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Found 5 results

  1. Want to run a humidifier+dehumidifier in my tent where each activates only when needed using inkbird controller, my goal is to maintain RH 75%-85%. Q's: 1. If I were to use humidifier/dehumidifier where would be the best place to install them? Close to intake maybe? 2. Is it pointless to run these when your extracting air 24/7? 3. Is there a way to calculate humidifier size? P.S. I KNOW HIGH RH AND CARBON FILTER DOESN'T MIX PLEASE LEAVE THAT TO ME
  2. Formula I've come across: Maximum amount of water you will ever give your plants(probably flush period) x the amount of plants. Problem is how the heck would could I possibly calculate how much water I'll be giving my plants?
  3. Planning on running intake&exhaust looking for a twin fan controller to help me control temps. Can anyone make a suggestion? & if you can remember the price paid it would be helpful since I'm trying to compare price. Thanks in advance:) & HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  4. I walked into my room. And to my horror the ac was blowing cold. Heater didn’t activate. It was 8°c for 4 hours. I’m using led and they are 10 days into flower. This was two days ago. I’ve give them a bloom feed since and they seem to be praying. So my question is ... what would that have done to my plants. As many say below 10°c will kill the plant
  5. Had a thought earlier today,... like you do, I'm in a pixie tent and sort on space so I was thinking get a small 1ft tube heater, one of them thin ones, stick it inside an 18" length of 4" waste pipe and connect inline to passive air intake about 50cm from tent intake opening, for the winter. I turn down exhaust fan at night but last two nights mins were and 66/18.8 and 64/17.7 they still sucked up half a litre while lights off for 6 hours so I'm guessing by uptake they wern't dormant in that period......... maybe I better start checkin bucket temp. Going 12/12 this week and will have light off in the day but it's getting winter out there and there will be more cold to come. Wondering whether it would be effective and whether anyones done this b4, I could close off the end of passive intake as well a bit so the air doesn't rush past the tube/waste pipe bit as fast. Oh the tents in a cupboard only about 18" from a water tank so it's never gunna freeze right out in there, the passive is the only way it will cool cos of fresh air.