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Found 5 results

  1. cool tube

    i am growing in 3x3 grow tent with 400HPS but i cant keep my temp under control would a cool tube be perfect for the job or shall i get more fans. thankyou
  2. Hello guys, well there's something wrong with my 20 days Dark devil which seems to be a bit late. i just added a cool tube as you can see in the picture. If you check my profile, you will see the description off all my equipment, style, etc. (sorry to bother you with such as stress). Yesterday I added the cool tube and today I watered with 2 LT ph 5.7 water mixed with 1 ml of rooter x, and 0.4 mg of flower power start (N11 P40 K13). By the way it's a 11 LT fabric pot with canna coco natural soil (really low additives). It was really hot before the cool tube since I switched from the 250w HPS to 400w HPS and moved the light roughly 34 cm from the plants. Temperature was around 31C* as monitored by my parrot flower power tool connected to my phone via app (which can be a bit faulty cause of the HPS light but I'm not sure. I always used it and it worked out really good). The point is my dark devil auto seems a bit weird and dry even if I water usually 2 / 3 LT of water with root x every 2 to 3 days as you can see in the attached pictures. i was wondering if that could be related to the light too stressfull for the plant and/or heat produced as a consequence. Cause I can't think about any other problem.. Any answer or advice is welcome and thanks for the attention. Cheers
  3. Hi to all and thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with my predicament. I currently have 9 Barneys Blue Cheese and a freebie Dinafem Kusn 'n' Cheese in a 2 x 2 x 2m grow tent. I am using an SMS controller to which my intake and outlet RVK 6 inch fans are connected. There are 2 600 watt HPS which are in the cool tubes I got given at the start of this run. My intake comes from outside pretty much as it is very close to a window which is open perhaps an inch or two to allow fresh air into the tent. My air out gets sucked through the cool tubes which are open at one end, and then outside once it has gone through my carbon filter. No matter what I do, even lowering the temperature on the SMS controller, it seems not to really affect the temps in the tent and they are too high. They run at around 30 degrees celcius even though my SMS is set to 22 degrees celcius. Do I have it incorrectly setup, and should the cold air coming in run through my cool tubes? I am trying to get a spot on environment as best I can but the SMS controller does'nt really come with much in the way of a manual or any instructions. It seems that it is supposed to be computer controlled magic and it is meant to read the room and do it's thang! I don't really seem to have negative pressure either even though the fans are batting their brains out at full pelt nearly all the while, even during darktime! My plants don't seem to be suffering too much and are in their fifth week of flower but I had hoped for more control over my environment thus wasting less time trying to manage temps and that. Especially as I run an amazon, so reservoir temps are important to me. It seemed that when I just ran my simpler set up, I had more control and good negative pressure without the fans going ballistic. All I used to use was a simple heater and plug in thermostat which clicked the heater on and off as appropriate and a couple of cheap plug in fan speed controllers. The noise of the fans is'nt a huge problem but I would prefer it to be quieter. Any help regarding my issues would be most kindly taken on board Kind reagrds, The junglist.
  4. Hi there, I have a few questions ! How often do you guys replace your filters, I have been on the same filter now for 2 years and now smell is coming through, i have passive intakes and know about negative pressure... Could the glass on a cooltube obstructing lumens, i swear before i was using it, i was getting better yields.
  5. Cooltube Reflector

    From the album Premature HPS life

    Almost identical cool tube to the one's I am using.