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Found 121 results

  1. Welcome to the Humboldt Seed Organisation fast flowering express terminal... Toot toot! It's a simple idea, isnt nuts, crazy, stupid or indeed a grow gamble as with some of my other ideas and infact I think others may actually try it, honestly they might I have popped the seeds,written the introduction and the express will depart this week. "Tickets please" said the fat controller
  2. Welcome! Well folks, I suppose it's about time I got this pot noodle compo on the go and after spending the last two weeks in the relative paradise of heat and sunshine on holidays, I require something to brighten me up as I've only been back in this shit hole country for a few days, my head is already done in with the desire to go on another, foremost in my cognition! It seems that I've not missed anything whilst away really, the madness within our society still ensues I see after perusing the current affairs board and catching up, which in turn thus brings it right home to the craziness that is this competition. I'm a late starter to events but matters not as plenty of time available to get these here lovelies grown and budded up, all being well of course. For my last grow, I went all zen about it and returned to simpler times, whereby I grew with little complication or overthinking and the results I am very happy with (it's been doing lovely whilst I've been away aye! ). Consequently, this compo grow and bit of fun, will again be a simple affair. There'll be no fancy jiggery pokery, sorcery and magic or dark voodoo arts going on in here! Nope, all flowing like water and as it happens. Of course, the detailed plan is, I'm going to grow these seeds in pot noodles and "King" pot noodles at that....Well, I've scratched up a couple of wins elsewhere and so no serf sized self respecting receptacle will suffice after careful consideration. Yep, they will be the Bad Boys of the noodle empire and contents were removed and eaten sometime ago see (no pussies in here mind, hardcore noodle slurping is the order of the day!). Thus it begins and just a moment ago, these OGKZ seeds, went for a swim in a solution of water and VeloKelp and put into the airing cupboard. I'll leave them a day and we'll see how they go. If we have signs, then I'll pot them up and put them straight under the halide (250W) They are all a bit pale (photo doesn't really demonstrate) and one is only half the size of the largest, with the other in between (I'm hoping they're all goers but took clones before going away that can now be potted up, in order for a backup plan and to ensure I get some flowers at the end of this run ). The mum for those is from the last grow (Purple Moby Dick) and she did lovely with a wick system I set up for here to survive whilst away. (I'm quite shocked at how good the wick system is and may incorporate it into these pot noodles as under HID, I'll be watering them every five mins otherwise) Other than that, not much to say apart from my hugest of thanks to Mark and HSO for putting up these beans, doing the work etc and running this competition...Thanks guys, its great to be a part of this madness you're fronting and hope the show is good one!!!
  3. Does anyone have any experience growing with Dalesfoot Wool Composts and can you offer me any advice on which one to pick? Dalesfoot Wool for Tomatoes Dalesfoot Wool for Vegetables and Salads Dalesfoot Wool Compost In case anyone is new to the compost, it's Soil Association verified and is made up of composted sheeps wool and bracken.
  4. Well, after much nail biting my pot noodle seeds have arrived and I have managed to extricate the neatly sealed seed pod and wetted the compost and popped one in a small pot to start as I want to give the little lady as much chance as possible, so that's all there is to say atm. Not sure I could handle the contents of the pot, we will see As you can see, I have bucked the trend and gone for the OG curry flavour, I'm sure it says it's the best one for growing pot! laterz fellow noodlers, I will take this opportunity to wish all who enters the best of luck, but that's as far as it goes! e2a, let it be known this is my first go at the comp, and I crossed a road to get my pot noodle!
