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Found 190 results

  1. Ladies and Gents - Welcome to my Sweet Seeds diary! I'll attempt to make the best out of the 12 strains I've selected for this grow. Here the 9 photoperiod strains Here the 3 automatic strains I'll be growing them in compost and will be using mostly Biobizz products along the way. In total, there will be 20 plants (12 photos and 8 autos) At some point, the plants will be divided into 2 grow spaces. The automatics will be growing under 20h light with a 400w bulb. While the photoperiods will get the bigger space with 600w light. I've placed them all into germination yesterday and hope the will show their heads in the next couple of days. Thanks again to Sweet Seeds for hosting another great competion and providing us with their delicious strains - Good luck to all the other competitors!
  2. Welcome to my little part of the world, please do pull up a comfortable seat and sit back to enjoy my offerings for your viewing pleasure. Firstly, I must express my continued thanks and appreciation to the Sweet Seeds team, @Sweet Seeds-tommy, @Sweet Seeds -Jaypp, and all the rest of the gang who make the magic happen for the rest of us ! Last year, I was the lucky winner of the Sweet Seeds 2017 Best Video, I have the trophy in pride of place in my living room, can't for the life of me get a good photograph of it as its glass with white etching on it, will try again later.... This year I will be doing a timelapse of a Cream Devil, from seed to harvest. I have my fingers crossed for many shades of red towards the end of the video to give it that wow factor, we will see ! As I am mid project at the moment I will be starting my main grow for the competition around the 2nd week of December, this will be a wide variety of Sweet Seeds offerings : So, that is me committed, the ball is rolling, tomorrow I shall set up the 40 x 40 tent with a 125 CFL for the Devil Cream. Get the camera all set up, and hopefully next weekend I will have a little 20 second video to show you of her popping out of the soil Until then, keep safe and have sweet smokes
  3. Greetings fellow growers!!! Recently germed 3x Crystal Candy seeds, in order to get some sweet smoke come spring time. Hearing about this year's competition gave me the necessary motivation to make a diary - been a while. Sweet Seeds have been really good to this community in the past, a diary about Crystal Candy is the least I can do. Who knows, maybe i can win something along the way. This diary will mostly contain pictures of the flowering stage! Here are the 3 girls... They are now 5 weeks into veg and I've switched them to the flowering phase, today! None of them have been topped. Been doing LST with cable wire They have been vegging for roughly 5 weeks and have been in their final 7L pots since a week now. This grow will be kept simple: Compost: Organic vegetable compost Nutrients: Biobizz > Root juice, grow, bloom and a dash of topmax or algamic here & there. Here are the individual girls #1 #2 #3 Good luck to everyone and been interesting reading through the different diaries so far and looking forward to the results. Cheers from snowy Austria! AT
  4. Hows it going everyone? Firstly a massive thanks to Sweet seeds and everyone here that makes the like of this possible. What an unbelievable competition!! You'd be mad not to throw your hat in!! I think choosing the strains was for me the hardest decision I've had to make since naming the kids . Being a professional bun chef the strains and the descriptions had me salivating!! I love a sweet taste in my vape. After hours of deliberating with the wife and the shopping cart changed many times over we decide to go with the following photoperiod strains. I couldn't wait to get them going!! They will be grown in my tent in the loft and I will be training them the same as my last grow. I tried mainlining my plants to 8 mains and for a first attempt I was really pleased. So these girls will be getting the same torturing!! Equipment And Nutes 120x60x160 Tent 2x19l OxyPots with pumps and heaters 600watt HPS 5" Extraction fan and filter Couple of clip on fans Heater fan Rootit Cubes Rootit First Feed Shogun Samurai Silicone, Grow A&B, Bloom A&B, Vitalink Calmag Ive always wanted to try a girl scout cookie strain so I went with