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Found 69 results

  1. Lighting

    From the album 2020 Vapehead's First DWC Grow

    300w CFL for Germination and seedlings. 315w CDM/CMH 400 HPS
  2. After the recent failure of my LED light, I bought a 250w Blue CFL to tide me over until the replacement arrived. The replacement arrived and I'm now thinking about putting the CFL to work in a (very small) veg room. I've seen a nifty little 60x40x60 tent which would fit nicely in a wardrobe I have and I'd like to keep the set up as simple as possible. Even just 2 or 3 weeks of veg to get me ahead with my next grow while the current one finishes & drys would be ideal. It'll only be 2 plants at a time. Would the 250w CFL be too much for that tiny tent? It would be very close to the seedlings. Can I get away with no extraction for 2 to 3 weeks? I realise extraction would be optimal but how essential? The tent will be next to my bed and I don't want the noise of it.
  3. Hi, I’m looking at getting a dp90 to propagate and veg in, I’m thinking T5, will I need a 4 way or will 2 way suffice? Or shall I go along the cfl route as in winter will need heat in there as it’s in a garage. Thanks
  4. Hi, finally signed up! im getting a dp90 for propagation and veg, I’m thinking of T5 lights, will I need a 4 tube one or could I get away with a 2 tube? Baring in mind I will have 10 plants vegging at one time sometimes. Would cfl be a more viable option as sometimes the temp in the grow space goes down to 14 degrees or would a tube heater suffice with the T5 because it’s such a small space? many thanks
  5. Hi all, my first effort. I'm trying out a little cupboard grow with half a dozen 35W household CFLs and a couple of cheap and nasty chinese LED bulbs. Just one autoflower in there. It strikes me that 90% of the light from the CFLs is going in the wrong direction, away from my plant, and if I had some sort of reflectors for the lamps, like shiny or white cones to go round them and focus the light then that might be a lot more efficient. Can't find such a thing anywhere, especially since I'm trying to keep it cheap. Has anyone had any luck sourcing/making such things?
  6. Stumbled across this website seems to be lots of great info on here, I'm currently doing a 250w cfl grow with sensi skunk auto and I'm using coco for the first time. My 2 lady's are currently on day 52(one of the plants is 80cm tall and still hasn't showing pistils which is worrying), I'm hoping to find some good info on cfl grows.
  7. Last few bits and pieces to put together for my veg cabinet. Space is ~50 x 50 x 60 and looking to use 23W; 4500K CFLs as a light source. Rough total time frame for propagation and veg period is ~8 weeks (or however long it takes for the quick flowering plants to finish), process should be something like this: -Take clone cuttings from the plants before moving them to the flowering space. -Root riot cube and into propagator for 10-14 days. -Into 0.7L pots until rooted out, 7-10 days -Into 3L finals and topped twice, wanting to keep height <30cm. Left to root out and maintained until room is available in the flowering space again. -Rinse repeat... Would 2 lamps (46W) be enough for 4 plants - or should I be looking at 4 in total? Thanks to all in advance!
  8. First Noob post. Currently using a 600W HPS lamp and due to being tight and wanting to cut costs, I wanted to know what sort of results people have had using a CFL & LED together. Not a concern at this time of year but is the lack of heat an issue? I don't want to start seeing purple veins or any signs of plant flu. I've searched on here and the only results I came across were a few years old, so hoping for some newer opinions. Cheers NFT
  9. Hey guys, debating starting a small indoor grow, not in the position to flower until I move again. Just wondering would a 150watt cfl be sufficient for vegging one plant for a while? Or is there better alternatives? Just looking for something thats low energy drawing and doesn't create a lot of heat as it will be in a small enclosure
  10. Hey all. I have recently just built a veg room in my loft, adjoining onto my main room. Dimensions: 1.7m long, 0.85m deep, 1.2m tall. Solid room made of beams and loft paneling, insulated with 50mm poly boards and then fully mylared. I Will be putting a 4 inch output fan in to vent out and leave door ajar to bring air in with an small desk fan to oscillate around, this will be done next week. Ive just fitted a 300w CFL with reflector in as I just had it doing nothing and as I speak running some tests with 3 hemp seeds just as a practice, As I am a newb to doing. I will be aiming to crack open my 5 Kalashnikovas (GHS) soon, and a choice of 1 or 2 others. I have a red diesel and Honeysuckle which keep taking my fancy. My temp is averaging at 24 degree, highest this week so far 25.7 and lowest is 23.1, light on 24.7. My light is as high as will go, around 1m high, with the 3 hemps on the floor. I soaked seeds for 30 min while I saturated coco in small pots with some root stim and let that just drain and soak in in the meantime. then just stuck the seeds 1cm into each pot. Took 3 days for them to rise which was yesterday and since that they have grown 4 inches. Now I know these are hemp seeds and they might grow differently I dont know that much, but 4 inch seems a lot to me. Could the stretch be having the CFL light up at 1m? All 3 pots already have a big root coming out of the bottom and im just giving them small amounts of Growers ark rootstim and first feed, little and otfen to keep moist. Im confident this environment is good enough to crack my Kalashnikovas soon. Is yet to be vented but I am installing a small 4 inch fan next week. But is the CFL good enough at that height as Im a bit surprised at the stretch of the testers im running. My actual area is only one half of the room, as it is long and narrow. Im aiming to be able to house 8 to 9 young plants when im confident over time in there in a 60x60cm deep garland tray. Would I be better switching to a cooler bulb in the hotter months as I feel all that CFL is a warm old thing. And if so, what are the best bulbs for that space? A lot of questions I know, but I love this site and trust you all to be as helpful as we always are. Thanks lots.!
  11. 6 week old dutch power