  5. Right, so I thought I'd do a diary. Truth be told, I've been missing it and need to get back to nature a bit more as the matrix is doing my head in Anyway, I had these Purple Moby Dick seeds sent out with my prize last year and thought it's the right time to give them a go. Earlier today I opened up the tin and put four into a Maxicrop solution for a pre soak and stuck them in the airing cupboard. They'll love it in there and I'll give it a day or so and check for some indication of growth. This grow is back to my old method of compost however and I'm done with solely using coco bricks tbh. They're too much fucking around see, what with giving them a rinse out and then all this constant PH and EC stuff throughout the grow and not managing to get the Calcium/Magnesium ratio on point etc. is all a load of hard work in my opinion! Yep, back in the mud but not using Jacks Magic this time as I picked up some Westland's MP with John Innes (I don't tend to favour JI mixes usually as I've found they compact and go a bit too hard, but my current plants are well happy with it and without many additions too, except for some rockdust and miccos) I am going to put a little bit of coco in with these PMD's though just to ease it up a bit and give the roots an easier time of it when they go into their pots Light's wise, well it's the usual story for me and these will go into my little nursery (LED/CFL combo mix) and will start them in my pot noodle starters and pot up when ready until finals of 5L. I have been running under 250W lately as the fan is getting a bit old now and not as efficient thus 400W gets a bit hot unless in the coldest months and then I hit 30 C. I'll be upgrading the kit later in the year though with some fancy new gear and doing the research to ensure the investment is a wise one. Photo of the beans before I put them in the solution (don't know what the ratio was as I just put 'a bit' in ) I'll update when they show and ready to go into the mix folks so until next time, thanks for watching
  6. High all, here we go then make ya self comfy. A massive thank you to @HSO-Mark for these seeds. Looking forward to watching everyone else's diaries develop too. Gonna be a bit (or alot) of California Sunshine in the UK for the late winter blues I had 5 Lemon Thai Kush and 5 Chemdawg feminised seeds arrive, and they were put pretty much straight into compost... Chemdawg Lemon Thai Kush all the LTK popped up, and 3 of the Chemdawg's did too. Happy with that. I had a spare 1.2m roof qube empty (been waiting years to say that!!), so they're already out of my little veg cab, in the tent under 600w of hps. They look happy, and are growing quickly now they're in the big tent with lots of space, airflow and light. Just given water uptill yesterday. I thought i'd try some root stim. Went with biobizz as i'm using thier grow and bloom. Didn't clock that it's fecking £40 till after i bought it it better be good!! Just tweaked my set-up a bit, and i'm extracting both tents straight outside now, instead of 'vaguely poiting towards a window' and it feels much better all round. Not sure how i'm going to play this grow yet. My self imposed constraint is that i would like to try and get both tents in sync, harvesting one every 5/6 weeks. For that to happen, i would need to flip this tent to 12/12 in about 4 weeks. I have various cuttings from my previous and current grow i can add to or replace with. For now i'm thinking to add 4 plants from my cut's. That should work out about right, aiming for twelve plants in 7.5 ltr pots Also hoping to get the same seeds but in regular versions and get hacking, but for now, i'll focus on these. Nice one, Tigs
  7. cheese xxl auto

