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Found 3 results

  1. Hello good folks of UK420, I'm having a spot of bother and can't determine if it is excess CalMag or light burn. Reason why I'm unsure is because I upped the CalMag by 0.1ml per L to resolve deficiency. I've come back to one lady with a few leaves on top going brown, tips curling up and the brown looks to be starting from the the edges working it's way in. Can still sort of see the veins of the leaf but not fully. Light were about 17 inch from plant at full wack so I'm also thinking that. Temps ect 26C 58% Growing in soil using BioBizz range Currently in veg so using only recommended doses of grow and calmag. Quite long veg time atm think i'm on weeks 7 Any help much appreciated. Cheers, CSG
  2. Hi everyone sorry if this sounds a bit stupid have a problem I’ve never seen before or can’t seem to find anything on it ive about 3 successful grows under my belt, all went along with very few problems and produced good results,, this time round I’ve been growin sensi skunk feminised and veged them for around 3 weeks, have had them in flower 12/12 for around 3 weeks and they have growin around 4 pistils in that time, don’t seem to be growing much else,, the small suger leaf and stems are turning in and gripping to the main stem I’m growing in soil biobiz light mix in 12 litre grow bags and feeding them dutchpro bloom A & B any known deficiency’s anybody knows of, or is that normal with this strain any help at all would be appreciated
  3. From the album plants