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Found 66 results

  1. Took clones out of propagation around a week ago, past few days have noticed leaves curling around the edge’s (canoeing) I’m thinking environment as have been struggling with the cold some days I was checking it was sitting at 17c at lights on now have temps at 22c
  2. I’m sure someone somewhere has covered this I know there’s problems moving plants from HID to LED now if I’m using a LED Propagator can I move them on to HID’s when there ready?
  3. clone-army-2022.jpg

    From the album DeltaMeltersPostStuff

  4. Hello all, Looking to take some clones before the weekend and don't have time to go to the store. So was wondering if anyone has had success on putting them direct into soil or 100% perlite? Also, storing clones in the fridge. Does this actually work? Cheers, CSG
  5. Hi All, hope you are well. I took some clones from my last run and have now got them settled in. Half of which are looking like they're hermaphrodites to me. I was wondering if anyone else here could please confirm or deny my thoughts? Original seeds were Barney's Farm Blueberry Cheese. I've read that they can go hermi if under stress, I haven't knowingly put them under any abnormal stress, and half the batch of clones seem to be not showing these traits below. Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  6. Hi Guys and Galls, So i have gotten down to 2 plants for my Bonsai experiment and they are now in larger pots. I have them in a small tent with T5 light. I have them on an 18/6 light regime and watering them every 3-4 days or so. They are in GK Soil which should feed them for about 4 weeks and they are looking healthy. Any other suggestions for keeping them strong and healthy would be appreciated. JW
  7. Hello once again, it's been a while, more than 2 years i think, I've lost count, anyway good to be back on here, I wasn't doing any growing for a while but started again last year. Right now I have a beautiful Landrace Lebanese mother plant, growing under the sun in a pot on the balcony, i took 2 clones from her over a week ago, i don't have access to rooting hormone over here in Lebanon so i used organic honey instead, i heard it gets good results, now, one clone seems to be ok and i think might have rooted, the other is wilty and doesn't look so hot, maybe she won't make it, i put them in soil as i also don't have access to rock wool here, in small pots that are half full, then i covered the top with cling wrap and a rubber band, as a makeshift dome for each plant in this case. i try to give them a bit of direct sun every day, but then move them in a shaded area as i don't want to stress them too much yet, i also periodically uncover them until they start to wilt, then cover them back up again. Today, i took 3 more clones from the mama but this time i decided to try using Aloe Vera gel instead, i have a big aloe plant so that's easy, i hope works better than the honey. So...... have I done it right? what would you suggest? i have not cloned in a long, long time now, and the last time i had rooting hormone powder, that was years ago. Peace and stay free.
  8. Hello there I’m GasZzCakes my fellow bud growers I’m new to UK420. I’ve been growing buds for coming up ten years now and never had the chance/space to do my own pheno hunt this changes now!!! I’ve got myself 10 regular Divorce Cake #1 X Zkittlez Cake by Jungle boys!!! I’m so excited to get started but as with all new things i have a few questions on the matter which i thought you guys here could help me out with and maybe give me a few tips... My questions What media to use for mothers bearing in mind cuttings will be going into coco . What light to use for 10 reg mothers thinking 2ft 4tube T5 What light to use thinking 2ft 2tube T5 for 20 cuttings in the x- Stream auto cloner 20 because will go through take males and ones im not happy with out. How long to have the auto cloner misting the root sites 24/7 or? How many hours light cycle for the clones Any tips and advice much needed & Appreciated. GasZzCakes
  9. the-new-clones.jpg

