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Found 3 results

  1. Hullo, First timer here, 1.2x1.2x2m Mars tent with 600w Solis-Tek digi ballast, 6" exhaust, pulling through a f^k off carbon filter. Hand watered coco with Canna nutes. At the moment I'm just getting my bearings and while my Type K thermocouple thingamy has been invaluable during the hot weather (barely managing to keep below 30c during hottest part of day, but the girls are seeming to love it =) ). However I'm thinking I might need to get a handle on the moisture levels in the air as they really start to party hard. So would appreciate a product that will allow me to put sensors where they will do most good, and more importantly allow me to take readings without having to wake them up (ie have the display outside). Not above building some sort of home brew "fabracobbled", GitHub sourced thing, but prob more sensible to start with a working unit that will give me a baseline to be able to move forward from. Don't want IoT stuff, no RGB, simply something that works, every time, without alarms or "features" that won't get used, think Nokia rather than iPhone =) Finally I would like something that will manage to survive at least a couple of seasons, but not having me have to sell the kids. So if you have come across such a thing, please point me in the right direction. Cheers, PS Also I wondered if there was any benefits to other things to bring the moisture down rather than a full on de-humidifier ? (N.B. NOT affiliate links) Bags of magic stuff that pull in moisture (along the same lines, Or if it gets really bad, bite the bullet and get.. Big thanks in advance B
  2. Hi guys, I could really do with your help on this as I' m rattling my brains trying to think of the best solution. I will be growing away from home at a different house. I visit the house every day on the way home from work for an hour or more to feed, water, trim ect. The main problem I' m having, which is one of the most important aspects is maintaining the environment tempretures due to calling once a day. I just want to make it clear now that I wouldn't be able to start calling more than once per day, every so often I call twice but for various reason I can only call once. I could set the tempreture for my outlet fan to say 25c for lights on but then I' m not there to adjust the thermostat to a lights off temp. Ideally I need some thermostatic fan controller that would keep my fan running during lights on for one tempreture and then switches itself to a different tempreture for lights off. I found this bit of kit on the net and eBay which would be perfect but it's Amercian. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GroZone-Temp-1V-Fan-Speed-Cool-Thermostat-Hydroponics-/231075069541?pt=US_Garden_Tools&hash=item35cd25be65 Does anybody know of something similar to this from a UK company? Or does any have a setup that works like this? Or any ideas on how to control the lights on/off temps in this way? cheers