two Gorilla Girls first. I honestly don't know why i didn't pick two different ones. I sort of got caught up in the moment So I plopped them into a glass of water for 24hrs 24hrs later i tapped them and they both sank I then placed the seeds into rootit cubes that i soaked in ph'd water. Then the cubes are placed in a prop and wrapped in a black t-shirt, sat on top of my veg cab to keep them warm. A couple of days later and Hola Amigos Two very healthy seedlings soon emerged. I transplanted them both into net pots. Then sat them into some solid pots to block out the light and catch run off. I top fed them with rootit first feed at 3ml/ltr I thought they were looking so nice i decided to try and move them closer to the lights. Not a good idea. I fried one of them and just about got away with minimal damage to the other I took it as a sign from the Canna Gods (should of had 2 strains) and immediately placed a seed in a rootit cube. No soak this time. And up she popped to save the day. Mrs Crystal Candy ladies and gents The Gorilla Girl soon got going again and she was crying out for the bubblers but i had to wait till my last run was chopped. She went into the bubblers with an ec of 0.6 from a background of practically 0. Ph set to 5.8. Water temps 19 degrees I grew her up to 5 nodes and began the torture training. Firstly the operation! All equipment cleaned well!! Topped at the third node Then everything below the 3rd node cleaned leaving only 2 fan leaves I want this manifold to be as flat as i can get it whilst these 2 nodes grow out so i tie them down as they grow out to 4 nodes. Im limited for height and this worked out last time with a bit of planning and a tape measure. Well thats the big girl up to date. Mrs Candy has come along nicely in the wee veg cab an i just transplanted her into the bubblers. Im glad they are a couple of weeks apart as thats how my last grow went and harvesting was easier also. She's looking a bit sad but i bet she'll have perked up after a day or two in the jacuzzis! Thats me all up to date and finally managed to get a few hours to myself to get this diary up and running. Im still very much a noob and this is my 3rd grow in the bubblers, 2nd time mainlining so please feel free to help me out along the way. Thanks for looking
  5. ¡¡500,00€ in prizes, every month!! March 2019 250,00€ in cash + Sweet Seeds® Grower of the Month trophy ★ Delagdo ★ with this grow diary: Sweet Autos: Mohan Ram, Blow Mind, Crystal Candy and Killer Kush 100 Sweet Seeds® Points ★ Punts ★ with this grow diary: Punta's Semillas Dulces - Green Poison 70 Sweet Seeds® Points ★ G-Lab ★ with this grow diary: G_lab's ★ 5th SWEET SEEDS® GROW DIARY COMPETITION ★ Cream Mandarine F1 FV 4th PRIZE 50 Sweet Seeds® Points ★ The Padawan ★ with the grow diary: Gorilla Girl and Crystal Candy, Bondage style in Jacuzzis 5th PRIZE 30 Sweet Seeds® Points ★ BeardedBeardiae ★ with the grow diary: There will be green. Sweet Smokes and Congratulations to the Winners!! the Sweet Seeds® team -
  6. First off I need to shows my appreciation to Sweet Seeds for running this comp again ! Amazing prizes and giveaways !! This will be my first diary on here, I did start one for the comp in 2017 but had to shut down halfway through meaning I wasn't able to finish . I have now started back up and on a mission to get those jars filled back up I am going to be growing four Crystal Candy Autos starting them off in my veg room and then finishing them in the flower room. The description of the flavour of this strain has always intrigued me "sweet and fruity, with tones of chewing gum and fruit jellies, mixed with hints of acid strawberry and mature melon" I can wait to give it a try I am a loft grower and have had to battle the usual woes - low headroom, irregular shape, no water and fluctuating temps. I have sectioned off half of my loft with foil bubble insulation creating a room sealing it from the drafts in the loft and stabilising the environment. This has worked well and actually helps keep a decent temp on its own. Inside I have built a veg room (on the left) and a larger flower room (at the back) using 50mm insulation boards. The rooms hold temp really well and I manage grow in them all year round no problem all though with heating and decent sized fans. # I used to cart litres and litres of water up