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Found 61 results

  1. Ok guys! This thread is for you out there that have a perticular liking to the cannabis plant photography of it's beauty, morphology and it's trichomes..... So,i suggest that people post nice old pictures of paradise seed strains they personnaly feel really do reflect the specific genetic traits of the strain they where growing at the time, or right now, or in the future. I would like to emphasize that amateur photographers are more than welcome, but for the sake of clarity and accurate analysis of the pic, please take the pictures with a flash just before the light opens, or in the first 2 to 3 minutes after they open, as to get a good overall image of the plant. Those of you that are already accustomed to cannabis photography and it,s tweeks, i have nothing to add. You can also go post your Paradise Seeds picture on our website's photo contest for the chance to win prizes! https://www.paradise-seeds.com/en/media/photocontest.html Now, for this little personnal thread of us Paradise Lovers here, i will personnaly donate gifts and genetics to the most Artistic and professional Quality picture of either a dried flower top (10 inches and up), a live flower top, a whole plant shot or a whole field shot if you guys are so fortunate in this day and âge. Everybody is welcome! Remember this is all in good fun! JF
  2. Hi up to now iv been growing in soil in aut pots not done to bad but want to change to coco still in auto pots on next grow with a ro system as my water hardness is bad and tap water EC is 0.7 iv been using this a a feeding guide and using canna tera as a guide week 1-4 ec 0.6-0.8 NB as my water is very hard and had a EC of 0.7 i was bumping week 2-4 to 1.1 EC week 4-6 ec0.8-1.2 week 8-9 ec1.2-1.8 Nb ushaly endinmg up at 1.5-1.6 week 9-11 ec0.8-1.1 as water is so hard then no nutes /flush to chop with cana pk and a bit of rihizotonic iv decided to try coco now instead of soil in autopots for next grow and i have orded a 5 stage RO system was planing on buying baged canna coco and mixing it to 70/30 perlite iv ordered canna coco a and b i know i will need to add cal mag how much calmag would you guys recomend should i use canna state too ? can you guys help me aout a bit please with a feeding sheduale. one other thing this grow i had a fungas gnat prob can i top coc with sand if i need to and get the fookers againg hopefully i wont they cam with the bag of soil this time oh here is my warter i arear but i will soon have a 5 stage RO system installed it on order WATER HARDNESS The hardness of water in the Affinity Water area occurs naturally and is characterised by the presence of high levels of calcium and magnesium, which are good for healthy teeth and bones. CALCIUM 149 mg/l Calcium is the principal constituent of hardness. TOTAL HARDNESS 372.5 mg/l Total hardness is usually expressed in terms of calcium carbonate and is measured in milligrammes per litre (mg/l) which is the same as parts per million (ppm). The recognised classification scheme we are using is: 0-75 soft, 76-150 moderately hard, 151-300 hard, 300+ very hard. Your water is very hard. Degrees English (or Clarke) 26.075 phContent hardness measurement is used on some British appliances. Degrees German 20.86 phContent is used on some German appliances. Degrees French 37.25 phContent is used on some French appliances. MILLIMOLS 3.725 mmol/l Millimols per litre. Some appliances refer to water hardness in millimols per litre (mmol/l). FLUORIDE 0.111 mg/l Fluoride naturally occurs in the water in many areas. Affinity Water does not add any fluoride to your water. Fluoride is measured in milligrammes per litre (mg/l).