    From the album Dinafem girls part IV

    © bluntz27

  8. Ak cbd Photo

    From the album My plants from '08 onwards

    © bluntz27


    From the album Dinafem girls part IV

    getting new lot ready, mixed some super compost in with the living coco.

    © bluntz27

  10. Hello All This Is My Budget Set Up: 80 x 80 x 160 tent 6 liter pots Mother Earth Multi Purpose Compost single QB132 Board running at 70w (18 inches from top of plants) the first 2 weeks they were under a cheap ching chong light carbon filter 3 x fan 2 x seeds are royal dwarf from RQS my plants are 34 days from popping out the soil whole setup pulls 106w from the wall so is about £2.80 a week to run I've only been feeding water from the tap (wet & dry cycle) light cycle is full blast 24 h could someone please tell me what the light green tips mean on some of the leaves?...……….thanks
  11. autopicknmix.jpg

    1 - Fruit (runt of the crop, was a small seed tho, on the plus side she's very well behaved) 2 - Kush n Cheese 3 - Blue Amnesia XXL 4 - White Widow XXL 5 - Fruit (Big sister of the runt) 6 - Critical 2.0 All on day 28 from popping their heads up.
  12. Afternoon. I've mixed my own living soil and have some spare 20L air pots that I'm thinking of using outside. Being pretty new to growing with living soil, will these pots be big enough given they will purely be living off the soil? Should I just keep an eye on the nutrient/microbe levels or just start with bigger pots? Cheers
  13. First off thanks @Dinafem-Mark for the opportunity and apologies for the delay in getting this going. I decided to give compost a go for the first time with the aim of growing them organically so 2 of the 5 seeds were placed into two little pots of Levington seed and cutting compost, watered and then left on a sunny window sill. Four days later and we have two seedlings. The one in the last picture looks a bit odd... sort of like it has more leafs than it should do. You can see it a bit in the picture but I couldn’t get the camera to focus close enough to be able to see it properly but it’s certainly not a normal seedling lol. Anyway that’s all for now I’ll update again in a few days.
  14. Hi guys, I am getting a cutting for my tent and was thinking of chucking it in some sohum soil. Would i be needing anything else like calmag or teas etc. I have the ISH240 DIY Horticultural lighting Kit powered by Samsung LM561C S6 light marshydro 70 x 70 x 160 tent and an ac infinity t6 fan with thermostat Obviously i still need to buy a few bits and bobs but I would like advice on the soil and maybe watering kits or something. Cheers
  15. HI I decided to run a few autos I got as subbie seeds in Levingtons compost along side my plants in dwc. I believe one has started to flower. Currently being fed rootit first feed @4ml/L and calmag @1ml/L (soft water). Should I introduce the bloom feed now? I have biobizz grow and bloom nutes that i ordered in error when purchasing my dwc setup. The plant was started in its final pot Thanks
  16. In the Night Garden... Welcome to this, a first for the Night Garden and that being a Dutch Passion grow Years ago and before I gave up growing for a good few years, Dutch Passion were my go to breeder. I was so taken by their White Widow that I wouldn't deviate from it but for the odd occasion here and there. At that time regulars were the go to seed as I didn't really subscribe to the feminised and then burgeoning auto market which was relatively early on in development. Times change and of course and I've been growing again for a couple of years, indeed it is welcome return to be growing some Dutch Passion smoke. The chosen strains are new and the first is Lemon Zkittle, with the second being the Bubba Island Kush. Without any further ado I'd firstly like to offer my gratitude to Dutch Passion and Tony for the opportunity to try out these strains, it's great to be growing some Dutch Passion ganja once more and long overdue so looking forward to it . They were sent out and delivered in quick time, well packaged and also Dutch Passion threw in a few packs of skins (they're excellent wraps btw ), plus some branded planted markers to identify the different plants, many thank guys Right then, I'll crack on and get this diary kicked off First thing I've noticed that's different from old is the packaging. Swanky new tins to ensure the beans are well protected from damage during transit and not just a paper packet..cool little tins too Plant markers to be used for the run and also the skins which are great to use The Lemon Zkittle seeds, all are uniform in size, very dark and well matured, all hardened off tidy too The Bubba Island Kush were not so uniform, a couple, as can be seen, are slightly larger and they are all paler with mottling more prominent, they were all hardened off with no give. Some may know that recently I decided to run a perpetual type system because I keep running out of smoke This means I pop a couple of beans every few weeks and then do all my vegging under the reflector I put together, running 8 x B22 coupling fittings. That reflector became the top of my vegging box which is strapped to my bloom box for the purposes of running the one extract fan for two and performs lovely, however it's not large and neither is my bloom cab. Well when I was giving this grow a think over, I decided to go back into my 5L pots for the finals, truth be told the 7.5's I'm finding a bit tall and with the stretch my lamp is too close to the buds for 400W and hence the switchback to the smaller pots as I found them great in there but it means running two more plants and so I've put two of each into starters of coco (I'm finding a starter of coco better for initial rooting and quicker to the next pot over compost). From there, they'll go into my next pots which will be compost (reused as I'm waiting for the new stuff to come in), they are 6" and the finals will be the 5L tubs. All the vegging will be done under my LED/CFL combo (6500K LED & 4500K/2700K CFL) and they do ok in there, will get a full veg and when the time comes for it, will go into bloom, the room SHOULD be available For now though, the pots are in the prop and sitting on top of my veg box with the constant warmth underneath providing a stable temperature for them to germinate. In a few days with some luck I'll be reporting in on some sprouts, until then though, thanks for watchin'
  17. C99