the loft for watering and growing in coco with daily waterings this became quite tiresome, one of the best things I have done to make life easier for myself was to put a 100 litre water butt up there. I have a maxijet 1000 in there to keep the water circulating and aerated and just take water from there when I need it. I don't bother with a heater in it and just take a bit of hot water up with me if needed. The other added bonus of this is I can eventually get around to adding some drippers and automating my feeds. I will be starting off the Crystal Candy's in the veg room as the flower room is currently full with one of Sweet Seeds other strains Speed+, I had hoped these would be ready by Christmas but they just seem to be chucking out loads more white hairs and fattening up, I have had worse problems I must say I a mighty impressed with them though, they have grown a fair old size. So the veg room... It is a 1.2m squared area with 1.5m maximum height at the front and 80cm at the back. Extraction is handled by a 8" RVK and rhino pro filter, I have this on a 5 step controller and rarely ever have to have it above 2 so I suppose I maybe went a bit to big with it but it seem to do the job well and hold a stable environment. Temps are currently sitting between 25 and 28 with the fan on 1. I dont run a inlet fan on here as i have found I have never needed it. I have a 6" fan there but it's never been used. I just use some 8" ducting coming from the room below as a passive intake a this seems to work well. I have only just changed the lighting in here from 2 x 4 tube T5's to a 250w metal halide so this is something I am going to need to keep an eye on but it has been running now for a couple of weeks and seems to be fine. The 250w MH is running off a 600w ballast so I have room to up the wattage there if needed (and if i have enough height) but hopefully I will be able to move them over to the flower room soon which has a 600w HPS in there. Onto the plants... I am using Ecothrive coco as a medium and have planted the seeds directly into 11 litre pots. I would normally use the paper towel method so was a bit anxious about doing it this way but I thought it is the way nature intended and with auto's being on a limited timescale I figured this would give them the best start and allow them to settle in without any disturbance. So pots were filled with coco, pre-wetted with half strength formulex, a small hole made in the middle, a few plant magic granules sprinkled in and then the seed dropped in and covered over. The seeds were planted on the 15th December and all four had poked their heads up by the 18th, I like to class this as Day 1. I think planting directly is going to be my way forward from now on as it seems to be a success. One of the seeds (bottom right - No. 4) was still holding on to its seed coat and I found a little intruder, I have a few fungus gnats which I can't seem to totally eradicate which I think is what it looks like.. By Day 2 they has all started to grow their first set of true leaves and the intruder doesn't seem to of caused any bother at all and they are all looking good. Onto Day 3 (today) and they are all looking nice and healthy with their first set of leaves growing out well, I am sure it won't be long before these take off. I will keep things updated as they move along
  7. So I will he germinating my seeds in the next week or so. Just waiting for the current one to come to an end. I will be germinating 3 x crystal candy 2 x sweet amnesia haze And 3 x cream caramel I have a 2.4 m indoor tent 2 x 600w dimmable hps 8" intake with a 8" carbon filter. Additional 6" intake I grow in a light mix soil from my local hydro shop. All nutrients are the local hydro shops own brand stuff and seem to do the job for me. I start off in tiny pots after the paper towel method of germinating Then transfer to 5L pots. Then finally 20L pots a week before the flip. I don't worry about humidity or temperatures. Don't have any tool to measure it and have not with the 3 previous grows but will add a digital hygrometer to this one as temperature and humidity isn't getting any better this time of the year. So something I think I should pay attention to. I'll update again once I've popped the seeds in between the paper. Hope this goes well
  8. Sweet Seeds Crystal Candy F1