  3. Hi all hope your well its been a long-time since I've been on here .. been bouncing round rented houses so not been growing my last one was a loft grow which i did well on a whole but the last one was crap full of seeds which assume was a herm due to the hot summer we had Not sure if this is the correct section but the new house has a nice garage to build a grow room.. coming from a loft I have a few questions Ok grow room size I've got 3m x 2m i intend to build a 3 long x 2 wide x 3 .5 High frame and use 75mm king span to create a fully insulated box.. there will be a air gap of 100mm right around the box .. the garage is a fully brick units with a tiled roof lighting I still have 6 x 315 CMH id like to use and 4 x UK DIY led units can think of the model but it was a 400w HPS replacement could mix these up as wont need to run them all ventilation my stuffs still boxed but I'm sure i have 1 x 10" stealth perish fan matched with the same make 6" fan controlled by a G.A.S controller which ramps up and down In the loft i used 6 x 11ltr pots in a scrogg with coco.. i did wonder if upping the pot size might increase my yield ? Nutz i was using the Canna feed since it was some time again maybe there is better out there now.. Something new Some months ago i was stripping a old factory out which had gone pop and i was able to get my hands on 2 x Mitsubishi air con units which i have in storage i believe these are around 15000 Btu.. I'm thinking of installing these but need to do a lot of research how they would be used in a grow room assuming there don't remove any air from the area so smell shouldn't be a issue and it would mean that i don't need to exchange so much air to cool therefore been more stealthier? any one got some advice on AC or tips to look into? Humidity not sure on this one would the AC help here Thanks in advance
  4. Canna Nutrients in stock now We're happy to announce we have the full range of canna nutrients in stock for next day delivery. https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/canna for new customers Code UK420 gets you 10% off. If you have made an order before please contact us before so we can discuss getting you on our customer loyalty program. All products listed below for easy access . CANNA PK13/14 https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/canna/products/canna-pk13-14 CANNA FLUSH https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-flush-1 CANNAZYM https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/canna/products/cannazyme CANNA START https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-start CANNA CURE https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-cure-1 CANNA RHIZOTONIC https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/rhizotonic CANNA CALMAG AGENT https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-calmag-agent CANNA HYDRO FLORES A+B SET https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-hydro-flores-a-b-set CANNA COCO A+B SET https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-coco-a-b-set CANNA HYDRO VEGA A+B SET https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-hydro-vega-hard-water-a-b CANNA TERRA VEGA https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-terra-vega-a-b-set CANNA TERRA FLORES https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-terra-flores CANNA AQUA VEGA A+B SET https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-aqua-vega-a-b-set CANNA AQUA FLORES A+B SET https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-aqua-flores-a-b-set CANNABOOST ACCELERATOR https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/cannaboost CANNA TERRA STARTER KIT https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-terra-starter-kit CANNA COCO STARTER KIT https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/canna-coco-starter-kit Thanks Adam.
  5. Im currently doing the rounds with wholesale changes possibly afoot...I needed a new light, so I went LED - all new, and now we doing OK. I then thought 'since were changing the light, why dont we have a go at hydro? - so I bought coco - and havent looked back thus far...in fact im sure im not, but I feel like im smashing it I recently bought a camper van and like to get away which kind of fucks with the grow - short bursts do anyway. Long term lights off doesnt cause too much harm, up to 3 weeks in my experinece, but the lights are off and nothing is doing... i tried a passive hydro system, Blumats - loved the idea... That kinda worked on their day - ish, maybe, kinda/wanna/sorta didnt really in the end..., and was very unrelaible over periods of days, so the natural progression is just to go all out and go hydro, for the summer anyway. I fancy the IWS system as its largely self contained, apparently it adjusts itself not to over flood, and is bulletproof relaible...and if im only away a few days i can also reduce the res capacity so if I did get an issue, then it could manage the overun.. Im petrified of the nuteage situation. I had problems stabilizing my PH with the blumats in my 47L res and now thakfully back to hand watering - but that wont do at all when I need my open spaces - . I never filled it over about 30L anyway, but my plants were massively over fed which means my PH was probably out. Also blumats in coco dont create runoff so I assume some fo that over feding would have been roots related... In short I want to use an Auto PH range that just needs dosing to the water...does this exist? Is it any good? is it massively expensive ?- who has experience? if any? Im happy to aeriate with a pump of course, but if i could PH without PHing in a 100L res that would make my life a whole lot simpler...and easier. being a long term organic grower Ive never really had to bother about dry plants until recently. Ideally I'd like to fuck off for the week, but if I did that my weed would never grow - part of me wild campervanning is about my weed and devices on tour anyways i digress.
  6. Hi all! I hope we are all doing well. I have a quick question before I begin this year and that is what are people’s favourite nutes? Had a fairly good year last year but feel like the nutes I used let me down so I’m just curious as to what people think are the best. I’ve heard a lot of good about biobizz, can anyone confirm this? just want something g reliable and to help out as much. Thanks in advance guys
  7. Hiya, So for this thread, which will take a few weeks to complete uploading pictures, I am giving a comparison between 5 plants grown under 2 x 600w CMH, 8 plants grown under 750w DE HPs, both grown using Canna nutrtients with Shogun roots and boost additives, these are some 2 weeks apart - I'm uploading the first batch today which is the 600w CMH. There is also the 'Wild Card' of another set of 9 plants grown under 600w CMH using Mills nutrients and Elixir Steroids and Vitalise (till half way through flowering when I ran out of the free stuff). All 3 set ups are running the same clones, Cali Orange x Afghan Kush. So here is the 600wCMH set... Please feel freee to comment... Regards
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for growers who have experience with using the Cana nutrients range. I'm about to start my first grow and want some advice on when and how to use the following nutrients. (All canna range) A+B Calmag Rhizo Pk 13/14 Additional items Ph pen Ppm meter Ph up + down Slim doing a 4 plant scrog in a 1.5x1.5 tent under 2x 600w digital balasts. I'm growing in coco in fabric pots. Hand watering. I'm potting up as following: jiffy pellets >1litre > 4 litre > 12 litre > 25 litre. Question 1 - which nutrients would you use at which stages of the seeds/plants life. And how much. Just a starting point wouldnt be nice and I can go from there. Question 2 - would you add additional nutes? Question 3 - would you use smaller final pots? Thanks beautiful people.
