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Found 55 results

  1. Last week I popped 3x Dinachem and all 3 germinated. I heard that it was Dinafems peoples favorite. growing in a 3x3 tent along with other strains from other Breeders. 300 COB LED
  2. I have been busy planning my next grow and so far I have been pleased with the Dinafem plants I am currently flowering so I thought I would try some of the longer flowering strains. I have opted for Strawberry Amnesia, Dinachem and Moby Dick as they are advertised as 70 to 75 days. They will be part of a 9 plant multi strain seed plant grow which will include Cheese Wreck and BLZ Bud from Seedism and Blue Dream, Amhurst Sour Diesel and Chemdawg from Humboldt Seed Organisation. I will also have a cutting of Sannies Sugar Punch from a seed plant that I am flowering out now, it's really sativa looking so would be ideal for 10 to 11 week flower period which is what I am planning for this grow. I have took a few photos of the seedlings and I have quite an interesting bunch. The Moby Dick has sprouted 2 plants from one seed and the Dinachem has a mutant massive leaf that pushed the 2 starter leaves to one side. I have never seen it before but the 2 smaller leaves look to be normal so hopefully it will be ok. The Strawberry Amnesia has been really slow to germinate but it's just about up now.
  3. Hi folks and welcome to my first Dinafem only multistrain diary, I did a multistrain diary in here last year but there were only 3 Dinafem plants in the grow as I had some strains from other breeders as well. This time I am doing only Dinafem strains, the grow will be 8 plants and I plan on veging them up nice and big and hopefully end up with some big and heavy monster plants. I will be doing two each of the new purple genetics Purple Moby Dick and The Purps#1 and one each of Dinachem, Remo Chemo, Strawberry Amnesia and Diesel. I will update later today with some more info about my set up and plans for this grow and also why I have chosen these strains. It it should be lots of fun and I am sure there will plenty of ups and downs along the way.
  4. IMG-4636.JPG

    From the album Dinafems

  5. IMG-4635.JPG

    From the album Dinafems

  6. IMG-4634.JPG

    From the album Dinafems

  7. IMG-4633.JPG

    From the album Dinafems

  8. IMG-4579.JPG

    From the album Cali connection chem 91 sk va,boss Hogg and dinachem

    Dinachem, this is STINKY must be chem 91 pheno:)
  9. @Dinafem-Mark when did you give me these seeds for a diary? 2 years ago?. Better late than never right lol. I don't know if you remember but you gave me strawberry amnesia and dinachem but I couldn't do the diary. Well I've managed to get a little grow going again but it's just the dinachem single so far. I do have the SA and some critical cheese back in my possession which I might run next time. But for now this is just the dinachem. I have a totally new set up (apart from my lumatek ballast) as I've had to down size to get a grow going again under orders from my Mrs. A little grow is better than no grow! I have downsized to a ds60 in which I am running: 4"/100mm rhino single speed extractor coupled to a hydrogarden variispeed controller 4" rhino hobby filter Ram 6" clip on fan Lumatek digital dimmable ballast. It's 400w but given the size of my tent I'll be running 270w Max from it. My extraction is pretty hardcore (hence my controller) so I may experiment and see if I can get away with running 400w in the last couple weeks. We'll see if it's worth it and if my temps can handle it Standard dimpled Euro reflector Sunmaster dual spectrum photonic bulb 250w. Probably will switch to a Phillips son-t full hps for the last couple weeks of bloom passive intakes I'll be sticking to the media that I am most familiar with and have had best results with: Biobizz allmix. Plant was already in a 1L pot of allmix when given to me and I'll continue to pot up into all mix Biobizz fish mix Biobizz root juice (actually new to me, I've always used pm root stim in the past but thought I'd try this. Doesn't stink like the pm stuff!) Biobizz bloom Humboldt equilibrium. Always have been hit with cal/mag issues before I used this and never see cal/mag deficiencies since I have so I will,be using this again during the end of veg/early flower. So the plan is to get as much smoke as possible from this small grow. I have a pretty tidy scrog net ready to go in which I plan to pack with colas. Veg time will be a bit long but it keeps my Mrs happy knowing there's one plant up there. Plant is around 8 days from seed. I don't know exactly as my mate wasn't sure exactly when he germinated them but that looks about right. It has received no feed as of yet and is happy hogging a whole 250w to itself. I'll get some pictures up this evening when the kids are in bed. I just wanted to get the written part out of the way and let Mark know I'm back in action! I'm shite at writing so if I've missed anything or anyone wants to know anything, let me know! Cheers.
  10. Hi, can anyone give me any idea how high my Dinachem will grow, in coco, watered once per day, to keep it from stretching!? Anyway it popped ground on 16th April and I topped it after third node and with lst it has a fine table about two feet high. Put into 12/12 on 11th May ant it has nearly tripled in height. Problem is my lamp will only go up another foot or so and then it will be about 16" from the table, so looks like they have only a foot more to grow! Anyone think they can let me know how high it should go? Ta. Cheers
  11. Once again Dinafem has taken over the House of Freax for what I'm hoping will be a great show. Im using the Alien F&D system again in the same 5 pot configuration that i used for the Big Kush. Ionic Nutes have worked well for me from the word go so i will be sticking with them and using the Hydro Grow/Bloom and Boost Supplements will be Cal-Mag and Liquid Silicon Rocking the tent this time are: Sweet Deep Grapefruit Shark Attack Dinachem Purple Afghan Kush Amnesia Kush I soaked some Root Riot cubes for about 15 mins gave them a quick gentle squeeze to drain off any excess water then popped in the seeds. Now its time to sit back and wait for them to pop.
  12. ..... A resounding yes? Please read on, see what you think.