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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all, New house, new grow equipment needed! I have grown successfully grown 8 a few times in a corridor like walk in wardrobe in the past using 2 x 600w HPS Digital Lumatek's but this time im going a little more advanced and changing from soil to RDWC and HPS to CMH while monitoring using some sensors, some code and a Raspberry Pi. Im looking for the best and within budget (£350 each, not including bulbs) 630w fixture. So far I have found the following and was wondering which is best really. As you can see, some are a little over budget but I could have a think about it. Also, as the grow goes along I intend on putting in some 30w'ish tall corner LED lights to supplement the grow while in flowing, bit like the X80 Flower Bar's by Kind. I would be growing in a 1.2m x 2.6 x 2.2m tent apart from if I went down the Nanolux 1000w CMH path which would then be a 1.4m x 1.4m x 2.2nm. Just wondering if you could let me know which are the better ones out of the list below. I have tried to make it as user friendly as possible and like I mentioned before, as im growing in a tent this time I would rather not have an external ballast as the principle of using a tent this time is to make it easy to take down etc so I don't want to be screwing ballasts into walls etc ideally. £349.99 - Nanolux CMH 630w Full Fixture light kit - No lamps - Fixture £249.95 - SuperBright CDM Reflector 2 x 315W - No lamps - Fixture £249. 95 - LUMii Solar 630w Double-Ended (DE) CDM Grow Light - No lamps - Fixture £449.95 - Maxibright Twin 630w CDM Grow Light Kit - With Lamps (930 Elite Agro & 942 Mastercolour Veg & Flower) - Ballast £324.95 - Lumatek Tekken Pro Miro 630w DE CMH Full Kit - With Lamps - Ballast £474.95 - Nanolux CMH 1000w Full Fixture light kit - With Lamp - Fixture (single CMH and 1.4m x 1.4m x 2.2m Tent) £239.99 - SunStream 945 Watt Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Double Ended Grow System with Bulb (945W CMH DE) - Fixture
  2. Almost Three Quarters of German Cannabis Prescriptions Are For Pain Pain and spasticity are the two most common patient ailments for medical cannabis prescriptions, say the German Government Almost three quarters of all German cannabis prescriptions from a Government sample of over 6,500 are for pain – at 71%. This was followed by spasticity – a muscle condition at 11% – and anorexia at 7%, with epilepsy ADHD and Tourettes Syndrome all featuring, too. The data is based on an ongoing government survey involving 6,538 patients, as of September this year, reports the Marijuana Business Daily website. 60,000 Patients This survey on the medical market will run until March 2022 and will then be used determine the future of medical cannabis insurance coverage. Germany’s medical cannabis program began in March 2017, and ‘The Germany Cannabis Report’ by Prohibition Partners estimates 60,000 patients have been helped, so far. One of the most pressing issues in the German market is that it does not have the supply chain to satiate demand and has consequently granted supply licenses to three Canadian, and one domestic, producer while it encourages the development of a homegrown industry. This comes as an increasing number of the country’s politicians are speaking out in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis. Limited Prosecutions Prominent members of the ruling conservative party the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) have begun to openly discuss legalizing cannabis, reports Deutsche Welle. It reports CDU interior policy spokesman Marian Wendt as saying ‘cannabis could be freed for personal use…with controlled production and distribution’. And she adds: “The resources freed in the police and judiciary should be used to fight the illegal trade.” The CDU – Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party – is the last of the major political parties in Germany to maintain a strictly prohibitive drug policy, against legalization. Last year, official government figures reported that some four million Germans use cannabis, with 17% of 18-25-year-olds saying they had used it in the past 12 months. Despite being illegal, the state will not usually prosecute anyone found to have 6 grams of cannabis, or less – a limit agreed by state interior ministers, last year. https://cbdtesters.co/2019/11/02/almost-three-quarters-of-german-cannabis-prescriptions-for-pain/
  3. Hi all, I wanted to purchase a nice branded, widespread shade with air cooling ability. At the time, I was unable to find anything so I made my own. I've had this for some time, but thought I'd finally share as I've installed some sensors and it's given me the chance to photo the previous work I've done to convert it. Unable to find anything, I decided I would modify my current shade to suit the 1000w double end (DE) light setup. To my surprise, it was surprisingly easy because MOST euro shades I have measured fit inside this unit. As well as recording what I've done, consider this a how-to. Before you say I bought a DE 1000w shade I had one to hand and didn't see the need to buy another shade just to wire it myself. If anyone know's of a decent branded DE shade please share, but for now, here's my how too including sensor installation for retro fitting. First, you'll need; Air cooled shade of your choice - I was extremely happy