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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm currently running a 100w puck led in my cabinet. I want to add some strip LEDs to the set up to even out the light spread and maybe gain some height. Potentially would like to add some UV to the spectrum. Diyleduk used to have strips for sale on their site but can't see any now. Does anyone have a recommendation for some modern strip beds that I can mount on a frame alongside my puck led? Also, is it possible to run them all off the one driver?
  2. Hey guys, haven't grown in over a year now but decided to get back in to things. My new space will be a 80 x 45 x 120cm lockable office cabinet. This is a big jump in space from my old grow tent which was 40 x 40 x 140. I've lost some height but im confident with the right strain and some LST it will be fine. So far i've gotten my placement of my fan & filter figured out. Fan is a T4 Cloudline and the filter is a 4inch carboair. They will both be hung from the ceiling. I had thought I would need some ducting when i started planning this but the two actually fit quite snugly in there. I'm on the hunt for some sort of 4inch flange adapter that will connect the 2 4" ends of the fan and filter together. Next steps are to make the holes for the intake and outtake. Which brings me to my first question: obviously the outtake will be a 4" hole, but how big should the intake be? I've read anywhere from 2-5 times the size of the outtake? What is everyones recommendation? My next question is what way to treat the walls? The cabinet has little holes that you see in the side for the shelves. These don't go the whole way through but i'm eager to get them covered up as I don't want moisture getting in them and rotting the cabinet. Should i go for panda film, mylar or just paint the walls? Next question is power/electricity. For stealth and neatness it would be great to have the extension lead on the inside of the cabinet with everything plugged in there but I do worry about humidity effecting the electrics. I've seen a lot of people do it on here but is it a big risk? Lastly is light proofing. i've read some threads here of people using draft excluder or car door sealant on the door edges to block light. albeit none of these threads ever have photos of their work for some reason so its hard to know what works. This will have to be a bit experimentation! Looking forward to starting this build! Something I've always wanted to do for years!
  3. Im looking at building a grow box for my small attic which has already been insulated by the previous owners. The attic is quite small. I'll upload a photo so you can see. I would like to make it 1.2 m by 1.2 m wide. The measurement from top to bottom in the middle of the roof is 1.3m. The walls would be about 70cm then angle up to 1.3m. I would need to build a frame and properly seal everything. For walls Im not sure what to use. OSB board or ply? Still in early stages and would like some feed back before I attempt to build. I would like to use a 600w air-cooled hood in the box with a 6" fan outtake and 5" for intake. Looking at autopots with Coco for my next grow. I mostly grow autos. Green_bhoy.
  4. Hey guys, Im wondering where to get good base soil potting mix for the purpose of building quality soil for no till/clackamas coot soil recipe. Most of the base soils are complete crap, infected and infested. I would like to buy something in big package so I would mix it in larger batch and then left it to cook. I was suggested to buy compo sanna but they only make small packages which are quite pricy. I would be very grateful for your help since Im looking forward to solve this issue for very long time ( years) and trying out commercially available mainstream soils only made my heart cry when I saw the plants were suffering.
  5. Hi guys I'm starting to build my new grow room soon and just looking for some ideas. I'm boarding out half a 20ft container as I'm not keen on my tent and want to use the space a bit better. The plan is to put 4 x 600w hps lights in there with 12 plants. I'm using a alien rdwc system so plan on having 3 rows of 4 plants with room to walk between. Does this seem realistic for the space 10ft x 8ft All equipment will be outside of the room leaving space for the important stuff inside. Anyone done anything similar and have any tips. Thanks in advance
  6. Stage 1 Cleaning up/ Preparation

    From the album Grow Room

    This area will be for the veg room. Right hand wall will become the back wall. Back wall you see will become the left wall. Stud frame top, bottom of your left & stud frame to the front of your view. If enuff space allows me I will have door to ur front facing, if not it will be to the left facing with one side boarded up.
  7. Got the frame for the grow room built today, now to build and insulate the walls and get the equipment in.