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Found 37 results

  1. Newbie on here but been growing for percy for several years, not a novice but by no means a master gardener. I've been trying to grow bud to the same standard that I can purchase, ie some serious sticky stinky dank. I grow in a 1.2 with 1000hps, in soil, usually 4-8 pots depending on time. I have around 12 completed grows, all with reasonable results, yeild wise (from 23-34 oz). My temps, water/feeding, air circulation, rh etc are all pretty good and consistent with the odd hiccup due to weather. I have only ever grown with feminised seeds and now know this is a mistake in my quest for icky. I also know 1000hps with 7' ceilings is not helping. That said I have still grown acceptable bud that gets you high, but nothing close to the import treasures I can buy locally. My next grow will be using reg seeds from either FDM, Ugorg, ACE or Oni, maybe subcool or purple caper. So hopefully thats the genetics sorted. I have also swapped out my 1000hps for 2xcmh, which should bring some UV to the potency party. I have been pretty unimpressed with every female bean I have grown in regard to it being high grade. They have all got me stoned. But that's like saying electric white is great cider cos it still gets you pissed.... I'm hoping some more experienced soul's on here might be able to reassure me that I'm not on a hopeless quest or even give me some pointers in the general direction of where the fire lives.....
  2. I’ve read through the post about cmh 315. Didn’t quite make the whole 200 + pages though quite a lot of mixed reviews.. anybody got got any pictures of bud or links to diary’s with people using them. Interested in the quality of the bud. Im getting a bigger tent 2.4 x 2.4 and was wondering would 6 cmhs be a good light source in this size tent? thanks
  3. Hello! pictured are some zkittzo & Sour Orange Diesel sprouted. It has begun!
  4. Hi all, whats your opinion on the new kid on the block!?!? Im no expert but on paper this light looks pretty good to me and @ £245 delivered "all in" it is definitely well priced in the current market. Im looking at replacing my 600w HPS in my 1.2x1.2m tent and understand that this alone will leave me a little short but i suffer from high temps and was thinking come spring/summer this might be the answer. Let me know your thoughts peeps! 315W CMH Economy The MIGRO 315W CMH Economy is a complete grow light fixture combining the ballast, reflector and bulb in one. For growers on a budget who want the best spectrum for lush plant growth and a high quality yield. Flowering coverage: Up to 90cm x 90cm (3ft x 3ft) Power consumed: 350watts Bulb included: MIGRO 3.3K Agro Total PPFD: 445 µmols/m2/sec Efficiency PPFD/Watt: 1.3 µmols/watt Spectrum: Full spectrum (veg to flower) Lifetime: 20,000 hours (80% original output) Safety: ETL and UL listed Safety: Short circuit/Circuit overheat & Lamp failure protection Warranty: 2 years £230.01
  5. KB3 day 63