with the build quality and overall integrity of the SunSystem's shades so grabbed myself the 6 inch setup. Double ended 1000w system - measure the length of the euro shade - ensure it will fit inside. I'm using an Adjustawatt 1000w DE 400v setup. I'm hoping to replace this soon but it shouldn't matter what ballast or bulb you use. Drill / bits, sizing depending on the wire size of your setup Wire cutters Insulation tape Various sized grommets (depending on your setup) A camera - to share with your local uk420 forum Test fit the euro shade into the unit, if the length is measured correctly it will fit inside, open up and support itself within the shade. Without having to modify the end reflectors. If the euroshade does not fit, modify it best you can to be slightly wider than the overall width of the air cooled shade. There will be a ledge inside, this is what the euro shade sits on. You can then best the lamp position into the air cooled lamp, with the shades wings giving the typical V stance, they will be supported. Cutting the reflector material is easy using tin snips. Just be careful with any cut metal and ensure you use needle files to deburr edges and hoovering is a must - try and do metal drilling / filing outside (shed). Additional; I have installed three temperature/humidity sensors and a light sensor into this unit. I'm using a 7 core wire to transfer the signal, which is why I've also included a roof sensor and an external shade sensor. I am measuring inside the shade temperature/humidity to understand the system, not to use as an environmental measure. Canopy height is the main temperature to go by, this will be done separately. As well as lower tent temperature. I am using DHT11 sensors and TS2561 light sensor. Once you've collected your items, take apart fully the air-cooled shade. You'll need to re-wire the ballast to bulb loom and feed it into the light. There may be a hole already, which would save you some drilling time. Ensure when removing part of the shades reflector, you install the suitable grommet to allow for the cable to run. Heat and pressure on the wire will eventually short out. With 400v setups being common with DE units, you don't want this to happen! Use plenty of electrical tape between the wires, I opted for amalgamating tape around the lot at the end. Holes will be required for any sensors you wish to install. Make sure any temperature/humidity sensors are not directly against a surface, the airflow on surfaces is inaccurate as a measurement. 3mm hex pillars are an easy way to do this. I'm unsure the effects of air flow causing temperature variation in this setup, but until someones tried it and proven it's inaccurate then I'm hoping to gather some useful data. Lay the euro reflector down inside the unit, if all is well, it will fit and the sides will hold in place. I've tried different shades, I was unable to find one that didn't fit. Of course, the width of the euro reflector will be important as this will determine the height and central location of the lamp. Just ensure you measure it first; I'm certain most will fit. But check! Once in position, ensure all wiring is tucked out the way of air flow and confirm all wires are still secure. Plan your holes ahead of drilling. The side unit shows the wire for the tent roof sensor, the external shade sensor and the 7 core wire which has the sensor voltage and signals. Always mark up the wires if they use the same colours, I've notes wire colours for connections. I label the sensors, these will be the sensor numbers which will reference the programming code when I install them and begin to data log. Above are showing the grey 3 core wire for top of the tent sensor, 7 core wire and the largest power cable for the lamp. I placed my external shade temperature sensor near the safety catch for when the glass panel is open so I can secure it neatly. I'm sure there are options for shades with DE system's already installed, I've only found cheap units which I wouldn't personally buy. If someone already has an air cooled shade, but purchased a non-air cooled setup I hope this will be useful. The instructions are basic but clear; Be safe protecting any re-soldered wires Ensure wires are supported, not tight and use grommits when going through metal to ensure wires are not cut Do not use crimps with any high voltage wires - my personal opinion Don't coil high voltage cables Use cable ties on the wire inside the unit to ensure they don't get pulled out if knocked externally I'll post some of the data when I have begun to capture it. I'm still finishing off the main data collection system. Photos of the finished unit; Above showing location of the external shade temperature. Directing away from the light, to stop light impacting air values (potentially). There are a million places I would have put the sensor. However, of ease of installation and repeatability, I thought this location was best. Directly facing the lamp at such close contact may give me inaccruate results (unless I use top industry sensors). I'm not light expert, so I'm hoping for some feedback at light degredation at least - even if I'm unable to use as a comparitve value in other situations. The orange wire shown is the additional CFL lighting I have in the corners. White cable is for the corner fans. Showing below is the top air temperature sensor. Feedback is welcome, of course, please be nice, I'm new!
