couple weeks, will get onto these then. ... Watch this space...
  6. with my loft tent set up and ready to grow its about time I started my first diary Around the 1st May i dropped my Dinafem Critical Mass CBD seed into water and popped it into a mini heated propagator. 24h later and it'd cracked and the tap root was starting to emerge so i placed it carefully into a rootit sponge and placed the lot into my temporary veg cabinet. she had some difficulties throwing her shell off so after a day or two i eased it off and left her to get on with things - unfortunately i hadn't noticed that a bit of shell pith was still clinging on and this prevented the cotyledons from properly opening for another day or two before i worked up the courage to cut them free with a razor blade now 5 days from germination shes starting to spread her wings a bit - shes not coming on as quick as I'd have liked but i suspect i may have left her in the closed heated prop for a little too long, plus the closed cupboard with no ventilation is hardly a perfect environment - will definitely have to have to work out something better for next time plan is to let her settle into the rootit sponge, then once she's happy move her into a 4" rockwool cube and hand water for a bit before dropping her in the NFT tray... super excited (and a little nervous) to finally have my first grow on the go - looking forward to some home grown weed in T minus 12-16 weeks and counting
  7. Blue Kush Auto

    From the album Dinafem girls part IV

    © bluntz27

  8. Ahoy me' hearties, Glad you could all join me for this special voyage into uncharted waters for the 2019 season - lets hope its a good'n! Firstly many thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and Dinafem for making all this happen, providing the beans and running this successful competition for multiple years now! Its a first time for me, I just hope I can do the strains I opted for justice. The girls will be getting under sail at Lat 51 and will be growing in the greenhouse and in the garden. I have opted for two strains, the first being the infamous Critical + 2.0. The hardiness of this strain due to the inbred lineage of a moisture resistant phenotype attracted me, as any outdoor grower has surely ran into the dreaded botrytis when approaching harvest time. Also a 70/30 indica/ sativa hybrid, coupled with a late September finish ticks all the boxes for me. The second of the Dinafem selection I have opted for is the White Widow Auto. Ive seen multiple posts on here praising this auto strain - I believe the aliens had several good results and remember one or two others commenting that it was always a solid performer even at lats several degrees higher than me. Ill be using Jacks Magic (50%) with perlite (50%) to loosen & aerate the medium. In terms of feeding - ill probably use Tomorite or something that I have to hand. Generally i've done just fine without worrying too much about feeding and all that jazz. Cheers and all the best!
  9. day 26 flower'ish

    From the album Gardening

    Starting to swell up nicely at day 26, went abit too dry last night but in fairness they seemed to enjoy it, some rhizo to stimulate outer root hairs. current feed ec1.6-8 ph 5.9 roughly 1-1.5l each per day
  10. blue kush auto

    From the album Dinafem girls part IV

    tied down remaining tips.

    © bluntz27

  11. WWa

  12. critical +2.0 topped

  13. WWA 2

  14. blue kush auto

    From the album Dinafem girls part IV

    © bluntz27

  15. Blue Kush auto

    From the album Dinafem girls part IV

    Stretching now, tying down as/when needed.

    © bluntz27

  16. Ok folks here we go I'm doing another grow with Dinafem's Gorilla strain. I should have had a Dinafem for seeds diary on the go last year but other things took preference, and I feel it's time to put my guilty mind to rest. I'm not even finished my current grow with them but I just love growing this beast of a strain. Photo below: a Dinafem Gorilla sog plant in current grow. So we will start here with a plan, but subject to change without notice. I am currently in the process of taking some clones from the Gorilla mother plant that I started to grow when the strain first went on sale. This girl lives under the stairs with a 50 watt led cob for light and in a 8l fabric root pouch packet with roots and some coco. She gets starved then fed then roots chopped then put back in the pot, gets whacked with the strimmer and chainsaw etc you get the idea. Clones from the Mother, the clones sit in water with a touch of seaweed extract for a couple of days then move on to the rooting stage straight into tiny pots of canna coco professional, no gels, rooting powder etc. They then get set in a little container with a lid. The temps in the container normally sit at 25c and humidity at 100% for a few days, then I let some air in and give them a little spray of water if needed and leave an air vent open. Normally I have the nubs of roots in 7 days and day 8-10 they should have roots about 10-20mm long, at that stage I remove them from the propagator and usually just put them straight into their final 2l pots of coco to root out for a week or so or as longs as need be. My plan is to have 8 good clones every 3 weeks being put into the flower cabinet. Rinse and repeat until I have one of the levels in the cab full. That should keep me from running out of smokes. They will get flowered under Samsung Led Strips custom built for my cabinet by Diyleduk who was kind enough to let me test the units and see what results we could achieve with max 285 watts of power at the wall. Which I'm sure those who look at my diaries can see what can be done even when I near kill the plants in the process. So here is a photo of clones sitting in a plastic cup that I posted before but feel they should be shown again in this thread. I have about 3 weeks left in my current grow and then I will start feeding in the clones. I'm never in a rush so it is what it is. Dinafem - Gorilla sog girls The diary will be update on a weekly basis and is most likely to be photo heavy rather than my ramblings, lets face it we all like pictures and the plants can do the talking. If you see me making any mistakes which I do a lot off or would just like to chime in, offer some tips / advice or follow along for the ride, please do, feedback is always appreciated. Lighting will be Samsung Strips as mentioned above and will range from 200-285 watts until we add another couple a strips and a new driver then we can hit 350 watts max and see how it goes. Grow space roughly 4.8ft long X 2.5ft Depth and 100cm in height. Lights currently being used and in testing, thanks Diyleduk Photo below of the cabinet. Lower level will be for this grow. Should be a simple grow using straight forward basic feeding Medium will be: Canna Coco Professional Nutrients: Canna Coco A/B Additives: Canna PK13/14 Calmag only if needed, some days my tap water reads 0.3 EC -0.5 EC no idea why. Well that's a wrap for tonight. Toke...
  17. Thanks to the generous offer from @Dinafem-Mark to try some Dinafem strains my grown up son asked me to choose these 2. I also have started a dinafem critical cheese I got as a freebie from attitude. I'll also be throwing in an oldtimes just because why wouldn't you run an oldtimes? I'm just finishing up the current lot in the main tent and this lot are just hatching as we speak so I'll try to get some pictures up later. They will be fed once again exclusively on the great coco nutrients from @Intense Nutrients. Here's hoping for some lovely sticky icky and some lovely new flavours.
  18. BlueKush Auto

