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Found 23 results

  1. Week5.jpg

    From the album cubbyboard

    CJ front and right, AK back left. 270W samsung F strip running at 170W
  2. Another year, another dinafem diary This season I'll most likely only do autos and I'll not be entering the competition. So, for the diary I chose these I've also bought or won these + more Most of them will be going out to the same plot that I showed in my hso diary I'll also be keeping some in a greenhouse, most likely wwa in the ground and some others will be seeded in 5l pots. Once the reversed plant has done it's job, there's a good chance I'll start a second run Feeling a bit rough with manflu today, so I'll leave it there for now. Good luck all
  3. Hello fellow growers, After a long think, I’ve decided to go for a selection of Dinafem seeds as my experiences of growing their cheese has been a good one. I find them easy to grow, they look great and the final product always lives up to expectations. I also like the fact they sell single seeds and the Annesia seed was free. Set up is: 1.2 x1.2 x 2.0 tent 5 RVK extraction on a Rhino filter 4 RVK intake on a low setting Omega HPS 600W adjustable ballast 1 x oscillating fan Coco mixed with pebbles & ecothrive charge. Canna A + B + Pk 13/14 With current temps, I will go with a 24hour light cycle until it warms up a tad. I will probably tie down the main cola on all the plants to get that even canopy. I will be posting new pictures frequently as the grow progresses. This is is my fifth grow so I’m beginning to get quite good at this yolk. As ever, any advice and input is most welcome. Peace.
  4. Dinafem Critical Jack - 48 days

    Critical jack, 48 days.
  5. Critical Jack Auto 42 days

    6 weeks from Germination.
  6. Critical Jack Auto 42 days

    Critical Jack 6 weeks.
  7. 5 week critical jack just started flowering,
  8. Dinafem Critical Jack - 31 days

    Critical Jack. 31 days from germinating.
  9. Fan leaves going to light green.
  10. dinafem Critical Jack

    Fan leaves losing their colour.
  11. Critical jack Auto

    27 days from germination
  12. Dinafem seeds

    A nice selection of Dinafem autos.
  13. Well here goes my second Dinafem diary! Thanks again @Dinafem-Mark for your generosity and giving me the chance at running these magic beans! Really looking forward to these! Critical+ is one of my all time favourites and I haven't been disappointed by a critical cross yet.  I put these into germinate on the 10th of october. They had split around the 12th and potted in coco on the same day I'm vegging under a 250 cfl Not sure how long I'm going to veg for just yet but looking around 4 weeks,going to play it by ear for the time being. I've just took a few more pics and have to edit and I'll update later on this evening. Happy daze. Tete
  14. From the album New Strains

    Young plants, Kings Banner, Juan Herer, Critical Super Silver Haze, Critical Jack Herer and some freebies.
  15. 321

    From the album critical jack

  16. 123

    From the album critical jack

  17. Critical Jacks LST'd 19/2/17

    From the album Mixed Bag

  18. Critical Jack wk 3 veg

    From the album Mixed Bag

  19. Critical Jack wk 3 veg

    From the album Mixed Bag

  20. hi everybody.has anybody got any idea what the flowering time isfor critical jack.i have read that its between 59 69 days.anyone???
  21. Critical Jack Autos Dinafem Seeds Soil is light mix for 5 days Allmix to the finish Pots are 6 litre Lights 250 watt metal halide for 5 days 400 Watt hps to finish nutes are Plant magic Bio silicon ,Bio bizz bloom Two shower intakes Rhino Fan and Carbon filter outtake 1000 watt Oil filled rad for heat Will be potting up to the six litre pots today have grown these with my last 2 grows and have been very impressed with them Sticky resinious buds with a fantastic smell last grow they were on 4 weeks 20/4 light cycle then 4 weeks on 12/12 and they grew great will have them on 20/4 all the way through this time They are a bit stretchy at the moment but will plant them down a bit into the siol when i pot them up Thanks for looking S