  4. Hello Herbalists, So i purchased a Solis-Tek 1000w Dimmable Digital ballast and im looking to run it paired up with a double ended reflector and bulbs. My tent size is 120x120x230, and i plan on running a 600w MH bulb for veg and a 1000w HPS for flower. im just after some advice on what bulb brands are the ones to go for as i hear some bulbs do not like the high frequency of digital ballasts. also, im looking for a little help sourcing a DE reflector and the DE 400v bulbs as im not having much luck. i assume links are not allowed so just the name of a place will do,here or pm. am i correct in thinking that MH bulbs are not dimmable? Thanks.
  5. The purchase of marijuana is generally prohibited in Germany – the exception being Berlin's Görlitzer Park, which has long been an oasis for weed consumers and served as a shining example of the capital’s rather lenient drug policy. Throughout the years, the residents of the traditionally left-wing Kreuzberg neighbourhood have co-existed in a kind of deceptive peace with the dealers and buyers frequenting the park, while the police – apart from the odd alibi raid – has mostly turned a blind eye. However, the rising number of dealers – most of whom don’t have a residence permit and no other option to make a living than by selling drugs – has led to violence, harassment and increased media attention centred around the area. Last year, the mayor of Kreuzberg Monika Hermann proposed the opening of a legal coffee shop in order to get a grip on the situation. The senate rejected the idea, while the situation continues to worsen and police activity in the park is swelling up. The latest in this funfair is a Youtube video circulating on German social media for the past few days. The tape features a guy standing in front of a colourful bus, parked in the middle of the Sahara desert, announcing that on the 21st of June, he is going to open a coffee shop in Görlitzer Park. He appears to have carefully considered his plan; he’s got a business registration with the "permit” to sell "Morroccan Hash” and a poster that shows the types of hash he plans to sell. “Come to Görlitzer Park!” he shouts into the camera. “I’ll have shitloads of hash on me!” The guy’s name is Oliver Becker and he calls himself "an original hemp activist". During a phone call with the German Hemp Association I was assured that Mr. Becker is serious about his vision. They passed me onto Oliver himself, who at the time was in Morrocco, so he could explain his plans in his own words. The guy’s name is Oliver Becker and he calls himself "an original hemp activist". During a phone call with the German Hemp Association I was assured that Mr. Becker is serious about his vision. They passed me onto Oliver himself, who at the time was in Morocco, so he could explain his plans in his own words. VICE: Hello Oliver, I just watched your video on Youtube. Are you serious? Oliver Becker: Of course I am serious! This is not a joke, man. I’ve been part of the hemp movement for a long, long time now. For me the 21st of June is the right moment – that’s the day Germany will compete against Ghana – and the Görlitzer Park is the right place to start. The grand opening of a coffee shop is the right kind of signal and I am the right person for this. I really want to make big fuss about this: “Holywoodstock” – a holy Woodstock in Berlin. What is your plan? I am going to drive my mobile home onto the park's grounds and will put up a sign that says “Mobile Coffee Shop”. I even have a sound system. I didn’t register it. I am just gonna go for it. But, didn’t you also have a business registration? Yes, indeed! I simply went to the commercial register. I knew that the guy in charge over there is a rather young chap, so I more or less threw him a curve. I could tell that he'd had a night out in the weekend so I said, "I’d like to start a business: import and sale of Moroccan Hash.” He said, "But that’s illegal!” I quickly replied, "Nah, it just requires permission.” And he issued the trade licence. Not bad. Well, 45 minutes later, the guy rang me up and indicated that he had read up on it and asked me to, please, come back so he could revoke my application. And that's what I did. You did it? Yeah, I didn’t want to get the guy into trouble. The application cost me €45 [£36]. With a trade certificate like that, I've got good leeway with the authorities here in Morocco. I’ve got something I can produce to show that I occupy myself with the trade and import of Moroccan hash. Currently, I am also writing a letter to the king of Morocco asking to be received in audience. Are you not afraid of the Moroccan authorities? Not in the least. I am not in possession of a single gram. Sure if I was driving a few kilos around, that would be illegal. But you won't find anything on me. I even stopped smoking it. They could even test my blood and not find anything. But you said you wanted to import hash to Germany? That’s my business plan, as specified on the trade certificate. But whether I am going to personally import the shit – that’s a completely different matter. I’ve been part of the hash movement for such a long time that I’ve now got a few contacts in Germany who “deal” with it in larger quantities. So you are not going to sit on a plane with a few kilos of hash in your luggage? Of course, not. Even if I am driving onto the park grounds, that does not mean by a long shot, that I am going to have anything l on myself