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Found 71 results

  1. This is my diary for the 2023 Seedstockers outdoors grow competition. I will be running the following strains courtesy of the ever helpful and generous @Seedstockers-Mark. BCN Critical XXL Fast Mandarin Panties Auto Thunder Banana Auto That's it for now, won't pop any seeds until next month...
  2. Yo Growers, Smokers and other cannabis aficionado's! This is the new outdoor thread for the Dutch Passion twenty-twenty-two Growing Competition so welcome to you all and please join in For all the growers that are already going to take part in it : @Girlrilla @OldFord @CheechChongReturns @Ccs141 @Baron von greenback @Greenfingerd @Rennie_99 @e55ex0ldb0y @SHIRE STALKBEANS! Your beans have been shipped last week on Thursday, so hopefully you will receive them this week or at the latest next week. Please keep a close eye on your mailbox the coming days/weeks.. Regarding the Growing competition, please share your progress and experiences in this thread. Weekly photo updates are sufficient but you can do more if you feel like there is something interesting to share If you want to do a separate thread, please feel free to do so You can preferably add them into one of the Dutch Passion subforums, the Dutch Passion Outdoor Grow Competition 2022 or even the Outdoor Passion one. High regards Antonio | Dutch Passion
  3. Dear Growers, Smokers and Cannabis enthusiasts! Now the smoke has partially lifted from yesterday's 420 event we are ready to announce that we will be coming back to the UK420 forum with our Growing Competitions! Hopefully some of you still have some space for this years Outdoor plots because we have some new and old-school strains you might be interesting in We will share the ins and outs probably next week but for now I just wanted to let you know something is coming... Lately I have been talking with a forum member named GirlRilla @Girlrilla and she shared a list of good Outdoor/Guerilla growers that might possibly be interested to join: @Oldford @Lively @Rennie_99 @Lea Valley @Whambud @Murzyn @B-real @Memyselfandiguerilla @Geo1 @Tommy tucker @Exile420 @ocb So from this list, who's actually up for the challenge? Any other Outdoor/Guerilla grower is welcome too ofc! We will be including some of our old-school Outdoor strains like Hollands Hope, Passion #1 and Frisian Dew, but we will also give you guys & gals the opportunity to grow our latest addition to the Dutch Outdoor section Durban Dew : https://dutch-passion.com/en/cannabis-seeds/durban-dew Taking part in the competition can make you win some prizes too, goodies, merchandise and even free seeds. We have more exciting news to be shared soon, so stay tuned!
  4. We're giving you a chance to win 1 x 30W UVa (395nm), 1 x 30W Far Red (730nm) LED light, 3 packs of 5 x Dinafem Seeds (White Widow, Bubba Kush, Shark Attack), 1 x 130G OCD Cube of your choice and a pack of The Jungle rolling papers. The seeds were left over from a previous competition... thanks again to @tokenroll for generously donating them. To enter, all you have to do is drop a comment below....maybe share a joke or tell us what you would do with the prizes. Each member who comments will be entered into a random draw (please don't post more than you're allowed or we'll have to disqualify you). Competition ends Midnight Sunday 7th November and the winner will be announced Monday 8th November. You must have a minimum of 50 posts to qualify. Members get 1 go, subscribers get 2 goes, lifetime subs get 3. Good luck everyone
  5. Hi there @diyleduk I would like to register my interest in the fantastic competition being run by yourselves. Very generous of you guys. I have only very recently just started "My first diary". Where I am covering my experience of growing out some homemade beans. I do currently flower using hps and CMH, though I expect to see my new Lumatek Zeus 600w pro, supplied by you, arrive very shortly. If it is OK with you you, I will continue my diary "My first diary" here. And I will post a link here to each update. Please let me know if that's cool or not. Thanks
  6. 7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition (English edition) Sweet Seeds® is pleased to present the 7th edition of its Grow Diary Competition, with prizes of more than 12.500.00€. In addition to an incredible first prize and a system with “Sweet Seeds® Points” that can be obtained in the different stages of the contest, we offer a very generous prize every month to the Sweet Seeds® Grower of the Month and to the Sweet Seeds® Photo of the Month. Besides that for the last month of the contest we have an extra prize for the best video of the contest and an extra prize for the best photography of the whole competition, as you can see below. .:|Main Awards|:. 