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Found 17 results

  1. 1ogmix.png

    From the album My pics

    Just passed 9 weeks since light change
  2. hi everyone a little update ive opted for auto’s for my 1st attempt in coco coir(i already ordered before reading soil may be easier for a total beginner). i got 5gl growbags with the set up i bought but after reading up in ere i get the impression thats to big for autos? so just wondering what size would people recommend and also a good nutrient thats easy to follow? im getting everything in ready so hopefully will be ready to start in a week. thanks for reading
  3. Hello all, I have recently prepared my coco for pots and instantly wished I had bought pre pepared coco coir. The hydrating process, rinsing and buffering and mixing with perlite took me hours of labour intensive work and it did make a rather large mess! I didn’t have time or space to leave the media to soak in a cal mag buffer solution for 8hrs per pot, I soaked it for probably half an hour per pot, constantly agitating. will this be enough and am I going to be ok. I have a sinking feeling in the back of my mind telling me I’m doomed. after much deliberation I decided to place my seedlings straight into their final pots (30l fabric pots) in a 70/30 mix of coco and perlite. Things are looking good so far and no sign of any calcium or magnesium deficiencies yet. it has been around 4 days and have been watered twice daily with ph 6.0 water at 21degrees c, with only cal mag, a wetting agent and some roots exelurator. growing under a Mars hydro tsw2000 light. it is my very first attempt so any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. seedlings only have 1 pair of single point leaves and are around 3 inches tall. (About 11 days old)
  4. Hi all, Not long until I start my first grow but i just need your help with the feeding side of things. I'm growing bruce banner seeds (scrog) in an indoor tent in 12 litre pots. In Coco coir. Time is no issue. This is where you come in. I need to know how much to feed and what to feed. All I have so far is..... 5x 1 litre pots 5x 3 litre pots 5x 12 litre pots Coco coir (80%) Perlite (20%) Ph up/down Ph meter Ec meter My plan is the germinate using the paper towel method and up pot throughout the veg stage. Hiw big would you let the plant grow before transferring to bigger pot. I'm going 1 litre, 3 litre, 12 litre. Is 3 litre to 12 litre pot a bit too big of a jump? Would you use more I between. How much and what nutriants would you give them and also how much at each stage. I want to keep it as simple as possible really but I am keen to get my hands dirty. Thanks In advance.
  5. Hello everyone, thanks for approving me! <3 I was searching as a guest last night for answers, but i was unsuccesful.. If a thread with this question already exists, PLEASE point me to it so i can educate myself. I also tried to ask a few questions on the Growdiaries site, but that limits you to 280 Characters and that is not even remotely enough to explain the (ill call it mini problem) im having. I am 9 weeks into my very first grow. After some extensive research on ADHD, I chose one of the exotics, a landrace heirloom sativa, Dr. Grinspoon as the one i want to grow, thinking the end result will help my other half to be motivated and productive during the day. (But thats not the question.) Following all Advanced Nutrients calculators online and guide sites specifically made for Advanced nutrients and growing in coco. The recommended amounts per litre are somewhat reasonable when you look at them, i mean its only reasonable to have 4ml A&B per litre of water during late flower right? Well my TDS pen says otherwise. From what ive gathered, Early seedlings like to be at a range of 300-500EC Early and mid veg it likes to be at a range of 1.1-1.5 and early and late bloom it likes to sit at 1.7-2 (average numbers ive gathered over many different sites and forums) That is understandable and easy to follow. The problem comes here: Even though i am on week 9, because of some complications dring early seedling phase, my Dr.G didnt develop very fast, so i am currently using nute strength for week 3 of veg. The recommended amount of nutes at this stage is 3ml(A&B) of sensi grow and 1.5ml of vitamin-B52 per litre. That brings my 1 litre of water all the way up to 2.2 and im not even at full recommended dosage, or not yet using any supplements that ill have to be using during flowering. That panicks me a little and i dont really want to give that to my G as i already stressed it plenty during early veg with transplanting it into a massive pot with poor drainage. What i do is, i add all the recommended amounts, and then i add 250ml of extra bottled water (using still bottled water from the supermarket that reads at 0.18) to bring the EC down to 1.7-1.9 which Doc seems to be okay with. My question is: Is this right? i mean when i add that 250ml extra water to dilute the feed, the recommended measurements stop being per litre and begin being per 1.25 litre. Is that right thing to do? what happens when i reach full recommended strength and it skyrockets the EC all the way up to 3 (and i know it will considering the nubers im having right now). Do i still keep diluting it with more fresh water until i reach the recommended EC? Or do i keep the feed measurements at 1 litre ignoring the EC levels? I already burned the plant when i had the poor drainage situation and the EC rose up to 5 and i had to transplant it to fresh medium so it wouldnt continue dying. Doesnt diluting the feed made with the recommended amounts also lowers the strength, making the feed weaker than what is the recommended? Any Info would be very much appreciated, and again, i was searching all night to find this answer, and its been bothering me for the last few weeks, If an answer or a similar topic exists already and i missed it PLEASE point me to it so i can read and gather info Thanks for reading and sorry if its too long.
  6. Hi all, First of all thanks in advance for taking the time to help me. I have a question regarding scrog training method. Everything has been going great and I am now on day 14 of flower. My question is that i am meant to be still tucking at this stage according to every guide online i can find however for some reason one of my plants started actually full on flowering day 7 and because i followed advise everywhere on the internet alot of the nodes for the flowering tops are still under the net so to clarify i have 1 node on each branch above the net full on flowering and under the net for about 2 or 3 nodes i can see flowering starting there also. My question is even though they dont appear to be stretching much should i expect the 2nd 3rd nodes of the branches to eventually make it above the net or should all 3 nodes of the branch be above the net by week 2/3? Many Thnks
  7. Hello there, been vegging my ladies in three litre pots for about three weeks now, occasionally one or two leaves would turn yellow, but then the new foliage would appear and cover the old leaves, would usually feed them every three days with 300ml of water, 1.4ec. 5.7PH, at some point increased ph to 6.0 and 6.1, then read in forrums that vegging period suppose to be between 5.5 and 5.8ph, so decreased it to 5.7ph and continue like that. So the plants are growing and they are not drippy but they are very pale in my view. I thought recently maybe I am using not enough nutes, and also feeding them too rarely, because I can now see roots are trying to go through the holes at the bottom of the pot. Feed them two days ago, and yesterday they were already quite dry and drippy, then feed them yesterday evening and after few hours they were again standing straight. I will upload 12 images of them, and also will write bellow all the info what Im using temperatures, etc... Temperatures night time 20c to 23.5c temperatures day time 25-28c RH 50 to 80% Night cycle 6/18 EC 1.4, last feed increased to 1.6 PH 5.7 for the most part. Nutes: Canna AB, Superthrive, Rhizotonic, Cal/mag 1/4 strength. Sometimes I spray with cal/mag 1/5 strenght on to them. I use one1000w Omega but at 800w currently, and just increased to 1000w. and one Mars Hydro Led. dont remember exactly how its called, but one of the better ones. And the thing is, that I want to repot them to 30litre fabric pots, and now Im affraid to do that, because If I was feeding them not enough times, they can get stressed out when re-potted too much. How should I tackle this paling plants problem? I really want to sort this one out. see the pictures bellow:
  8. Hi all, so I've just joined up. I wanted to start growing my own flower, mainly because im tired of the crap chemical laced stuff available here. This will be my first ever grow and im hoping to document it on here to share my experiences but also to get some valuable help from you guys where possible too! My Set up 75cm X 75cm X 200cm Bud Box Pro Tent ViparSpectra 600w LED (270watt draw with veg and bloom switches) Hydrotops Bioponics Nutrients formulated for hard water areas CalMag Wilma Dripper System Kenley intake fan 4 inch Black Orchid 4 inch Mixed Flow outtake fan 2 oscillating fans, one at bottom one at top coco coir 60/40 perlite smart pots 2 X Original White Widow IBL, 1 X Critical by Royal Seeds, 1 Dutch Kush from Paradise Seeds I started with 3 widows, 3 dutch kush and 1 critical but only these 4 showed heads through the soil Ive decided to mainline all 4 plants, and at time of writing ive done all 4 with various levels of success! I used the paper towel method to germinate before putting the roots in to soil to avoid giving nutes for first few weeks. after 2 weeks i transferred in to coco coir I water my ladies twice a day for 15 minute intervals, once when the lights turn on and once about half way through PH sits around 6.0 if it falls within .1 i leave it. PPM has been about 900+ (my water is 500 from the tap) Ive noticed over the past few weeks the plants we struggling a little with some yellowing and then holes developing on the leaves. Ive purchased yellow sticky pads from the local hydro store and ive removed the effected leaves as i think its thrips and don't want it to spread. I will start adding pics in chronological order, i hope you guys enjoy the ride!
  9. Hi seedlings can I use vitalink plant start with Coco. What is the best pH Coco, plant start strength. Thanks
  10. Coco Compaction

