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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys last day cycle i got my 1st issues on the leaves... what is it? Notes... i didnt set up the intake yesterday so temps got to 34 c. Im also at the tail end of week 4 flower so about to add pk... could it be pk def, nut. burn, or even issues with heat?
  2. Hi my auto NL is at about 3week and a half weeks after sprouting, I I noticed yesterday a bit of yellowing from the bottom leaves but not at the tip but a little to the side of the leaves, checked it today and it's getting worst but still not at the very tip but of the sides, the whole leaf is starting to yellow a tiny bit, I want to correct it before it's takes my first ever plant, please help I have already started flushing the coco I'm growing it in, to get the ph of the coco about 6ph, and how do I upload pics???
  3. okay guys sotoday whilst feeding my girls i noticed 2 buds had yellowed in the middle. the beast from the east has been over and iv had my ballast on 660. the plants have stretched even more and im guessing this pheno is slighlty more sensitive than its sisters. is this light, nutes, bad ventilation ? iv rearranged and retucked some buds through the scrog again, im just hping to get reasurrence. so what do you guys think light or heat burn ? got a normal bud below and here we have the estranged bud. obviously im a novice this could be simple and im overthinking. but i just want reassuring theyre not herming out or anything any response would be appreciated guys
  4. Ever seen a grown man cry? I still can't believe what I have just done. I deserve to be shot at dawn. In a nutshell:- I started my grow of nine plants last june. After many mistakes I at least managed to get 14 Litre sized jars full of lovely dried and cured buds (4 were trimmings actually but good stuff all the same). Tonight, I ground in my coffee grinder my much loved and cared for budds ready for the oven as I am making edibles and tintures. 8 months ago I started this and I spent a fortune in the process, not to mention many sleepless nights. So tonight was the big night, tonight I will decarboxylate my precious budds in the oven. ......I have to make this short as I am so pissed off I can hardly think straight. I pre-heated the oven to 230 and when eventually the light went out I slid my four trays of superlative, georgeous, ground weed in, and shut the oven door. 50 minutes at 250 all the good web sights agree on so here we go! SUDDENLY. Alarm bells and smoke alarms are going off like crazy and I open the kitchen door to be greeted by a solid, thick, wall of smoke! I scrambled to the oven and opened the door and the flames just about fried my hair (what there is of it left). That was an hour ago and I think the entire street must be high as a kite. I am still trying to clear the smoke. The penny dropped. My oven just has numbers and it goes up to 245 degrees...................CENTIGRADE................NOT...................FARENHEIT ! This has just happened I swear on my Mothers grave. I'm left with a heap of charcoal, pissing useless charcoal.......All my weed burnt to a f*cking cinder. I'm not quite sure how I feel at the moment .....Mad, sad, pissed off, angry, stupid, murderous, shitty, in pain, ....I give up. I can say thanks to all you on here that helped me along the road and that I will try again. Thanks again, I'm off to my scotch. Cmoon
  5. Hey guys! I'm running a little grow, my first one actualy. My set up is a 90x90 cm tent 600w LED (Viparspectra, actual power 269w) My seeding are on about day 7 and look like this, but two of them have had thees brown dots show up on there second set of leaves... :/ Has anybody seen this before??? Could it be light burn? My light is at 36 inches high so i dont think so. Nute burn ive read that it affects the tips first not random dots I should also mention this is an autoflower. And im feeding with 1/3 strength of recommended nutes of a light feeding schedule. Please Help. Regards Charliezard.
  6. Hi all and merry xmas, I'm new to the forum and looking for a little help. I've done a handful of grows before with good results but they have always been in soil and this is the first one in a couple of years. So first, a little about my setup. I am growing in a 2m2 tent, with an 8" rhino extract fan/filter and a 6" inlet. I have used numerous lights in the past but now have x2 600w ballasts with Dutch barn shades. I'm currently have one turned on at 18/6. The temperature has been between 15* lights off and 25* lights on and the humidity between 45% and 65%. 19 days ago I germinated x5 feminised blue cheese by Big Buddha seeds, using the wet paper towel method. Within a day or two the tap roots were showing. I didn't have a ph meter at that point so had to hang out an extra day to put them into the jiffy pellets. (The tap roots were around 10/15mm long at this point). The pellets were then put back into the humidity dome, with my heat mats placed underneath. The temp set at 23*. Skip forward, to two days ago. The roots had started poking through the bottoms of pellets by now and the plants had started stretching. All except one that hadn't broke through the top of the pellet yet so I decided it was time to pot on. The pellets were put into .5L pots filled with canna coco and put onto the heat mat. They were then watered until I got some run off with a mix of canna rhizo 3ml, canna A and B (1ml of each) to 1.5l of water. This, EC'd at .3 and I then adjusted the PH down to 5.8 I think I may have also sprayed a light squirt of canna cure (just as a precautionary measure) to the leaves, during lights on period. Fast forward two days and the top leaves seem to be discoloured and dry! I have a few ideas of what this could be but I'm unsure and could really do with some help. These were my thoughts; •Nute burn •Wind burn (I did have a clip on fan about 12 inches away from them but pointing on them •Burn from the canna cure being used at lights on period •I don't think it could be light burn, as the light is at the very top of the tent, but is running 600w 18/6. •The humidity has dropped to around 30% so I have now put a few buckets of water in the tent. the temps have also been steady. Any help is greatly appreciated! And merry xmas once again Ps. I'm just working out how to upload a few pics Bryn.
  7. Does anybody know whats wrong with my Girl Scout Cookies? It was a month old on monday its had 2 feeds of biobizz bio grow at 1ml per litre and was doing fines. i've just noticed a few of the leaves going like a yellowy orange colour. its the first 2 true leaves and one of the seconds set of leaves, the leaves with the three fingers. does anybody know what this is? is it overfeeding or a deficiency? I tried to upload some pictures but they are too big a file size Luke
  8. I am by no means new to this, but it feels like it now because I can't seem to figure out what's wrong with my plants. I had a terrible germination rate this year (1 out of 8 or so), which I think was caused by over-loving (over watering) leading to seed rot. Anyway, two that survived I transplanted: one bubblegummer and one sour diesel. Almost immediately they went into transplant shock. Their leaves began to yellow, droop, and curl and I suspected over watering again was the culprit. The roots were not growing out, even when I trimmed back the leaves. Eventually, they both died and I was gutted. Now, I'm having a similar experience with the other new transplants, despite watering considerably less. Some show signs of nute burn but I haven't added too much, just some root stimulator, organic fish based feed, some organic raw sugar, and some potash based ferts called Sugaree. The soil is organic with homemade compost. I also added lots of potash and phosphate rock and some rose ferts with chicken manure, alfalfa meal, mycorrhizae, and similar stuff. I will add some pictures so you can see what I'm talking about. Please help. This is a significant investment of money, time, and effort, and I can't buy medicine.
  9. Hi all fellow growers. I have a problem i suspect its a phosphorus deficiency, only happens in bloom, can anyone shed any light on it. it starts by having rust like specs on the leaf veins then progresses into dark blotches feeling like paper and leaves then die. I have two plants one in regular potting soil and the other in a bat mix soil, the one in the bat mix looks to have only little signs but the regular potting soil is really struggling. my thoughts are: the bat mix has bat guano in it which contains phosphorus, so do i need to add something else that contains phosphorus? its obviously better in the bat mix soil but not 100%.
  10. Crispy

