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Found 69 results

  1. Hi there I'm new to 420 and would like some advice and I'm first time grower i have 3 plants (1 Pineapple Express) ( 1 Royal dwarf ) (1 QUICK ONE) UNDER 300w led with veg and bloom switch tent temp is around 25 RH around 45 / 55 i am feeding with IONIC Nutrients (VEG) IONIC SOIL GROW 7 ml / litre IONIC NITROZYME 1ml / litre IONIC GREENFUSE GROW 1 ml / litre IONIC SUPERDRIVE 1 ml / litre all stages start to finish (Bloom) IONIC SOIL BLOOM 7ml / litre IONIC GREEN FUSE BLOOM IONIC SUPERDRIVE 1ml /litre IONIC PK BOOST 14:15 - 1 ml / litre PPM WHEN MIXED IS AROUND 900 EC READS AROUND 1500 / 1800 I have been doing a 6 litre mix since veg so each plant has 2 litre solution each 2 days . i have my plants in 5 litre grow bags. the seed to the first pistols showing (pre flower) the plants have been great growing fast and doing good. Once the preflower started showing the plant shot up just as I have been told they would. so I waited the week to start the bloom mix now this is were I think things have really slowed down and not sure why. It's just coming to the end of week 2 of flower but the bud aren't getting any bigger but the hairs are turning brown <----- PROBLEM any advice would be great ( my bloom mix they get 4 litre every 2 days if soil is dry ) pictures to come
  2. Hi Novel FAAH Inhibitor May Reduce Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms in Men The investigational fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibitor (FAAH) PF-04457845 may decrease cannabis withdrawal symptoms and dependence in men, according to phase 2 study results published in Lancet Psychiatry. Researchers conducted a double-blind placebo-controlled parallel group trial of 46 men between age 18 and 55 who were diagnosed with cannabis dependence using Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition (DSM-IV) criteria. Study patients were randomly assigned in a 2:1 ratio to receive either 4 mg daily of PF-04457845 or placebo by means of a fixed block size of 6 patients, stratified according to degree and willingness to cease cannabis use. The co-primary end points were the difference in withdrawal symptoms after 4 weeks of therapy in addition to self-reported cannabis use and urine THC-COOH measures. After statistical analysis, the investigators found that compared with placebo therapy with PF-04457845 was associated with a significant reduction in cannabis withdrawal and accompanying mood symptoms (mean symptom score difference, 4.96; 95% CI, 0.71-9.21; P =.048) after treatment day 1. In addition, participants in the PF-04457845 arm saw a significant reduction in self-reported cannabis use after 4 weeks of treatment (mean joints per day difference, 0.88; 95% CI, 0.29-1.46; P =.0003) and lower urinary THC-COOH concentrations (mean difference of 657.92 ng/mL; 95% CI, 17.55-767.18; P =.009) . The primary study limitation was the enrollment of only male patients, which limited the generalizability of results. https://www.psychiatryadvisor.com/addiction/investigational-faah-inhibitor-may-reduce-cannabis-withdrawal-symptoms-in-men/article/825448/ Bongme
  3. Hi guys! I am new here and entered by all my doubts about cannabis, I currently live in London, but I am Spanish I want you to forgive my language, good greetings to all!
  4. Hi guys, so im doing some fastbuds auto flowers and everything seemed to be running completely fine. I did a foliar spray with 1ltr warm water to 2ml neem oil 1 teaspoon of dish soap. stupidly enough i did the spray whilst the lights was still on without thinking about the leafs maybe dehydrating or burning under the lights. The following next morning i came back to my girls looking like they're on deaths door. can anyone clarify what i did here.. whether i burnt them or its a deficiency which im not picking up as a first time grower. Im running, just normal compost soil with a 400w hps light, biobizz grom and bloom. 60/40 soil to perlite. I thought maybe over watering as my leafs are really drooping. just any advice would be lovely! they've been like this for about 2-3 days now. they've carried on growing in height but doesnt look like the leafs are repairing also struggling to upload my photos -.-
  5. Hi everyone, I recently directed a project at an event in parliament where patients spoke about how cannabis helps them, along with a quick update from the United Patients Alliance. Thought this community may appreciate it. Positive vibes, Mike.
  6. So here maybe a new idea for you all. ive come across something called the Kratky method. A hydroponics system with is just a bucket filled with water and a basket In the lid filled with perlite. Plant in the middle add nutes to water and grow outside. And it works! People have mentioned that stem rot and things would be likely but from what I’ve seen it works amazing and the buds come out beautiful. gas anyone else done this or is it just a lucky break he had? Also thing for Guerilla Growing purposes it’s amazing. Hang a bucket in a tree with an auto.
  7. Hi everyone from UK420, I am just a freshie here but been a long time lurker. I thought it was about time I joined so I can contribute to the forums finally. Keen to see what interesting characters I'll meet through these boards so say hi and be nice Have a good one everyone!
