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Found 790 results

  1. Hey all, I'm switching over to coco for this next grow and looking for advice on nutrients. Has anyone had any experience with Advanced Nutrients? Is there claim to be PH perfect a real thing? Or is CANNA just as good for half the price? Any other suggestions, feel free to let me know
  2. hi everyone im going to need some help i have decided to switch to coco and got some cheap stuff i cant help a bargain i will be growing in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.2 tent with a 600w hps, 150mm extraction with 200mm mountain air filter and i have a 200w under floor heating mat with a inkbird controller set to 23 im just getting set up for the proper grow at the moment and i would appreciate any helpful tips and tricks as i have been a mud monkey for over 10 years now and im surfe i will need to re learn a lot thanks for reading e2a: these are what i will be growing 3 x zkittlez 2.0 from silent seeds 2 x rainbowcake from pheno finder seeds 1 x lemon bubble from pheno finder seeds i am hoping to get at least 5 to germ so they can end up in some 15L buckets for flower i have some other seeds as back up just in case hopefully i wont need them yet 1st question can i still just germinate the seeds straight in the coco or do i need something else? im off to read some diarys
  3. Hi all, First grow underway growing auto Blueberry and auto Dos Si Dos. Day 12 today and noticed both seedlings developing deficiencies in first set of true leaves… Growing in Coco Coir. 18/6 light schedule Starting watering when medium started to dry out (ph’ed to 6.1) and started feeding 0.25ml of Calmag, general hydroponics trio per litre of water) every 2-3 days. breaking up waterings with normal ph’d water. any help would be great! Thankyou!
  4. Hi up to now iv been growing in soil in aut pots not done to bad but want to change to coco still in auto pots on next grow with a ro system as my water hardness is bad and tap water EC is 0.7 iv been using this a a feeding guide and using canna tera as a guide week 1-4 ec 0.6-0.8 NB as my water is very hard and had a EC of 0.7 i was bumping week 2-4 to 1.1 EC week 4-6 ec0.8-1.2 week 8-9 ec1.2-1.8 Nb ushaly endinmg up at 1.5-1.6 week 9-11 ec0.8-1.1 as water is so hard then no nutes /flush to chop with cana pk and a bit of rihizotonic iv decided to try coco now instead of soil in autopots for next grow and i have orded a 5 stage RO system was planing on buying baged canna coco and mixing it to 70/30 perlite iv ordered canna coco a and b i know i will need to add cal mag how much calmag would you guys recomend should i use canna state too ? can you guys help me aout a bit please with a feeding sheduale. one other thing this grow i had a fungas gnat prob can i top coc with sand if i need to and get the fookers againg hopefully i wont they cam with the bag of soil this time oh here is my warter i arear but i will soon have a 5 stage RO system installed it on order WATER HARDNESS The hardness of water in the Affinity Water area occurs naturally and is characterised by the presence of high levels of calcium and magnesium, which are good for healthy teeth and bones. CALCIUM 149 mg/l Calcium is the principal constituent of hardness. TOTAL HARDNESS 372.5 mg/l Total hardness is usually expressed in terms of calcium carbonate and is measured in milligrammes per litre (mg/l) which is the same as parts per million (ppm). The recognised classification scheme we are using is: 0-75 soft, 76-150 moderately hard, 151-300 hard, 300+ very hard. Your water is very hard. Degrees English (or Clarke) 26.075 phContent hardness measurement is used on some British appliances. Degrees German 20.86 phContent is used on some German appliances. Degrees French 37.25 phContent is used on some French appliances. MILLIMOLS 3.725 mmol/l Millimols per litre. Some appliances refer to water hardness in millimols per litre (mmol/l). FLUORIDE 0.111 mg/l Fluoride naturally occurs in the water in many areas. Affinity Water does not add any fluoride to your water. Fluoride is measured in milligrammes per litre (mg/l).
  5. Hey everyone, Welcome to our organic soil Vs Hydro Vs Coco comparison grow dairy. From left to right we have organic soil, RDWC system and Coco, these have transplanted almost three weeks now. The plants used for the comparison are all cuttings from the same mother plant which is cayenne pepper. The three tents are 4ft x 2ft (120cm x 60cm) The lighting for each tent is our ARAY 4 - 250w fixture. https://migrolight.com/collections/all/products/migro-aray-4-140w-265w# The plants grown in organic soil and coco are both in 38 litre aeropots. The RDWC system is the older four bucket system from AlienHydroponics which we made into a two bucket system to fit into the grow tent, the system is 165 litres. https://www.alienhydroponics.co.uk/ The organic soil mix is made up of 40% Promix, 40% good quality compost and 10% perlite, the compost has well rotted horse manure added along with worm castings and mushroom compost. We will be using the Biobizz organic nutrient line in the organic soil setup along with Biosys microbial tea, the nutrients will be given only when needed and the microbial tea will be added once a week. For the RDWC system we will be using the full range of hydroponics nutrients by Shogun Fertilisers. And for the Coco setup we will also be using the full range of coco nutrients by Shogun Fertilisers. https://www.shogunfertilisers.com/en/ The three ARAY 4 fixtures are daisy chained together for dimming so light output for each tent in the same and we’re using the Inkbird controllers to control the exhaust fans. https://migrolight.com/collections/all/products/inkbird-grow-room-temperature-fan-heater-controller-itc-308-uk-and-eu-versions-only# Organic Soil We had some minor issues with overwatering at the start but these have now bounced back to health. Hydro - RDWC These were a little slow taking off and were top fed for the first week until the roots dropped down into the nutrients solution, they seem to be catching up now. Coco These plants have been really going for it since the moment we transplanted them into the coco, these are by far the biggest plants at the moment. We will be doing a weekly update on this comparison grow, we welcome all your comments and any advice you guys may have regarding this. Thanks for dropping by.
