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Found 33 results

  1. Hello everyone, I popped a Zkittles bean about 4 months ago and in an attempt to keep my electricity costs down, it has been happily growing albeit extremely slowly by a window. On sunny days it went outside, always watered from the bottom and the soil was never left damp for any length of time. Now I'm ready to veg it properly and finish it off, I'm concerned about bringing pests inside. Is the couple of weeks of low wattage vegging worth the risk? Is there a fail safe method of cleaning the soil before it comes inside or should I just take a cutting and start a fresh? This is also going to be my first attempt at living soil after years of cocoir. Any advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, dotz
  2. So good people,my question is in the title,when would be too late to top cuttings ?
  3. c.jpg

    From the album album

  4. cuttings.jpeg

    From the album Master Kush NFT Grow

  5. Transplanted cuttings, ready to rock

    From the album Phantom OG grow with a few others

    Phantom OG clones started rooting so moved to 1 litre airpots to start the catch up race against the seedlings
  6. Hello all I’m after some help I transplanted my cuttings into new rdwc system on Saturday and they were looking very stressed out I did damage a few roots but they had plenty so hoping they would pull through. Anyway they have progressively started to look worse everyday this week extremely droopy curled down leaves the roots are still growing as they’ve found their way out of net pots and about to touch down into the nutrient solution. AIR TEMPS DAY 24/25.4 NIGHT 18/19 ROOT TEMPS 19/20 EC 0.6 Humidity is on the low side around 40 lights on 50/60 lights off I’ve got a little seedling that seems to be doing just fine in my environment. So do I wait and see if they pick up over the next week or pull them all and plug up another three beans to run. I’m short on time this run as my tenancy runs out may so they need to be finished and in jars by then. Please any help from experienced dwc growers would be highly appreciated. heres a few pictures of them beginning of the week And now they look like this
  7. Evening all I’ve managed to get hold of some zcube cuttings I will be running these in rdwc I will start a new dairy very soon. They are just rooted in root riot cubes they just don’t look great and I’m abit concerned. I’ve never dealt with cuttings before and only ever grown from seed so not that clued up on feed requirements etc, I’ve put the cubes into a bed of clay pebbles as I wanted to get the roots growing out more before I put them into my new system. Starting with a litre of RO i mixed a little h&g root excel with sensi a+b grow and a drop of super thrive to EC 0.3 Temps lights off 19 & 62%RH Temps Lights on 25 & 50% RH Under twin t5 tubes. should I be aiming for a higher EC I start low with seeds but I’m guessing these are totally different. Any ideas would be much appreciated
  8. I took cuttings 2 weeks ago in root riot cubes, I've noticed. they dried out real quick so I dipped them in a solution again to soak u the cubes is this the best thing to do? when use to take cuts years ago I used Rockwell and they always rooted quick but these root riot cubes hit the same. humidity is 99% with no vents open in a heated prop temp floats between 23-25 any help would be appreciated
  9. I've recently moved home and my grapes in the old property started fruiting last year after 18mths in the ground, so they're pretty well established and I don't imagine I can dig up the whole vine wothout damaging it sooo..... I took some hardwood cuttings last week, although they'd already started vegging again so im not sure if I should have done that... (all Youtube videos seem to show the cuttings being taken during the dormant stage), so my question is twofold I suppose... Will these hardwood cuttings be likely to take root snce they've already starting throwing out leaves? and if not... Could I take soft tip cuttings from the newly growing parts rather than from the hardwood and do them like cannabis cuttings?
  10. thumbnail-20190219-122718.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Project 2019

  11. im growing 6x ww x bb from seed and 4x candy kush from cuttings/clones using dutch pro light mix 600w led for veg 1200w led for flower ph perfect nutrients 3 part by advanced nutrients seeds are 10 days old cuttings 1 week from rooting ive not started feeding the plants yet as when i bought the soil he said there would be enough in there to last a little while before starting to feed can some one please tell me why the leaves are going like the pictures ive added, i thought this was because ive no fed them nothing yet, but the cuttings are alot bigger than the seedlings, but then noticed the seedlings doing the exact same as the cuttings. bit wired i thought and i cant find nothing like these on any forum, i want to get them right before its to late if any one can help me that would be great ! hi, im a new grower, so helpful this site is !
  12. What you need... Xstream propagator 40 site, 250ml rhizotonic, clonex rooting gel, Garden spray bottle, plant magic root stimulator, ph meter of your choice, duct tape, hygrometer thermometer, 50w aquarium heater, lumii 125 watt cfl and hanger, growth technologies ph down, 40 cuttings about 6 inches long with the lower 4 inches of foliage removed, pictures and instructions coming on thursday.
  13. 4X4 grow tent soil - 16l pots 4 blue cheese 1 royal ak 1 pineapple chunk watered every 2-3 days fed every 3rd watering with old timers grow. 5 weeks into veg from seed this is my first proper grow last one was a mesely 2 plants i got a half oz off. the light cycle is on 20/4. i took cuttings today from one blue cheese because i though it looked monster, before i swapped to flower in 2 weeks time. after i examined the cut i realised there were little hairs coming out the stems and clicked it had gone into flower (i wondered why it got greedy and stretched 5-6 inches) and i have no clue why ? may have possibly mixed up nutes on a feeding and gave it a shot of bloom but that wouldnt have affected it surely? im just gonna flip the tent to 12/12 and get em all under way but anyone got an idea as to why this has happened ? i dont want it happening again because i could of done with the extra week or 2 of veg. any help would be appreciated.
  14. Crystal Candy Cuttings

    From the album Misc.

