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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, it's my first run, my girl is not looking good, please help. Grow space: very small and short (38x38cmx 75cm high) and the plant is at the end of week 4. Light schedule 18/6, XS1000 100W @50%, actual distance to canopy around 30cm Temp: Night 22° C, Day 27-28.8°C (since yesterday I dialed the light back at 45% and have 27.3°C during the day) Pot: 6-7L, 28cm diameter, 10-12cm high, diy Airpot Substrate: 2 parts Lechuza-Pon (Zeolite Mix), 1 Part Soil Water: reverse osmosis +0,3mg/ CalMag from BioBizz, 1-2L each 2 days Nutes: BioBizz Grow, Bloom, TopMax, each 1mg/l My girl was always a little droopy, but I thought maybe it s the strain. Week 2 and 3 she grew very bushy and very low. Since middle of week 3 up to now I've been doing LST and cut 2 fan leaves. Yesterday I noticed that almost all leaves are droopy now, even more than before and that some of the lower leaves turned yellow. Also, 2 leaves have have brown spots on them. Usually I water until I have 2-3cm under the perforated bottom of the pot and the Lechuza substrate is sucking that back over 1 day (the pot bottom has 3-4 feet with substrate in it, which are sitting in water at the bottom of the outer container). Yesterday I took out the pot and saw there were some pretty long roots (even 10cm long) sitting in the water. I cut the longest ones and watered only with Calmag and less than usually (only 1liter), so there was no water on the bottom. Needless to say I am very worried and would like to hear your advice. Is it a nutelock? Is it overwatering? Is it a light burn? I can t tell, please help