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Found 8 results

  1. Right , time to kick start this diary. Many thanks to Seedsman for the opportunity. You see I picked some winners I think. Nice couple of indica doms and a girl scout crack lol. You see the packaging is a bit old school , flat paper packets with a baggy inside . Bit of a soaking for 24 hours till I get a split in the seed then its in to the coco. There they were sat till they showed themselves. As I am extremely height restricted , I will be growing vertically , around a bulb which at moment is a 250w metal halide. Within 3 days quite a few of them are up. Blueberry was first , almost the next day one was up. Then Candy Cream , not far behind, movement on all three. And girl scout crack , looking like 2 so far. I added a fan to give a bit of air movement in general. On for half hour off for half hour. So after around a week we had our seedlings and our no shows. Being as I can only flower 1 of each of the strains , one plant will do. I will normally weed out the weaker ones till only the strongest of each remain. Lots of sideways growth in vertical growing and you see the wires I will use to train the plants to the wall with. They are very near to the bulb as most of the heat goes up and out and not towards the little plants. So I potted up into 1 l pots to try and bury the stems a bit. I ended up with 2 Girl scout cracks , 2 Blueberries and 3 Candy Creams. One of the Blueberries is looking nice and short already. Candy Creams all pretty much uniform at the moment. Same with the Girl Scout Crack, pretty similar. Just wanna see their veg potential now. I'm looking for the strongest of each and the ones with short indica appearances are a winner for my low headroom. That's where they are residing for the next week , next to the metal halide. Loving the new genetics in this new room. These three will definitely be flowered in around 14 weeks I expect , so I have to use every bit of space I have to fill it with vegging plants of which there will be 9 , possibly 12. Over and out for another week but the shells are open and the leaves are up. zz
  2. hi all starting my diary off so first thanks to @J Trich for the seeds sticker fridge magnet and glasses case so start off with germination, label 2 of each seed into shot glass of tap water overnight then into moist paper towels until they show there tails then into starter 5 cm post of soil in a tray under the growlight in the tent to keep warm for a few days for them to pop there heads above ground all fine and dandy untill first picture day goes into tent moves a plant thats already growing to get to the seed tray and knocks it over beheading some and damaging more in the process so its back to load more seeds into shot glass towel ect so here is where we are up to 9 seedsman seeds popped 100% germination 4 survived 3 freshly popped 2 murdered by me will do an update in a week or so when they have fully recovered from My torture antics all the best
  3. CANDY CREAM FEMINISED Indica dominant thanks to its legendary genetics (BlueBlack x Maple Leaf x White Rhino), Candy Cream is a typical indica structure with dense buds and substantial side branches. This strain has a very intense taste of caramel but also has a hint of earthy flavours from its BlueBlack genetics. Candy Cream is an ideal indoor grow popular with medicinal users because it holds CBD tendencies, despite being an indica dominant strain GENETICS: Blue Black x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino VARIETY: Mostly Indica FLOWERING TYPE: Photoperiod SEX: Feminised YIELD: 400-600 gr/m2 PLANT HEIGHT: 150 cm GROWS: Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors FLOWERING TIME: October TASTE / FLAVOUR: Caramel, Earthy http://www.seedsman.com/en/candy-cream-feminised-seeds Feel free to share your photos of this strain in this same thread.