  15. I grow quite well - but I'm making renewed efforts to work better. I did some cuttings the other week and I have 100% success. It's quite rare for me to have a failure. I have an established routine and equipment which I keep to rigidly. Should I take particular note of those cuttings that root the fastest? Would that trait follow if I were to make those fast rooters into mothers and take further cuttings from that in time? I get that chance has a part to play in my cuttings itself and how I propagate it. But over time would that chance reduce to leave me with only a strain that naturally roots faster? tThe fastest has rooted in 5 days. Then There's about 10-12 days for last to root. - if that's any help. Many thanks KayDog
  16. Hello peeps just need a bit of advice!! I've took cuttings before a few times and they all died so I invested in an aero cloner! Ideally I wanna start a perpetual harvest! I took the cuttings with no rooting gel, placed them in the aero cloner then waited, roots popped from five so I transplanted the five to light mix and I've been feeding with a light drop of root juice! I've got them in my propagatir! My question being do they even need o be in there? And as it's a heated prop would it be recommended to turn the heater on on it? Temps in my room are min of 18 and max of about 24! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  17. Strain: Dr Kripping incredible bulk Age: 3 weeks Type: Cuttings (Size @ rootriot block xfer, 2 inch) So ... gimme some abuse what do you think, there growing under 600W HPS
  18. PhotoPictureResizer 160725 092944159

    From the album CLONES/MOTHER

    The cabinet cost me $20NZD (10 quid to you POM's ) Best investment ever!

    © BoB NZ

  19. Ok so yesterday I hit a problem. My cuttings started to claw I'll give youse a quick bit on info so you can help diagnose. I was given 5 cuttings under the promise they were rooted. So they've been sitting on my windowsill ( lack of equipment). I don't know what soil they were in, but yesterday I covered the top layer with bio bizz soil just to cover the little bits of the jiffy that were exposed. After that I watered them. However they are in my kitchen, and yesterday I was cooking dinner and went back into my kitchen to notice how sweltering the heat was in there. So I opened the windows and put on my extractor fan ( weak kitchen one). But by that time they had started to claw up like a nitrogen toxicity. They're looking less clawed this morning but are still clawed and a couple of the other leaves have started to claw. Sorry about the poor quality pictures it's because I had to reduce the size of them to post them...
  20. Hi guys, im new round here and need some advice. Ive just been given 5 Psychosis Cuttings from a friend. Ive currently got them on my windowsill just because I haven't got a propagator or my light/tent setup yet. I think that all 5 have rooted, so what's my next plan of action? I know they need to go into bigger pots soon, but I was going to wait until I could see visible roots through the drainage holes. Furthermore how often should I water? Just when It seems dry? Thanks in advance
  21. As title, s there any difference in yield or vigour in cuts from plants that have been through a full flowering cycle and then revegged? or will the cuts behave in the same way as if they were taken from the plant in its normal (virgin) pre-flower veg phase? the reason I ask is there is that due to an accident there is an army of hacks on the go ATM, - so many that some will have to go to friends, and there is no way we can take cuts of all of them. If there is no real difference in yield/vigour from cuts taken from revegged plants then we can just reveg the keepers which would save us a world full of hassle and grief and worry. I have run cuts from revegged mums years and years ago which seemed to do OK, maybe a bit less vigor but I cant remember if we even compared weights and it was far from scientific and memory fades. not looking for opinions or theories here, just growers with direct experience of the issue in question. Do they behave more or less the same as normal veg cuttings or is it plant dependant? Or does it produce weaker clones and only make sense if you want too keep a strain alive for breeding? really appreciate any feedback. MM
  22. Hi all, this is my second attempt at a grow. The first one was great until they turned hermy. I'm using DWC, mainly because it's what I have access to currently. This time I'm falling at the very first hurdle and would appreciate ANY help whatsoever. I obtained 4 healthy Green Poison cuttings in rock wool and they were transported in a car (inside a plastic propagator) for 5 hours in normal temperature. I placed them in the corner of my tent inside the prop away from the direct light. The temp in the tent is 21 ish and the humidity is around 47%. I have a Can Fan keeping the air circulated amd the are getting 18/6. I have ensured the rock wool stayed moist but 3 weeks on and there are still no roots showing through. The lower leaves are dying but there are tiny new healthy leaves appearing from the top. Do I just need to give them more time?
  23. Fresh 'ScoutTrip' Cut's 002

    From the album iGrow 2015


    © iBlazeDaily

  24. Just took 8 'ScoutTrip' Cut's 001

    From the album iGrow 2015

    Took this afternoon (Thurs. 28/05/15) FUTURE SOG

    © iBlazeDaily

  25. OB cuttings Mainlined

    From the album Orange-berry's