    From the album First Grow Dutch Power Auto

    this is the only one in the tent now
  12. too little space?

    From the album First Grow Dutch Power Auto

    don't know if that's enough space so taken 1 out
  13. Welcome to my humble offering for the Sweet Seeds 2017 Diary Competition. Firstly, many thanks to Sweet Seeds for the free seeds, quite some deal - I send you no money and you send me three packs of seeds - I feel like I have already won before I started ! Here is a quick run down on the plan : Germinate the seeds in a 40x40x160 tent with a 125w Blue CFL using the good old fashioned standard - Wet tissue paper laced with 2ml per litre of Rhiztonic. Pop them into some Root Riot cubes and allow them to rise and root up. Once rooted their first pot will be a 0.7l square filled with Clover soil. Once they outgrow the small tent I shall transplant them into their final pots, 11 litre square's, once again using Clover soil but also with some additional organic bat guano - 1 litre mixed in with 80 litres of soil. Once in their final pots they will complete the journey in the big tent - 70x170x180 with 2 air cooled hoods holding 600w bulbs. I am using dimmable ballasts so can range from 400-1000w each if needed. Blue MH bulbs will go in to begin with then when flowering I can switch to the Red bulbs. Feeding will be kept simple, Rhizotonic all the way through until a few weeks before the end, Canna Start possibly whilst starting to veg out, Biobizz Fishmix once in full veg and in final pots, and finally Biozbizz Grow & Biobizz Bloom as appropriate. I live in a hard water area so doubt I will suffer from cal mag issues, but just in case, I do have a fresh bottle of Canna Trace Mix, so if there appears to be any kind of deficiency showing I will give them a few doses of this. Seed selection was difficult. Ideally I need a warehouse to fulfill my dreams, with a tent of every breed possible, but I had to settle on three. It was tough ! Jack47 (fast version) - I always kept looking this one up but its one of the more expensive ones - And I'm a tight arse Sweet Cheese (fast version) - I have done Sweet Cheese Auto a few times and even got a few hundred of my own seeds crossed with a SuperSkunk Auto male. My current favourite flavour. Sweet Skunk (fast version) - I couldn't resist, I am hoping to find a really deep skunky pheno, fingers crossed ! I will take clones, I would like to have a few mother plants. There are plans for a shed, in March I hope, if this happens then there will be a midnight move down to the end of the garden into a grow area twice the size of the tent. We will see ! They say a picture paints a thousand words. I agree. With this in mind I shall be setting up my DSLR camera on a little tripod with a timer so I can create a time lapse video to share with you all. I did a first attempt a while back which was pretty cool, I shall add it below. The plant in the video is now 82 days old and close to cropping, a Killer Kush Auto Last night I put all seeds into their tissue paper and covered them with a plant pot, it was nice and warm in the small tent with the 125w cfl powered up. Most of the seeds have cracked open and are showing their tap root, here a few pictures to get this diary started. Jack47 after 24h with a heavy watering of 2ml/litre Rhizotonic Sweet Cheese Sweet Skunk All seeds were put in to Root Riots And then heavily watered with the 2ml/litre Rhizotonic and put under the plastic hood of a propagator Happy smokes everyone !
  14. Hi all, my babies are currently 28 days old and under 85 watt CFL. I have a 400watt HPS. When shall I switch? https://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=368541&page=2#entry4486962
  15. Royal Queen seeds Quick One

    From the album 1st Auto grow

    Didn't seem to have an issue with the seed casing being stuck. Decided to keep them in one pot for convenience.
  16. High guys! I am a complete newb here! I have only ever had one grow a few years ago, after moving to a new apartment I decided to build a stealth grow box, took me a couple of days to get all set up and planted, I started to lst at week 3. I am growing 2 sweet tooth auto's, using; Straight up coco, (never thought of a pertile mix until it was too late), 3 20w warm white CFL's ( these were added after pictures were taken), 1 85w daylight CFL, Not sure of pot size, 1 pc fan ( cool air intake), 1 small pc fan ( warm air exhaust). Please please leave any suggestions or ideas you think may help me out.
  17. Seedsman test running

