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Found 7 results

  1. Let's get this outdoor started then! So I'll start with my strain selection, after seeing how well critical cheese did last year, I selected 10 for this year's comp I'll also be testing 3 new varieties for dinafem, purps#1, purple moby dick and dinamed auto. Many thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and the dinafem team for these! Now onto the plot, I'll be using the same one as last year for dinafem gear, but it's had/having a lot more work put into it! Here's the reason not much grew last year... Heavy clay soil, aaarrrrgggghhhh!!! Anyway I've made a start digging the whole lot over which was really tough going! Here it is before I started And again after a lot of work I've already added 3kg of FBB, I'll also be turning in chicken shit and rotting leaves from the near by woodland on my next visit, probably Seeds for the plot will most likely be started in my greenhouse, in root trainers next week... I have already started a dinamed auto that will stay in the gh (Friday 6th April for reference), the seed went straight into a 15l bucket of compost (Levington M2 mixing with compost bin stuff) and I'll expect to see something in the next couple of days. Good luck to all the other growers, may your harvests be bountiful!
  2. Hi all, I've many a strain going on now my growing season is here and I've just added another strain to the propagator! If you've seen any of my other diaries or looked at my profile you'll see I'm running a soil setup with ammendments. My soil of choice is Plant Magic's Soil Supreme which is classed as a "light" mix so I will be adding ecothrive charge to it through potting up in veg and for the final pot up for flowering I shall add the bat guano, feeding with the above in an aerated concoction so as to keep everything happy, that is the plan! The reality is I have never used ammendments before only grow and bloom feeds, I have been thinking about moving to a coco coir set-up but I wanted to give this a try. So after a chat with @Dinafem-Mark about a few things I finally got around to getting the Critical Cheese out of the fridge. The Dinachem's, Amnesia Kush and Original Amnesia were also calling out to me but I have so much going on I had to put them back in the fridge for another day, sorry! I filled my pots 1/3 with the soil and made a little hole about 10mm deep and kissed the seeds for luck then dropped them in, covered back over and moistened the soil with my spray bottle and placed them in the propagator. They've been in the fridge a while and I've had some germination issues with the papertowel method so hopefully the soil method will do me right. Thanks for reading!
  3. Hello. This time around I'm am growing 4 critical cheese. I'm doing 4 in 6l pots as opposed to one big plant in a 14.5l pot, which is what i did last time. That took took took long. She was a lovely bush but I can finish this grow much quicker and I'm hoping for a bigger yield too. Being from the UK I've smoked a fuck ton of cheese, real cut and other shit. As nice as a good bit of Luton can be, I just get bored with it. BUT, I have grown critical from dinafem before and believe the 2 strains could compliment each other well so I'm exited. Set up is same as before, refer to my dinachem diary if you'd like information. Plants are 12 days from seed and were put into 6l pots last night. They rooted out their party cups very densely and quickly. One thing that will be interesting is that 3 plants are in allmix but one is in miracle grow, which I'm not happy about to be honest being it's not organic but I ran out of soil and had no choice, so the difference in growth and health will interesting. @Dinafem-mark ill make this one a bit more interesting than the dinachem lol. The plan is to get 4 plants of similar structure to last time but obviously smaller, that's going to be easier said than done though as 2 seem like they're gonna big right stretchy fuckers 1 more stumpy and one seems pretty standard. Any questions fire away. Pics Cc1 Cc2 Cc3 (ons in miracle gorw) x Cc4 Groups Cheers..
  4. Like the title asks, Dinafem website says "Genetics/Composition: Indica Predominances" But also says "It is a mid-sized Sativa-leaning strain with a tough and slightly open structure" Just curious as this little lady will be grown out and smoked irrespective of the answer. She's tough as nails. 1 of only 3 seedlings that survived a heater failure. 16 fatalities, and 2 in ICU. The Critical Cheese? Topped and cloned at node 3 and ready to pot up from her 4" pot
  5. Dinafem Critical Cheese

    From the album Dinafem Seeds for Diaries - Moby Dick, Dinachem

    Dinafem Critical Cheese day 34, topped 5 days ago
  6. Dinafem Critical Cheese

    From the album Dinafem Seeds for Diaries - Moby Dick, Dinachem

    Dinafem Critical Cheese and the only other survivor Critical Cheese on theleft Holy grail Kush on the right
  7. Dinafem Critical Cheese

    From the album Dinafem Seeds for Diaries - Moby Dick, Dinachem

    Dinafem Critical Cheese day 34 Topped 5 days ago.