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Found 12 results

  1. Welcome to my second grow diary and first competition entry, this time growing a solitary dark degenerate from Satan himself.. Strain: Sweet Seeds Dark Devil Medium: Plant Magic Supreme Soil Nutes: Old Timers grow/bloom Lighting: 250w/400w hps Tent: 120x60x110cm - this miniature netherworld is squished for vertical space so the plan is to LST her into a bushy savage fit for any pot smoking Satanist. Sweet dreams.. p.s. I've only got a single Dark Devil seed so if this doesn't germinate we may well see a switch to a very different Sweet Gelato theme
  2. Theres some strong competition in this comp so im not looking to perform miracles and win but its just great to be taking part and its what counts.............. apparently! i wanted to go for all purple/red strains but when the Mrs found out i can pick 3 ,she had to (i let her) pick 1.none the less she picked some fire. bit late to the party but i (we) picked fast jack47 Dark devil red mandarine what ill be using dark devil,red mandarine,jack47 planted straight into jiffy pellets,in egg cartons untill i got some pot s more photos to come! thanks for looking Tete
  3. Well it's been a fuckin while since I done one o these eh? Lets see counts on fingers hmmmm takes socks off two years by my count Two years since my last grow two fuckin years Man it's been shite So Back in the game again First off huge thanks to Sweet seeds Tommy and Jaypp for letting me back in again they obviously nae learned yet Second off fuck it some tunes Fuck that was a bit bigger than I thought it would be Right lets get on wi the show Anyone who has read any o my diarys will know what to expect here so look for in no particular order... Seeds Plants Mess Fuck ups Dead looking plants More mess Some music Even more fuck ups Actual dead plants (I hope not but I know me ) Twattery Random shit Possibly @vince noir rock n roll star Maybe a sticker or two Hopefully some bud shots But probably just a series of fuck ups This is very much a "on a budget throw shit at it an hope some of it works"kinda grow The medium is coco to start them off in and they will go into soil when I pot em up cause soil feed is all I got atm and well am skint as fuck just now The lights will be my trusty old 400w The groom will be my trusty old cheapomatic tent thats about 7-8 years old now And this is where it will get "fun" The tent will be in the garage In scotland In winter Just to set the tone the temps outside here tonight are expected to be about -10 ish Fortunately they are inside for the next couple of weeks til they get up an running but aye it's gonna be a challenge methinks Some pictures then... Ok well that's fuck up number one outta the way I suppose just twist yer heads sideways In their pots And again ffs dinna worry traction is good for the neck I have grown Dark devil before but I did a shite job o it so I didn't get much from her but what I did get I liked a lot the other 2 I haven't done but I like skunk and I like Sweet Seeds cream caramel so hoping that this one has the same knockout ability that the cream caramel has I will admit that I have left things maybe a wee tad on the last minute side here for getting finished in time but bugger it will give it a bash anyways Think that will do for now before I start to wonder into gibberish territory here so good luck to abody else and see ye aw next time McHazy
  4. Morning peeps, thought I'd start another little diary for my Sweet Seeds autos. This will be the second run I have done of these (1xDark Devil and 1x Crème caramel). The previous run was my first time using Sweet Seeds and I was pretty impressed with the end results, so I thought I would document the second run. Lighting will consist of 155w Cree CXB3590 3500k LED's. The plants will be grown in Bio Bizz All Mix with Plagron batmix as well. Nutes will consist of Bio bizz grow, bloom, and algamic. Plant magic root stim and cal Mag. These are the plants as they stand, approx. two weeks from seed. These are some pics of the previous runs results. I'll try and update weekly. Peace
  5. I already started my general growing diary for 2016 in the Guerilla Growing section, but want to do a more specific one for the Sweet Seeds strains I’m growing this year. I’ve got quite a few on the go but for this particular project I’m growing five different autos side by side. I’m starting off two seeds of each strain, one of which will be planted in the greenhouse border and the other outdoors in the garden (with the exception of Black Cream, as I only have one seed of that, so that will be in the greenhouse). It’s pot luck what phenotypes I get for each strain, so it’s not very scientific, but I’ll be quite excited to evaluate the different strains side by side and give my impressions of them. As you can see, I like the ones with interesting colours and aromas! The five strains are: 2 x Dark Devil 2 x Red Poison 2 x Cream Mandarine (the standard one, not the XL) 2 x Sweet Special 1 x Black Cream (which I got as a freebie with a Sweet Seeds order) I sprouted the seeds in late April. I put them in some wet kitchen roll on a plate, with another upturned plate on top to keep the light out. As soon as the seeds showed a tiny tail I put them into Rootrainers with a simple soil mix as follows: roughly equal parts of… Fertile Fibre coir (reconstituted from brick form) John Innes No.2 …plus a goodly handful of perlite All mixed together and left to sit for a day or two. I actually started off the Dark Devil a week earlier than the rest because it arrived in a different package of seeds, so it’s slightly ahead of the others. Germination was 100%. I’m not sure to what extent the colours of the emerging seedlings are an indication of the colours in the final plants, but I noticed that Dark Devil and Sweet Special both showed a bit of red colouring in their first set of true leaves just after germination. It was only visible for a day or two, because once the plants start to produce chlorophyll they turn properly green. All the seedlings have red colouring in the stems to some extent, though one of the Dark Devils is much more green than the other. The Black Cream seedling has more of a dusky brown stem. Dark Devil seedlings about a week old:
  6. Part 2 Many thanks once again to all at Sweet Seeds for this awesome opportunity. just having a go is prize enough for me but I feel really quite inspired by all the other diaries - I aspire to be half as good and Id be happy. Part 1 is still going Kiminals Sweet Seeds Competition Diary Part 1 , but for Part 2 I wanted to up my game a bit so Ive added a new (rejigged an old one) grow space. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments and encouragement, it really helps! 6 seeds germinating - Blow mind Auto x3 & Dark Devil Auto x3 Environment: Secret Jardin 120 Lodge Tent, dividing wall and shelf removed. Dimensions 4ft x 3ft x 5ft 4inch inline TT fan with 4Inch Carbon filter Passive intakes x3 one circulating fan (front grill missing for added danger) Lighting Apollo 12 LED light (22 x 283 x 85mm) 8 x Cooling fans coverage around 4x7square feet LED Power 180 x 3W (540W) Actual power consumption 420w (3% either way) Lumens 8500lm Medium Janeco Light mix Root it! cubes for germination Pots 3x 11litre for the Blow mind 3 x 18 litre for the Dark Devils. basic propagator Nutrients Nitrozyme Bio Bizz Grow Plant magic Old Timers Bloom Plant magic Magne cal So the seeds were popped into Root it cubes this morning, into the propagator and instead of rigging up the T5 I put them in the grow cupboard with the Part 1 girls and popped a pillow case over them for today while they get going. Thanks again everyone. and best of luck
  7. Sweet seeds Dark Devil auto