    From the album First Grow

    originally was >1/2 full (12.5L approx)
  11. Hello people of uk420! I've recently found two great plots in between a motorway and a field with about 30 meters of trees and nettles that look to of been about 6 foot tall last year which to my limited knowledge indicates good soil. I've dug over two beds and added loads of manure pelts and a coco coir a few 70 litre blocks. The soil is clay however and can be rolled into a ball in my hands 😞 Will adding perlite 50 litres to each bed and more cococoir around 140 more litres. Will this be enough to allow good drainage and good root development ? Peace ganjagollum
  12. 19 days old

    From the album Royal Queen - Special Queen # 1 - One Plant Scrog 1m2

    This my lady at 19 days into veg... she was topped at 14 days and super cropped at the bottom at 18 days to encourage top growth.. I will super crop working upwards as as required to keep an even canopy and encourage more colas
  13. Bottom

    From the album Royal Queen - Special Queen # 1 - One Plant Scrog 1m2

    Just showing my set-up
  14. Top

    From the album Royal Queen - Special Queen # 1 - One Plant Scrog 1m2

    Just showing my set-up
  15. new grow starting in 100% coco , I'm starting them off in my drobe conversion , i have it lined with tinfoil & reflectors from the HPS lights in factories , when our lights get changed in the work i salvage all the different reflector types , coragated & mirror flat type ones , i have made my own lamp holders with the flat type its about 5 times the size of a normal type, i am trying out 3 strains that are all supposedly 8/9 flowering , i have 4 x pineapple chunk 2 x barnies cookie kush & 1 LSD , they are sitting under 2 cfl lights 1 dual spectrum 300w & 1 daylight 5500k 175w before they go into the tent . i'll try keep you all updated & i am hoping for some constructive critisism , the Pchunk sprouted on 12th july the others the 17th july so there roughly 2/3 weeks old . keep the advice coming folks i'm a newbie. a friend in weed is a friend indeed i tryed to post this before but the site wont let me upload the pictures maybe someone could tell me which image hosting site can be used to upload photo's .