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Found 471 results

  1. During my current grow, which is currently at week 4, I accidentally snapped the main stem while performing LST. Attempts to splint it back in place were immediately unsuccessful as the break was just above a node, literally just a couple of millimetres. I couldn't hold the top in place to graft back on. So I inadvertently topped the plant, but she's doing fine. I took the top, popped it in a tub of water to try and keep it alive. I then placed it in a small amount of water in a ziplock bag in the salad crisper in the fridge. My thinking is to try and make a clone of this plant because it's a nice strain with vigorous growth. Having done some reading, I know it's possible to clone autoflowers, but with the caveat that the genetic clock is still ticking. I'd like to try it as an experiment. I got hold of some rooting powder, and I plan to try and root the "cutting" in compost. I just checked in the salad crisper, and no-one has eaten the cutting, which is good. (Labels in capital letters saying 'NOT FOOD. LIVE PLANT. DO NOT OPEN!' probably helped). Also she has perked up from the wilted creature of a couple of days ago, looks really fresh. Whaddaya know? Salad crispers work! So Operation Clone is Go. As there will be no room in my wee grow cabinet if the cutting roots successfully, I bought a small tent in the sales. I have a spare fan, filter and ducting, also my backup InkBird, heat mat and circulation fan can be put to good use. I also have a spare grow light, which believe it or not I picked up in a charity shop last year. Unused, still in packaging, basically brand new. It's another interesting design by Chinese manufacturer Fecida. Basically consists of four 'sunlike' full spectrum COB style LED boards, rated at 50 watts each. I tested one and it draws 47 watts. Now what I like about this design is it is modular. All four units can be used individually, or daisy chained together to make a larger lamp. You can just use one, or connect two together, or go for all four. I think four would be too much in my small tent, so I'm going to join two together giving me 94 watts of LED. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll start the cutting off in compost in my heated propagator. I'll just set it on a table near the window, out of direct sunlight. Then wait. If it roots successfully (and signs are good as the cutting looks healthy) then this will be my first ever tent grow, as well as my first attempt at cloning. That's why I started a separate diary, because it's not very stealthy, and it's not in the cabinet! Thanks for reading and I'll post again when I start the rooting process. Link to my diary of the current grow if you want more background:
  2. Dear Growers, Smokers and Cannabis enthusiasts! Now the smoke has partially lifted from yesterday's 420 event we are ready to announce that we will be coming back to the UK420 forum with our Growing Competitions! Hopefully some of you still have some space for this years Outdoor plots because we have some new and old-school strains you might be interesting in We will share the ins and outs probably next week but for now I just wanted to let you know something is coming... Lately I have been talking with a forum member named GirlRilla @Girlrilla and she shared a list of good Outdoor/Guerilla growers that might possibly be interested to join: @Oldford @Lively @Rennie_99 @Lea Valley @Whambud @Murzyn @B-real @Memyselfandiguerilla @Geo1 @Tommy tucker @Exile420 @ocb So from this list, who's actually up for the challenge? Any other Outdoor/Guerilla grower is welcome too ofc! We will be including some of our old-school Outdoor strains like Hollands Hope, Passion #1 and Frisian Dew, but we will also give you guys & gals the opportunity to grow our latest addition to the Dutch Outdoor section Durban Dew : https://dutch-passion.com/en/cannabis-seeds/durban-dew Taking part in the competition can make you win some prizes too, goodies, merchandise and even free seeds. We have more exciting news to be shared soon, so stay tuned!
  3. We're on to the last round of this competition. Sorry I'm starting it a bit late, we've been flat out getting them lovely new PAR+ boards made. Well done to @Dan t on winning last month's competition with his very impressive results. £100 voucher and some seeds for you sir! So as always, please drop your best diary photo for December in this thread please. The winner from this round, the main diary competition and new competitions will all be announced at the start of the new year. Thanks to the main man @tokenroll for his continued support. Good luck guys.