1st Prize - 3000,00€* in cash + Trophy 2nd Prize – 1000,00€ in cash + Trophy 3rd Prize – 500,00€ in cash + Trophy 4th Prize – 420,00€ in cash 5th Prize – 300,00€ in cash 6th Prize – 200,00€ in cash 7th Prize – 180,00€ in cash 8th Prize – 150,00€ in cash 9th Prize – 120,00€ in cash 10th Prize – 100,00€ in cash *The first prize (€ 3,000.00 is the total of the € 500.00 prize for the best grow diary of the forum where he participates, added to the € 2,500.00 prize for being the "global" winner of the contest) 11th Prize – Kit merchandising “Super Sweet” 12th Prize – Kit merchandising “Super Sweet” 13th Prize – Kit merchandising “Super Sweet” 14th Prize – Kit merchandising “Super Sweet” 15th Prize – Kit merchandising “Super Sweet” 16th Prize – Kit merchandising “Sweet” 17th Prize – Kit merchandising “Sweet” 18th Prize – Kit merchandising “Sweet” 19th Prize – Kit merchandising “Sweet” 20th Prize – Kit merchandising “Sweet” 21th Prize – Kit merchandising “Sweet” 22th Prize – Kit merchandising “Sweet” 23th Prize – Kit merchandising “Sweet” 24th Prize – Kit merchandising “Sweet” 25th Prize – Kit merchandising “Sweet” “Super Sweet” Kit 3 packets of 3+1 seeds from the Sweet Seeds® * 2 Sweet Seeds® t-shirts 1 Sweet Seeds® metal grinder 1 Sweet Seeds® metal ashtray 1 Sweet Seeds® lanyard 4 Sweet Seeds® rolling papers + filters Sweet Seeds® stickers “Sweet” Kit 2 packets of 3+1 seeds from the Sweet Seeds® * 1 Sweet Seeds® t-shirts 1 Sweet Seeds® metal grinder 1 Sweet Seeds® lanyard 4 Sweet Seeds® rolling papers + filters Sweet Seeds® stickers *to choose from all the strains included in the 2021 catalog Important:*The seeds are included in the kit one for the winners whose residence is in European countries to which the shipping of seeds is legal from Spain (check the list of countries in section 2.1 of the competition rules). Final awards valuations For the final prizes we evaluate: • The appearance of the plants in regards to health, size and beauty of the plants and flowers [30%]; • The cleanliness and general appearance of the grow room (indoor) or of the grow area (outdoor) [20%]; • The artistic quality and the quantity of photos and/or videos that show the evolution of the plants [20%]; • The originality of the resources applied, as long as they have a positive impact on the plants [10%]; • First post in the diary [5%]; • Harvest post [5%]; • Smoke report [5%]; • Quality, presentation and originality of the texts [5%]; • Posting frequency [5%]; • Fairplay [5%]. All the diaries completed until the 23th of May 2021 at 23h59m (UTC + 0 timezone) will enter the contest. By the 8th of June of the same year the names of the winners will be announced, chosen by the Sweet Seeds® jury team (composed of a minimum of 4 people). .:|Monthly prizes|:. |Monthly Prize "Sweet Seeds® Grower of the Month| 500,00€ every month!! Every month* we offer a fantastic prize to the "Sweet Seeds® Grower of the Month". The chosen grower will win 250,00€ in cash. The 2nd and 3rd places earn 100 and 50 Sweet Seeds® Points respectively to exchange at the end of the contest for cash or products from the Sweet Seeds® web store (read section 3 of the Competition Rules for more information). In addition, the winner of each month will get a crystal trophy of Sweet Seeds® Grower of the Month of the corresponding month. 1st Place 250,00€ in cash + 100 Sweet Seeds® Points + Sweet Seeds® Grower of the Month trophy 2nd Place 100 Sweet Seeds® Points 3rd Place 50 Sweet Seeds® Points *December, January, February, March, Apri > Mechanics of "Sweet Seeds® Grower of the Month" On days 1, 2 and 3 of the following month, the Sweet Seeds® jury (composed of a minimum of 4 people) will choose the winner through an internal vote. Each member of the jury will give 10 points to his/her favourite grow diary, 7 points to the 2nd favourite, 5 points to the 3rd, 3 points to the 4th and 2 points to the 5th. The points will be added to find the winner and between the 5th and the 15th of each month the winner of the previous month will be announced based on the votes. The contestant who wins the 1st place prize in "Sweet Seeds® Grower of the Month" will be excluded from future candidacies for this category until the end of the contest. That is, each contestant can only be chosen as "Sweet Seeds® Grower of the Month" on one occasion. Each judge attributes the points according to a subjective evaluation of the work of each grower. Although its assessment is based on the same parameters assessed for the attribution of the final awards, it is inevitable that the 30-day time limit interferes with the importance of each of the parameters and their impact on the decision. Although the last 30 days are the most important to assess this award, when the jury realizes that things are very levelled/even between 2 or more contestants, the last 60 days will be taken into consideration for the evaluations. So, if you think you did a good job in the current month but you have not reached the podium, don’t think that your effort was in vain. Keep up your good work for one more month, as it can all accumulate and give you more chances of winning a prize. The name "Sweet Seeds® Grower of the Month" is based on a symbolic term. We are convinced that it is obvious to all that we do not choose the best grower (literally speaking) because that would be very difficult to evaluate. The judges rely more on looking for the diary that is visually closer to perfection and finding the contestant who shared the best and more impacting content (texts, photos, videos, etc.) during that month (from our subjective point of view). .:EXTRA FINAL AWARDS:. |¡“Best Sweet Seeds® Video” Award!