  9. here is a comprehensive go-to for your favourite nutrients. have nutes but dont know how much to use and when? or have you heard of a particular brand and want to know how they dose? check out these charts.... charts for: ADVANCED, BIOBIZZ, BLOOM, BHUDDAS TREE, BOTANICARE, CANNA, CHEMGEN, CX HORTICULTURE, CYCO, DUTCH PRO, EMERALD HARVEST, EVOPONIC, GENESIS, GH, HOUSE AND GARDEN, HYDROTOPS, IONIC, MILLS, PLANT MAGIC, SHOGUN, VITALINK they have recommended dosing for each week of the grow from 2 weeks @ seedling, 4 weeks veg and 8/9 weeks flower
  10. Hi I need some advice on harvest please I grow in Coco using Canna nutes wich I stopped feeding a couple weeks ago, The two plants have been in flower for 8 weeks now and are really looking good. They where on 2ml A+B, 2ml Rhizo, 2ml Zym, 2ml Boost, all per 1L they did have some pk through weeks 5 and 6 with week 5 being a slow build up and 6 a full 1ml feed. I have started flushing my two plants Special Kush(SK) and Royal Domina(RD) around 11 days ago now and the leaves dont seem to be going that yellow at all. My two plants had a bigger flush 5 days ago in the bathtub where I put a bunch of ph water through each pot till the runoff was clear. Only a handful of leaves have started to yellow up and I am not sure if I should continue flushing for some more time or if its okay to harvest. I know for sure SK needs a week or so extra as I can physcially tell with the swelling the pistils and the trichomes are more clear on SK so not as mature. As for RD she is looking ready, buds look very full and swolen even the lower ones have swolen pretty nice the pistils seem mature and most importantly the trichomes are a really good cloudy covering across the plant with 10-15% amber. Is it okay to chop RD based on her being very filled out and her trichomes being a good cloudy coverage with amber mix or would it be adviseable to flush more allowing the leaves to yellow up ? Here is Royal Domina(RD) The one im looking to chop now, you can see near the back of the plant only the one small leaf starting to yellow. Here is Special Kush(SK) I am looking to give her a bit longer anyway due to her trichomes not yet being milky or amber they are mostly still clear but you can see the nug I have my hand behind the tips of the fan leaves are the only signs of yellowing on this plant.
  11. Hi all Im on about my 8th grow and have this time, run into significant issues after each repotting: i'm using canna coco professional plus coco with clay pebble. and started from seed in jiffy pellet, moved to 4" pots quite happily, and when i repotted again to 5" pots, it all went wrong. lots of leaf clawing symptoms, and slow, stunted growth. after a few days of struggling, i flushed heavily with 50% nutrients and they bounced back nicely. then came to repot again, this time to final containers, 4 x 30l alien fabric pots and 1 in a 20l plastic pot, the issues recurred, this time, far worse and for longer period of time. I think its also relevant to mention that on the move from 4" to 5" pots, I saturated the medium with nutrient solution to runoff before transplanting, and did the same when i moved to the final pots. after well over a week, they were still struggling and i then flushed all 4 fabric pots with 50% feed before they started to recover. although at this time, i also decided to stop daily feeds as i was getting about 50% runoff, and switched to feeding every 3 days. I should mention that this is my first go at using Grow house powder feeds right from seed to harvest. (My last harvest where i used the last of my old liquid feeds during veg, and switched to green house when flowering and ended up with a bumper 66oz from 4 plants.) I also add the chelated calcium and the base nutrients have the Mg in. one important paragraph in the Green house feeding brochure is not to add Cal-Mag to the nutrient solution as it is not compatible with calcium nitrate. I initially started feeding at 400ppm and PH 6.0 and followed the feeding schedule as the plants grow. tap water is 100ppm average So i'm trying to get my head around why i had such a bad and lengthy recovery period after potting up, one clue may lay in the fact that the plant in the smaller plastic pot recovered first, much earlier than the rest in the large fabric pots. did this one recover more quickly because it flushed the new coco more quickly, or because it drained more quickly each time? does anybody know that Canna buffer the coco with? canna themselves have not answered their emails when i asked, but then i may have been asking the equivalent of asking KFC whats in the secret recipie.. it may be that im experiencing a lockout due to a presence of cal-mag in the coco already. alternately, I may have been simply overwatering, and should of stuck to what has worked before i.e. lightly watering, and gradually building up. Anybody have any insight here? J
  12. Hi guys, I'm currently growing under a combination of the Invisible sun LED's and CMH's. I was told by a couple of people to double Calmag (up to 2ml per litre) under LED's, but I think I perhaps over did it as i got black ash on a couple of autos I just ran - appreciate it may be down to something else but that's the only thing i've changed. Any definitive advice to be had on CalMag front under LED's? Thanks in advance