  4. Hello fellow 420 lovers, hope you're all doing well. After an initial failure with my first set of seeds and after receiving some invaluable advice from some very helpful users on the forum here, I have learnt from my mistakes and started again with some new Green Crack auto seeds. I thought I would start a diary for my first grow. I am keen gardener, having grown many a vegetable in my time, but I am new to the world of growing weed and growing anything indoors in a tent. So any advice from you guys would be very much appreciated. My setup; Tent = Hyrdolab 120 - 120x120x60cm (not very tall. I don't have much height to deal with in my loft, annoyingly) Lights = Philzon 1000w Cree COB LED (currently running at 18 hrs on, 6 hrs off) Extraction = 5 inch RAM mixed flow inline fan, set to low speed. Heating = greenhouse tube heater + small oil radiator Air circulation = 7 inch RAM oscillating fan Pots = 12 litre fabric pots Soil = Biobizz All-Mix Nutrients on hand = Biobizz Grow, Biobizz Bloom, Plant Magic Bio Silicon, box of epsom salts Seeds used in current grow = Seedsman Green Crack Autos x3 Here are my 3 Green Crack babies today - 17 days after germinating; Closer views of the middle pot (the healthiest looking of the 3); Closer views of the left pot (the tallest plant, looking healthy but seems a bit of a twisted/distorted shape in comparison); Lastly, the smallest plant in the right pot. (this had to be replanted shortly after germination due to the taproot growing the wrong way, so it is about 5/6 days behind the other two); I have been following Serpent's guide to autos. I am currently watering with about 2 litres of tap water every 3/4 days (when the soil feels dry and the pots feel light) and adding 1ml of Plant Magic Bio Silicon per 2L of water. I water using a pressure sprayer on the surface of the soil and I pour some into the saucers - for the soil to wick up the water through the bottom of the pots (I never allow the pots to sit in water for longer than 10 mins though). My tap water is about PH 7.0-7.2, but my soil has buffered this to about PH 6.5-7.0 according to my PH meter. I am ensuring that the tent holds at a steady 23-28c during lights on and lights off, whilst running my extraction and circulation fans 24hrs a day. My current light cycle is 18hrs on, 6hrs off, at a distance of 24 inches (which is the highest my LED can go in the tent) I have not added any nutes yet (other than Bio Silicon) , but plan to bypass Grow nutes entirely and start using my Biobizz Bloom at the 28-30 day mark. I plan on doing some LST once I get to that point (hopefully soon). I am hoping LST may alleviate any heights issues I may face with such a short tent. How do you guys think I'm doing? I am still very new to all this, so please give me your comments. If you think I am doing something wrong, please tell me
  5. On to the penultimate round! Congrats again to @InTheSystem on last month's win. Absolutely gorgeous photo. Certainly wasn't the only good photo on there though, we had some really stiff competition last month. Please drop your best diary photo for November in this thread please. Same rules as always, please submit a photo below of your choice from one of your diary posts. Winner will be announced first week of December. As soon as we get the winner's seed choice, I'll post what's left. Remember: the photo must be no more than one month old, from the time that it was posted originally in your diary to the time that is it submitted here. Thanks guys and good luck!
  6. Hi guys So I have my 1st grow behind me and in the jars waiting. So I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to use a rdwc for my next grow what I have just set up. So here is gonna be my attempt at a grow diary hoping that your experiences can help along the way. Unfortunately no photos at the moment as its broke but getting a new one next week so sure to get some up
  7. I originally joined UK420 back in 2006, I think. Still living at home and struggling to grow outdoors. A lot has changed since then but a reassuring constant has been my love for cannabis. Anyway, what better time to start an indoor grow than during an international pandemic? No one comes near you. Packages left at the door. No contact with outsiders, no family or friends coming round. So that being said I have decided to convert a small cupboard space. Ordered some basic items and more importantly, ordered a mix of auto-flower strains. It's so affordable to buy seeds these days! Single seeds, feminised, auto-flowering! Amazing. I have (all feminised): Sour Diesel Auto x 1 White Widow Auto x 1 Bubblegum Auto x 1 Sweety Automatic (aka Sweet Tooth Auto) x 3 Added for free - Super Lemon Haze and Dr Widow With my limited space, I think I'll start with the 3 Sweet Tooth. I'll be using soil and growing under LED. I think the 75W won't be powerful enough after doing some research on here...I'm open to replacing it for a higher-powered version 300/350W equivalent. Unfortunately, the 75W is due to arrive today. I'll upload some images shortly of my grow space Here goes nothing!