| 500,00€ in prizes!! In addition to all this, in June an extra prize will be given to the Best Sweet Seeds® Video that shows the development and evolution of the plants. 1st Place 250,00€ in cash+ 120 Sweet Seeds® Points + trophy for the Best Sweet Seeds® Video® 2nd Place 80 Sweet Seeds® Points 3rd Place 50 Sweet Seeds® Points > Mechanics of "Best Sweet Seeds® Video" By the 5th of June, the jury will choose the best video, through the same scoring system used in the "Sweet Seeds® Grower of the Month" awards. The winner will receive 250,00€ in cash, 120 Sweet Seeds® Points and a crystal trophy for the Best Sweet Seeds® Video Award.. The winner of this award will be announced by the 12th of June 2021. The updated logo of Sweet Seeds® must be included in the video. If you do not have it, you can download it from the Sweet Seeds® official website. To participate in this contest each contestant must publish a single video in a thread that we will create for this purpose throughout the month of April. All the videos must be published in that thread until 23h59m of June 4th. Videos not published in this thread will not be considered for this contest, only for the general contest. The complete bases for this award will be published in the thread created for this purpose. |“Best Sweet Seeds® Photo of the Competition” Award| 650€ in prizes!! But we also have an extra prize to the Best Photography of the Competition. 1st Place 250,00€ in cash + 100 Sweet Seeds® Points + trophy for the Best Photography of the Competition 2nd Place 100,00€ in cash + 100 Sweet Seeds® Points 3rd Place 100 Sweet Seeds® Points > Mechanics of “Best Sweet Seeds® Photo of the Competition” By the 5th of June, the jury will choose the best photography, through the same scoring system used in the "Sweet Seeds® Grower of the Month" awards. The winner will receive 250,00€ in cash, 100 Sweet Seeds® Points and a crystal trophy for the Best Sweet Seeds® Video Award.. The winner of this award will be announced by the 12th of June 2020. The complete rules of this competition will be published in the thread created for this purpose. € 1000 EXTRA FOR THE WINNERS!! We also have € 1000 to distribute among those who have remained in the top 10 (€ 100 per participant) What will you need to access this extra prize? To access this prize, you must be in the top 10 places and shared your diary in Growdiaries. To consider the diary as shared, you must complete it (this includes write a review). More information on the competition rules. >>> Extra Sweet Seeds® Points <<< Fairplay Award 1st Place -> 100 Sweet Seeds® Points 2nd Place-> 50 Sweet Seeds® Points 3rd Place-> 30 Sweet Seeds® Points “Sweet Seeds® Merchandising” Award Winner -> 100 Sweet Seeds® Points 2nd Place-> 50 Sweet Seeds® Points 3rd Place -> 30 Sweet Seeds® Points Total: 360 Sweet Seeds® Points Mechanics of "Extra Sweet Seeds® Points" Check section 3 of the Competition Rules for more information on Sweet Seeds® Points. Validity, Participation and Competition Rules To participate, you must read before the competition rules that you will find here: COMPETITION RULES. After reading them, you should leave a comment in this same thread indicating: 'I have read and agree the Competition Rules. Which, I will participate in the 7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition’ We remind you again to read the competition rules: COMPETITION RULES [7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition] Any user of the forum that submits a grow diary to this competition irrevocably and automatically assumes the reading, knowledge and acceptance of these Competition Rules and all the information contained in this same post. Therefore, the user who does not express that he has read and accepted the contest rules will be automatically disqualified. As indicated in the rules, to participate: Any grower registered at UK420.com, ICMag.net, ForumSweetSeeds.com or Enjoint, can participate in this contest as long as he/she has more than 30 posts published in the forum and at least 1 complete grow diary previously shared in the forum. It is also mandatory that he/she is of adult legal age in his/her country of residence. To participate the grower has to share a grow diary with one or more varieties of the Sweet Seeds® genetic collection (only varieties included in 2020 or 2021 catalogs); - If you want to participate and you are not registered in UK420.com, EnJoint.info, ICMag.com and ForumSweetSeeds.com with a date prior to the publication of these bases, you are obliged to send an email to concursos@sweetseeds.es expressing your intention to participate in the contest and stating that you are: a) Of legal age (adult) in the country of residence; b) A cannabis grower with experience and that this is not the first time you are growing cannabis; c) Please include information about the nickname that you