    From the album Sweet Seeds 2018-2019

    Sweet Seeds Crystal Candy F1 Potted up 20/11/2018
  9. I thought I’d do these ladies as a stand alone diary in the Sweet Seeds forum. I won these seeds months ago in the photographic competition (under my previous name - I think most people have worked out it’s me) I’ve got two more strains by SweetSeeds in the garden, both autos - trainwrecks and XL green poison, so to say I’m a big fan of Sweet Seeds would be telling no lies. I’m not sure what magic is sprinkled into their seeds before they post them out but I’ve never had a bad grow from them yet. Ok, the set up- Tent is a secret jardin Lodge 120 (120cmX90X145) the lamp is my old old LED (Apollo 12, drawing 420w +/-5% actual watts) Phresh Filter (massively over sized) and 8” black orchid extraction fan. Passive intakes. Soil - Jacks Magic, no amendments, Nutrients. - House & Garden Roots Excelurator BioBizz Fishmix Biobizz Bloom Vitalink Calmag Great white micorhizal fungi. the seeds were put straight into dampened soil and hatched under a T5 on the 16th June. They were all up on the 18th and repotted into these pots on the 24th. All with miccorhizal (I spell it many ways but hopefully you know what I mean) except the one at the centre back, indicated with the plant label. It’s considerably smaller than its co-stars, it might be its lack of friendly fungi, but as all were seeds and not cuts we’ll never know from this grow. Today they recieved 1.5ml/l of Biobizz Fishmix and .25L/L of root excelurator. The weather in the tent over the last week has had highs of 32.5C and lows of 22.8C (not happy with this large swing in temps but it’s summer and the tents still finding its happy place -so I’ll suck it up) the humidity - which I personally don’t give a hoot about until I’m in flower- has seen highs of 55% and lows of 33% RH. Im new to fish mix and biobizz in general so I’ll be seeing how I get on and possibly making the move permanently.... I do love a bit of snake oil though... Theres 6 girls in the tent, but only 4 will be flowered this time round, I’ll pick the lucky 4 nearer the time, the two remainders will be assigned to a life of being abused to practice new and old training/cloning techniques. Fingers crosses this will be a text book grow... who am I kidding?
  10. 71FA922F-4729-419F-A730-AEBA4F518BBE.jpeg

    From the album Quantum grow

  11. DSCF1384.JPG

    From the album Sweet Seeds Diary Competition 2016/7 entry

    great buds not hard to see why it wins awards
  12. DSCF1379.JPG

    From the album Sweet Seeds Diary Competition 2016/7 entry

    another group shot
  13. firstly a massive thank you to Tommy and the sweet seeds team for making this competition happen and your generosity throughout the years! and there getting bigger and better every year with new strains being added to there forever growing catalogue and customer service is second to none my setup room size 120x180x240 400w hps dualspec with adjustawing 5 inch rvk 5 inch phat filter jacks magic soil biobizz fish and bloom my choice of seeds. FIRST OFF BLACK JACK KILLER KUSH CRSTAL CANDY NOT GROWN THIS SO STOCK PICTURE IT IS DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 4 I COMPLETLY FORGOT THESE WERE STILL THE DARK CRSTAL CANDY LIVING UP TO ITS NAME ALREADY! DAY 7 KILLER KUSH BLACK JACK CRYSTAL CANDY THANKS FOR LOOKING IN UNTILL NEXT TIME
  14. Crystal Candy 3

    From the album Misc.

  15. Crystal Candy 2

    From the album Misc.

  16. Crystal Candy 1

    From the album Misc.

  17. DSCF1358.JPG

    From the album Sweet Seeds Diary Competition 2016/7 entry

    not a massive haul, probably 5-6oz off the 3 plants total. didn't give them enough time to recover in veg from seedling over nute. also they need training for yield possibly the creams
  18. DSCF1354.JPG

    From the album Sweet Seeds Diary Competition 2016/7 entry

    less flash shot
  19. DSCF1350.JPG

    From the album Sweet Seeds Diary Competition 2016/7 entry

    2 x cream caramel up front
  20. DSCF1345.JPG

    From the album Sweet Seeds Diary Competition 2016/7 entry

    cola from crystal candy, a fine looking plant