  8. Hey Guys So my first grow is done and dusted. Harvested a good amount and although I’m disappointed in myself for the dry and cure (so far) I’m happy with the way my first grow went. I didn’t find this site until a few weeks into my first grow and it’s been so much help so far. with that in mind I thought I’d start a diary this time. My plan is to grow 4 -6 plants depending on how big they get. My Set Up 1x1x2m tent 6” AC infinity Fan 2 x Spider Farmer SF 2000s fans, humidifier and dehumidifier growing in coco in pots Dutch Pro nutrients probably forgotten something so feel free to ask. Seeds White label - Super Skunk RQS - Northern Lights @brock1 - Ultimate Fems Expert Seeds - Blue Cheese I’ve put 2 of each in water and waited for them to drop. ive then put them in kitchen towel , put between 2 plants and put them on a heat mat . The ExpertSeeds seeds are not going to crack. I already know that but thought I’d try again. I ordered 5 blue cheese autos from them and they sent me 10. so far I’ve used 7 including the ones I’m trying to germinate now and so far only 1 has ever germinated and that died 2 days later. Any one else ordered from Expert Seeds with the same experience? Anyway so far both of @brock1 ultimate fems have cracked, and one super skunk. The super skunk is in the middle and has grown so fast , it’s only day 2 in the ground. 1 Ultimate has sprouted and the other is still in the ground. the rest remain in the kitchen towel and hopefully in the next day or so I’ll be seeing them. I plan to plant 6 if enough germinate and then maybe go down to 4 if the space gets to cramped, at which point I’ll pick the best looking 4 and go with them
  9. Hey All, thanks for dropping in! Thought I'd try and put together a bit of a "lazy" diary of my Noobie/first attempt at a grow. (Making the most of lockdown). STRAIN- 3 x Tangiematic - FastBuds SETUP- -Bay6 tent- 2.4 x 1.2 x 2.0. -Kind L.E.D k3 600 (370w from wall). -8" inline intake fan. -8" inline extraction fan. -12" oscillating floor fan. -6" oscillating wall fan. -Fan speed control x 2 (cheapy ones) -Scorpion Carbon Filter -14 Litre Round Pots (plastic). Grow Medium & Nutrients -Biobizz Light Mix. -Perlite. -Clay balls. -Biobizz Grow, Fishmix, Bloom, Topmax. -Canna Rhizotonic. -Xtreme Gardening - Mykos. The Story So Far Got off to a pretty slow start with the TangieMatic seeds (6 days to germinate).... yes, i really did say 6 days!!! And to top it off, two of the five beans decided to commit 'seedicide'. So needless to say I started this journey a little bit deflated! Anyway.... Things got more more productive as time went on, the 3 babies came on well... One of them was a little bit 'special' but I showered it with love all the same and it's catching up with it's sisters now. Unfortunately I didn't document any photos of the seedling stage to post but will keep the thread regularly updated as time goes on from this point. Currently on - DAY 27 FROM SPROUT. Employed some LST to the ladies over this last 5 days, flattening and tying them down and every time I 're open the tent the next day they've all stood back up and bushed back out thicker. Going to give them another good flattening/tying again tomorrow as they're literally just starting to show preflowers... So I'm trying to train, expose and force as many potential, even flower sites out of them as possible before the stretch! Started on 0.5ml grow P/L Now up to 1ml fishmix & 1ml Bloom P/L Will introduce minimal dose of Topmax to next feed and slowly continue to increase feeds while alternating between grow & fishmix to support the Bloom. Here are some photos of the girls DAY 27- Ready for another Bending in the morning! (Green is darker in reality- camera seems to make it lighter) Thanks for reading, any tips/info/constructive criticism is more than welcome! One Love! TT
  10. Hi everyone, me again I have been given a choice of 2 strains from Dinafem lines to run outdoors this year, 51n is my climate band so anyone close to this who has had success with Dinafem either auto or not, please let me know I have searched the forum briefly but haven't found a great deal to be honest
  11. 5c3b9c35dbdbe-2mpday6.jpg

    From the album freedom

    6 days into 14 day veg
