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Found 44 results

  1. Germinating.jpg

    From the album 0.5 Grow

  2. Hello. After a break from growing for a couple of years I’m back at it and looking forward to the next few months. The two other grows I did were a bit of a struggle - but the bud ended up in the jars - largely due to generous help I received in this forum. I learned a lot last time and decided to make a few changes this time out. Firstly, I’ve opted for photos. I think autos were a bit of a challenge to this complete beginner and for me autos don’t really offer any benefits other than a quick cycle. I also decided to opt for Dinafem seeds – I don’t recall reading anything other than positivity about their seeds, so I’m using the best genetics I can to minimise the potential for problems. I’ve also switched from Biobizz soils and nutrients. This tme I’m on Plant Magic and Old Timer. I have no particular beef with Biobizz (I’m not experienced enough to have any valid complaints) but thought I’d opt for a lighter soil just to see if that made things any easier. Lastly, the strains – Blue Kush and Diesel. These came recommended and suit my needs – a sativa-bias with a relatively short flowering period. I’ve got a strict deadline with this grow, everything has to be done by 20 March. Two seeds from each strain were soaked in water for 24 hours. A small pot was filled with soil, gently soaked with (room temperature) water in a fine spray until run off. They went into a propagator on top of one of those heat-pad things, covered with a light-proof sheet and left for a few days...
  3. Hi folks and welcome to my first Dinafem only multistrain diary, I did a multistrain diary in here last year but there were only 3 Dinafem plants in the grow as I had some strains from other breeders as well. This time I am doing only Dinafem strains, the grow will be 8 plants and I plan on veging them up nice and big and hopefully end up with some big and heavy monster plants. I will be doing two each of the new purple genetics Purple Moby Dick and The Purps#1 and one each of Dinachem, Remo Chemo, Strawberry Amnesia and Diesel. I will update later today with some more info about my set up and plans for this grow and also why I have chosen these strains. It it should be lots of fun and I am sure there will plenty of ups and downs along the way.
  4. Hey 420, I can't get going with these Dinafem gem's but did a video introduction to lay it out plus I'm going to be running through some of the build up here. Here we go then video intro..... Best wishes and good luck to every entrant indoors or out. I'll be back soon,bye.
  5. Golden Diesel

    From the album Yekke Seeds

  6. Hey 420 Looking for some recommendations on a nice sour diesel strain available in seed. Preferably regs ? I like the sound of humboldts Amherst sour diesel but there fem which I'm not too keen on Working with Appreciate any help from you guys
  7. AUTO SOUR DIESEL HAZE AUTOFLOWERING Auto Sour Diesel Haze is a super mix of an Auto Haze and the famous New York City Diesel. It is a strong cerebral sativa, with elevated THC levels, as you would expect from the genetic lines of its parents. It produces a strong sugary haze smell coupled with a fruity, almost acrid Diesel undertones. Plants grow fairly tall with healthy auto yields. GENETICS: Auto Haze x New York City Diesel VARIETY: Mostly Sativa FLOWERING TYPE: Autoflowering SEX: Feminised THC CONTENT: 17% YIELD: 40 - 60 gr/plant PLANT HEIGHT: 50-80 cm GROWS: Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors FLOWERING TIME: 9-10 weeks TASTE / FLAVOUR: Diesel, Fruity, Fuel, Sweet http://www.seedsman.com/en/auto-sour...haze-feminised Feel free to share your photos of this strain in this same thread.
  8. Hey guys welcome to my journal, ive just moved into a new house and the loft needs boarding out so the only option I have is a small cupboard about 6ft tall, 3ft deep and 2ft wide. Not ideal but I can fit a 400w in there. Im going to be using coco in 6.5ltr pots, I normally use 15ltr pots so will see what the difference will be, im not sure of the veg time in these pots, maybe 3-4 weeks but will see. Ok guys thanks for looking, I'll try to update at least once a week
  9. THC: High Indoor production: 500 grams Outdoor production: Mid-September Indoor flowering: 65 – 75 days – 10 to 11 weeks Genetics: Basically Sativa Genotype: Jack Herer x NY Diesel Effect: Physical and mental Feminized: Yes Height: 2 – 3 meters 37 Days into flower I decided to take a small lower nug off and fast dried it on my router overnight. Next morning around 9am I put the nug in my vaporizer and had a blast, then proceeded to empty it out reroll it and smoke it up. I did this out of curiosity and the fact I haven't smoked any herb for about 2 weeks, well I am still stoned out ma nut almost 11 hours on, is this normal? Tried eating a granny smith apple and it felt and tasted like eating something alien, not from this world, trippy as shit seeing trails. This weed is something special cant wait till harvest.
  10. diesel seedlings

    From the album Dinafem Diesel

  11. Dinafem Sour Diesel Auto

    From the album Sour Diesel Auto & Vertigo

    Closer pic of the main cola stickyness
  12. Dinafem Sour Diesel Auto

    From the album Sour Diesel Auto & Vertigo

    Approx 1.2m height, very sticky looking
  13. BCN Diesel Autoflower

    From the album Grows

  14. BCN Diesel Auto

    From the album Grows