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Found 17 results

  1. Hi everyone I've been curing now for about three weeks. I've been using the boveda 62%, as I read that was a good humidity to store at. I'm around 65% now, and I must say the stems feel rock hard and the flower seems really really dry. I'm used to more tacky flower, what's everyone's preferred humidity?
  2. Hi, Wow, I've made it to the Harvesting section of uk420 I'm not quite ready (touch wood), but its nearly time to chop my first crop, and I was wondering whether it is better to separate and break up the bigger buds by hand, so that each jar only has the same size nugs and those nugs arn't too bug allowing all the buds dry consistently? There is lots of info on curing etc, but I haven't came across anything that clarifies that particular question. Also what size jars do folk generally use (does it matter?) Cheers for any info
  3. Hi every one, hope you are all in rude health! I have a question regarding the water curing of my buds. Briefly: I grew 3 plants (Northern Lights Auto) in canna-coco. The first and second plants were water cured for 7 days with constantly running RO water (water enters bottom of 10 litre barrell & exits the top so making sure the overflow gets rid of the unwanted water). I thought I would cure the third plant in the time old tradition of hanging in the wardrobe. Now though it is shall we say "in the way". So my qusestion is: Can I change after 1 week from air curing to water curing? Would it harm my trichomes? I know technically it shoudn't as Trichs are oil and wont be mixing with the water. I don't/can't smoke so I make something like RSO so I'm not bothered about the taste at all. Cheers for now. Cmoon I also want to ask you guys what kind of a hit should you get when ingesting super skunk oil?..................More later, my wife will explain better than I.
  4. Hi All I appreciate there is a thread right at the top called rough guide to harvesting and curing. My focus for this topic is entirely for curing. Now I took on growing and no longer have to rely on other people to acquire my smoke (Aaaah, nice!), I am looking more into saving some bud aside each grow for a long cure, obviously not all my crop as once dry I want to sample, then get straight into using it for smoke, oil, hash etc. But I want to be able to select myself some primo nugs and cure them to the point I salivate at the thought of the perfect end product. I have cured in glass jars before with regular burping and I must say that works, but after regularly watching Greenhouse seeds Youtube grow sessions they always mention the same phrase at the end of each grow, store in paper bags, and leave in controlled room at 8 - 10 degrees for 3 - 5 month for the best tasting smoke. Does anybody else use paper bags for curing, and has anybody ever gone that long for curing? What are the advantages of glass compared to paper, and vise versa etc. Thanks for reading.
  5. Line Up.jpg

    From the album x4 Subbie Strains + Dinafem Dinamed CBD

    x6 Subbies, line drying.
  6. Hi there all. I don't know if there is anything I can do but I have made a monumental screw-up after just harvesting my buds (just one plant). I had just cut down and trimmed my first ever autoflowerer and was just finishing trimming when I had to drop everything and attend another family matter 300 miles away. So. I just threw all the trimings, buds, leaves in a cardboard box wrapped loosely in grease proof paper (I thought this maybe wouldn't absorb or adsorb any trichomes that I had worked so hard for these last 6 months. To cut a long story short, I was gone 4 days and have just opened the box to find my buds and trimmings all with a layer of mould on the underside that was against the paper. I'm not sure if I should bin the lot or wash them in a waterbath for 7 days then dry them. Any ideas out there? I don't plan to smoke them but to make tinctures or edibles, or at least that was my original idea. I would certainly appreciate any help I can get......many tanks for now, Cmoon..........Respect, as always.
  7. Hi all. I've just read about 'drying' your harvest underwaterfor 7 days minimum to flush out the crap and then quick dry after the 7 days. Has anyone tried this and does it work? It would suit me down to the ground because I don't really have anywhere to hang my plants but I do have a load of fishtanks big and small as that used to be my 'hobby'. I read that is was an old method but I don't care if it's old or not, just if it works...............Any idea guys? With respect.......Always Cmoon.
  8. For the last few cycles I've been using the air conditioner to quickly dry my bud in preparation for curing. Specifically the dehumidifier mode. This is the one with the water drop icon, most newer systems have it. Its much, much faster than traditional hang drying and has zero adverse effects. If anything my bud seems to have a better consistency than ever and cures a week or more sooner. I trim the bud of all leaves before starting. Personal use only so most of the sugar leaf stays on, it keeps the crystals from falling off the bud. Also I separate the buds completely from the stems this method doesn't need them to balance humidity. Lately I've chopped the bigger buds up into their constituents too, it speeds things up. Basically, find the smallest room in by the house with aircon, lay your manicured bud on a dry flat surface and put a fan on them at a distance. The dry air churned out by the air-conditioning needs to move over them for 2-3 hours at a time then turn the buds over and let them rest a bit. Do this every day and every night move the bud into your curing jars for say 10 hours. Should take only a few days, three at most. After that cure as you usually would. The dehumidifier function on your AC works by removing moisture until the temperature in the room reaches a minimum set on ythe remote, probably 19c. It'll stay that way for hours too, so just running it for a few periods each day and turning over your bud with a bit of manual labour won't cost much in terms of electric. And of course it requires no special equipment. Only thing is, I might smell for a few days in that room. But only for a few days.
  9. Hey guys, Well, this is my first grow, and I've been really happy with my 4 jars that I was left with after harvest. I made sure to burp the jars every day. I even tossed the buds around in there to let them air out. They've been in here for about 2 months now I'd guess. I inspect them closely quite often. Today I was looking around the jars, and in two jars, I noticed some buds have small spots of mould starting. It's totally freaked me out because I am worried I'll loose everything now. I think I know what the problem is - I have the jars quite full, when they settled, they seemed quite packed. I should divide the jars out into two jars for every one. Anyway, I just noticed spots of mould in 2 of 3 jars. I thought it was trichomes/frosting, but now its apparent, its white mould starting. Can someone please tell him if I can save the buds? Do I need to discard the ones that the mould has started in, or can I trim any mould spots out, wash the jars with boiling water, and re-jar ? ? ? Any advice on how to stop this urgently welcomed!
  10. Jarred Up!