or on-board the bus. There could instead be someone in the crowd who would, for instance, hand me something. There are many other options here. What if the police come and arrest you at the park? You've certainly made sure to publicise your intent. Then I’m going to go on a hunger strike. I require that everything will unfold without violence, no radical lefties throwing stones. I would give in to my arrest. I hope that I will be able to mount enough support for myself to last me until the 50th day [of the hunger strike] – which would be the 9th of August, Berlin's Hemp Parade Day. You want to go on hunger strike for 50 days? Yes. I am going to go through with it – even being an insulin-dependent diabetic. But we should hope that it won't come to this, right? Sure! I don’t actually believe that it will come to this. I will inform the police about it. I wrote to the mayor of Kreuzberg, and Christian Ströbele, the MP for Kreuzberg, asking them to forward my contact to the Kreuzberg Chief Constable. I will resist and call upon the constitution. This is an act of resistance, then? Absolutely. This is resistance in the terms of article 20, section 3 of the Constitution: "Every German has the right to resistance where other means are out of reach." [Actually it is section 4]. He who is locked into a box for dealing hash is a political prisoner as far as I am concerned. Consider that our commissioner for drugs, Marlene Mörtele, advertises for alcohol. In my mind that’s unacceptable. I resist that. When 120 legal experts get together to write a letter advocating the legalisation of weed to Parliament and nothing, absolutely nothing comes of it, then a citizen must come forward and speak. And that’s what I am doing. I am a professional revolutionary – or evolutionary. I want things to change. You also aim to make people aware of the publication of your book, right? Yes, it's titled The Legaliser Autobiography. I have been part of the hemp movement since the early 1990s. In Germany, I was the first wholesale provider of hemp seeds. Unfortunately, I am also partly responsible for the recent rise in the market for artificial lighting – in my eyes that’s not a positive development. I’d like to promote a few ways to push this thing back a step towards nature. What do you mean? In order to produce THC under natural conditions, you need a hill. All hemp production areas on earth are in mountains; the Rif Mountains in Morocco, the Himalayas in Afghanistan or Nepal, the Blue Mountains in Jamaica and so forth. With artificial lighting you can simulate that. That way we’ve achieved THC levels that you will only find in the high mountains between 5000 and 6000 metres. There, under normal conditions, you can no longer grow any other plants. All seeds that are currently sold on the market are produced under artificial lighting. I don’t agree with that. I no longer smoke that at all, because it makes you much more lethargic. The main reason of course is to encourage the debate about drugs a bit. Sounds like an exciting book. I’ve got many stories to tell. I offer quite a few revelations that some people won't enjoy too much. But I stand with all of what is in there – I am not a criminal, even if I once brought some through the border or sold some here and there. I think a supermarket cashier selling a bottle of whiskey to an 18-year-old, is as bad as any drug dealer. http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/this-guys-opening-a-weed-van-in-berlin
  6. Over 120 German professors of criminal law are supporting an initiative to legalize cannabis. They have called on the Bundestag to discuss the issue. Merkel's coalition is skeptical. Around 3 million Germans regularly smoke marijuana. Some 14 million are estimated to have tried the drug at least once. It's not punishable by law in Germany to use pot, but it is to sell and grow it. Several legal experts believe that criminal prosecution of cannabis users doesn't serve the desired purpose. Lorenz Bollinger, emeritus professor of criminal law at Bremen University, founded the ‘Schildow Circle' two years ago. It now consists of 122 criminal law professors who are campaigning to legalize the sale and ownership of marijuana. In November 2013, the group called on the lower house of parliament to set up a cross-party working group to look into Germany's narcotics laws and assess the efficacy of current drug policies. Now, two opposition groups in the Bundestag, the Greens and the Left party, have agreed to back the idea. Lorenz Böllinger hopes that some Social Democrats could follow suit. At least 120 parliamentarians are needed for the commission to be set up. The two opposition groups alone have 127 seats in the parliament. Failed biographies "Marijuana consumers are being criminalized," Bölinger has criticized, because they are forced to buy the drug expensively off black market dealers. They could get involved with the wrong people, said Böllinger. "It can ruin young people's lives - and most of those who try weed are young people - if they are caught and the charge appears on their criminal record. They may have difficulty getting a job, or could be stripped off their driving license, etc. In short, it could send them off the rails." Marlene Mortler, Germany's commissioner on drug-related issues, strongly rejects the legalization of cannabis, pointing to health risks. "We must not underestimate the health risks for young people, in particular," reads