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Found 21 results

  1. Golden Tiger cob after sweating for 12hrs

    From the album Cobs

  2. 5BBF0EC5-52AE-4333-A0C3-001CF00C4ABF.jpeg

    From the album 2022

  3. 3A4A260E-EC18-4EEE-9B75-CAD4459BCD5E.jpeg

    From the album 2022

  4. SMH + 2yrMalawi

    From the album Cobs

  5. SMH + 2yrMalawi

    From the album Cobs

  6. Panama

    From the album Cobs

  7. Panama

    From the album Cobs

  8. Golden Tiger

    From the album Cobs

  9. Hi i have three vero 29s hooked up to my mw hlg240h. When I soldered the chips I got a little problem with easily covering the top of he wire with tin, the bottom usually made contact and sticks. The thing is some of my cobs light up correctly and glow like little suns but some of the cobs have like a line on them which is not lighting up,but on other it does. What might be the cause of ti and possible way to fix it please?
  10. Hi lads did someone attempted to wire drivers safely outside the box for better cooling ? Im curious if it can be done safely. My setup involves arctic 64 plus fans, vero 29s and some hlg 240h /2100 b. I have pretty weird box design and would like to use metal shelf rack inside the box as a construction that would allow me to split the box into two separate storeys. first would be veg second bloom. The light isolation would not be an issue, but I want to avoid electrocuting myself so I would like to learn how those cobs are grounded or if only driver needs to be grounded. here is a noobie diagram of what I have and want to do : https://imgur.com/ZvkSX8U I would be very happy if you share your thoughts with me about this, my original thought was using one storey lighted up during the day and other during the night ( with light isolation between them, so one would have light and other darkness.
  11. Looking for options besides Lumatek to replace a 600w HPS? No china crap
  12. Hello, I can't get hold of anyone at Prakasai have a 300w light that needs a new COB Can anyone point me in the right direction for where to buy a replacement COB? See image https://ibb.co/FBN2m29
  13. Hello y’all. So I’m starting my first grow on a 2.5x2.5x5 tent and I still couldn’t decide which light to choose, online is just so much information it makes it hard to just choose one. Looking to buy a full lighting system for less then 200£ that will give me killer buds in this small space. It doesn't need to be led necessarily but since I live in a shared house I think it would be more cost effective. Open to any suggestions; my goal is to get some killer frosty buds to myself without going bankrupt. Thank you in advance everyone
  14. Hello, need help! I am on a budget and gonna run 90cm x 60cm x 160cm tent with probably 8 girls in 2gal pots and I want max I can get. I need somewhat round 400gr per harvest. Let's say my max budget about 150£. I can get VIPARSPECTRA V600 which is 250Watts for 90-100 quid, plus I have another vipar R300 (~120Watt) and I got around 0.8g per watt on my first run with vipar and loads of fails, so... I started looking to those cheap COB's, one's on amazon Hipargero 800W which doesn't cost too much too... Good reviews and so, but I am afraid that vipar can perform better (good reviews and my results too). I was looking at qbs but 240Watts qb are too expensive atm, maybe for next grow or smth like that... Or maybe it's possible to build something by myself quickly and more efficient ant silent for that amount of money? Thank you people!!!
  15. hi all. so ive been reading a lot about COBs and my interest is piqued. Clearly LEDs - COBs in particular - are finally starting to rival/take over from HIDs in terms of yield and spectrum (if not yet price) but what really interests me is a different kind of potential which I think they might have. LEDs dont need the kind of bulky reflectors an HPS bulb does, so it should, theoretically, be possible to hide one behind a standard domestic ceiling light fitting. (even if it has to be a bespoke built unit) also they can be dimmable, so the idea (the dream!) is to do this in a bathroom/wetroom and rig the door to trigger the dimer function when the handle is turned, so that it looks only as bright as a normal domestic light when the door is opened. if popo ever come looking all they get is a couple of (monster) plants in a bathroom with no sign whatsoever of any grow equipment at all. (C.F. would be housed behind dummy bathroom extractor unit and nutes would be coming in through the shower head from a second water tank (res) in the attic ... run to waste in coco and kick back. "they just grew like that officer" I know how to do the rest of it but im not a spark. i know it has to be possible so my technical question to anyone who really understands the electronics is ... 1) how hard would it be to remote trigger the dimmer function? can it be done realistically? and 2) what type of opaque/ 1 way glass would you use in the fitting to minimise any loss of lumen intensity from the COB? Hope that makes sense, thanks in advance for any help or research resources, stay safe. cheers MM