    From the album Dinafem girls part IV

    3-4 weeks

    © bluntz27

  19. Hello fellow growers, After a long think, I’ve decided to go for a selection of Dinafem seeds as my experiences of growing their cheese has been a good one. I find them easy to grow, they look great and the final product always lives up to expectations. I also like the fact they sell single seeds and the Annesia seed was free. Set up is: 1.2 x1.2 x 2.0 tent 5 RVK extraction on a Rhino filter 4 RVK intake on a low setting Omega HPS 600W adjustable ballast 1 x oscillating fan Coco mixed with pebbles & ecothrive charge. Canna A + B + Pk 13/14 With current temps, I will go with a 24hour light cycle until it warms up a tad. I will probably tie down the main cola on all the plants to get that even canopy. I will be posting new pictures frequently as the grow progresses. This is is my fifth grow so I’m beginning to get quite good at this yolk. As ever, any advice and input is most welcome. Peace.
  20. Hi everyone and welcome along to my very first attempt at growing....anything....ever! ive been lurking in this site for a couple of years but have finally went out and bought myself everything (I think) I need to grow my own bush. KIT 75x75x200 budbox tent 4” td extract fan, acoustic ducting and rhino hobby cf 660w dimmable ballast + 250w mh (veg) 600w hps (flower) 6” clip fan and 9” floor fan STRAINS GROWING 2 x Dinafem White Widow 2 x Dinafem Blue Cheese im going to be attempting to follow Nebula’s Manifold technique from the GWE site as I’ve been reading up on this for years and it seems like the way for me. I had my gear running for a few days before my seeds arrived just to make sure I could control the temp and humidity and after some hammering and sawing I got it sitting steady at 24c and 30% with the 600w lamp in and ballast cranked up to 660w. Those td fans are pretty good! My seeds arrived yesterday and I immediately planted them in little biodegradable pots 3/4 filled with coco and pre-soaked with plain tap water. Once the standing water had run out the pots I placed each seed in pointy side down and covered loosely with a 1/2” layer of coco. I then popped them into my propagator and into the airing cupboard covered with a towel to keep it dark. Temps are ranging from 18c when the heating goes off and 24c when it’s on. Humidity steady around 55-60%. They’ll be staying in there until they’ve cracked the surface then it’s out of the airing cupboard and into the tent under 250w mh with the extract running. I’m using ionic nutes but will be starting them off with some formulex until probably the second set of fan leaves then switch to 1/4 strength nutes Once they're 6 nodes high it will be time for the first top and clean up then tie the branches down to begin forming my manifold. Let them grow another couple of nodes each side then it’s one last top and clean up. They’ll be vegged until just below 1/2 my desired finishing height then it’ll be in with the 600w HPS, ballast down to 400w and increase it up to 660w week by week Ill be posting pics as I go so feel free to jump in with any pointers, criticism (good and bad) or just for a blether. Below are a couple of pics of my tent and ventilation. Next photos will be when they pop their heads through to say hello cheers for reading Tent is in the en-suite of my bedroom with the shower ripped out. Kept the sink and toilet in case I spend too much time up here with the girls ha extract rigged up to an existing, unused extractor fan which vents out through the roof
  21. She’s a small one.