  8. Cannabis is now a billions and billions of monetary commodity. Thank you for letting me be an member here. Sites like this are setting the groundwork for future cannabis farming and information
  9. Anyone tell me if this light "LED Grow Light, 600W Dual Chips Full Specturn Grow Lamp Red Blue Plant Light for Indoor/Garden/Hydronics/Vegetable/Flowers Growth,UK Plug(10W leds)" on amazon will do for 2 plants?
  10. Hello I have recently come across the new idea for Guerilla Growing. I have seen people are growing in the top of trees. Such an amazing idea. I just wanted to ask has anyone done this in the uk? Any advice and mistakes that can be minimised? And also do I still need to protect from slugs? I will be surrounding the plant with a bet for birds but I’m not sure what pests need to be worried about up trees
  11. My daughter shared this with me, as she is following Jeff Ditchfield and Bud Buddies (as I don't facebook).
  12. If you had the chance to help legalisation of cannabis what would you want in/not home growing of 12 plants, ban on strong skunk, would you want it sold in shops with edibles,
  13. Long time smoker with tobacco joints, roughly 80% green 20% baccy, always been to go method. Trying to get into using oil more. If I have missed any method please state yours
  14. Long time smoker with tobacco joints, roughly 80% green 20% baccy, always been to go method. Trying to get into using oil more. If I have missed any method please state yours
  15. Hey y'all. I have a question to everyone who travels and consumes cannabis and has insomnia. I was recently traveling to a country where cannabis is still not legal, so had to face my insomnia, a thing that I forgot about ever since I started using cannabis. I think the SPAM link removed I was struggling with, were enormous. And when I had to travel for a longer period and not have cannabis on my way, my insomnia was again torturing me. Is there any idea of what I can do in those cases? Has anyone tried using yoga? Or do you have any other ideas?
  16. What i don't gree with is to stigmatize cannabis and label it as something that doesn't make you "sleep at night" with a clear conscience and producing wine is a good thing. We all know that alcohol is responsible for more deaths than cannabis every year. So i don't understand and don't agree with those who want to demonize a plant. Alcohol intoxicates as much as cannabis do. So why cannabis is "bad" and alcohol is "good"?
  17. Seems like some1 got close to the real thing! Check this out! The colour is amazing! https://www.maxim.com/maxim-man/weed-wine-2016-10
  18. Hi everyone. Searched google for a nice place to chat and discuss and you came highly recommended. Not had too much time to read much on here but wow seems like a great place to soak up the info I'm from the UK and just started my grow about a week ago. Still in the process of finishing off my box but my two babies (Cookies Kush/Barneys) and Kushberry (DNA) are being looked after at a friends. Been thinking of growing for years, even when I lived in sunny Spain, I just never got round to doing it. Finally took the plunge. (Am I allowed to post photos?) If your reading this then thanks for taking the time. Hi and hope to chat soon.
  19. Case Reports: Cannabinoids Improve Speech In Patients With Tourette Syndrome Hannover, Germany: The daily administration of cannabinoids is associated with improved speech fluency in patients with Tourette Syndrome (TS), according to a pair of case reports published in The International Journal of Molecular Sciences. A pair of researchers from the Hannover Medical School in Germany assessed the impact of daily cannabinoid treatment in two TS patients with treatment-resistant vocal blocking tics. One patient underwent therapy utilizing THC-dominant whole-plant cannabis. The other utilized dronabinol (oral THC). In both cases, authors reported that treatment resulted in "significant improvement not only of simple and complex motor and vocal tics, but also in the overall symptomology including comorbid conditions and most importantly significantly improved patients' quality of life including their social contacts and performance at school without side effects." They concluded, "[C]annabis-based medicine appears to be effective in treatment-resistant TS patients with vocal blocking tics." Prior studies and case reports have similarly demonstrated that the administration of either inhaled cannabis or oral synthetic THC is associated with substantial improvements in TS-related symptoms. sauce
  20. Hi there, pretty new to growing, but I know how to, but usually I just stick to autos. I am growing this Purple Bud strain from SensiSeeds and I am having a few problems with it. I have noticed my leaves looked kind of krinkled and shiny just in the krinkled bits. They are canoeing (this has got better over the days as I started flushing) and I have notices these yellow marks on the leaves (In pictures) and I have seen 3 tiny holes in 3 of my leaves. Also the plant is 4 weeks old and it's quite short and very very bush and stubby with the thickest stem I've ever seen on a plant this old. I was just wondering whether the stubbiness size, bushiness and thickness of this strain is normal? How can I treat the leaves? And also, When should I switch to 12/12? I'll try and upload some photos via another website and enter the URL here. Thank you.