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

    #led 200w #autoflowering #lowryder2 #easyryder - 2 Liter pots Day 61 from seed #hps 600w #feminised #cbdcriticalmass #earlyskunk #cbdsharkshock #whitewidow- 6 liter pots Day 35 to 12/12 #CFL 125w #secret #strain - 1 Liter pots Day 30 waiting to harvest #automatics (led room)
  18. Hi guys ! Here is my proposed grow space for my first grow. Unfortunately I have to go for a stealth grow but have seen some amazing results on here, Alot of them in even smaller spaces than mine !! Anyway I have converted an old set of ikea drawers measuring roughly 1.8 x 1.5 x 1.3 ft. Its a simple setup but hopefully I can work with it. I will be using a 200 watt dual spec CFL and using pc fans for ventilation. http://i68.tinypic.com/315mvbr.jpg http://i63.tinypic.com/takoyh.jpg http://i65.tinypic.com/257mw75.jpg Let me know what you guys think all opinions welcome. P.s Sorry I didnt know how to turn the pictures round as they are the right way up on my laptop
  19. Studio 20160918 103738 800x722

    From the album Harvest time

    A small branch snapped off so I trimmed the buds. This is my first ever grow and therefore my first ever buds. I've now harvested 3 medium sized branches and got 40g wet buds. The rest of plant A will be harvested next week with plant B being harvested the week after. I'll update with pics weights as and when. It's taken 14 weeks in total with 55 days in flower.
  20. hey all hope your having a good day, I'm new to indoor growing and am about to start my first indoor micro grow in a water butt that measures .5m x.9m. I'm on a very tight budget and managed to stumble open a couple of 125w cfls for only £10 on ebay. They are classed as 'photography lights' and are only 5500k instead of 6400k/6500k so are not true daylight. Does anyone know if these are suitable for growing? or has any experience growing with 5500k lights? thanks , budie
  21. Seedlings :)

    From the album Pl4nKs INDOOR

    3 x AK-48 2 x Lemon OG Haze AUTO Freebies from Nirvana

    © Pl4nK

  22. Hello everyone , I am a first time grower i thought would start a journal and update weekly hopefully till harvest. Heres some info on my setup SPACE - walk in closet thing. Floor space 4 ft x 1.5 feet height is around 4 foot total then theres a shelf lighting is on underside, filter on shelf itself . SUBSTRATE - plant magic supreme NUTES - plant magic , grow , bloom , root granuals ( 20g per pot ) , bio silicone and , mag if needed. FILTRATION - 6" rhino hobby vented into loft space . LIGHTING - 2 x mars 300 led light units well will be as of tomorrow ( plus birthday end of week hopefully order my 3rd ) so will be 280w actual draw and 420w if i get the 3rd panel over the comin week 4 x cfl 125w daylight bulbs ( not all running because of heat issues but are there if needed ) i will probably run what cfl i can heat permitting along side the panels. AIR MOVEMENT - 2 x 6" clip on fans WATER- gassed of for 24 hrs with airpump tap water PLANTS - planted straight from seed strains are incredible bulk and rhino ryder from gorilla seeds both start 3 rd week veg tomorrow rhino just hitting pre flower now , no sign on the bulk as yet but its growing well ! Royal queen seeds bluematic and royal dwarf these are starting second week veg tomorrow ( note i start my veg count from first small group of leaves not the initial pop of them ) Here is a pic although having trouble putting on this thread? So heres a link http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?app=galleryℑ=350735 Royal dwarf on the far left then the rhino then the bulk (noticibly bigger ) then the bluematic. As already stated this is my first ever grow thought maybe start a journal so members can follow to check out strains maybe, or maybe just help me out as and when i may need it . Am not expecting miracles from this first grow but if i grow enough to justify my running costs and initial setup costs i be happy . Hopefully get enough to tie me over until my next harvest and i can dump the dealer. I have 4 plants and aiming for 4 oz , time will tell i suppose either way am pretty sure am at the best place to be any suggestions etc good or bad will be takin on board and hopefully we can have a laugh along the way .
  23. Amnesia Haze

    From the album Auto Amnesia Haze

    cfl, amnesia haze, auto, soil, bud, crystals
  24. Yooo! This is my first grow so i do not have any experience although I have done quite abit of reading up. Started my grow about a month ago. Cookies Kush, Amnesia, and black widow. Using a 0.8m x 0.8m x 1.6m Black orchid grow tent with A 4" 150m3/h extraction fan and carbon filter. For lighting im using a 250W 6400K CFL for veg and gonna use a 300W 2500K CFL + a 80W 6400 CFL for flowering. Im using an organic dark chocolate soil mix i put together myself, after ready around I decided organic soil suited me. I'm using compost tea to feed for veg every third water and will use mollasses tea during flower. I'm hoping for some dense aromatic danky buds so if anyone has any suggestions im open to them. I'm interested in using LST and SOG so any pointers with that would be grand! Please check it out! Peace!