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Found 16 results

  1. The Beginning of the end. Let's get this shit show on the dusty roads. So @panik the king Kong of guerillas kindly entrusted me to put these bad boys through there paces Soooo.... Let's see how they get on Seed germing time boys & girls 1 of each will be picked and started From then on I will do the same but at stages of mid april, end of april and mid May Let's see how we get on Pics to follow soon
  2. Happy 420 monkeys. Lets kick off with a big thanks to Panik for throwing in this comp. I'm very excited with the strains I have selected. Although I was very tempted with some other strains that were based on Krk's genetics, I thought for the sake of the comp to try the original breeder's work. Would be rude not to - they look spot on! Here we grow: DFG Mighty Gold At this stage I will only do one of each as I have limited space. I will pamper them and try and grow them to their full potential weather permits. If I have more holes ready by mid May I may well pop more. sThe beans are now in some Sieved Jack's magic at the top with slightly amended JM in the bottom (coco, super soil, dolomite). Plot 1 prepped and almost ready. The holes got coco, FBB, calcified seaweed, fresh seaweed mulch 2 months ago. This plot is share with @inaction man who's holes are on the right when you trace a line between the big blocs of coco. This is the plot last season of all my gals Good luck everyone and pray for some shit hot weather coming autumn.
  3. Big thanks to @panik for supplying the seeds and opportunity to grow his genetics... I will be doing: DFG AUTO TANGIE Seeds arrived it wasn't long before they got wet.. 4x dfg 3xAuto tangie Maybe a tad early for the autos but I can always add more later... All 7 have cracked and sprouted... No pics at the moment as I started them on the window sill... Followed by overcast days and are extremely leggy... So they are now under lights...and Will follow up with pics when they are more decent...
  4. RGS x6 DFG.jpg

    From the album 2020 RGS Diary

    2020 Outdoor Gorilla Competition Diary x6 DFG
  5. today seem like a good day and date to begin, so... last night the moon was right, ( @Ch@ppers ) so... 4 DFG and 4 Mighty Gold got a 30 minute soak in seaweed solution before being popped into root trainers 3/4 filled with a mix of seed soil, worm shit and mycor max. whacked in the wee dome tent with temps between 22 and 26 since. 2 seeds of each strain are backups in case my unwanted super power of clusterfucking everything suddenly kicks in. plan is to nurse indoor (and hopefully out) then plant in plots late may/early june (work and life depending). out of the 7 different strains i jammed in the dirt the DFG seeds were the fattest, most business like lookin seeds present, with the mighty gold right behind. massive... gotta say, this is the only competition ive been in where the prizes are given in advance many of the biggest type thanks to @panik for the prizes. ill do my best to earn em... pictures will follow when there's something worth showing (see BeeZees diary for images of seeds and dirt. pretty much the same here, so...) LET THE WAITING BEGIN! merry 420...
  6. The sun was shining and I had an afternoon free... So I've only gone and chucked 10 dfg into some compost Cheers @panik for the beans, I'll be keeping this lot in my greenhouse for the next 4 weeks feeding them comfrey tea and generally pampering them, any excuse to get out the house Mid may they'll be going out to this plot Where they'll be showing off next to some critical Cheese That's my start to this comp, I'll add some more pics when they pop up...
  7. DFG.jpg

    From the album OD pics

  8. DFG Bud 25/8

    From the album Diaries and comps 2018

  9. DFG 25/8

    From the album Diaries and comps 2018

  10. DFG bud 14/8

    From the album Diaries and comps 2018

  11. DFG 14/8

    From the album Diaries and comps 2018

  12. DFG

    From the album OD pics

  13. DFG

    From the album OD pics

  14. DFG2.jpg

    From the album OD pics

  15. DFG1.jpg

    From the album OD pics

  16. DFG 12/6.jpg

    From the album Diaries and comps 2018