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Found 3 results

  1. Am currently looking into swapping current setup to The Gavita Pro-Lines E-series All In One Light Unit. with The master controller unit to suit.. Has anyone had any experience with the Gavita Setup? How did you get on? Digital Ballasts have been a concern for myself, as Many Years ago when I was looking originally to use them, they were throwing out magnificent rf to the point my radio didn't work (old fashioned I know )... but it knocked the frequency for the television out, so I felt it to be wise, to switch back to the magnetic ballasts. I'm aware of the cost difference and Overall performance showing that digital outperforms magnetic, It's just the radio frequency causing my delay Also is there much Light penetration difference between the 400v bulbs in the Gavita, in comparison with sunmaster or Sylvania? Technology always Evolves and its been a while, so I'm hoping maybe.. they have sorted the frequencies out? anyone care to clarify?
  2. Hi, I'm new here and very close to starting my first grow. Before I start tho, I think I may already have a problem in which I'm hoping somebody could help me out with. I have a 90x90x180 secret Jardin tent with a eurolux 600w hps light, 4" vents tt fan, rhino carbon filter. The tent I was going to originally fete was a 1x1x2. But they didn't have any left in Stock and me being me and didn't want to leave empty handed left with the smaller tent. The setup will be in my shed. After spending time on here reading and researching, maybe a 600w in a 90x90x180 grow room would be way too hot? Even with the fan? Even tho winter is on its way and it's going to be getting cold soon. I was thinking about. A digital ballast. A 600w ballast, when it's warmer outside I could dim it down to 400w and when it turns really cold, possibly Switch it back up to 600w? Could I do this with the same 600w bulb? Could I run a 600w ballast at 400w with a 600w bulb? Also, would it harm the plants growth my switching from 400w to 600w regularly? I'm planning on starting with some blue treacle autoflowers. Any info, experience, knowledge shared would be gratefully appreciated.
  3. So, I went to switch the magnetic Lumii for the digital Lumii which I have ready to go but no use for yet. So i casually strolled into the room outside the tent and switched the ballast over before lights on ( 4-5 weeks in flower).. That was fine, but then when I left to go out somewhere I realized there was no on off switch on the digital... And that then made me think twice about checking to see if it went on or not... I went back to check and it was off... For 2 hours after when it should have turned on.. I turned the plug switch off then on once and the bulb fired up normally.... Just a warning don't ever switch out ballasts without watching the bulb light up! so glad i checked, hope it was not too late! Also, can anyone give rough idea to what extent this will affect my plants? Dinafem Blue Cheese in 4-5weeks flower