    From the album Sweet seeds grow #2

  8. DSC 0104 noexif 2099x1574

    From the album Kgbeans, Medicann,

  9. Day 40 Dark Devil

    From the album Dark Devil by Sweet Seeds

    Day 40 Dark Devil competition entry
  10. Dark Devil

    From the album Cream Caramel

    dark devil, nug
  11. Hi 420'ers. Things have caused me to chop my last grow and start again, so ive picked up a few packs of Sweet Seeds Auto Reds, to hopefully finish just in time for new year celebrations. The Strains. Black Cream Dark Devil Setup. Hydrolab GL100 grow tent (100x100x2mtr) 600w HPS grow light 5" rvk & 5" rhino exhaust 4" tt intake Tower fan. BioBizz grow/bloom/boost The Plan. Basically grow these babies in soil under 18/6 using BioBizz nutes when needed. Ill be turning half this crop into oil, and jar'ing the rest
  12. Hi guys... I am a long time lurker, first time contributor to these forums. I have grown 3x Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel Auto as my first grow and I was so pleased with the results I decided to choose Sweet Seeds again for my second grow. This time round I am growing 2x Dark Devil and 2x Jack 47 Auto. I am also growing a freebie seed I got from the seed bank, I won't really cover this plant on the diary as I am posting in the Sweet Seeds sub-forum but if you see it in the background of some pics it is basically a Great White Shark Auto. Here is my set up: Equipment 150W 6400K CFL (propagation) 400W Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp (veg & flower) Sunking 800mm parabolic reflector Secret Jardin DR90 90 x 90 x 160 Grow Tent 4x 15l & 1x 10l Super Roots Air Pots Honeywell Oscillating Tower Fan 5” Floor fan RVK 5” Extractor 5” Rhino Pro Filter Acoustic Ducting + Spare 4” TT Inline fan + ducting as intake if required Nutrients + Medium Plant Magic Old Timer Veg + Bloom Plant Magic Bio Silicon Plant Magic Root Stimulant John Innes No1 John Innes No2 Verve Perlite (10%) Epsom Salts (applied as necessary) Meridian Blackstrap Molasses I germinated them using the paper tower method, 100% success germination and sprout within 72 hours. Here are some pics: This was taken on Day 8: Potting up Day 12 Dark Devil #1 / Purpura Day 12 Dark Devil #2 / Angel Day 12 Jack 47 #1 / Dr AK Day 12 Jack 47 #2 / Steffy