    From the album Randoms

    DNA Genetics, Kushberry F2, day 63 from flip, 315w CMH.
  6. Been a while so I thought I'd do another guided tour of my pc grow. Here's the spec list: Cab: Standard PC tower case 18x8x20 inches (WxDxH) Lamp: 100w Philips Mastercolour Elite 930 Ceramic Metal Halide running on a Tridonic PCI digital ballast Medium: Canna Coco Pro+ Nutes: Canna Coco A+B The regime is perpetual, so the light is on 12/12 permanently with a new plant added to the cab every month or so. I start from seed but take cuttings as soon as possible so I can keep the cycle going. After a little break earlier this year I am now ready to start another cycle, so sit tight and I'll show you how I grow in a 1 cubic foot space.
  7. I have meaning to get this thread up for a while. I chose Bubba Kush and Moby Dick originally but due to issues with germing the mobys and just a bit of bad luck the Bubba Kush is a few months ahead now so I am dedicating this thread to Bubba Kush all by her lonesome. Back in September last year 2017 I received the seeds , many thanks to Mark and The Dinafem crew for the chance to grow out what is always first class genetics. I like to soak them in water for 24 hours till I see the shells split. The nearest big seedling or the middle one, is Bubba. Here she is the 1 seedling that I need . A few weeks later , them fat Bubba leaves are showing through. Not yet potted up from her 1 l seed pot. I was quite shocked to see in a week that she stretched massively. Not what Bubba was supposed to do I thought. So a topping was required to promote me a bit of bushing. Now that is a major topping lol. Looks harsh I know. Not much left but I knew this topping would force the plant to put out new shoots. My space is only a meter tall so I need ball bushiness , not vertical growth . A week later the recovery starts. To help it put out multi tips, I then crush out the stems. Here she is looking much better and back with those lovely fat leathery looking indica leaves. And now we have a few more heads on the plant. A little bit more bushy. Again all growing tips pinched out. Here she is just tucked on the inside of the door. Then as if by magic a new grow room had been built in the background in my loft . Around double the size of the garage room with the same sort of headroom. No more scrogging , I hope to grow more tree type plants , just a bit of training with a handful of yo yos for each plants. On the right is the Bubba Kush , along with the Mohan Ram on the left. These are the only 2 seed plants that have come from the garage. The rest is clones and new seedlings. Being a bit bigger and going through a very cold spell , I'm vegging with a 400w hps now . You se the cage , bulb holder I made that will accommodate a 315cmh to join the party when I get to flowering. I'm gonna grow 9 plants and train them into every inch of the slanted roof, using yo yos. At the moment she is being handwatered daily , But soon I will automate the feedings and pump into that white pipe and through a 2mm hole over the 9 plant positions. First I will test it with 2 holes drilled for the 2 big plants. I have a good 2 months before I'm gonna flower this room , so plenty of time for training this girl. I knew that some more topping was gonna be in order so that I could try and get some kind of evenness to the canopy once my clones start kicking off. I want her to be up their with her back right on the wall and up the ceiling . All growing towards the bulb come flowering time . Massive difference in size from the new clones and the Seed Bubba Kush. So out came the scissors and a bloody good haircut was in order. Slightly smaller after topping, I'm after the ball / bush look. She has that power growing feel to her. The indica leaves are key to its strong growth. Much nicer temps indoors now under the 400w sunmaster. You can see her start to enjoy the light, considering she has had 250w mh all her life. Now I have her position , I must train her to fit the desired space. I want her to spread out on the back wall/corner and creep upwards but mainly bush outwards towards the light . I'm gonna do far less work than scrogging on a screen I hope. Obviously in a vert , the back of the plant doesn't get much light and growth aint needed there , so its chopped off. You see the plant is turned sideways. And the other way , but you get the picture . And back to the front again. The recovery starts with new shoots. Bring em on , each one will be a new cola. I want it like a medusas head of colas. A perfect plant for my room I feel as she has very little stretch and grows strong. She reacts very well to topping and training and recovers quickly, look at the new shoots coming through. Starting to develop a bit of a bush look . I can see her filling up that corner nicely. Now you can see the results of multiple topping and supercropping. Now I have got the yo yos out and have them on the pot, pulling shit down and trying to open up the plant a bit. Ive got bits of it pulled down like a step , just to expose more of the inner plant to the light . Also to train the plant where I want it to be in a few months. A bit closer and you see the whole plant is responding to being pulled apart. From this angle you can see what I'm trying to do, sort of train it sideways a bit , to spread it out in its space. I will expect to see lots of new growth spring from the centre of the plant now. She was potted up from 3.5l to 6.5l about a week ago and is still rooting out her pot. Now I have a bit more space I am going to up the pot size to an 11l finishing pot in coco. I figure I can train these over a few months and root out the larger pots and end up with more yield. She really is a beautiful specimen . I love these squat indica types, and the rate they grow. Very Bubba Kush looking I think. Picture of health from the start. Good strong growth from day 1. That's it thread rockin and rollin. She has a couple of months of veg and training ahead of her before I flower her and believe me by then I think she is gonna be Big. Nice way to Christen a new room with a classic Bubba Kush. Over and out for a week now. zz
  8. Looking to upgrade my 1.2 tent to a 1.5 next grow. Also want to upgrade my light, currently running a 600w hps with a battered old adjusta wing reflector I was given to get me started. Looking to get either a 1000w air cooled hood with an adjustable ballast or 3 315w cmh’s. I’ve read that cmh lights run cooler than hps.. My question is, will the 3 cmhs give off less heat than the air cooled 1000w? I’ve struggled with my temps on these hot days we’ve been having. Can’t turn the extraction up anymore due to noise (can hear the neighbors talking through the walls!) so need to find other ways to keep temps down. I understand with the 1000w I probably will have to run it at 600 or even 400 at times. Do they do adjustable ballasts for the cmhs as well? I’ve not looked too much into them due to cost tbh, but will stretch some how if it means keeping my temps good! Any help or advice on the lights or how to keep temps down in summer would be much appreciated
  9. KB2 day 63

