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Found 11 results

  1. Durban Poison - Veg - Day 32

    From the album Durban Poison in Hydroponics

    Classic symptom of calcium deficiency (or boron).
  2. So all 3 of my GC auto plants are now on day 52 and all now seem to be showing the same unhealthy signs. Is this perhaps a Calcium deficiency? I have a box of epsom salts in the cupboard, should I add some of this to the next watering? Below is an old fan leaf from the smallest of 3 plants, now beginning to show similar signs as the other 2 have shown. I think it will start yellowing like the other 2 have soon; And here is a leaf from one of the 2 larger plants where the issue is more developed and widespread.
  3. Hi,If anyone With experience could give me some advise id be very grateful.Ive got 4 girls on the grow which are 7 weeks from seed which ive just switched into flower now.I potted them from seed straight into canna terra pro and plants developed well with no problems apart from a little bit of nitrogen toxicity which my plants grew out of.Im on week 7 and have not added any any extra nutrients of any kind. Ive literally just watered at a ph of 6.3, using real lemon juice to lower ph from my tap water.I live in a soft water area in uk so water is decent and i let chlorine evaporate for 24hr before watering.anyway, i’ll get to the point.....I want to stay organic so decided to buy these products to add to my plants but not sure on dosages etc.Guanokalong bat guano NPK 1.10.1ecothrive charge NPK 3.2.3Bone meal NPK 3.9.0 / calciumEpsom saltsWorm castingsGuanokalong palm tree ashes NPK 0.3.14Would this be too hot as a tea or could i bubble some in tea and top dress the rest to be watered in ?im using the kingbo 2000W led light ans have heard that led’s such the calmag out of your plants. Im also noticing purple veins travelling through the plant too so not sure what to do as i dont want to use chemicals like calmag.my growing conditions are good.Room temperature day time is approx 22•cRH / 55%....night time temp 18•c RH / 60 - 65 %but ive bought a dehumidifier to control it better.If anyone could help me id be very appreciative and can also add pictures but because of the led purples lighting its hard to see properly.Any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks
  4. Hi all, First time grower here. Been trying to figure this one out with search and google but I'm out of ideas. This girls is on her 28th day - 250w HPS in a small 60x60cm (4inch RAM exhaust). PH level read 7 - 7.5 Pic1 As you can see she has white marks on her upper leaves, and some 'burn' spots on others. She also had yellowing of the lower leaves (trimmed all the worst affected). Earlier this week she was looking worse, with all new growth with white marks and suddenly quite slow growth (before that she had been great). So she had the first round of nutes (Tomorite), and raised the lights up which helped a lot overnight. also bought some Cal Mag in case it was an iron, or magnese deficiency, which was given to her 48 hours ago which helped-ish (less than than the raising of the light and Tomorite). Pic2 Is from before all this happened about 7 - 9 days ago As the title, do you think this is a deficiency or just light/heat stress? Very wary not to over-counter it and make problems worse. The new growth at the top doesn't seem to be affected. There has been with low humidity levels (around 30 - 40) which I corrected with humidfyer when really low and spaying walls of tent in case that's relevant. I am aware that a 250w is fairly big (?) in such a small tent so maybe it was too close (followed guidelines on here). Thanks lads Seed is O.G Kush RQS
  5. I'm about week 8 into growing rqs autos and I think I've got a calcium deficiency, not great time with them flowering! Is there anything out there which I can give them which will result in a quick update? I'm looking for something which can be added to the water so I can add it that way. I'll upload pics later but there are some in my gallery and in my diary under led grows. Thanks all.
  6. Hi everyone, Basically looking for ways to build up my coco, I have canna range a+b, boost, pk13/14, zym, rhizo....im sure I will be lacking in magnesium and possibly other things, I have biosys as a tea for microbes. So based on what I have, what slow release additives can I use that won't impact negatively on canna feed? the idea is to slowly become less dependent on the canna feeds, look forward to replies I have no doubt this may have been asked elsewhere so by all means direct to straight to a thread, the search function is slowing me down on here, 90s delays, topic all content etc sure you all know what i mean
  7. Hi all, I have a head scratcher. I have 6 x skunk #1 in my room, all fed via drip irrigation 3 times per day until 30% run off, all in 8L fabric pots. I have 2 x 600w air cooled HPS lights and one 1200MarsHydro LED (600w equivalent). Nutrients are simple Canna A and B, Sumo boost, and Buddhas tree PK 9-18 as I am 3 weeks from harvest. I have good extraction, fresh air coming in from outside (loft grow), and fan ossilating around. 5 out of 6 plants look awesome, no problems, stems are like chair legs but one plant, in the middle, started with a orange/brown rusting on the bottom fan leaves just after I turned to flower. I did plenty of flushing, as first I thought maybe this plant might have locked out but as time has gone on I would say 80% of this plant is now infected with this dying, rusty leaves. However my buds are just as good as the other plants, and it might well be okay. Also the stem on this plant is also a bit rusty tainted. I just cant seem to diagnose it from looking at charts, its a bad case of whatever it is. I am ruling out rust rot, as I have rubbed the leaves and it hasnt come onto my hands, and my temperatures and nice and comfy, ranging from 23degrees daytime to 18 nightime, and my humidity is under 50%. The closest I have seen on a chart is calcium deficiency, but calcium is an immobile nutrient and deficiencies would start with the top leaves. Magnesium is a possibility I cant rule out, I have a bottle of plant magic magne cal on the way as another troubleshoot. I have some pictures attached, however the light isnt the best, girlfriends don't make good photo takers, but you can make out whats going down. Any feed back helps as always. Thanks
  8. Ca Deficient? Sample

    From the album Ca Deficient?

  9. Ca Deficiency? 2

    From the album Ca Deficient?

  10. Hi Guys, I've got four plants at the beginning of their 6th week of 12/12. In the past couple of weeks one plant has developed what appears to be either calcium deficiency or lockout. I've been feeding with Flora series nutrients and following the ratio on the bottle. I had a couple of spikes in EC at 1.9 around the 11th and 14th of Feb and this caused a some deformed leaves and leaf tip burn. It is since then that this problem seems to have arisen. I have a record of pH and EC readings in the image below. After the spikes at 1.9 I tried to bring the EC down a bit but I'm now wondering if I am slightly underfeeding or is it more likely that this particular plant is suffering for another reason which is causing lockout? Images below show the affected areas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. GB
  11. Hi all. I've just switched back to soil following a disasterous outbreak of pythium in my hydro... So I need to ask opinions on a couple of issues;- Does anyone else use bottled RO? 1) Should I be using cal-mag to supplement the calcium I'm not naturally getting from the tap water.? 2) If I used tap would I kill all the symbiotic Mycorrhizal bacteria I've added with the Plant magic granules? I'm growing in bio-bizz light mix using oldtimer organics feed, plant magic granules and bio-silicon. I'm using bottled RO water at an EC of exactly 0 and a PH of 7. p.s. photo's here if you're curious;- http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=332080