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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all so excited to be apart of this community. Im going to start this off as transparent as possible. I've been coughing blood (waiting on insurance rn to get checked, GO USA! -___- ) and as a result i've had to stop medicating as frequently. (dabbing .1 was my preferred method of consumption. Now i only use my Mighty Vaporizer) My chronic pain has intensified and life has become more difficult. I wanted to consume more cannabis than my body was allowing me to, so I decided to decarb some rosin and mix it with some ever-clear. It worked wonders on me, little to no pain although I had to double my dose by the end of the week though. With this successful experiment, Ive decided im going to switch over to ebibles, RSO to be exact. Ive been doing a ton of research on RSO and it seems that everyone has a opinion on the matter. So there's a few things im considering before making RSO. 1. decarbing in the oven before doing the alcohol wash or decarding during the evaporation process until only oil is left and all the bubbles subside. 3. decarbing temp 4. duration of how long i should do the wash? How many times i should do the wash? 5. winterization. Should i do it or not and whats your winterization process. Im not too concerned with plant matter getting in my final product. My only concern is making sure i get every bit of my medication. Regardless of how pure it is, ill just take more if needed. I dont want to loose THC to a coffee filter. 6. what solvent do you prefer and why? I used ever-clear to make rosin tincture but i recently purchased XFB 200 proof to use for RSO. Bit on the pricey side but i also purchased a distiller to make sure i get back some of my solvent. 7. Any tips and tricks on high yields? I typically get 20-23% yield off 24-26% THC flowers when i make Rosin. Im expecting the same if not more with RSO. Thanks in advance for contributing to this topic! I went out of my way to purchase everything i saw in the video i attached. I'm sure its not necessary but it was the best tutorial i came across and i want my setup to be as official as possible. I spent on total 220 dollars for all the material used in this video. VIDEO I USED TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE RSO:
  2. Been looking online to see if anyone has ever decarbed in a slow cooker but didn't really find anything so decided to give it a go myself, (seen lots of butter making but no actual decarbing) Due to not being able to stink the house out i decided to try and debarb and then make the butter all in a slow cooker up my shed. Bought a cheap oven thermometer to gauge the temp inside the SC. Found out that if i kept an eye on things and i occasionally flicked between the low and high settings i could keep the temps around 110-120c A i used the trim from 2 autos and also added a few buds, baked them for about 35mins. o Once decarbed i just followed the instructions i found online on how to make canna butter in a SC... https://www.leafly.com/news/lifestyle/recipe-how-to-make-basic-cannabutter i only had half a stick of butter available but smells and looks ok! im yet to try it yet. Will update when i do. (kept in the freezer for the time being)
  3. Hi guys. In this short vid, I demonstrate how to make cannabis infused coconut oil, simply and easily, at home. I tried to make it as short and as easy to follow as possible. I do not speak and I just use captions to get right to the point. This method is very easy, and anyone can master it in very little time. Let me know what you think! In this video, I use a sous-vide, but you can also use your stove-top and a thermometer to track temperatures. I hope this helps a few people. -Cheers
  4. Good morning all, Having lived to tell the tale thought i make this post So did my bubble hash from all my sugar leafs,note i don't use bubble bags just mix ice with builders mixers and sieve through dress with little holes ( I am getting all the grades in one)basicaly leave it in the bucket to settle down and after 4h i empty the green water and end up with bottom residue which i evaporate over the hob-boiling water(100C) as it stil contains water,after all water vaporates (20min) its all done.I believe I am decarbolizing my hash doing this? I use coconut oil for my hash edibles so i only melted my coconut oil and mixed maybe 0.3g into it,mixed in some creamy yogurt.all nice and tasty. however after 45min started feeling so high again(happened few times in the past so i started little again,weight 18st) and knew i am only coming up but having high blood pressure around 140/90,hearbeat 90 went upstairs to chceck my BP and had it 180/100 heartbeat 114 sitting still anxiety all over me,panicked and don't laugh but made myself sick just so i don't digest anymore as was worried what will come next considering wasn't even my 1st hour on it....... anyone else experiencing similar? edit:not taking any medication,doing life style adjustments(no caffein,quit ciggs,no red meat) but i am monitored by cardiologists for my BP