    From the album Randoms

    DNA Genetics, Kushberry F2, day 63 from flip, 315w CMH.
  10. KB3 day 63

    From the album Randoms

    DNA Genetics, Kushberry F2, day 63 from flip, 315w CMH.
  11. KB2 day 63

    From the album Randoms

    DNA Genetics, Kushberry F2, day 63 from flip, 315w CMH.
  12. KB2 day 63

    From the album Randoms

    DNA Genetics, Kushberry F2, day 63 from flip, 315w CMH.
  13. KB2 day 53

    From the album Randoms

    DNA Genetics, Kushberry F2, day 53 from flip, 315w CMH.
  14. KB3

    From the album Randoms

    DNA Genetics, Kushberry F2, day 53 from flip, 315w CMH.
  15. KB2

    From the album Randoms

    DNA Genetics, Kushberry F2, day 53 from flip, 315w CMH.
  16. KB2

    From the album Randoms

    DNA Genetics, Kushberry F2, day 41 from flip, 315w CMH.
  17. KB3

    From the album Randoms

    Day 29 from flip, 315w CMH.
  18. KB2

    From the album Randoms

    Day 29 from flip, 315w CMH.
  19. Hi all and happy new year. i am currently moving my Grow area from a wooden shed to a concrete outbuilding attatted to my house and currently I grow autos under LED/CFL,as I am moving Grow area I am going to change my lighting over to x 2 maxibright 315w cmh with Agro lamps and not sure on what sort of reflectors I should be looking at as I have never run a hps/cmh lamps In small Grow spaces? should I go air cooled or open ended/supernovas/LEC/parabolic? i already use 150mm ducting with a 1000m/h gekko box for extraction controlled via a SMS 4A hybrid controller/twin fan and never have probz with heat in my wooden shed(7x5)insulated with 75mm cellotex. i currently use a 900w VIPARSPECTRA and a 300W CFL in my current wooden shed so was wondering is x2 315w cmh’s Gona kick out quite a bit more heat then my current led/cfl set up,obviously it’s Gona be a bit warmer from the new lighting but I’m hoping my current extraction will Handel it? Obviously I am going to insulate my new slightly bigger concrete shed. so I was wondering what sort of reflector would be suit me?,all help and advise would be massively appreciated guys. i was think I would be ok??....and was deciding between supernovas or adjust a wing avengers? thanks
  20. a 600w grow light? Im only asking as I dont really see it to be fair. I grow (or have grown) with all manner of lights, but not CMH, I use CFL for veg only as the buddage is a bit light any airier than HPS, even when you pound the plants with lumens... I would assume the same principal with CMH, but stand ready to be corrected... Surly the 315w would have the same efrect as CFL lumenwise? After all I understand the 'closer to daylight' spctrums etc. The same can be said the for PAR of CFL on paper, but you just need the light, its pretty much as simple as that. WE tried sulphur plasma for a while as well, the bit I still dont get is; if the light is so close to daylight, then are there two bulbs needed again?...Surely if it was 'that close' then one bulb would suffice, after all its not like the sun changes bulb, it just gets either closer or further from the equator... I would have thought that the PAR of the CMH would make up, at best, the odd 85w to equal a 400w HID - but taking that to a 600w HID comparrisson makes me dubious... after nearly 30 years of cannabis cultivation I have seen and grown with many things but I aint never seen a light that performs equally to a light twice its lumencount. I like to big up my grow style as much as the next man, thats why, like everyoine else, Im posting here - but really? 315 is the new 600? - Spock with a beard? ! think not.
  21. My first CMH setup

    From the album All Grows

    Picture is og veg / nursery area, mid groom renovation and upgrade.
  22. I've been feeling the urge to make my own hashish, I have a rumbler... So I bought me some of these... When I popped open the pack the seeds flew everywhere but some how I managed to find them all and two days later I had these; 10/11 I planted 5 seeds in Canna coco fibre mixed with 1:50 Ecothrive Charge and a layer of Rootmore myccorhizal powder under the seed, this was then soaked from the bottom with Rhizotonic at 4ml/Ltr. 18/11 1 seedling was a runt and wasn't making it so I culled it today I will be doing weekly progress updates on a grow that I'm quite excited about. The seedlings will be under T5s for the next two and a half weeks till there's space under my 315w CMH and 400w HPS set up in a 1.2m tent. I'll be using the complete Canna Coco range of nutrients and additives as well Rootmore Myccorhizal products, both the powder and water in versions and Ecothrive Charge. So long till next week... Fax
  23. Im still rattling on about this CMH malarki... Seeing that a bulb is nigh on 100 smackers, Im assuming they last an absolute age? Does anyone know how long all of its attributes stay in tact? Or any indication of lifespan...? Has anyone had to change one out for under poerformance/failure etc? And interestingly enough, they come in red/blue like HPS/CFL...does that not make LED single spectrum and full growth cycle lights far better as theres no bulb change and as its a full cycle light source as opposeds to a red blue... Questions, Questions, Questions...
  24. hi guys, so, my big old gavita 1000 needs the bulb replacing and im wondering if its worth dropping the cash on a DE or just going CMH. my mate just finished his first grow with CMH and was really impressed. im running a 1.2m2 tent which is twice his size. i seem to have had issues in the past with the gavita producing too much heat even though i have a decent extraction. i know i will be reducing my actual light output but i think with the much lower temps i might not see too much negative affect. its only for my own consumption anyway. and i guess i could always add another light easily enough. i normally veg for a couple of weeks under a 250 MH so would it be worth even buying the veg lamp and just go with the agro lamp? is the maxibright setup the best? or is it worth spending a little more on the LEC? my local grow shop has these 2 deals: Maxi bright Daylight Digital 315w CDM Single Kit Maxi bright Daylight digital 315w CDM Single Kit uses an advanced electronic ballast to power the Philips MASTERColour CDM-TMW Elite 315W EL and Philips MASTERColour CDM- TMW Elite Agro 315W EL lamps for excellent PAR output from the lamp per watt of power consumed. £239.95 Maxi bright Daylight Digital 315w CDM Single Kit + Lec 315 Reflector Maxi bright Daylight Digital 315w CDM Single Kit + Lec 315 Reflector uses an advanced electronic ballast to power the Philips MASTERColour CDM-TMW Elite 315W EL and Philips MASTERColour CDM- TMW Elite Agro 315W EL lamps for excellent PAR output from the lamp per watt of power consumed. £329.95