  12. Here we go again Just a few photo's and info to get the diary started. Seeds arrived 8th put them strait into a glass of warm water from the kettle and left them to soak over night and was happy to see them all at the bottom of the glass the next morning. Placed them in some 2.5 inch square pots ( I managed to pick up from wilko's) I half filled them with JAB multi purpose compost I managed to get 100% germ rate within 3 days although one is a little behind the rest as it seemed to get stuck in the pod (A gentle flick with my nail sorted that). They are currently under a 250w HPS in a dp90 with some other plants I have at various stages also have a 12in oscillating blowing the heat out of the passive vents temps sitting about 26/27c at the moment. I do have a 4" extraction/filter for the dp90 if temps start climbing but I try not to run it if possible never had a issue with smells from the dp90. As you can see I have topped 5 of the pots up with more compost just to give some support to the stems. I will post updates at each stage of potting on and then every 10 days or so in flower. I plan to flower in 5ltr final pots (I flower in a 1m under a 600 so normally try to have 9 plants in 5ltr pots) so should be 3/4 pot ups before 12/12 Bio Bizz is the nute range I plan on using. Just like to say again big thanks to @panik and all the people behind Real Gorilla Seeds for the chance to grow out some of their work and for the supper service that have provided, just hope I can do them justice.
  13. Hi all ,First time diary on Sweet Seeds Site ,Looking forward to this grow the strains sound amazing so here we go : S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious F1 Fast Version® Feminized and non-autoflowering version with an ultra fast flowering of one of
the most sweet and aromatic strains. This genetic is a hybrid resulting from the cross between a selected genetic line of de SWS24 (S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto®) and a Black Domina elite clone selected in 1998. The cross between the autoflowering genetic and the non-autoflowering clone produces non- autoflowering F1 Hybrids and shortens flowering time by one week. A strain with very dense buds and a big resin producer. The aroma of this strain is exquisite, very sweet and musky, typical of some Old School Afghan plants. Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version Feminized and non-autoflowering version with an ultra fast flowering of one of the most famous cannabic families of all time, considered nowadays as a classic of cannabis breeding.
This strain is the result of the hybridisation between a selected genetic line of our SWS34 (Sweet Skunk Auto) and an Early Skunk elite clone. The F1 hybrid resulting from the cross between the autoflowering and the non-autoflowering strains originates a non-autoflowering Skunk genetic with a very fast flowering. The aroma of this strain is very sweet and spicy, just like the classic aroma that we usually find within the Skunk family. This strain produces thick buds, loaded with abundant and aromatic resin. Yummy Yummy Here is my set up : Veg Box 60x60x90 Green Qube 300 watt CFL Tube heater Rhino 4 inch extraction and filter Flower Tent Green Cube Roof Tent 120x120x180 600 Watt HPS AllMix 11 litre pots Biobizz Grow,Bloom,Fishmix,Top Max 24 inch desk fan rhino filter and extraction fan and intake oil filled rad for lights off heating Package arrived Will be just using the SAD and Sweet Skunk Put 2 SAD and 2 Sweet Skunk in to 2 inch pots with seed mix and then cling film over the pots for humidity Then into Veg tent The Tent is on its side hence the opening on floor Temps are at 21 inside tent and 12 outside Will be spraying the tent with water to keep Humidity up Well now wait begins ,lights are on 24/0 Thanks for Looking
  14. Courtesy of the very generous sweetseeds I have 4x blow mind,killer Kush & devil cream autos . Massive Thanks tommy &jaypp! I popped all the beans in a glass of water (separate of Coarse) because The pots weren't Ready and I was eager to get them started ... everyday counts So yesterday I potted them in pm soil I used 5l pots and a few bigger but only filled to roughly 5L. I'm be using pm grow&bloom plus rootstim & a little silcone Iv got a 600w parabolic waiting for them to sprout Sweeeeet!
