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Found 212 results

  1. After the release of our first pure CBD strain, Dinamed CBD, our team of breeders had no choice but to go one stage further. We all wondered whether it was possible to boost her cannabinoid content even more so as to create a strain with super-high CBD levels. The result is Dinamed CBD Plus, an incredible plant boasting an impressive 20 % CBD content and less than 1 % THC. Dinamed CBD Plus was created not only to meet the therapeutic needs of medical users but also to offer the best quality ever to pure CBD consumers who, rather than the THC-triggered psychoactive high, wish to enjoy the relaxing effect produced by CBD. Apart from an amazing stability resulting from a rigorous selection and breeding process, Dinamed CBD Plus showcases higher cannabinoid levels than her sister, Dinamed CBD. Exactly like her predecessor, she is part of an extraordinary lineage of CBD-rich genetics and has her origins in a self-cross. Dinamed CBD Plus essentially derives from the self-pollination of an extraordinary plant known as Dinamed CBD 5. The purpose of our using this technique was to narrow her gene pool so that both her stability and homogeneity were significantly boosted. The therapeutic properties of CBD have brought in their wake a deluge of information and scientific research on this cannabinoid. After decades overshadowed by its distant relative, the CBD is no more in the background but at the forefront. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, a fantastic feature that, together with its multiple therapeutic properties and its ability to fight the side effects of tetrahydrocannabinol, places great value on this interesting cannabinoid. Several research studies have proved CBD to have muscle-relaxing, anticonvulsant, neuroprotective, anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory effects. For all these reasons, Dinamed CBD Plus is a powerful tool for treating neurodegenerative diseases, some serious forms of epilepsy such as Dravet Syndrome, multiple sclerosis and even mental disorders like schizophrenia. Morphology Dinamed CBD Plus is a sativa-dominant hybrid with abundant lateral branching and medium distance between nodes. Her hybrid-shaped leaves with jagged and mid-sized leaflets could acquire purple hues during the last phase of the flowering when the temperature drops by 10°C at night. A beautiful mid-sized/large plant on which to feast your eyes. Yield Dinamed CBD Plus produces heavier yields than her predecessor, with more cannabinoids and stronger scents. Her resin is also different from what we’re used to. It’s less gooey, and this is down to her low THC content (lower than 1 %) that causes plants to produce less glandular trichomes and more basal trichomes. In short, incredibly bountiful crops of sativa-looking cone-shaped buds with a great calyx-to-leaf ratio. Aromas and flavours Dinamed CBD Plus boasts delicious sweet and zesty tastes. Ideal for lovers of fruity flavours with very special and familiar notes. Effects Thanks to her super-high CBD content of up to 20 %, Dinamed CBD Plus is the perfect anxiolytic, muscle relaxant and pain reliever. And, with such low THC levels, you’ll be able to enjoy all her properties without being hit by the typical psychoactivity felt when consuming cannabis. However, this doesn’t mean that Dinamed CBD Plus doesn’t produce an immediate effect. In fact, her high will quickly take you to a state of total relaxation that, without being too narcotic, will help you soothe away your stresses and even fall into a deep sleep. All these features, together with the anti-epileptic, anti-psychotic, anti-oxidant and antidepressant properties of CBD, make Dinamed CBD Plus a therapeutic strain of great interest. Cultivation Dinamed CBD Plus grows vigorously due to her sativa heritage and, although it shouldn’t be a problem, it must be borne in mind when growing indoors. In fact, she’s so easy to grow that a standard diet should be enough. No need for great inputs of nutrients. After a flowering of just 60 days, she’ll be ready for harvest by late September/early October in the northern hemisphere, and at the end of March in the southern hemisphere. Characteristics of Dinamed CBD Plus cannabis seeds Sex Feminised Genotype 40% Indica / 60% Sativa Cross Dinamed CBD 5 x Dinamed CBD 5 Suitable for Indoors and outdoors Indoor flowering 55-60 days Indoor yield 500 g/m2 Outdoor harvest time Late September / Early October Outdoor yield 1000 g/plant Outdoor height 3 m THC 0.5-1% CBD 15-20% THC/CBD ratio 1:30 Enjoy All the best Mark..
  2. Hello all, Just after a few pointers if possible please. I'm experimenting with a CBD auto strain called dinamed kush, I use CBD oils and i'm genuinely curious in the cultivation of the plant. Needless to say, I'm now treating my little plant like a newborn child! I think she popped on the 18th Feb, making her about 3 weeks old now. From my copious amounts of reading; I think I have over-watered this first plant so i'm just easing off a little now. I maybe over compensated due the humidity only being around 40% (up to 50% for a while after misting). Also trying to increase the humidity, I stood the plants in clay ball pots and fill (most days) with water, taking care to only fill about half way up the tray. I did gently ease out the plant to see the soil, and the roots look a healthy white colour all around the container. The USB fan is just simply intaking air from the open flap at the bottom of the tent and expelling passively it out the vent at the top. I'm just wondering if i'm doing anything obviously wrong (other than over-watering/stunting the growth), and for example when I should move into the final 7litre pot with Canna Terra Pro (mixed with perlite), or when to give her the first diluted grow feed. By the way the second plant is an auto called Charlotte's Angel which has just popped, and I'll treat differently by not watering as much. Here's my set up: 40cm x 40cm x 120cm tent Mars Hydro Reflector 48 300w Dalefoot fine wool seed compost peat-free (using now for seedlings) Canna terra professional (for repotting later) USB powered fan (half speed) Light is roughly 24" from plant P.M. O.T. Grow & Bloom (not used yet)
  3. Sweet Pure CBD® The first “CBD-pure” cannabis strain from Sweet Seeds®, with very low levels of THC, generally under 1%, and high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD), specially designed to satisfy the needs of therapeutic cannabis users who prefer to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC. Sweet Pure CBD® (SWS65) features a THC:CBD ratio of between 1:15 and 1:20, with levels of THC standing between 0,4% and 1% and CBD levels of around 8-15%. Such low levels of THC and high CBD turn our Sweet Pure CBD® into a cannabis plant with imperceptible psychotropic effects. With these high levels of CBD, therapeutic cannabis users can get an extra benefit from the medicinal properties of CBD. This strain is the result of two generations of autopollination (S2) of a CBD-rich clone with ancestors from the Diesel family. The aroma of this strain is sweet and fruity, with mandarine citrus tones and soft fresh hints of cypress. The plants present Indica-Sativa hybrid structure with Sativa predominance. Data Sheet Variety SWS65 Indica: 40% / Sativa: 60% THC:CBD Ratio: (1:15-1:20) Indoor Yield: 400-500 g/m2 Outdoor Yield: 375-600 g/plant Indoor Blooming: 9 weeks Outdoor Harvest: late September
  4. Hi Guys Not sure if this is in the right place, Mods feel free to move to where ever. I just thought I would share this beautiful plant. Its a Dinafem Dinamed Kush Auto CBD. Its poorly grown under 12/12 light cycle, The pot is too big and the soil was much to N rich. But look at the colors of this beauty. I plan to quit tobacco with the help of CBD strains. I love the taste of weed but i cant be baked all the time.She has been purple her whole life. no cold temps just in the genetics i guess. What do you think?
  5. We’ve partnered up with rugby stars George Kruis and Dom Day, founders of fourfivecbd to give away the rugby loving weekend of a lifetime! Win and you will be heading to London, together with a mate to take in a Saracen’s game VIP style and create memories that will last forever meeting the team in the Players’ Lounge. To remember your epic weekend you’ll get a jersey signed by the team plus a brilliant package of fourfivecbd products to try and enjoy. What’s more, we’ll throw in £1,000 to cover your travel and accommodation, or to spend however you’d like. Don’t wait, enter today! GRAND PRIZE Enter today to win an unforgettable weekend and prize package including: + Two (2) Tickets to a Saracens home game at Allianz Park for the game of the Winner’s choice, subject to availability. + £1,000 (one thousand) cash. + An invitation to join players George Kruis and Dom Day in the Players’ lounge after the game. + A Saracens shirt, signed by the Saracens team. + A package of fourfivecbd products, a £300 (three hundred) value package to include an assortment of CBD oils, balms, and capsules. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the United Kingdom. The SeedsmanCBD “Ultimate Rugby Weekend Giveaway” Ends on 28/11/2019 at 12:00PM UK Time GMT. No purchase necessary. Winner will be chosen at random.