will use to participate in the competition and the name of the forum where you will participate. And as an essential and required fact, having read the COMPETITION RULES and expressly accepting them. Tips, guides and examples to participate The Sweet Seeds® team has prepared a series of tips and examples so you can have them as a reference when publishing. In this way, you can use this content to publish your diaries and get better results. The tips and examples are merely informative, so you can use them to guide you and not as a general rule for publishing. We always recommend that you let your imagination fly and publish as you think better, but with the help of these contents you can have a help to achieve your goals. You can review these tips and examples in the following link: Tips & Recommendations offered by the Sweet Seeds® Team Guidelines to create the best Sweet Seeds diary. The party begins! GOOD LUCK FOR ALL!!!
  7. A massive thank you to everyone who's taken part in our diary competition - @TheGreenShabeenReturns, @HEAVY_SMOKER, @Notorious B.U.D, @Mischief-Crew, @Shumroom, @growinggold, @SYZYGY, @lildaveham, @vince noir rock n roll star, @Moju, @Lazy Dayz, @Dan t, @Ranec, @Văru', @Larry Badgeley, @Sid the sloth, @Geoff, @iShouldCoCo, @Dirk-Diggler There have been way more entrants worthy of the shortlist than I could reasonably list for voting. Me and Adam really felt ruthless not including so many of these but we had to narrow it down as much as possible. With that being said, we couldn't bring ourselves to nominate any less than 8 of you guys. And big shout out to @InTheSystem who has very selflessly bowed out to allow someone else to make the shortlist. Please take a look through each person's amazing diary (link to each below in no particular order) and drop a vote for whoever you think is worthy of winning the £1000 prize, out of the 8 we've shortlisted. Sorry to everyone who didn't make it, it was very close.
  8. We're on to the last round of this competition. Sorry I'm starting it a bit late, we've been flat out getting them lovely new PAR+ boards made. Well done to @Dan t on winning last month's competition with his very impressive results. £100 voucher and some seeds for you sir! So as always, please drop your best diary photo for December in this thread please. The winner from this round, the main diary competition and new competitions will all be announced at the start of the new year. Thanks to the main man @tokenroll for his continued support. Good luck guys.
  9. DIYLEDUK Competition time has officially landed! One lucky member will be winning £1000 worth of DIYLEDUK vouchers! Additionally, we're offering members a chance each month to win another fantastic prize for the best photo. Currently, our monthly prize will be a QX75 board (more details to come, in separate thread) Here are the details for how you can enter our £1000 prize draw..... Entrants must have purchased a light from us or from an authorised reseller OF OUR PRODUCTS and must submit a completed diary by 01/01/2021 in our diary section (*Please see FAQ's for more info) to be eligible for entry into our £1000 prize competition. Now we want everyone who's using one of our lights to be able to create a diary and enter into this competition. We're not looking for every entrant to be a growing master. What we're looking for in these diaries are regular, honest, detailed and engaging posts by the grower. A shortlist of potential winners from the best diaries will be drawn up by myself, Adam, @Joolz and @tokenroll. We'll then present our shortlist in a new thread and give you all the chance to vote on which of these diaries you think is most worthy of winning the prize. Once a winner has been chosen by all of you and announced by us, they will recieve a gift voucher from us - at the value of £1000 -to spend in our online store. Please keep reading below for some additional information. If there's anything we've not covered or made fully clear, please feel free to post below and we'll do our best to clarify. FAQ Q. Can I buy a light just to enter? A. When stock is available yes, you can buy a light anytime this calendar year and still enter (providing your diary with said light is also complete by the closing date). Q. I run your LED's mixed with HID/CMH or other LED's.... Can I enter? A. Yes. Mixed equipment is fine, providing you're not entering with a 75w LED light in a 5,000 watt HPS room . Q. I have a product you sell but I didn't buy it from you, can I enter? A. Any PAR+ products are accepted. Anything else would not be, unfortunately. Q. I made my light myself, can I enter? A. Providing you purchased some of the parts from us. Q. Can I use a preexisting diary I've already started in this section? A. Yes. Q. *Your section isn't private to non members. Can I post my entry in the grow dairy's forum and just link it here for security? A. Yes, of course. WE MAY ASK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER NUMBER AT ANYTIME DURING THIS COMPETITION, FAILURE TO PROVIDE THIS WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION! WE ALSO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DISQUALIFY ENTRANTS AT OUR DISCRETION, IF WE FEEL THE INDIVIDUAL IS OPERATING WITHIN AN UNFAIR OR UNSPRITIED INTERPRETATION OF THE COMPETITION Good luck everyone! DIYLEDUK - Craig
