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Found 18 results

  1. Hi guys. I have the 4x Sweet Seeds cream caramel autos in clover MPC week 7 all going good nice and green and into flower starting to feel sticky. Having 4 plants in a 2x2x5 ft tent has made the humidity higher so after watering it goes up to 65% and I'm struggling to get it below 55% > Temps are 24-26c. I have a small dehumidifier running plus the AC infinity extractor up half way but still struggling. Could I be at risk of mould on the buds. Any advice welcome Thank you.
  2. Noidecs bud rot 2

    From the album Aquarium Pics

  3. Evening all, Upon checking my plants I noticed some brown dodgy looking stuff on one of my buds. This was one of the buds on the outer edge where the oscillating fan didn't quite get to. RH has shot up due to the recent rain and low and behold I've got bud rot. I cannot see it in any of the other 3 plants but cannot be sure of course. RH was sitting at 55% but over the past two weeks it's been in the mid 60s. Added a dehu to get it back down but now think it could have screwed the whole grow. Just hit week 7 of flower and have removed the 1 cola but not sure what else to do? Do I bin the grow? Do I chop now to save anything? Continue with a dehu and more circulation? Any help greatly appreciated!!
  4. Hi all, I'm gonna be looking to chop my plant in a day or two as I want her ready for smoking at Christmas... Any ideas what's going on with these buds at the top? I had an issue with a branch breaking off and the stalk has gone brown on the side where it happened so I'm worried I might have bud rot!
  5. Just a heads up fellow guerrillas, just been down to the spot this evening and noticed one of my Fast Diesels has a few spots of mould on her. Pinched them out and will be going back to chop her tomorrow. All the others seem fine, typically this was the plant with the fattest buds out of 8 others. So be warned people, it’s that time of year. Keep an eye on those chunky ones and I wish you all a bountiful harvest
  6. Hey all As we have had quite a lot of rain in july I thought I would check if anyone here uses anything to prevent mould on their plants? I only recently moved some of my plants out to their site and I have been considering spraying with LABs to help fight of mold. For those who don't know, labs are a lactic acid bacteria that can be made quite easily for little cost using rice water and milk, they can be sprayed as a foliar feed or used to water plants and maintaining a healty population on your plants can combat mould. they also have numerous other benefits and are organic as well. I learned about this technique from @Budelaire (saw it on one of your vids bud!) I wonder if you could give us any more information on using this outdoors i.e. how often to use it, how late in flower can it be sprayed etc..... I also have a paper from the university of Hawai'i discussing LABs and I got the recipe I use from this, however, they mention that over application of LABs in fruit crops may result in the loss of sweetness (lowered brix) of fruits, is this something you have seen or expereinced? Thanks for looking in Greenie
  7. hey guys , im 4 weeks into flower and i've just noticed a few browning leaves near my buds , the rest of the plant is looking fairly healthy ... the humidity is always within range 40-50% just wondering if there are some expert eyes in here could give me ideas on if this is the start of bud rot , or if its something else and i'm just being paranoid ?
  8. Bud Rot

    From the album Summer 2019

  9. Hi I cut my plants down yesterday and they have not been in the tent for 24 hours they are hanging up on a pole that’s hanging off roof poles. they are not touching each other, or the walls or anything. temp has been between 14-20c Humidity between 52% and 69% should I put the dehumidifier on for a few hours and bring that % down? Afraid of bud rot (did have two buds I had to cut off during the last month of flowering) not sure if a few of the plants are too dense? (2 of the plants, the other 3 seem more open) also not sure the leaves look normal? (They look damp and droopy)
  10. I'm approaching this in a shutting the door after the horse has bolted sort of way!! So, I had to chop a stem off a plant last night because its cola had become infested with bud rot... Gutted, but I can see I should have pruned the (very dense bushy) plant more aggressively - because, aside from being a lovely bushy plant with very nicely forming dense buds, everything was in order with the set-up - humidity was fine, temps nice and stable, and more airflow than I need. I've been doing a lot of reading since I chopped and bagged up my precious buds for the bin, and have found that, aside from environmental measure, which should be fundamental, there are a few things that can be done to prevent or even stop the rot... From my reading, essence can be used/sprayed onto buds during flowering to prevent rot (I know it is not endorsed here - apologies if I have crossed the line by even mentioning that)... Is this still the go to treatment or does anyone have anything better or even just different to use. Any advice or recommendations would be very welcome! Cheers chaps!
  11. Hi guys, so im a complete noob and am in the flowering stage of my first ever grow (almost 6 weeks). Unfortunately, I am dealing with bud rot at the moment as the temperatures have dropped and the 3 plants are in the ground in the greenhouse. So I’ve just been cutting out the parts of/whole flowers in an attempt to stop it spreading. I was wondering if there are any uses for the growing collection of 5 week flower half buds with bud rot? Or do I just throw em in the bin? They smell great The seeds were feminized. Dutch Kush from Paradise Seeds. Any other advice about the rot in general would be great. As I’m a complete noob any advice is great advice IMO. Thanks for reading
  12. Hello UK420, I’m at the start of week eight of a multi strain grow where most are looking like they could go nine to ten weeks, yesterday I noticed a few patches of what looked like rot and after a closer inspection tonight it’s been confirmed, I’ve cut out the worst I can see but should I just get the lot down after a quick flush? (Say a week on my flood and drain table) Absolutely gutted tbf, In a dilemma of taking too early and ruining quality or loosing too much to survive on by letting it go too long. Please advise me on what the fuck to do. Cheers all.
  13. 2scrogs-37.jpg

