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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, A little question about ambient temperatures, which may seem over the top. I know that ultimately, cannabis will grow well with a stable day/night temperature or a few degrees variance either way. I was reading an article on High Times about grow temperatures though and the article says that having lower daytime temperatures than night-time temperatures can lead to a shorter internodal length and therefore shorter plants overall. I guess most people wouldn't do this because it costs more to air condition / ventilate harder during the day and heat more during the night, but it is an interesting 'fact' and I wondered if anyone monopolised on this technique to keep taller plants in a reasonable height range for indoor growing efficiency? Also, as I will be heating my shed to keep temperatures acceptable and definitively set a stable temperature difference at different times of day*, would you think I would be best off setting a stable 24/25C growroom temperature 24 hours a day, or using a timer to turn the ambient heater on and off every 15 - 30 minutes to so, causing small peaks and troughs? In case the high-times article is of interest, it is here: https://hightimes.com/grow/grow-hack-day-and-night-growroom-temperatures/ I hope that is permitted. Thanks in advance folks Midge
  2. GG4 x Leeroy OG

    From the album Random Uploads

    This is a special pheno of a breeder tester pack Mother GG4 (from clone) Father Leeroy OG Rare Dankness from Seed. Think it's the favorite thing I've grown and smoked in 5 years, the dry sift yields have been massive.
  3. Hi all Just a question, I am in a loft and just wondered what other people prefer to do with regards to having light come on at night time or in the day. I usually used to have them on in the day, but I noticed with that weird heatwave last week when suns out the loft gets very warm, and my temps were above 30 degree. Does it make more sense to have the lights come on in the evening so it isnt as warm. I am thinking this will also be beneficial in winter as it will help keep temps up in the coldest part of night. Does anybody know if it is cheaper in Kw/h to use lekky at night rather than daytime, and another fear of mine (although it SHOULD NOT be), is that helicopter seeking hot rooms with thermal imaging. Not that anyone in the world should be arsed about my 8 plant percy grow that helps me combat mental and physical ailments, but the thought does often come to mind. They always seem to be out at night when it flies around. Just wonder what people think and what they do with their light shedules. I have set mine to come on at 8pm and go off at 8am. MMT