  13. hey i just want some info on using the canna range terra vega and terra flores ill be growing 3x gorrila glue auto by seedsman and 3x lsd 25 by seedsman in a 120cm x 120cm x 200 with a 600 w dimmer set to 250w and moved up as growth grows i be germinating the seeds straight into there pots 3 will be in fabric and 3 will be in plastic 10lt the medium im using is canna terra pro..not the plus as i hear it too hot for seedlings should i ph using canna? also ive got some plant magic bio sillicon and plant magic mage cal will they be okay using with the terra range i live in a area with very soft water so i feel the cal mag is needed ive also got bio bizz top max biobizz alg a mic and their grow and bloom aswell as some root juice are these okay to use with the terra range im really unsure any help its much appreciated thanks regards buddahbuds
  14. Top growth is kinda thin and cannoeing don’t know if this is normal for new growth, everything else seems to be healthy. Temps are 27 and humidity 70% under 400 mh
  15. hello guys, this is my first time growing in coco and my first time I have actually needed help with an autoflower! So to start off I been using the following: marshydro ts1000 34" away from the plant. 2 6" clip on fans 2 4" extractors for intake and outtake humidifier and controller set to 45% humidity now lowered it to 40% temp controller and a heater been keeping the temps at 28c but at day 7 when I saw the plants looking like that lowered it to 26c Canna A & B Rhizotonic CalMag Vitalink to start I fed nothing but ph balanced tap water (5.8-6.0) for the first few days of the plants being in the coco. once they both had their first true leaves I gave them a batch of 10ml/gallon rhizotonic ph to 5.9 didnt use the whole lot only fed them 500ml at a time. at day 7 I fed them another 500ml of the rhizotonic mix and then just fed them ph tap water (5.8-6.0) up until day 12 where they started to look like this. I got a little concerned about them as they started to look unhealthy so I whipped up a batch the night before of 2ml calmag, 10ml rhizotonic, 2ml canna a, 2ml canna b ph at 6.1 thinking maybe this might fix it but since then the purple and the yellowing has got worse. I have been feeding once every other day but now I have read from someone else on another forum saying I should be feeding every day? I am just so confused so I found the canna chart and it says to mix 16ml per 7ltrs a and b so should I whip up a batch of 4ml a and b with 6ml rhizotonic? it doesn't feel like I am over-watering I have been making sure the coco has been drying out at least an inch below the coco. The image on the left is the auto gelato and the one on the right is auto blueberry the left pictures do not do the purpling justice but there is a lot of purple on the new growth in the centre of the plant and purple and brown spots all over the yellowing of the leaves and its starting to work its way up the plant. left picture is from day 10 and day 14 right picture plant is showing slight purpling on new growth and same with the yellowing no visible spots yet. the pictures on the right are of day 9 and day 14 also forgot to say the plant on the left is auto gelato and the plant on the right is blueberry auto better images
  16. Sick plant picture

    From the album 420 2020

    sick blueberry auto
  17. Some better images of the illness

    From the album 420 2020

    sick gelato autoflower
  18. hey yall does any body have any advise for us using canna terra nutes in there canna terra professional soil mix doing 6 autos 3x LSD25 BY FASTBUDS & 3x GORILLA GLUE BY FASTBUDS in 7.5lt pots under a 600w hps with a dimmer set to 250w in a 120cmx120cmx200 tent with a big intake fan enviroments pretty perfect to be fair just wanna know what are the best booster to use with the terra range should i grab their canna boost? ive got canna terra vega + flores im also doing a bio bizz grow so ive got bio grow + bloom root juice alg a mic topmax bio bizz ph - /+ would i be able to use any of the bio bizz product with the terra range ? has anyone here done so ? let me know should i ph with the terra as i dont with bio bizz but when i do some kettle water with tap water to get it the right temp to water the plants the ph is at 6.5 im with adjusting anything just normal tap+hot boild water my ph pen sound off ? or im very lucky aha im in a area where my water is very soft thats what its say when ive checked anyway
  19. Hello there, For the first time Im growing in coco soil, and Im using canna range. Now I am gonna be soon in week three of 12/12 period and I want to find out from experienced canna users how are they using it. What I gathered from schedule and my own experience with NFT, that I need to use all their products once a week and then just top it up everyday with PHed water and AB as its the base nutrient solution. Can someone give me any tips how are you using Canna coco range, maybe im doing something totally wrong? And Im also using canna boost from day one of 12/12, increasing it until I will reach max usage in about week 4 of 12/12 according to their Medium feed shchedule, and using it only once a week as everything else in their range. Tips are very appreciated.
