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Found 3 results

  1. Ever seen a grown man cry? I still can't believe what I have just done. I deserve to be shot at dawn. In a nutshell:- I started my grow of nine plants last june. After many mistakes I at least managed to get 14 Litre sized jars full of lovely dried and cured buds (4 were trimmings actually but good stuff all the same). Tonight, I ground in my coffee grinder my much loved and cared for budds ready for the oven as I am making edibles and tintures. 8 months ago I started this and I spent a fortune in the process, not to mention many sleepless nights. So tonight was the big night, tonight I will decarboxylate my precious budds in the oven. ......I have to make this short as I am so pissed off I can hardly think straight. I pre-heated the oven to 230 and when eventually the light went out I slid my four trays of superlative, georgeous, ground weed in, and shut the oven door. 50 minutes at 250 all the good web sights agree on so here we go! SUDDENLY. Alarm bells and smoke alarms are going off like crazy and I open the kitchen door to be greeted by a solid, thick, wall of smoke! I scrambled to the oven and opened the door and the flames just about fried my hair (what there is of it left). That was an hour ago and I think the entire street must be high as a kite. I am still trying to clear the smoke. The penny dropped. My oven just has numbers and it goes up to 245 degrees...................CENTIGRADE................NOT...................FARENHEIT ! This has just happened I swear on my Mothers grave. I'm left with a heap of charcoal, pissing useless charcoal.......All my weed burnt to a f*cking cinder. I'm not quite sure how I feel at the moment .....Mad, sad, pissed off, angry, stupid, murderous, shitty, in pain, ....I give up. I can say thanks to all you on here that helped me along the road and that I will try again. Thanks again, I'm off to my scotch. Cmoon
  2. After ruining most of my weed after burning it I have managed to dry my last plant and now have 3oz (90g) of dried, ground and decarboxylated bud. I want to make an oil based ticture something similar to the CBD oils you can buy online but much stronger and with THC in it too and without using solvents. (today I hear you can buy CBD oils from Holland & Barrett) I've read about making cannabutter, Rick Simpson Oil and other edibles and my weed is now decarbed so has anyone got any views on how to proceed from here? Many thanks Cmoon
  3. So I bought the EJmix, and wasted a gram of oil on it - it tastes like total shit and to make it worse I forgot to decarb before adding the stuff so now I have a little jar of slightly runny oil which has no noticible effect in the vape - even puffing non stop on it its super weak and I cant stomach more than a hit or two anyway coz of the taste. So my question is can I bang the whole mix in the oven and decarb so that at least it will get me high or is this not possible now that its mixed? anyone experimenting with terpenes? cheers MM