a statement on the commissioner's website. "Regular cannabis consumption leads to considerable health damage, and can lead to psychoses and addiction." But Böllinger rejects these arguments. Cannabis, he says, is only dangerous for people who have an inclination for addiction anyway. And if the dug were legal, he argues, there would be the option of educating young people about the risks of marijuana consumption - much like prevention campaigns about alcohol and cigarette consumption. Drug dealers are a source of danger There is another reason why Böllinger and others are campaigning to decriminalize cannabis: the desire to improve quality controls. Georg Würth, chairman of the German cannabis association, tells the story of a drug dealer in Leipzig who had cut his cannabis with lead sulfide. As a result, more than 100 people were hospitalized. "The problems with diluents have drastically increased over the last few years," Würth told DW in an interview. "Some add sugar and liquid plastic which dries on the weed." The campaigners for legalization argue that it would be much easier to control the use of dangerous diluents - if cannabis were legal in Germany. ”Hubert Wimber, superintendent with the Münster police, is also in favor of changing German law. "Criminal prohibition has failed," Wimber told DW, adding that the threshold to use cannabis was very low despite the ban. Too much money was spent on prosecution and too little on prevention and rehabilitation. Wimber doesn't believe that legalization has a chance with the current German government. But he still supports the initiative. "Occasionally, Germany can learn lessons from other countries, too,” said Wimber with a twinkle in his eye. He points to the latest success stories of cannabis legalization. Last year, Uruguay became the first country worldwide to legalize the controlled trade as well as the production of cannabis. And in the US, the states of Colorado and Washington have allowed citizens to use marijuana on a recreational basis. http://www.dw.de/law-professors-demand-cannabis-legalization/a-17559144?maca=en-rss-en-ger-1023-rdf
  7. Hi German doctors: Cannabis can kill you Marijuana can be deadly, according to German researchers, who claim to have discovered the first deaths caused by cannabis. The researchers in Düsseldorf, North-Rhine Westphalia, have been investigating cannabis-related deaths since 2001 and performed post-mortem examinations on 15 people whose deaths were linked to the drug. They believe two of those deaths could not have been caused by anything other than cannabis, according to a study published in Forensic Science International this month under the title “Sudden unexpected death under acute influence of cannabis”. One of the men was an athletic 28-year-old found dead by his girlfriend next to an ashtray containing cigarette paper and marijuana. The autopsy found that there were no pre-existing medical conditions. The second case was a healthy 23-year-old man. Benno Hartung from the University Hospital in Düsseldorf said he and his colleagues performed autopsies and toxicological tests to rule out other causes of death such as liver disease and alcohol use. “It’s a diagnosis of exclusion so you have to rule out all other possibilities,” Hartung told New Scientist. Hartung claims that the two deaths from cardiac arrhythmia were directly the results of cannabis use, with marijuana apparently causing a sudden change in heartbeat. The 36-year-old admitted it was “a very rare event” but that recommended other researchers now investigate deaths involving marijuana. “Even though it may be rare, I hope others investigate death by cannabis intoxication in other cities. Particularly in light of the increased use of cannabis for pain relief,” he told New Scientist. http://www.thelocal.de/20140225/german-doctors-claim-cannabis-can-kill 3 Comments Bongme
  8. Hi German Cannabis Activist Georg Wurth Wins a Million Euros! By Phillip Smith, Stop the Drug War - Monday, January 27 2014 Big congratulations are in order for our German brethren. They have scored a major publicity and resource coup that will definitely help them advance the cause. Cannabis activist George Wurth of the German Hemp Association (Deutscher Hanf Verband) has won a million-Euro prize to expand the group's legalization activism from the German television program Millionaire Choice (Millionaerswahl). Millionaire Choice is a reality TV program where self-selected contestants compete in a multi-stage process of elimination to see whose idea will be funded. The cross-media campaign is determined by the vote of viewers. "The madness! George has won. We are completely overwhelmed. The work of 10 years has now finally paid off. Along with the events in the US and Uruguay, this can be the starting point for the hemp movement gaining strength in Germany," the group's home page exclaimed. "January 25, 2014 will be long remembered by the DHV and raise the German hemp scene to a new level," the group said in a weekend press release. "When we decided to participate in the Millionaire Choice, we would not have expected this tremendous success. We thank you all for your votes and your infectious enthusiasm. You have voted for George, and without you this huge success would not have been possible." - Article originally from Stop the Drug War. http://www.cannabisculture.com/content/2014/01/27/German-Cannabis-Activist-Georg-Wurth-Wins-Million-Euros Bongme