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Found 1 result

  1. Its chuckin it down outside. ThinknI'll stay in and get my diary started. Im a bit worried about the outdoor plants this summer with the weather so Im glad I've got a new tasty project indoors this autumn. This is Night Queen. Unhybridised landrace indica. This is authentic. Im guessing that young Dutch dudes, Henk ?, travelled to the Hindu Kush region and sourced the seed stock from tribal growers but I dont know. Actually it was Tin Tin though he was quite old by then, had a long beard and fooled the muhajadeens in skillful european fashion. Tin Tin handed the bag of seeds to Henk in exchange for an teenth of opium while both were detained briefly by the youthful and in those days rather playful charming bin ladin. Tin tin and bin liked getting high on poppy and made plans usually while horizontal. Henk too had plans and bravely bribing his tranvestite guardsboy with a thumb of cheap opium, he made good his escape on a honda 125 and seeds in a very safe place ( front light ) 5 Night Queen fems 2 weeks from seed Every grow is another step that leads from the steps before. I have been wanting to flower some Night Queen fems for ages, since growing out NQ autos last spring. The autos were the best auto strain of Dutch Passion or any other brand that I have done so far. Lush rich fruit flavour, narcotic effect deep, great for night time, noticeably funky scent. I've been growing fems and regs since then, mostly indica and my mother plants include a super Blueberry and a decent Blue Cheese pheno. After the Blueberry my best DP fems are The Edge, amazing buds, spectacular growth and sativa up lifting high. I really do want to slow down and settle with selected pheno from the seeds and stock that I already have. Im looking for the best Night Queen and will hopefully do this over the course of 2 grows. Ha, I know it will be longer. I germed 5 of the femmed seeds as per DP recommended method ie straight in coco and clingfilmed at 25c They all sprouted within 3 days so I have decided to use this method again for future, having been a seed soaker before. The 5 Night Queens are vegging under t5 light till they can be flowered next month. At present they are lookin fine in 6in pots and they've just been gently topped to stop them stretching too much under the flouros. So they have a good veg ahead of them. Im always trying to improve the environment and upgrade my kit when needed. Its a long process learning and going wrong, thrips mites heating and cooling problems and learning to overcome them, has been miserable and wonderful at times. Will give some info on the grow later but its very basic stuff. I hope to do a good job on selecting a mother plant from the 10 pack Thanks for lookin in. Its nice to have a toke with ya