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  7. CBD

    Evening all, I’m trying to do as much research as I can before I start a grow. i was wondering if anyone knows how to get a high CBD and very low THC plant. Do I have to get specific seeds? A certain method of growing? my work industry is incredibly hot on drug testing but I take CBD for health issues and it helps, but it can be quite expensive and I’d like to have a go and growing my own
  8. Is there anywhere selling cbd seeds that are under 0.2%thc? found plenty of places to buy bud online in uk but nowhere that sells seeds.. obviously dont want to buy bud if I can grow my own....
  9. with my loft tent set up and ready to grow its about time I started my first diary Around the 1st May i dropped my Dinafem Critical Mass CBD seed into water and popped it into a mini heated propagator. 24h later and it'd cracked and the tap root was starting to emerge so i placed it carefully into a rootit sponge and placed the lot into my temporary veg cabinet. she had some difficulties throwing her shell off so after a day or two i eased it off and left her to get on with things - unfortunately i hadn't noticed that a bit of shell pith was still clinging on and this prevented the cotyledons from properly opening for another day or two before i worked up the courage to cut them free with a razor blade now 5 days from germination shes starting to spread her wings a bit - shes not coming on as quick as I'd have liked but i suspect i may have left her in the closed heated prop for a little too long, plus the closed cupboard with no ventilation is hardly a perfect environment - will definitely have to have to work out something better for next time plan is to let her settle into the rootit sponge, then once she's happy move her into a 4" rockwool cube and hand water for a bit before dropping her in the NFT tray... super excited (and a little nervous) to finally have my first grow on the go - looking forward to some home grown weed in T minus 12-16 weeks and counting
  10. ak47 cbd photo

    From the album My plants from '08 onwards

    Got rid of the bloody scales.

    © bluntz27

  11. Ak cbd photo

    From the album My plants from '08 onwards

    Had some scale insects. keep killing when they appear.

    © bluntz27

  12. Has anyone got any experience using CBD oil to help with anxiety? I've not used CBD before but I saw on an infographic that it can be used to help anxiety with little or no side effects.
  13. Pink Kush CBD Auto

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  14. Pink Kush CBD Auto

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  15. Pink Kush CBD Auto

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  16. Pink Kush CBD Auto

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  17. ak47 cbd photo (rejuved)

    From the album My plants from '08 onwards

    Re growing this. Shes doing well

    © bluntz27

  18. I know this isnt exactly a growing question so please delete if not allowed. Now ive always wondered what the cbd percentage of industrial hemp was. not many people have access to chromatography machines so i dont assume many people will know. since fresh hemp seeds are readily available and grow pretty well outdoors i thought if it did have any useable cbd percentage without having to extract oil out of it, it could be of some use.