    From the album August 2020

  10. Just wondering how many times you can clone and if it makes a difference in the quality of the weed I have a clone and want to clone from that clone before i flip
  11. Hi and welcome to another year of Sweet Seeds fun in my little corner of the world near London. I have been growing in a 10x8 shed at the far end of the garden. The back 1/3rd of the shed is partitoned off and insulated with 10mm foam and double bubble metallic insulation foil - All staple gunned to the shed walling. There is an 8" acoustic box using phonic ducting to extract the air from the partitioned grow area into the rest of the shed - Not directly outside, the shed door is lame with a 1/2cm gap all the way around it and this has served well in ensuring decent fresh air exchange without the loss of all that lovely warm air which keeps the grow area a lush 25-32 depending on what power I set the lights or extraction to. There is an 8" passive intake hole within the shed to the grow area. With the lights I have two ballasts with simple reflectors, 275w-660w and a 400w-1100w but I have been and shall continue to run them at 400w each for the veg cycle. The bulbs are Sylvania blue for veg and first two weeks of flower then its on to using the Sylvania dual spectrum bulbs. I shall be sticking with the BioBizz stuff with the addition of Plagron Batmix for the final pot up. i have been using the following: Rootjuice, Grow, Fishmix, Bloom, TopMax, Alg A Mic. Well I think that's the main points of the setup, now to let you know they just went in to 12/12 I took some clones from the last grow I did which was associated with last years Sweet Seeds Grow Competition and so I have 4 Green Poison and 5 Sweet Cheese. Here they are from back on November 3rd all pushing roots and ready to pot: Sweet Cheese at the top, Green Poison beneath. And here they are in their first pots in my little 40x40x180cm tent which I also have within the shed - This has a 125w CFL, no fans, no real intake or outake. I dumped one of the Green Poison, you can see which one above didn't get potted I'm sure Fast forwards two weeks of them being in this tent here they are: I needed to keep them in this tent as long as possible due to my grow area being full of their parents and more. I also had Gorilla Girl in there and now kick myself for not having taken clones from this also considering how awesome a smoke it is - I have been smoking it this past two weeks and its brilliant! Sweet Cheese and Green Poison are lovely smokes also but I just found a preference for Gorilla Girl... Fast forwards some more to 14th December, they have been repotted into BioBizz All mix (I only add plagron batmix when going into the final 11 litre pots) and they are now in the main grow area: Along the way I have been topping them, lots. All the lower growing tips removed as early as possible, really only allowing the best branches to grow and keeping things all tights on height. 24 hours lights on! Moving on to some time later in December things are taking off: And then bringing us to today where I have just set the lights to 12/12: Green Poison 4 are on the left, the other 5 are Sweet Cheese. I will take the time to put up a few shots without the red ambience from the bulbs, plus some bud shots from their mothers since I have a couple of bags full Until then sweet smokes, I shall mostly be smoking Gorilla Girl and waiting on my competition seeds which are Gorilla Girl, Sweet Amnezia Haze & Sweet Pure CBD - This one I will be doing for my two friends in need. Insp
  12. Hi all, Should I flip this plant? Lots of pre flowers showing, and its a battle to keep the top flat. It was lighty defoliated a week or so ago, and grown back really quick. Cant see roots at bottom of pot yet, but if I leave it much longer it will be really tall. Thinking I should, Lollipop all lower growth that wont reach top of canopy, Defoliate leaves not connected to any buds, leaving large leaves at top of buds. Water well, And flip in a week or so?? That will free up that area to grow 4 clones on under a 125w cfl. All the best!! Fry. Forgive the home made temporary scrog net! Its going soon.
  13. Hello 420 Start off with a massive thanks to @HSO-Mark for sending me a 5 pack of THE NEW by sherbinski much appreciated Iv also got .. Choc mint og Sapphire og Black d.o.g Bubbas gift Sugar breath Ogkz Soil:plant magic Ferts:biobizz Veg/clones :5-45w led/100w cfl/ 200w cfl Flower:400-600w hps This will be a timeless grow journal will do bits on clones,veg ,flower & Harvest won't be any Schedule/Organization will try and do regularly updates through veg and flower from the seeds/1st clones then after that will just do updates of the clones in flower with the odd update of mothers/clones/bits&bobs when have the time also any new HSO seeds i start Still in the boring stage at the moment... few will be going into flower in the next couple weeks .. don't want them going in very big until i see how they express themselves in my flower room ...
  14. Hi Do these look ready to take cones off? They are around 4 weeks old, I've never taken clones but due to all that's going on in the world, a friend of mine has beed laid off work and is looking to fill his spare time ( until work resumes / fingers crossed ) with a grow of his own... so I'm helping him set up a small tent and hopefully will be able to donate some clones. Thanks sorry for double post
  15. clones (white widow, cindy 99)

    From the album My plants from '08 onwards

    Been 5 days now.