  10. This year we are introducing a new feature to the competition. We are going to give out €500 for the best diary of the competition of each forum. That is, the best diary of each forum will receive €500. This year if you are not the best of the whole competition, but you are evaluated as the best of your forum, you are going to have a good prize guaranteed. What happens if you are the best in your forum and win the contest too? Well, you get that extra €500 as well. The prizes will be distributed in the different forums: 500€ --> ForumSweetSeeds* Best diary 500€ ---> La Marihuana Best diary 500€---> Cannabiscafe Best diary 500€---> Uk420 Best diary 500€---> Enjoint Best diary 500€---> ICMag Best diary Remember that... The winner of the global contest has a prize of €3.000, which consists of: the €2.500 for the global competition and the €500 for the best diary of the forum where he/she participates. Conditions 1. The diary must be finished at the end of the contest. 2. The user/diary must comply with the competition rules. 3. The prize can be accumulated with other prizes. *In ForumSweetSeeds the prize is for both Spanish and English participation, so the best of both sections will be the winner. Good luck to all!
  11. On to the penultimate round! Congrats again to @InTheSystem on last month's win. Absolutely gorgeous photo. Certainly wasn't the only good photo on there though, we had some really stiff competition last month. Please drop your best diary photo for November in this thread please. Same rules as always, please submit a photo below of your choice from one of your diary posts. Winner will be announced first week of December. As soon as we get the winner's seed choice, I'll post what's left. Remember: the photo must be no more than one month old, from the time that it was posted originally in your diary to the time that is it submitted here. Thanks guys and good luck!
  12. The second round of our Monthly Best Photo Competition is here! Before we get into that, we first need to announce our winner from last month. Drum-roll please........ @Lazy Dayz!!! Your photo has won you £100 online giftcard to spend with us, and a free pack of seeds. Here's the photo that won the round: If you could please send myself or Adam a PM with your choice of TWO packs from what's available below and we'll go from there. Everyone else.... Same rules as last time, please submit a photo below in this thread of your choice from one of your posts from the past month... Please remember guys, the photo must be posted in your diary before-hand and be no older than a month to qualify. This rolling monthly competition will end when our main competition does, so we've only got 3 more rounds left after this one. Closing date for this month's is 11:59pm September 30th. Good luck everyone and massive thanks again to @tokenroll for his contributions to this competition. - Craig
  13. The first round of our Monthly Best Photo Competition has landed! We've decided to offer a giftcard for £100 as our monthly prize moving forward as it gives our winners a bit more choice to get something suitable for them. If you guys could please submit a photo below in this thread of your choice from one of your posts from the past month... Please remember guys, the photo must be posted in your diary before-hand and be no older than a month to qualify. There's still plenty of time for everyone to join our competitions, get some photos taken and submitted. Myself and Adam will go through the photos in the thread each month and pick a winner. We'll then announce the winner for August at the start of next month's new thread (first week of September) Good luck everyone! - Craig
  14. Hi guys, a little background as to why I'm doing this. Last year i got picked for dinafem * intense grow out comp but i had to had to quit 2 wks in due to health reasons. I felt crap about this so i thought id sponsor a comp here. Plus i got a big poker win so im happy to be doing this. Ok, the good bit.... Prizes.... 1st wins 5 pack of dinafem og cookies, any 2 1L bottle combo from intense nutrients range and a years subscription with subbie seeds. 2nd wins a 5 pack of dinafem blueberry cookies and a years subscription with subbie seeds. 3rd wins a years subscription with subbie seeds. Usual uk420 comp rules apply, 3 goes for lifers, 2 for years subscribers and 1 go for normal members. All entrants must be members as from yesterday. All you have to do is post in this thread to enter, and id ask if you would post a message of encouragement or congratulations in next months cotc comp. Comp ends on 5th August at 11.59 pm and winners will be selected by google random number generator. I hope that @Dinafem-Mark and @Intense Nutrients Matt can find it in their hearts to forgive me.... and thanks to @Joolz for allowing me to do this. So come on guys get posting!! Whats not to like!!....