  15. Hello all! Courtesy of the generous mark and the team I received 5x auto blue kush and 5x auto budda kush I was planning on waiting till I had my new tent setup but I'm still waiting on equipment and building materials to complete The area and I was getting the ich so I decided to start off in my old setup for a week or so. So for now im using 60wx120x150h tent ,plant magic soil and the oldtimers range of ferts I'm running the light mainly on 250w because of heat at the moment Iv popped 5x budda kush & 3xblue all sprouted within 48hr All In around 8l pots. Il update weekly with pics ,Any questions Please ask Not much to see yet but here's some pics when they sprouted p
  16. The 3 plants featured in this diary all hit the ground on 7th July at 51N in the UK as part of a late plant out. Consequently, two of them didn't grow overly big, in part due to the late plant out, but also due to the fact I didn't do a great job prepping the soil. Although 1 of these 3 plants grew to monstrous proportions in a very short time and it turned out to be one of, if not the, biggest & highest yielding plant of my season. Jack 47 FV I estimate just 1 more week left for the Jack 47 as she is looking very, very frosty indeed and nearly ready. Just the odd few white hairs on the lower buds still so I could actually stagger harvest her. I really like the buds on this plant, like I cannot wait to smoke her. Next year I will definitely be growing her again, but starting 2 months earlier. Killer Kush FV (mid July plant out) Harvested top... Here is the pic of the KK FV after harvesting the main coala and the best tops. The floor branches/vines on this plant are insane, like the way they snake out along the ground. They are actually resting along the floor, possibly due to the weight of the buds. There is an enormous floor branch/vine in the bottom right, just out of shot. There is also another big floor branch at the back of the plant, again out of site in the below pic. After the first chop... I can't say enough great things about this KK FV plant. Due to the plot location (corn/maize field) I had a specific window in which I had to plant (and harvest). I couldn't get my plants in the ground until July due to the corn planting and Round Up spraying which occurs in June, and of course I had to harvest before the combine harvester comes around to cut the maize. Paranoia got the better of me and I ended up harvesting the first lot of KK FV at around week 5 of flower, just to play it safe. This is thankfully the fasted flowering plant I have ever ran, like it flowered at light speed. I still have more than half of the plant going in the cornfield, but I think I will HAVE to chop the rest in this week coming week, which will be about week 6 of flower. It's just too risky to leave. That combine has to come through here sooner or later... Green Poison FV (harvested October 3rd) (4 weeks into flower) (7 weeks into flower - before harvest) Just a quick question... when I run the next batch of FV strains again next year, am I able to germinate them on say March 21st, with 4 weeks in a greenhouse and then into the ground for late April, or will this early cause them to flower early due to them being light sensitive? I know some semi automatic strains flower early under 16 hours of daylight, so I was just wondering whether an early start would cause them to do this? I don't want my FV strains going through vegetative regeneration... Thanks
  17. Purple Afghan Kush

    From the album Dinafem grow

  18. Purple Afghan Kush

    From the album Dinafem grow

  19. Hello everyone , I am a first time grower i thought would start a journal and update weekly hopefully till harvest. Heres some info on my setup SPACE - walk in closet thing. Floor space 4 ft x 1.5 feet height is around 4 foot total then theres a shelf lighting is on underside, filter on shelf itself . SUBSTRATE - plant magic supreme NUTES - plant magic , grow , bloom , root granuals ( 20g per pot ) , bio silicone and , mag if needed. FILTRATION - 6" rhino hobby vented into loft space . LIGHTING - 2 x mars 300 led light units well will be as of tomorrow ( plus birthday end of week hopefully order my 3rd ) so will be 280w actual draw and 420w if i get