    © bluntz27

  16. There’s clones have been in 5 litre pots for 2 weeks before that they were in 1 litre pots for a week-10 days they were clones from 3 different strains taken 2 weeks into flower (pineapple chunk, pink Kush, Gorilla Zittles) temps are between 28c lights on and 22c lights off. they planted in Biobizz All mix. When I water them I’ve been using Canna Rhizotonic. Sunday just gone I started spraying them with Biobizz fish mix. the shed flooded on the weekend and was without power for 12 hours the plants were in darkness and went down to 14c the plants didn’t get wet they were up off ground
  17. Quite a mad, but simple concept. Under-counter fridge in the shed, 60W tube heater (it's cold out there), 40W E27 6500K LED (virtually zero heat), small PC fan for circulating air, a "smart CO2 bag" https://tinyurl.com/rl7z6ta Could or would this work? Would ideally use this to get clones going, pot up and top them before final pot up and sticking into the flowering cab. I know this will get met with a lot of stick and "why the hell would you want to do that" but the simple answer is I want to try it and see if it's possible. I built a small cab for vegging/cloning (30 x 16 x 50), but even with just an 80mm PC fan as exhaust and passive intakes alongside a 60W tube heater - I had big problems maintaining >15C inside.
  18. Welcome to my new thread which will be used to document my fun goings on down the back end of the garden for the remainder of this year. Current status: The Sweet Seeds competition has ended and I have a variety of plants in various stages, plus competition-winnings-seeds to germinate. A Cream Caramel clone who nearly died months ago, was waterlogged and took forever to root, the others were fine but this one I have nursed and nursed - Now she has rooted, taken off and I have topped her twice and had some bonsai type fun. I hope she will, in the end, bring nice large half metre long sticks of lush sticky buds: The Cream Caramel clones which did take off well, there were three, are well into flower, I think week 6 is now completed, could be week 7 I am unsure. There is also a single Cream Manderine which rooted well but its other 3 failed to take, so on the left side of my shed I have these four ladies: There are also four smaller Cream Caramel clones nestled in the middle of the shed between the larger Cream Caramels and my new Crystal Candy ladies which were sprouted from seed when I made the original clones. Here are the Crystal Candy ladies, I tried some LST but they were just unwieldy and two grew real high and fast for the sky Here is the largest bud forming up well: Since all of the above are a month from being cropped I have put on some new seeds, Sweet Cheese (on the left), Green Poison (middle row), Gorilla Girl (right side): Here they are in the tent, I had to take out one of the four legs to fit the box in as it is too big but with some black awning covering it - No light escapes. That's just a 125w CFL to keep them happy during night time. During the day the box is moved into the garden to get the best the sun has to offer That's where I am at right now. Fingers crossed ! So my setup is 2 x 400w Sylvania bulbs, not dual spectrum, brand new. Biobizz All Mix soil. Biobizz nutes: Grow, Bloom, Fishmix, TopMax, AlgaMic, RootJuice.
  19. I thought it would be nice to share my (I'm not the first to do it) method for making clones without clonex or powder just using Aloe Vera gel. For a while now I've been growing notill organic but still was depending on clonex for rooting clones. Really wanted to get away from using it and after a couple of very successful tries with Aloe I here I am sharing info. Most of this isn't new information and the method used here is gona be Ot1s method. Although this works well with jiffy pellets. I get an abundance of roots showing out of the jiffy after about 8 days, keeping the humidity at 100%. I forget the name of the active ingredient in the aloe that helps in rooting perhaps someone who reads this and knows could let me know and I'll add it to the info, with credit to that person of course I start by soaking the clones in mix of blended aloe gel and water for 24 hours, at this point they are already sliced and trimmed ready to dip into gel and plant. Next I wash a slice of fresh aloe plant and get it ready for dipping, I usually run a knife through the gel to get it nice an gooey Next I take a clone and dip the clones into the gel and get a nice coating on the bottom of the clone. Next I put the clone into a prepared hole in a mix of soil which has 35% perlite. (it's less than the 50% in the original method, but I try to use as little as possible this is the only stage I add it to my grow) I put 4 per pot Finally the pot gets bagged and tagged I'll take the bags off in aprox 12 days to check on them by that point most if not all of them will have nice roots. This is an oldtimes clone I took 8 days ago just been planted into some soil with a sprinkle of covercrop seed. She's a little pale but in a few days she'll be looking great and ready for more light. Unfortuneately I planted her before I grabbed the camera so I don't have a pic of her roots but I'll post the roots of the ones I took today once they are finished. I always have aloe plants around I use a mix of water and aloe gel, and alga as a foliar feed so this method of cloning comes at little extra cost and is as natural as it comes. I hope someone may find this interesting I found a few vids of youtube about it and it really interested me.
  20. thumbnail-20190219-122718.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Project 2019