  16. Hello, I am a first time grower. I am sharing my first grow to get advice or if someone sees a problem please tell me how to improve my setup. I am using cobs. 5 citizen CLU048-1216 at 1750mA for aroumd 320 watts of light in a 80cm x 80cm x 180cm tent. I am growing in 12L cloth pots with soil I bought at my local growshop. I bought 8 seeds from sweetseeds 4 crystal candy auto and 4 cream mandarin xl auto. Germinated in a glass of water. I followed the instructions from the growshoo and all 8 sprouted. I planted them in their 12l pots 11 days ago. From what I read today in this forum I think I may have too many plants for my grow area. Hehhehehe live and learn I guess. I will see how they turn out. 7 out of the 8 plants seem to be doing well. I have one I named mini plant because its not growing as much as the other 7.
  17. After failing to get 8 seeds above the ground (even tried to do my first journal with them) I decided to give it a shot again. I grew critical cheese auto and blue critical auto before in the same space but in soil and under cfl light. The results were pretty good. Particularly critical cheese has been very popular amongst my friends for its unique flavor and scent. Pretty stron too. Blue critical is just about to finish curing, so still proper sampling needs to be done. Here is a pic of Blue critical nug: This time around I decided to grow two strains I know and the two that didn't get above the ground for me - haze XXL auto & Dinamex auto. So ine seed each, has been planted directly into turf puck saturated in water. And these went directly into the coco. I know it doesn't seems to make that much sense but it seemed much safer and error free if I'll just let the nature do the job, rather than moving the seed around and risking any more damage or loosing another seed (can't afford that after loosing 8 already) So the seeds were planted yesterday. Here re are all the details for the moment: Light: diy Cree cxb3590 x4 driven at max 200w. At the moment they are on 20/4 driven at 15W Medium: Coco, saturated with light feed. Mixed with about 30% perlite. Pots: 5l regular pots with pretty big drainage holes Grow space: secret jardin tent 60x60 cm Temp: ~23 degrees RH: ~60% Strains from Dinafem: Haze XXL auto Critical Cheese auto Blue Critical auto Dinamex auto its my first grow fully under those lights only and in coco. So would be amazing to get any kind of advice along the way. Right. Ow keep your fingers crossed that the seeds will make it above the ground. cheers lads!
  18. Hey LED fans, Whilst digesting another few hours of reading about about DIY COB builds I struck a little gold on this video that uses your current LED box as a base for building a multi COB unit,why didn't I think about it before..aarrggghhh I did try and see if it had already been posted but couldn't find it so sorry if it's a double post. The videos about upgrading the standard Mars Hydro light that you can get for £20-£30 used but with a bit of research on specs I'm sure most units could be done as long as the driver output matches the COB's can't see much of an issue and the process should be similar. I tried to not post it live but just keeps rolling so feel free to tweak it site masters! I'D LIKE STATE I'M NO ELECTRICIAN SO IF YOU BLOW YOUR LIGHT/SELF UP YOU ONLY HAVE YOURSELF TO BLAME SILLY. right I'm off looking for an old Hydro....
  19. Prakasa COB 200W

    From the album 2nd Grow

    New light - Prakasa 200W COB
  20. Day10 - Light setup

    From the album 2nd Grow

    Picture of the Prakasa 200W COB (6 spectrum) and Bysen Helios (7 spectrum)
  21. Hey all, I've been mangling my brain looking at various latest gen LED's from Vipar, BossLed, Mars, etc. I am waiting on my 1.2x1.2x2.0 tent which could well be more than I need using just one light but I'll have to live with that for now. So, any LED users here, you're input would be very much appreciated.