  6. Hi I've been growing for almost 10 years now, and got great results with Coco, airpots, regular House and Garden nutes amd LEDs in a tent. I mainly do autos, but I don't mind doing photos in the blistering heat of Summer. My problem is my health, I get Cluster Headaches which is up there as one of the mosty painful conditions known. I don't think Cannabis is a trigger, but I am worrying that the nutes are a potential issue.... I'm not big on flushing as I live in a very humid region and mould becomes a problem. I'm happy with my technique, all I want to do is change my H&G nutes for an organic brand. I've looked at Bio-Diesel and see that Canna do a Bio range.... what have you been using and what do you think? If you know of any good links here on 420, I'd be grateful for the tip off. Cheers and happy growing!
  7. Took clones out of propagation around a week ago, past few days have noticed leaves curling around the edge’s (canoeing) I’m thinking environment as have been struggling with the cold some days I was checking it was sitting at 17c at lights on now have temps at 22c
  8. Introduction: First of all I'd like to thank @Seedstockers-Mark for the opportunity to try out some brand new products Apollo 13 x Black Cherry Cheesecake X Cherry Ak47 aka Black Apollo Cherry x 5 Regs were received from Barcelona the other week. They went straight into the fridge for storage/wintering, until it's time to get them to spring into life. Atb
  9. Hi to all coco auto feed crew out there, what's the longest you've gone between a full clean down/refresh? I almost made it to 4 weeks by just topping up every 6 days, wondered if anyone has gone longer? I know we're supposed to completely refresh every week, but I've had a mad month and topping up suited me. Plant's are happy as Larry, maybe I got lucky. Very salty in the res, maybe I need a bigger circ pump..
  10. I’m giving coco and GA nutes a go this run. Wondering what’s the best coco out there at the minute? I know a lot of people like the canna pro, seen some bad reports about ecothrive so will stay away from that. Interested to know what you guys are using
  11. Planing on coco try but can't get arsed to water as I want to do sog,like 12 plants under 600w x 3. Question is can I just get a garden hose ,poke holes in it and connect it to my bp4 pump 3800L/h once a day and water them?Plants are floor up btw Any other ideas welcome,I was looking at Easyfed system but it to much $ and just huge pots.
  12. Hey folks, looking for some advice on pot sizes. I have regretted not getting the round autopots as being able to turn the pots would have helped a lot with getting access to the plants but they only do the round pots in either 20 or 25l sizes, so Ive decided to try some round pots in my square trays and I will make a cover or a skirt to fit round the pot and over the tray. I’m just trying to figure out what size I should go for. The square pots are 15l but I was considering going for the 8.5l pots before i started looking at round pots. The lemon drizzle I have grown in the 15l pots are too big for the space really, thats why I was considering going for smaller pots but i realise there are lot other factors such as veg time and just the strain can make a massive difference as well as the pots. The biggest diameter I can fit is 20cm, I have a few pots that are a bit smaller (17cm) im thinking they might be a bit too small though (sure they are 5l) I will be using coco as the medium with an inch of clay pebbles at the bottom. If I go with the 5l pots will that plants be too small to get the most out of the space or should I be looking to go with something closer to 10l? I will be using 2 tents (70cmx70cmx160cm and 100cmx100cmx180cm) not sure exactly how many plants but probably 3 or 4 in the big tent and 2 or 3 in the smaller tent. Any suggestions on what size I should go for, or do you think the 5l pots are worth trying? Cheers
  13. Hi everyone hope you are all doing well. I'm growing 2 autos outside in coco coir and john Innes seed sowing compost with some vermiculite chucked in as well. So germination went well and I have now moved them to their final pots we are just a week into growing and I've just been using water (As autos don't like too many nutrients) I'm looking at adding some nutrients next week (Diluted down than what it says on the tin). What nutrients do you guys suggest I was looking at Biobizz - Outdoor Pack which contains Biobizz FishMix, Biobizz Bio-Bloom & Biobizz Top-Max then I read because I am using coco coir I need to use Canna Coco 1L A&B Bottles Set. Again it's a minefield out there can anyone shine some light, please To be honest I'm buzzing (See what I did there) that I've got this far As always many thanks in advance
  14. Afternoon all, Seriously thinking about giving coco a go after struggling to get soil right. But trying to get my head around a few things first.. The more I think about it the more complicated it seems compared to measuring out a few ml of organic nutes! When mixing up a nutrient solution, first add nutes to achieve the correct ec, then adjust ph accordingly? What ph do I want for coco? With the GA custom nutes, do they come so you can just add them to your water and it sets the correct ph for you? And do they have to correct levels of cal mag added as well? If that is the case I will probably go that route to save a bit of faffing around. How often should I be checking my run off? And finally, will I be ok to start my little ones (in 1litre pots) in compost so I don’t have to worry about watering those every day and just have the main tent to deal with then? If anyone could help with those questions it would be much appreciated!