    From the album PsychoSister

    © Arnold Layne, UK420.com

  11. KnackeredGroup

    From the album PsychoSister

    © Arnold Layne, UK420.com

  12. Any help would be great, i have looked and looked through posts but no images look the same as this to me, a lot of advice going on about temp, but i would guess that temp would effect the top leaves and more than a couple of plants, about 2 out of 9, this being said i will take all advice kindly, Details: Tent, 1.2 x 1.2 x2 plant magic soil grow from seed 600w mh oldtimer grow, 2ml per litre carbon filter spent 2 weeks in prop and have been in main tent for around 14 days, Trying to behave, keeping watering down, 18/6 light schedule, i did feed them for a bit but upon warning that plant magic soil has feed in it and i shouldn't really feed for the first 2 weeks, a possible explanation for the yellowing maybe caused by nitrogen burn? Many thanks and again i have not posted this without first looking through the forum, if i have missed the obvious answer then appologies
  13. Hi There, I have just returned from Amsterdam to find that my Power Africa has had a bit of a growth spurt. he got a bit too close to the 600w HPS and as a result she has sum burning. What is the best way to help her recover? Have already raised the light. There is a fair bit of yellowing but not too much crispy-ness to the leaves. Thanks
  14. 20131001 142104

    From the album First Grow

    OG Kush seedling with slight light burn.
  15. Super Skunk Cola1

    From the album Test Grow - Wk 7 Flowering

    This grew faster than I had anticipated and got too close to the light (400w HPS) for too long (I was away for 2 weeks!!)