    From the album two systems two scrogs

    candy cream bud for anyone who don't know what bud rot looks like

    © rabthegrower

  14. A friend passed away on Thursday, his wife asked me to come and take down the grow we had set up. I noticed her putting all the dried herb into sealers which she said Tim wanted me to have, 4 oz of Kush Berry a fave of mine. Anyway when I got around to it I dumped some into a pyrex and smelled that musty smell. I've never had mold or any rot issues so I hit the web and after an hour I had to admit the worst was true. Tim knew the 4 ozs would help me as I have several people to keep medicated and I never have enough so this was his way of saying thanks and helping me help others. It would be a shame if I have to compost it. After reading for awhile I came to the conclusion you can do quiso and it's all good. If this is true does the same logic apply to coconut oil? If I can salvage it it will become personal for medibles, I will not pass it off to anyone else. It would free up some more herb to share though. Peace N
  15. Hi all. This is my first time growing outdoors and I have one unknown Sweet Seeds auto in a 25-litre (I think) pot. I can't tell you how long it has been growing because I've just let it get on with things along with an occasional feed, and all has been going well. But yesterday I spotted that some of the buds were beginning to turn brown - see pics. Some bits are crispy whereas other bits aren't. Is this bud rot or perhaps sunburn through water droplets? What should I be doing? For info I'm at 52 lat and the weather has been periods of good strong sunshine mixed with periods of Biblical rain. The environment is woodland and they're in soil. Sorry the pics are quite big
  16. Hi all, don't know if I've put this in the right place but need some hel p. I ran out of weed so had to get some from elsewhere Anyway the guy says I can return it but I'd rather have some smoke. I don't know if the pics show it p properly. Some of the weed loks normal but most of it is very pale. It looks scorched but the guy says not. . It smells ok and i can see tHC crystals. I'm super paranoid about bud rot but it doesn't look rotton, just pale. Help needed as I just want to get stoned
  17. Hi guys, Just coming to the end of my first indoor grow and would like some advice. Firstly id like to ask about preventing Bud rot on a living plant (noticed over the weekend my Auto Med GOMS had but rot) so the obvious is to ask about environmental's and what they should ideally be to avoid problems in future? Lights on Temps/RH 25C -27C /40% 45% Lights off temps /RH 18 C /50% I'm not near the tent at lights off, so unable to take regular temps/ rh readings and the results i have are looking at the min max range on my hydrometer i realize i need to take more readings at lights off to potentially identify issues and will update you tomorrow with results sharedmedia=gallery:images:333121] Another question in relation to clip on fans , Can they should they be blowing across the top of the canopy ? how close ,how powerful ? just ordered one as realized was lacking in my set up upon my own research i've cut away the bud rot and disposed of it ,the remaining is now drying Its drying in cardboard box which i've linked to to my tent for gentle moisture extraction , i've had to do this as i have 3 remaining autos left in the tent I've been noting the the Temp /RH in the drying box every couple of hours temp wise its goes between 18-20c humidity 62% - 65% this is just since Sunday 13th Dec is this ok ? When it comes to Curing i have mason jars and recently purchased some Boveda 62 packs ,just want the correct way to use these ,do the jars still need to be burped ? I'm guessing the bacteria stuff that breaks down the undesirables needs to at least breath ? As mentioned I have 3 remaining plants in the tent at the moment , 1 Auto Mazar is nearing harvest over the next few weeks from my estimations and worried about potential mold spores from the Med Goms ,i have some Bud rot stop left over from outdoor sessions would you use it now indoors given i've had bud rot on the others? i know getting my environmental's is more important then using lotions and potions but worth a shot ? I'm looking into UVC systems that purify the air , has anyone got anything good or bad to say on these ? just reason i moved from outdoor cultivation to indoor is to avoid rot issues trying to make sure i place the odds in my favor as much as possible. General tent specs should be found on my profile but to save you time as you've had to read all that Lumi digital ballast 600w , Air cooled reflector Tent size 120cmx80cm180cm Td silent extraction fan 150mm Acoustic ducting Variac controlled Root heat mat ,thermo - used at night at set to 25c Growing Medium / Growing SystemBB Light mix Soil , 11ltr pots Nutrients/FeedsPM OT grow ,bloom ,PM Evospray, PM bio silicon, BB root juice Strains Currently Being GrownAuto Mazar late into flower pistils dark at about %50 -60% Auto Blue kush 4, 5 weeks old, Auto CBD sugar GOM 3,4 weeks old happy to answer any further questions , i've tried to best of ability to give you all the info needed to best aid me in giving advice sorry if i've left anything out, i really appreciate the help and info this site has already helped me with so cheers uk420 people