    From the album First Indoor Grow

    1 litre Kilner Jars.
  11. I have just harvested my first grow. I am using a drying net. I am growing shark shock to produce oil or paste to try and save my mother in law from a rare brain tumour. If I am producing oil do I need to cure the buds and sugar leaves? I have only watched vids that show buds only curing in jars, are the sugar leaves treated differently or can they also go in jars? Some of the pistils are really thick, should I leave them longer to dry as they also have sugar leaves on. Are they likely to grow mould? When I harvested two of the pistils had mould on them. I removed them straight away but will they have affected the rest of my growth? So far cannot see any other mould. Sorry for so many questions, just need to get it right
  12. Hi everyone, I am a first time grower and joined your site in February. I am growing two shark shock plants to try and save my mother in law from a rare brain tumour. I have read loads of info from this site and numerous web pages and watched countless youtube vids. I am not a smoker or even a drinker so had no clue about cannabis until a few months ago. I am also dyslexic so please forgive my poor writing skills. My mother in law gets called Grandma Watson. She is much loved by everyone. The best cook I have ever known. She sings all the time is full of fun and loves her family dearly. My husband is her oldest child and we will do all we can to save her. She was given 2-3 months to live in January untreated and with radiotherapy this could be extended to 9 months. The tumour is a butterfly shape with the center part being over her frontal lobe, it has feelers that spread through out her brain. The feelers have been getting treated with steroids and they have shrunk back a little. See is in good spirits and says whatever happens, happens. They have asked the consultant about taking cannabis oil or paste and he is fine with it as long as they let him know when they start. He warned of side effects. I need some advice as the plants are ready to harvest and I don't want to get things wrong at this stage. Within the family we have decided to go with cannabis paste. Does anyone have experience with treating cancer with paste? Not a lot of info available in general for producing paste or results. As I am going to use the bud and sugar leaves do I need to trim them off before drying? Do I dry and cure the bud as normal for making the paste? Is it best to dry the bud in a dark place. I bought a drying net so should it be done in a dark room? How long would you recommend for curing? I have read two methods to produce the paste. one is cooking the bud and trim for hours in coconut oil. The other is decarboxilating the bud first then mixing it with the coconut oil. What method would be best? I plan to use capsules, I have bought a small cap filling machine. Is there any tips for filling the capsules with paste so that it does not go everywhere. Any other tips would be gratefully received.
  13. ok folks,so I was chatting to a Californian grower/breeder friend about six months ago and I mentioned kilner jars.he said back in 60/70's they would just chop their plants and hang dry them,only taking off large fan leaves,and after 2-3 months good to smoke,just going back to hanging plant and picking off a bud as and when he fancied a doob.so start of august I harvested a couple blueberry and decided to hang one in a cool dark room.so 2/3 days ago I thought better try some of it,wow,smaller fan leaves crispy dry had protected the buds and to be honest it tasted and smelled amazing,once I had peeled of the crispy leaves(It didn't smell at all before removing them)great smoke great stone.it didn't last as long as my jar cured bud,but flavour wise it was better and it was still quite strong buzz wise.I'd expected the cannabinoid profile to degrade a lot more than it had.i am glad I tried it and would do it again,as long as I can spare a harvested plant and had a place to hang it for 3 months with the right conditions where odour was not a problem.odour was really dank for first week or two but after that there was no smell,unless you touched it.atb gwub
  14. I'm baffled. I understand how to get bud dry and I'm fine with brown bagging, burping etc. but I read contradictory advice about the RH (Humidity) to aim for when jarred. I see people aiming for 60 - 65% RH in jars for curing and Boveda make some handy 'Humidipaks' for keeping humidity at 62% in jars but this seems way too high. I see other people aiming for 30% or less in jars. Is it 60 - 62 I should be aiming for? Any thoughts/experience welcome. Thanks.
  15. OB6 - Micro-Kilner'ed ;)

    From the album Orange-berry's

  16. has any one used this? are they worth it. would like to know peoples thoughts