  15. Hello all! new to the forums, and I’m looking for somewhere to journal a new grow I’m getting ready for. Ive had some small success running autoflowers and will be trying to get a new staggered grow started up. I’ve been on a fast buds kick for about a year now and I’ll be starting with their wedding glue and lemon pie autos. once seeds pop and there’s some action I’ll share pics as well. would love some company on this garden journey!
  16. Canna Nutrients in stock now We're happy to announce we have the full range of canna nutrients in stock for next day delivery. https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/canna for new customers Code UK420 gets you 10% off. If you have made an order before please contact us before so we can discuss getting you on our customer loyalty program. All products listed below for easy access . CANNA PK13/14 https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/canna/products/canna-pk13-14 CANNA FLUSH https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-flush-1 CANNAZYM https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/canna/products/cannazyme CANNA START https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-start CANNA CURE https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-cure-1 CANNA RHIZOTONIC https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/rhizotonic CANNA CALMAG AGENT https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-calmag-agent CANNA HYDRO FLORES A+B SET https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-hydro-flores-a-b-set CANNA COCO A+B SET https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-coco-a-b-set CANNA HYDRO VEGA A+B SET https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-hydro-vega-hard-water-a-b CANNA TERRA VEGA https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-terra-vega-a-b-set CANNA TERRA FLORES https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-terra-flores CANNA AQUA VEGA A+B SET https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-aqua-vega-a-b-set CANNA AQUA FLORES A+B SET https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-aqua-flores-a-b-set CANNABOOST ACCELERATOR https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/cannaboost CANNA TERRA STARTER KIT https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-terra-starter-kit CANNA COCO STARTER KIT https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-coco-starter-kit Thanks Adam.
  17. Intense Nutrients - In stock now - Next day delivery https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/vendors?q=Intense Nutrients Intense have supported us for a long time so were extremely happy to announce our favourite nutrient brand is now available from us. We have the full range ready to go. For new customers Code UK420 gets you 10% off. If you have made an order before please contact us before so we can discuss getting you on our customer loyalty program. All products listed below for easy access . INTENSE NUTRIENTS - KICKSTART https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-kickstart INTENSE NUTRIENTS - MAG CAL https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-mag-cal INTENSE NUTRIENTS - PK PHITE https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-pk-phite INTENSE NUTRIENTS - RUNZYME https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-runzyme INTENSE NUTRIENTS - DOWN 'N' DIRTY https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-down-n-dirty INTENSE NUTRIENTS - GO https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-go INTENSE NUTRIENTS - ORGANIX GROW https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-organix-grow INTENSE NUTRIENTS - ORGANIX BLOOM https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-organix-bloom INTENSE NUTRIENTS - COCO https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-coco INTENSE NUTRIENTS - DIRT BLOOM https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-dirt-bloom INTENSE NUTRIENTS - DIRT GROW https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-dirt-grow INTENSE NUTRIENTS - FOUNDATION https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-foundation INTENSE NUTRIENTS - HYDRO BLOOM https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-hydro-bloom INTENSE NUTRIENTS - OG GRANULES https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-og-granules INTENSE NUTRIENTS - 60/40 https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-60-40 INTENSE NUTRIENTS - GO+ https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-go-1 INTENSE NUTRIENTS - CLIMAX https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-climax INTENSE NUTRIENTS - WIDE LOAD https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/intense-nutrients-wide-load INTENSE NUTRIENTS - PK ULTRA https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/nutrients-pk-ultra Thanks. Adam.
  18. Hi Everyone, Having read many of the topics on drip and drain systems, I am fairly happy with how it all works and how to set up a basic system to water my plants, which are in coco. I am thinking of the Rhizo Drip and Drain System. However, I do have a few questions: Do you guys clean the pipes with anything? If so, what do you use and how frequently do you apply? Do you recommend putting any sort of air pump in the flexi tank? Do you put any sort of filter on any of the waste pipes, or anywhere else, to stop any medium from entering into the waste pump located in the brain pot? Is there any other tips you think might be useful? All help much appreciated. Thanks
  19. Does such a thing exist? I was thinking of having the res above the bansai cabinet, with gravity feed pipe on a timer or remote control for the on/off valve? I realise it would need a power source etc, just wondering if they exist and/or if anyohe uses them? It would be for 5 bansai with run to waste in coco. The mums are on a self draining Danish hydro tray so can handle decent size feeds without sitting in water..