    Again I'd like to start a thread with a huge thank you to Mr B @Female Seeds Team, without going into too much details all I can say is he must have the patience of a saint to put up with my greetin pan (crying moany moaning emails ). Not only that he only gave me some of the Sexy Bud pips to try too - that will come next time or maybe the next again as I'm now thinking about the dreaded Chr**t**s season and trying to plan accordingly. Not only was this geezer patient he gave some invaluable advice and came accross as the type of person I'd love to share an afternoon evening getting blasted with. You sir are a Prince among men. Same format as my Serious/Sweet threads (apologies for mentioning competitors but I really can't be assed writing it all up again - if you want to know the details they're here (how's about that for a bit of brass necked self promotion);- and here This lady I think is my favourite of this lot because she only started late she only got up to 3.5L pot but she has got them legs. I topped once back to the third node after she reached 6 nodes (bigger root mass quicker recovery time) and pinched the top two at the same time to have 4 even tops. What can I say about her - the man from Del Monte has arrived in the grow - yummy pineapples whenever you brush her. Drinks like a Scotsman too Thanks for looking
  18. Think I'm approaching bloom time and panicking that I should maybe repot my nebula ii cbd again. Been vegging since early may and due to complete mid Oct. The wee lass seems to be drinking dry every 1.5 days and soil feels compacted, and although I cannot see any roots emerging from the bottom of the pot, I just tipped it up and think I see something resembling root rot or a web of mold (pics). Beginning to regret my decision to use pistachio (washed) shells as a drainage base. Any advice appreciated on whether I would get away with repotting at this stage. if so, what size do you think? Current pot is about 21 litres. Not used any nutes at all so far but guess I need to prepare for bloom time. Any advice again appreciated.
  19. easy peeps I came across what is being called air injection technology by one company, using a spider like air diffuser in the bottom of a compost pot, they had it set up as a kind of dwc for soil has anyone used this idea? I want to grow in compost preferably organic but im not clued up at all when it comes to composts i can think of benefits for pumping air into the soil but is there any reason why it wouldn't be beneficial? Any knowledge? Thoughts? Theorys? Thanks
  20. From the album Baby's First Grow