  15. OGKZ baby

    From the album Summer 2019

  16. OGKZ is alive

    From the album Summer 2019

  17. Ahoy all, As we edge closer and closer to the Spring solstice I thought id get the beginning of my HSO outdoor greenhouse grow diary up and running. A huge thanks to @HSO-Mark for sorting the beanies out, and doing such a stellar job each year organising these competitions! This year is my first time running HSO genetics and I'm very excited to say that ill be running the Blue Dream Auto along side the beautiful looking Bubba's Gift Photo. Blue dream has legendary status across the pond, i'm not sure i've tried this strain before either - so for those two reasons alone. I thought why not!? Also with the photo being a sativa dom hybrid, its something I wouldn't attempt here in the UK outdoor climate, but the auto version from HSO - lets give it a go! Secondly I opted for the Bubba's Gift - mainly because it caught my eye with the stunning colours & because it is listed as a late September finisher. The majority of the other HSO strains were listed as finishing later than this which i'm not sure would do so well here at lat 51. (& after seeing the pot noodle challenge - might give it a go myself this year too!) Patiently awaiting the beans to arrive, but in the mean time theres always plenty of prep and reading to be done. The seeds will be grown in the greenhouse and garden alongside a few Dinafem selections. (Diary in the Dinafem 2019 outdoor comp sub) Ill keep you all updated when the ship sets sail. Atb and wishing you all a bountiful season ahead. Y'arrrrrrrrrr, LP
  18. Ahoy me' hearties, Glad you could all join me for this special voyage into uncharted waters for the 2019 season - lets hope its a good'n! Firstly many thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and Dinafem for making all this happen, providing the beans and running this successful competition for multiple years now! Its a first time for me, I just hope I can do the strains I opted for justice. The girls will be getting under sail at Lat 51 and will be growing in the greenhouse and in the garden. I have opted for two strains, the first being the infamous Critical + 2.0. The hardiness of this strain due to the inbred lineage of a moisture resistant phenotype attracted me, as any outdoor grower has surely ran into the dreaded botrytis when approaching harvest time. Also a 70/30 indica/ sativa hybrid, coupled with a late September finish ticks all the boxes for me. The second of the Dinafem selection I have opted for is the White Widow Auto. Ive seen multiple posts on here praising this auto strain - I believe the aliens had several good results and remember one or two others commenting that it was always a solid performer even at lats several degrees higher than me. Ill be using Jacks Magic (50%) with perlite (50%) to loosen & aerate the medium. In terms of feeding - ill probably use Tomorite or something that I have to hand. Generally i've done just fine without worrying too much about feeding and all that jazz. Cheers and all the best!
  19. ¡¡500,00€ in prizes, every month!! March 2019 250,00€ in cash + Sweet Seeds® Grower of the Month trophy ★ Delagdo ★ with this grow diary: Sweet Autos: Mohan Ram, Blow Mind, Crystal Candy and Killer Kush 100 Sweet Seeds® Points ★ Punts ★ with this grow diary: Punta's Semillas Dulces - Green Poison 70 Sweet Seeds® Points ★ G-Lab ★ with this grow diary: G_lab's ★ 5th SWEET SEEDS® GROW DIARY COMPETITION ★ Cream Mandarine F1 FV 4th PRIZE 50 Sweet Seeds® Points ★ The Padawan ★ with the grow diary: Gorilla Girl and Crystal Candy, Bondage style in Jacuzzis 5th PRIZE 30 Sweet Seeds® Points ★ BeardedBeardiae ★ with the grow diary: There will be green. Sweet Smokes and Congratulations to the Winners!! the Sweet Seeds® team -
  20. In the first of our two competitions during our 4/20 promotion, one lucky customer will win a €420 voucher to spend on anything they want at Seedsman.com. How To Enter https://blog.seedsman.com/4-20-competition-win-a-e420-voucher-to-spend-at-seedsman-com/