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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to the Critical Swarm! Over the last couple of years I've amassed a nice selection of Dinafem beans, and this diary will mainly focus on photoperiod strains with a few auto's being grown in the greenhouse and at the plot. I'll be using a plot that I had regs in last year, which I will have to expand to fit everything in. Here's a pic of it from when I first cleared it... Really nice soil here, only problem is there's a massive tree blocking sun from about 10-12, so I'll try to expand in front of it. Right on to the beans... I chose Critical+ and Critical Jack for the competition, thanks @Dinafem-Mark. I've seen some good grows of the C+, but nothing of the CJ. the plan will be to take cuts from the CJ for an indoor run at some point just in case it doesn't do very well The others I have are Critical+2 (also have a mother of this that will have cuts taken for outdoors), Critical cheese (another possible mother), Critical Mass CBD, Purple Afghan Kush and Diesel. See why it's a critical swarm On top of that I have loads of auto's! I'm not going to list them all as only a few will be grown out, probably Critical+, Critical Jack, Blue Kush, White Widow and Haze CBD. I'm hoping to get out to the plot either today or tomorrow, and I'll get fresh pics of it then. Good luck to all in the comp!
  2. Welcome to my new rolling diary for 2019-2020. I have started fresh as I will only be documenting Dinafem strains. As most people here on uk420 know I flower my plants out in a diy cabinet with two levels hence the vertical farming reference in the title. I only use leds provided by @diyleduk , the guy knows his stuff and very easy to work with and one of uk420's sponsors. My diary will continue in the same style as normal basically picture cards with descriptions added and text to go with it, expect this diary to be picture heavy. If and when I have any details that need added or changed as things progress. As for any images I post they will be public domain and free for anyone to use just give credit to the photographer and mention uk420 off course is all I ask. Now that's out of the way im going to start of the diary with some Dinafem - Gorilla CBD seedlings. I am hoping the CBD and THC mixture of the strain will help me with some health issues. Seeds provided by @Dinafem-Mark once again thank you, your a star. I popped three seeds into water and left them over nite and then popped them into a wet paper towel until the tap roots where showing. Once the tap roots appeared they then got put into small pots of coco fiber. I soaked and rinsed the compressed coco out to get rid of all small coco peat / sand / salt particals and this has given the seedlings a very airy medium and can not be over water in any way. (got fed up buying expensive coco to have more tiny particles of coco peat than fibers and it held to much water. The coco was left to soak over night in ph6.0 water with canna calmag agent added and a very light dose of ionic hydro grow nutrient, so the medium should now be well buffered and seedlings hopefully happy. The plan is to veg these three seedlings out until they are big and healthy enough to provide me with lots of clones. If all works to plan I should be able to use ten cuttings from each plant and put them into small pots of two or three litres and do a sog grow of thirty plants. Any pheno differences should be easy seen. So with this in mind it will not be a quick turnaround with the Gorilla CBD's. Im never in a rush. I also have 1 x Dinafem - Orange Juice and 1 x Dinafem Ocean Grown Cookie plants that are in early veg atm. These will get another week or two or three in veg and then put in the flower cab to keep things going while the Gorilla CBD plants do their thing. So that's it for now, lets get the show on the go. Enjoy. Toke...
  3. After my first grow I had a fair bit of sparkly trim in the freezer and an afternoon spare so decided to make some bubble hash Strain is Dinafem's awesome Critical Mass CBD, didn't actually weigh the trim but it was about equal to the bag of jar bud so I'd say 80 to 100 grams. Stuff on the left is fresh frozen trim from 3rd week of flower, stuff on the right is dried airbud and trim. Also ended up with plenty of blender hash, this stuff was a nightmare to clean out, I might try blitzing up a couple of ice cubes next time to see if that frees anything up..?.. Will definitely start to stockpile ice earlier next time too, I used six trays in about 20 litres but it felt like it melted pretty quickly, but then I was pretty mashed - the 30 mins stirring was a gentle blur Used just the 220, 180 and 25um bags as rather than a half dozen different smaller chunks I'd end up with a larger uniform but lower grade product. After a few days drying it looked like this And that's roughly how it's stayed so far, a green to sandy colored grit (which just happens to crumble up lovely) Smoke wise it's the perfect daytime chill - I can smoke this and it soothes me whilst allowing me to still get on with my day Having recently re-read Kafka's excellent Rough Guide To Hash And Hash Making I'm now gonna settle down on the sofa and start hand rolling some of my very own homegrown cbd hash @Dinafem-Mark If you haven't given some CBD trim the bubble hash treatment already you really should bud, it's lovely stuff