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Found 100 results

  1. Well after a successful crop last year I decided to give it another bash this year but really toned it down this time lol. Last year was a crazy jungle with greenery as far as the eye could see haha. Took me more than 3 weeks to trim those bitches. I'm down to my last couple of Oz's from my last grow. This time I only put 6 plants out and kept them smallish in 6.5 litre pots. Actually these are mothers I took cuts from and had no use for them anymore so I decided to put them outside to see what they produce as I have just put the cuttings in the flowering room indoors. I can get an early indication and get to pre-sample the goods before the ones in my flower room finish off. Anyways I have 1 Lemon Skunk from DNA Genetics, 2 Kaliman Cheese#1 (both different phenos) and 3 BSB Genetics Blue Cheddar (3 different Phenos) They were put outside early July and are looking and smelling real nice.
  2. Dinafem cheese auto Time to go again as I estimate I have enough weed to smoke until early January. I’m going with 2 x Dinafem cheese auto as I have two seeds knocking about. I already grew one recently and harvested after 10 weeks. I got nearly 3oz from that plant. I was really impressed with the finished product. The buds are dense, bud stinks and it gets me high. This is my fourth grow. I’ve learnt a lot and I have pretty much got everything locked down. I’m expecting some seriously good results from these 2 plants. ( I hope!) My set up: 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 grow tent. 5” RVK extraction with a Rhino filter 4” RVK intake - on very low power 1 x desk fan 600Watt Dual spectrum light Dimmable ballast : 250w, 400w & 600w Temps will range from 22° to 27° Humidity between 40 & 60 Growing medium: Coco coir mixed with clay pebbles Airpots Nutrients: Canna A + B throughout the entire grow. PH between 5.5 & 6.5 Vitalink Pk 13/14 for one week late in flower. SMC spider mite prevention spray. Used in vegetation. I recently got infested and I don’t want to be cutting all my fan leaves off again like I had to with my previous grow. Just to add, I worked out that my infestation was caused by not having a filter on my intake fan. The little feckers were being sucked into my tent. I highly recommend putting a filter on the end of your intake fan. Seeds are being germinated using damp kitchen roll & then put in a sandwich bag. The seeds will go in my boiler cupboard. They’re usually ready to be transferred overnight. Once the seeds have popped, I’ll put the seeds into fabric pots. The fabric pots contain 50% coco & 50% seedling compost. Fabric pots are put back into boiler cupboard overnight then straight into the grow tent once they’ve sprouted. Light will be set to 450W and will be about 60cm distance from seedlings. Light will be run 600W/400W for 20 hours and then 250w for 4 hours. I prefer to give them 6 hours dark but it’s too cold now in my grow room. Seedling will be given 0.5ml of canna A + B for one week before the fabric pot is transferred directly into its 10 litre air pot containing Coco & pebbles. Nutrients are slowly increased over the Next 4 weeks to 2ml per 1.2L of water. I only feed around the seedling until the roots have spread sufficiently throughout the pot. I am still learning so any advice is always appreciated
  3. Airpot

    3 day dinafem cheese in airpot
  4. Airpot

  5. 3 day cheese auto in fabric pot

    3 day seedlings
  6. From the album Current Strains

    Deep Cheese 03/10/2018
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    Exodus Cheese 03/10/2018
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  15. From the album 9

  16. Hi all,im 4 weeks into flowering 7 Big Budda cheese Feminized , im struggling to upload pics to this site so can anyone help me and show me pics of a hermied plant in flower,ive removed it from growroom to save the rest which seem to be doing fine ,running a 600 hps,and a 250 ,with a beast of an extractor ,Just hope the rest are ok. They are sticky so hopefully they r ok.
  17. Hi all. I have 5 x swiss skunk seeds here in my small collection, research online says its a brilliant plant. I have never grown this but I read on one site that it can get very smelly so best advised to get a fresh filter beforehand. Has anybody ever grown this and did it stink your place out at all? and what was the quality like, the skunk varieties are my favourite and I guess swiss skunk (NL x Cheese) seemed to take my fancy at the time, however just slightly put off by the smell thing I read. Thanks guys, and girls.
  18. Hi all and merry xmas, I'm new to the forum and looking for a little help. I've done a handful of grows before with good results but they have always been in soil and this is the first one in a couple of years. So first, a little about my setup. I am growing in a 2m2 tent, with an 8" rhino extract fan/filter and a 6" inlet. I have used numerous lights in the past but now have x2 600w ballasts with Dutch barn shades. I'm currently have one turned on at 18/6. The temperature has been between 15* lights off and 25* lights on and the humidity between 45% and 65%. 19 days ago I germinated x5 feminised blue cheese by Big Buddha seeds, using the wet paper towel method. Within a day or two the tap roots were showing. I didn't have a ph meter at that point so had to hang out an extra day to put them into the jiffy pellets. (The tap roots were around 10/15mm long at this point). The pellets were then put back into the humidity dome, with my heat mats placed underneath. The temp set at 23*. Skip forward, to two days ago. The roots had started poking through the bottoms of pellets by now and the plants had started stretching. All except one that hadn't broke through the top of the pellet yet so I decided it was time to pot on. The pellets were put into .5L pots filled with canna coco and put onto the heat mat. They were then watered until I got some run off with a mix of canna rhizo 3ml, canna A and B (1ml of each) to 1.5l of water. This, EC'd at .3 and I then adjusted the PH down to 5.8 I think I may have also sprayed a light squirt of canna cure (just as a precautionary measure) to the leaves, during lights on period. Fast forward two days and the top leaves seem to be discoloured and dry! I have a few ideas of what this could be but I'm unsure and could really do with some help. These were my thoughts; •Nute burn •Wind burn (I did have a clip on fan about 12 inches away from them but pointing on them •Burn from the canna cure being used at lights on period •I don't think it could be light burn, as the light is at the very top of the tent, but is running 600w 18/6. •The humidity has dropped to around 30% so I have now put a few buckets of water in the tent. the temps have also been steady. Any help is greatly appreciated! And merry xmas once again Ps. I'm just working out how to upload a few pics Bryn.
  19. 2011ch4

    From the album From the start 2017

    One of the reasons i like air pots.
  20. 2011ch3

    From the album From the start 2017

    The cheese from another angle..
  21. 2011CH2

    From the album From the start 2017

    Not sure of the date but the Cheese..