the 3rd panel over the comin week 4 x cfl 125w daylight bulbs ( not all running because of heat issues but are there if needed ) i will probably run what cfl i can heat permitting along side the panels. AIR MOVEMENT - 2 x 6" clip on fans WATER- gassed of for 24 hrs with airpump tap water PLANTS - planted straight from seed strains are incredible bulk and rhino ryder from gorilla seeds both start 3 rd week veg tomorrow rhino just hitting pre flower now , no sign on the bulk as yet but its growing well ! Royal queen seeds bluematic and royal dwarf these are starting second week veg tomorrow ( note i start my veg count from first small group of leaves not the initial pop of them ) Here is a pic although having trouble putting on this thread? So heres a link http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?app=galleryℑ=350735 Royal dwarf on the far left then the rhino then the bulk (noticibly bigger ) then the bluematic. As already stated this is my first ever grow thought maybe start a journal so members can follow to check out strains maybe, or maybe just help me out as and when i may need it . Am not expecting miracles from this first grow but if i grow enough to justify my running costs and initial setup costs i be happy . Hopefully get enough to tie me over until my next harvest and i can dump the dealer. I have 4 plants and aiming for 4 oz , time will tell i suppose either way am pretty sure am at the best place to be any suggestions etc good or bad will be takin on board and hopefully we can have a laugh along the way .
  20. Welcome to my new diary. I have started early instead of in the New Year. I have nuked the grow room and setup everything so making an early start ! The four Sweet Seeds plants will be sharing the tent with some subbie seeds I got from these forums, Oldtimes bx, so one 4 pot wilma for the Bigfoot & Cream47, and subbie seeds in the 2nd wilma. I have two seeds of each gifted to me by Sweet Seeds Tommy earlier this year at the festival in Peterborough. The Green Poison which were part of the gift pack will need to wait for the next grow, I may even add them to my guerilla project, we will see. Canna Start & Atazyme will be the nutes to begin with and will move onto Canna Aqua Vega/Flores in due course. The 1100w dimmable ballast is ready with its blue bulb at 400w, with the rhino pro 6" fan and carbon filter inside the tent (170cm long, 60cm deep, 180cm high), plus I have an 8" Fan and Filter in the room outside the tent I run - no smell is the goal. The seeds have opened, hence the start of the diary. I have been soaking the rockwool cubes in ph6 water with the tiniest drop of Canna Start, the seeds are now in the rockwool - These will be transplanted into the clay pebbles later. Updates as things happen. Quick pic, note how the Sweet Seeds are moving whilst the subbie seeds are still working out they are gonna need to open :
  21. Hey All, Thanks to @@Dinafem-Mark and all at Dinafem, I will be growing SharkShock CBD handwatered in coco and will try and keep a decent enough record. I'm not great with the editor, pictures and smilies but will try and learn as I go, expect a few glitches here and there. Equipment wise I am changing a few bits around at the moment, so I will update area, light, extraction etc.. Any good stuff that may arise from this has been learnt here, so thanks to Joolz and all the contributors, any bad is my own doing. Keeping it simple with just the bits below and will see how it goes. CannaCoco Ionic Grow and Bloom GreenFuse Root Liquid Silicon - Undecided leaning against for this grow. Started in my cabinet under a 125CFL which I have swapped out for my new T5 and I love. So here we go... Pop In to soak (24hr) In to pots HeadsUp! ManDown:( 72Hrs From Planting Day1 V Day3 1ml Grow 1ml Root / Litre Day6 1ml Grow 1ml Root / Litre So that was week one, all but one made it which is pretty good. The one failure was my fault, the fresh seeds really didn't need as long a soak (if at all) and I let the cabinet temps get a little high during the germination with my covered pots. Top marks for germination numbers and ease so far, thanks again Dinafem. Be back soon. C.
  22. Oak's DelaHaze

  23. Oak's DelaHaze

  24. Oak's DelaHaze