  21. Hi everyone , Black Jack Auto®, with 68 days since germination, 20 L pot, Atami Kilomix Soil and light Led Cree Cob in the room: Sweet smokes! jaypp
  22. Just thought I would share this here as I'm sure a few people will find this very interesting and informative. enjoy Phylos Galaxy Phylos has the world’s largest database of cannabis DNA featuring the genetic identity of thousands of varieties from over 80 countries. The Phylos Galaxy is a 3D population genetics visualization of this data, offering the public unprecedented scientific insight into varieties that, until now, have only been categorized by street names. Anyone can submit a variety to the Galaxy with Phylos Genotype, a DNA sequencing test that offers permanent placement in the Galaxy, a “living” digital genetic report that updates in real time, and digital marketing tools to share your exciting varieties with the world. The Cannabis Evolution Project The Cannabis Evolution Project was a two-year collaboration with Rob Desalle, a curator and phylogeneticist at the American Museum of Natural History. Thousands of ancient and modern cannabis samples were collected from around the world, and serve as the foundation for the Galaxy you see today. We’re still working hard to tell the evolutionary story of this diverse and amazing plant. How does it work? Each node, or star, in the Phylos Galaxy represents a single cannabis plant. The distances between nodes show how similar they are. The lines show how related they are. Samples that share a lot of genetic variants will be very close, and different genetic populations are represented by colors. How did you make the Galaxy? We sequenced the DNA of over a thousand cannabis plants and compared them. We mapped those relationships into three dimensions using Principal Components Analysis, a well-established technique in the field of population genetics. We combined this approach with other statistical genetics methods that generate “heredity lines” connecting closely related samples. Then, we made an interactive visualization. These techniques have never before been used to visualize a single species. Why is Phylos sequencing the DNA of different Cannabis varieties? We want to know how Cannabis has evolved, what its history was like, and how it has co-evolved with humans. We want to know what domestication does to the shape of evolution, and to better understand the complex diversity of hybrid strains. We’re investigating where they came from, why they’re so different, and what makes each one unique. And most importantly, we want consumers and patients to finally know what they’re getting and be able to find it again without relying on inaccurate names. http://www.phylosbioscience.com/the-phylos-galaxy/
  23. Hello everyone, apologies if I have posted this as a reply to anyones' posts but I was unaware that I could do this. I'm a student hoping to become a veterinary scientist, I am currently performing an investigative project about the use of cannabis/cannabiniods in veterinary medicine. I know it is pretty biased to ask for responses from forums such as these on this site but have been gaining responses from many different places to try and gain a good mix but many people are reluctant as they are unfamiliar with the topic. Any responses will be greatly appreciated! Heres' the link>> [Link removed]<< Thanks guys!
  24. Second time growing, learnt a few mistakes from the last grow such as just using a 3 part flora series is not enough to get the perfect taste,intense high etc. My bud came out smelling like hay and taste like it too, looked sugary all the way through but became a let down!. This time im upgrading my grow room, new tent, pumps, filters, extraction fan/inline fan. Growing under 400w/or 180w LED in a 100x100x160cm tent. x 2 plants. (full female) my tap water comes out at 0.42ppm or 0.042ppm cant quite remember, but i will be leaving these out for 24hours and use some airstones . I have researched my nutrient list but some nutrients I just cannot find within the UK or shipping costs are far to high. anyone within the united kingdom could you please send me a breakdown of your nutrients etc, where to buy. ADD NUTRIENTS AS FOLLOWS. 5.8/6.2 Ph Hydro ARMOUR SI (silica for plant growth) 1ml/4.5ltr ((add first to avoid clougy water)) CaligMagic (CalMag) 1/0/0 (4ml/4.5ltr) ((all way through veg/bloom)) FloraBlend Vegan Plant booster (3ml/4.5ltr) ((all way through)) 0.5/1/1 Floralicious plus (1ml/4.5ltr) ((all way)) 2/0.8/0.02 VEG BASE NUTRIENTS FloraMicro(2ml),FloraBloom(1ml/4.5ltr),Floragro(3ml), FLOWER BASE NUTIRENTS FloraMicro(2ml),FloraBloom(3ml/4.5ltr, Floragro(1ml) WEEK 5 OF FLOWER ADD Liquid Koolbloom (2ml/4.5ltr) - 0/10/10 BENEFICIAL BACTERIA ((use all the way through RECHARGE - Molassus etc.
  25. Hi sweet growers! This year has become in the best way, our Crystal Candy® (SWS58) has won the 1st Prize – Best Indica – Spannabis Champions Cup – Barcelona – 2017 We hope you enjoy this marvelous plant, is fruity and* very sweet. And of course is a great producer of flowers and is very easy to grow, as all the Sweet Seeds varieties. Crystal Candy® is a real Champion! Buy Crystal Candy® Sweet Smokes!