    Bog-standard (but not from the bog). Pretty cheap from just about anywhere
  21. First of all I'd like to thank all the folks at Sweet Seeds, especially @Sweet Seeds-tommy for giving me the opportunity to try these fantastic strains. I'd originally requested them way back and explained in my Bubblegum thread this month that with the introduction of the Snoopers Charter I got cold feet about visiting herb forums let alone posting. Here's praying that Vince's Fake News thread is true and it's all going to come crashing down for the powers that be and big pharma companies and their lap dog politcians are made to take their own evil products while we can develop real cures not just band aids and revenue generators curretly available. (guess who woke up a grumpy!) I've grown the Cream Mandarine FV and the Blackjack FV previously but didn't document because of above. So thought it about time to honour my side of the bargain about putting up a diary. It's not really a diary but a photo journal I suppose - whatever it is I hope you enjoy looking as much as i have 1) enjoyed growing - these strains are perfect for novices as they pretty much grow themselves 2) Smoking - I can't pick a favourite - the cream mandarine is rudest flavour (remember the tango man advert that did the kids so much hearing damage - like that to your tastebuds, like sucking on tangarines/mandarines. The Blackjack blew away my DP White Widow for strength (my prervious go to for stupifying), tasted of spicy lemons. The Green Poison is my maiden voyage so can't wait to experience myself what she'll bring to the table. The Cream Mandarine is a cut who took root on 05 Dec and the Green Poison is a pip which showed above soil a week later. They were vegged under all manner of "heath robinson" fleabay MR16 LED and various strength CFLs until I could get them under the main light. Environment - 50cm x 80 cm x 220cm Fans/Filter/Controller - TD 350 / 200x400 Rhino Pro/4 120mm PC case fans/ SMSCOM Mechanical Controller Heating - 120W (2Ft) Tube heater wired up to a STC1000 thermostat Compost - 1/4 from last grow/1/4 fresh worm casing/1/2 Jacks Magic Pots - 0.5L/1.5L/3.5L/6L Nutrients/Beneficials/Additives - Maxicrop Original/Maxicrop Take Root (replacing Hesi root stuff as it's half the price)/TNC Calmag/Bio Silicon/Hesi Soil full line up following their schedule (except root stim) Nutes = TNT or Bloom started at 1/4 strength working up to half strength, Beneficials Additives = started at 1/4 working up to full strength as quickly as the ladies can handle Lights - HLG 260W 3000K DIY Quantum Lighting Shedule - 18/6 then a week of dropping an hour per day before switching to 12/12 Stretch - Cream Mandarine (this time roughly doubled 40 to 80 cm), Green Poison (same), Blackjack (can't remember the details but this lady got supermodel legs and took me unaware - reminds me of C99 in terms of how much) I think that about covers everything all that's left is the photos; Cream Mandarine FV Green Poison FV Bonus BlackJack FV photos forgot they were in my gallery - not very good mind but ahhhhhhhh the memories Bonus Cream Mandarine FV photos from first run So thank you all for looking and again I can't thank Sweet Seeds enough - hopefully it'll do me some good for any future considerations All the best ETA - not enough caffeine in my system - usual fandangoness - sp/gr/repeating myself
  22. @@Claude Many thanks to the Serious Team - Claude and Simon -that boy Thomas deserves a payrise You've put a beaming smile on my grumpy face. Well, this is my second crack at writing this! I had just finished and thought I'd posted but it vannished into the ether! I've been lurking on UK420 since about 2007/08 but until the last year I've not posted. The reason I've not posted is a number of reasons - because I was always far too paranoid about securtiy risks, about the amount of keyboard warriors on all forums who talk loud and say nothing and lastly because my grows never look as tasty as the numerous diaries I've read. Anyway I'd seen that Simon or Claude from Serous were asking for volunteers to test the reworked bubblegum line and thought "nothing ventured nothing gained". To my complete shock and delight I was notified that I had been selected to be a tester so thought I'd better get over my shyness and get started. A wee bit about me - this is my second incarnation of growing the first was when I first joined the site. I grew Serious Seeds White Russian (a couple of runs) CrazyX Lemon Stinky and was about to try Serious Bubblegum but had to shut down partly due to security but more realistically to do with my paranoia. So last year came about and I got to thinking about how much I was wasting on wet crap weed and that I knew that even if the stuff I produced was crap it would still be a huge improvement over the crap I'd been getting so went about setting up a micro grow in a cupboard. This grew arms and legs and although my space hasn't really grown any, the equipment has and beginning to think my environment is slowly but surely getting there. Area = 50cm deep x 80 cm long x 220 ish high lined with floorsafe then mylar type stuff spray glued on top Lighting = Sunmaster FX 250-660W dimmable digital ballast, 150W + 2 x 24W T5 Fish tank luminaire, Various CFLs, 250W MH250W HPS (not dual) + 400W dual spectrum lamps Fans = 4 x 125 mm pc fans, TD 125/350 + 150 Hyper fan (not using yet) Filter = Rhino Pro 200/800 Reflector = 125 mm/ 5" Silver Star air cooled hood Medium = Plant Magic Soil Supreme (seeds), Biobizz all mix for potting on, Plagron Batmix for finals Nutes = Hesi soil - about to run out of a few bottles so currently pondering Biobizz Fish Mix, Bloom and Topmax although the guy in the shop recommended Bio Nova saying they're cleaner than Biobizz whatever that means - just to add hesi have been superb up to now so might just stay with them. Also have in the medicine chest - Vitax Q4 myro fungi, PM Biosilicon, Maxicrop green top, Vitax Rootzone (feebie) The plan is to pop four beans into 500 ml water 0.5ml maxicrop for a 24 hour soak (bathing as we speak), pop them onto paper towels until the tap roots show then put into first tiny pot of compost (used root riots before but prefer them for clones not seeds). Then pot them up going 0.5L - 1.5L - 3.5L - 6L then not sure if I will stick 5 6L pots in the space of go up to 2 x 10L as finals - we'll see how well they take off. So that's it from me for now, go easy folks as although I talk loud I'm a sensitive soul who does over think stuff. That's not to say I don't enjoy a giggle so all kinds of nonsense and good fun most welcome however if you're a xenophone, a homophobe, a bigot or generally just a narrow minded person maybe go find somewhere like minded cause it's no here. As for the rest of us then let the craic commence. I will no doubt make a shed load of mistakes and really do appreciate any advice/constructive criticism and even a bit of banter as well. All the best folks stay safe.
  23. Canopy w12quantum.JPG

