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Found 24 results

  1. Corona - Follow the Bear. Nice to hear this story on the radio this morning as I wake and bake. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45204186 M
  2. Hi Guys. I'm completely new at growing my own & have made some silly mistakes as I shall show later on. but right now my major problem is the height of my four plants which are NOT autos, in a 2ft x 2ft x 8ft high grow tent. The plants from the bottom of the pots are over 5ft high. Now that poses the problem that my lights (1 x 300W Hps) (1 x 300W LED from Mars Hydro) are too close to the top of my plants......Much too close. Now I know about trimming and FIM which must be done at earlier stages in the plants life but I learnt this info too late. I have also run out of space! The plants are drop dead healthy but I only kicked them into flowering mode 1 week ago. I now have about 8 inches from the top of my HPS light and the LED is raised higher and is about one and a half feet from the tops of the plants. The real question is should I simply trim the plants down from their main stem or should I just scrap two of the four plants and scrog/bend the other two as much as I can at this late stage? I do need some help and it will be very much appreciated I can assure you. My two remaining options are to scrap two of them or leave them somewhere and hope they are rescued by someone who can grow them out. Thank you for listening guys, And believe me, any help will be good. Respect............. Cmoon
  3. Day72 canopy 01

    From the album First Grow

  4. Trumpton 28th September

    From the album Trumpton 28th September

  5. Canopy Killer Skunk Day 12

    From the album A Rhizomatic Diary

    6 UGORG Killer Skunks under a 1000w Gavita DE They are 15 inches from the light
  6. Canopy Blues Day 12

    From the album A Rhizomatic Diary

    6 UGORG Blues under a 1000w Gavita DE They are 25 inches from the light
  7. canopy7

    From the album Canopy, G13 X Blueberry headband

  8. canopy6

    From the album Canopy, G13 X Blueberry headband

  9. canopy5

    From the album Canopy, G13 X Blueberry headband

  10. canopy4

    From the album Canopy, G13 X Blueberry headband

  11. canopy3

    From the album Canopy, G13 X Blueberry headband

  12. canopy2

    From the album Canopy, G13 X Blueberry headband

  13. canopy1

    From the album Canopy, G13 X Blueberry headband

  14. Blues veg

    From the album Blues

  15. Evening all, After a bit of advice if I can please! I always thought the key to getting a decent crop was a nice level canopy, which I suppose it is! But something that I have appeared to lack in my last couple of grows was a decent length cola. The Iced Grapefruit did have nice long colas but half was under the canopy so the buds weren't as solid as they could be half way down. I always tend to under trim after a couple of weeks in flower which I swear I'll alwalys correct next grow but never seem to take enough off! I really feel I'm not quite getting the best penetration from my 1000w, which is why I'm probably just missing out on a gram per watt, not by much, 4 or 5 Ozs but that adds up to a lot of bud over a few grows Just a general chit chat really, pictures in my diary if anyone's interested Thanks I love you all
  16. image

    From the album Stop20s goodies

    Stop20s blue cheese screenless scrog

    © Stop20

  17. From the album SmellyBerry & UGORG#1

    © ©rubbabudbud

  18. SmellyBerry UGORG#1 Week 3 Flower

    From the album SmellyBerry & UGORG#1

    © ©rubbbabudbud