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Found 6 results

  1. Ready To Extract

    From the album Subbie Seeds & A Couple Of Footloose Coco Grow

    What a satisfying sight! Burped daily for 10 days now left alone and will be checked periodically for any mould growth. At least half of this will be used to extract oil. High 5!
  2. A few people here mention curing in passing but I think it generally falls on deaf ears, mostly (and understandably) because everyone (including myself) is usually in a rush to try their latest grow. However, if you find that your good looking bud (auto or photo) doesn't have the real smell you're looking for, or the buzz you get is too rushy or you're not getting properly blurry-eyed, heavily, giggily stoned, then a lack of cure could likely be your problem. First thing to note is, that when a plant is dried and in a smokeable state it has still not been cured. Drying is just the first stage of curing. Leaving your bud to stay in a dry, stable atmosphere for a month really does make all the difference. I'm not going to get into chemistry but there are certainly changes going on in your bud when it is left to do its thing. Perhaps the moisture content in the trichomes changes, perhaps there are molecular alterations going on, who knows, fucked if I care. I like Conference pears - but I have to buy an unripe one and leave it in a bowl and examine it every day until it reaches true ripeness. If I eat it too early - yes, it tastes like pear but it's not heavily perfumed and soft and juicy and delicious and utterly satisfying like a proper ripe one. Same with bud. Unlike pears however your bud will not turn to snot if left for a further month, it should improve even more! This is my method and it works. Other people will have other methods but the process is basically the same. Get yourself a great big tin with a lid (I use 2.5kg Nido milk powder tins (bloody good milk by the way)), line it with greaseproof paper, bung a few large (8g) sachets of Boveda 62% in there with all your dried bud, put a greaseproof paper layer on the top, put the lid on, put it in the dark behind the sofa for a month it will be an entirely different smoke when you remember where you left it.
  3. How do you cure when the humidity in the air is a lot higher than what you want in your jar? Like when I burp the jars the humidity ends up going up because the air is so humid. How do you get humidity in it’s down when every time you open them it goes up?
  4. Hi all, Another day, another question... I've dried my first plant and it's now in jars. My jars are reading 60%. How often do you think I should burp them, as the RH is at a decent level now. I am thinking if I burp them every day they will get too dry. I have heard curing stops at 55% RH - is that true? Cheers
  5. Hi, I would like to know, if cannabis can be cured with sugar leaves, after drying, do not perform any trimming. Is there a risk of fungus or any problem? considering that humidity its going to be controlled
  6. Hello All, I love the site and the information! A little question that I can't seem to find the answer to..... I am due to harvest next week. I only use the lovely flowers and trim for edibles (butter) and never smoke it. Do I need to dry and cure my plants or can I just decarb (Decarboxylation) then slowly in the oven to remove all the moisture? Looking at 115c for 1 hour, or more depending on how dry and toasty it gets..... I have decarb'ed and made butter lots of times, but this is the first time I have my own plants. Advice would be very helpful. thanks in advance