    From the album Pish

    © Teeth

  24. Here we go again then people. I have to say a massive thank you to Dinafem for the opportunity and of course a monster high five to @Dinafem-Mark Mark who should be awarded a knighthood by the Queen for services to Cannabis "arise Sir Mark of Dinafem" So as the title says welcome to the Badbadger Experience. Your "experience" will be focused on Dinafems two latest strains namely Purple Moby Dick... and Purps#1... The grow... They are going to be ran as a wick grow in a 50/50 mix of Guanokalong Complete Compost and Coco Coir. (Dinafem image) They'll be sat on my diy compost/hydro mashed set up, consisting of two circulating U circuits draining back into the main 80ltr tank that will supply all fluids and feeds. They'll be fed on Guanokalongs range of Grow,Bloom,Taste Enhancer and Batboost. I've done a few grows on it and it's been impeccable..... My set up is far from normal but Guanokalongs products are so versatile that they'll run in any pretty much any set up without a seconds thought. Lighting is my Blackdogled Phytomax 2 200w (act) and as supplemental are my 2 Mars Hydro 145w (actual) So all in I have 490w of LED play with. Germination... I germed 2 of each strain using my baking tray technique. (Dinafem image) Take your tray and place 3 paper cases in each space,label the top one before placing one seed in each with 4ml of warm plain h2o..... Cover with 3 more cases and label the top case again.... I place the tray inside the bubble wrap bag and put it inside another for higher humidity and place it in my airing cupboard just above the tank on a few pieces of cardboard to steady the heat so it's pretty warm but not so much so it's an issue, give and take around 24c. I fill 4 three inch pots with the compost/coir to an inch below the rim,water and place them in a bag in my tent to warm up. Shortly we had life in the airing cupboard... Lift each seed up on it's paper case and roll it onto the compost,cover with a pinch of compost and place the paper case over for a little extra warmth and humidity... All done..... Then tuck them in nice and cosy..... Thats us up to date and I'm really looking forward to putting a bit more experience into my grow this time and can't wait to see what these interesting strains have in store for me. Growing is a steep learning curve anyway, if you take it seriously and are relying on it for genuine needed medication it can feel like living on a razor blade waiting for the next spell when your yield/quality drops and that razor blade splits you in two,so I always try and learn my lessons from each outting to improve a little each time. I will layout the process as we get further along the road but it's going to be different that's for sure **this diary was delayed as I had a technical issue (my phone f****d up not me!) and wouldn't let me upload images for near on 3 days so the plants are up already but that's for next time. Until then I think that's it for now,thanks again to Mark and Dinafem. Take care people. ps thanks to jimi for the purple inspiration and name (you still rock jimi) *WARNING* uncensored title piece below..... I'd like to point out it was cold when this image was taken and tilt shift messed up the perspective of the offending "equipment"