  20. Feed shelf

    From the album Summer 2019

  21. Howdy peoples, I'm brand new here, and to these operations, so would be grateful for any and all help in solving some questions. I've planted mine in Canna Terra Professional Plus, and just started the feeds with Rhizotonic and Canna Coco A + B. Looking around I see so many different opinions on whether theses are the correct nutes for this medium (though it kinda says so on the bag). Also, is it cool to mix all 3 into the same feed? And how long does a feed mix last? i.e. I mixed 50L in a tub, but only use 10L at a time, is this bad practice, should I just do 10L each time, or will the feed mixture last? Thank you in advance for any help :-)
  22. If, like me, you were given or bought some Canna nutes in the past decade and didn't get around to using them and you are wondering "Can I use old Canna nutes on a grow?" then the answer, in my experience is yes. I had the full range in a box in the loft that I had forgotten about from 10 years ago and only rediscovered when I decided to try a coco grow (I usually tried mudl). So it turns out the A&B were fine, giving me the healthiest looking plants I've ever grown. I am 3 days into flushing and no sign of yellowing yet (and I had to remove a load of leaves because I had way too many). PK14/14 was fine, not sure about ryzatonic or cannazym but I used them a bit during veg anyway. Boost - nah, it turned all gloopy like there was yeast growing in it. I used it once and decided against it. All of them were already unsealed BTW, and were kept in the loft so have gone through a few extremes of temperature. The chemicals must be pretty stable is my conclusion. Of course, I'd recommend you use yours as soon as possible after opening and store them in a cool, dry location however
  23. I’m currently on week 2 of flower with 6 stardawg girls. I’ve been using canna nutrients from the start and have been following the guide Almost exactly, I’m currently feeding at EC 1.7 but I’m reading that this is too high?? They seem to be happy but now I’m worried about bumping the EC up which is what the guide says to do as you get further into flower. Any tips or advise would be much appreciated
  24. Hoping for a little advice or personal opinion if possible as this will be my first grow of any kind. UK Based. Have a bunch of Auto Critical Orange Punch from Grizzly Seed Bank and plan to germinate with a basic paper towel method. Planning to plant in Canna Coco Plus Pro in 11L hydro square fabric bags. Am I safe to immediately start the grow outside as opposed to the plants spending some time initially indoors? On hand I have PH Perfect Tech Micros 1L and Bloom 1L and also CalMag 1L. Opinions on : 1 - when to start feeding nutrients / bloom / calmag and doses? 2 - how often and volume of watering? Having read varied reviews I was planning : Week 1 - watering only Week 2 - 1ml Cal Mag / 1ml Micro / 2ml bloom Week 3 - 5 - 2ml Cal Mag / 2ml Micro / 4ml Bloom Week 6 + - 3ml Cal Mag / 3ml Micro / 6ml Bloom I may have this totally wrong, hence why I am asking for general opinion. Another concern is the expected smell. I may just try 1 initial plant to assess how bad the smell is as I plan to place in the garden in an area that gets the most sun that unfortunately sits between 3 joining gardens. Greatly appreciate advice / opinions. Will take pictures throughout.
  25. Hi everybody, I know this is old question but i want to know if any Boost nutrient really work? I see some posts about this but are 3-4 yrs old so i think maybe someone have updates on Boost nutrient I use Canna A+B Canazym and Rhizotonic at the moment in veg , soon i will flower them so what you guys recomand to use ? I have one bottle of PK 13/14 and i was thinking to buy canna bost aswell ... thank you