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Found 19 results

  1. Like en abody now as some of you might have heard I got me some bubble bags at christmas and I have been waiting impatiently for my crop to finish so I can try em out well they got chopped this weekend past so I spent sunday being a productive little Hazy by popping my bubble cherry and I thought to myself lots o fowk have a hash thread so fuck it here's mine. I will skip the how its made stuff as its well covered in some of the most helpful and informative guides here and I will get down to the goodies right away. I used the 220m work bag and the 160m as a contaminant catcher the hash came from the 73m and the 25m bags the 25m bag takes forever to drain by the way but it caught the most hash so well worth the time in my opinion. First up the 73m pics. 73m 25m And a quick one after a pressing. Pressed Grand total 1.6g of 73m and bang on 2g of 25m well chuffed wi this had a wee try of the 73m last night and half a joint fuckin spannered me I have never in 20 years of smoking had hash this good before consider me well impressed. And a mention has to go to the wee bit of finger/scissor hash I got from trimming this is the first time I trimmed wi sillicone gloves and the amount of goo that I managed to recover was way more then I ever got scraping it from my fingers I got just shy of a gram its also the cleanest finger/scissor hash I have made to date very nice. Finger/Scissor Hash Still quite a lot of green through it tho but it still smoked good. So that's about it for this time round see ye next crop folks aw the best. Hazy
  2. My first try at making bubble hash from trim. Inspired by totogrowuk i used a poly pocket for the process. It’s only 3.3 grams but it’s good to know it works well. I would have had probably triple that amount but I had to chuck 4oz as it dropped on the floor. Oh well, can’t wait to try it.
  3. Hey all, I hope everyone is doing well or as well as can be! I had a nice grow of PineApple Sorbet - Aficionado-French Connection, looked lovely and smelled of rotten pineapples. Unfortunately dried too quick during a heatwave. The heatwave hit and was at 28/20”c, The buds were drying ok...I had a air conditioner next to the intake hoping to control it. Helped a little. Took them down hoping to even the moisture curing and burping. The terps were still there although a little weaker but still strong. RH was @ 64%. Added a Boveda 62% pack. Burped once a day for two weeks. Cured and stored in 2L C-Vault @ 62% - Temps between 19/26ºc. For some reason the terps were dead and taste had gone. When trimming the smell was too much...sickly rotten pineapple...but it looked awesome. I was looking forward to curing and smoking. Did the usual burping only to notice the smell had gone after two weeks. It smelt bad, not of hay but some dead cardboard weird smell. Don't get me wrong...it got me stoned but tasted of nothing. I made some hash from the trim and it looked and tasted amazing! Proper gooey and resiny! So I decided to make hash out of the remaining buds as I can only smoke so much bud that tastes of nothing...and they were full of trichs. Popped the 4oz in the freezer and a week later pulled it along with some fresh frozen trim from a Runtz run that didn't go as well as I'd liked. So there was just under 5oz of solid small nugs. I didn't want to crush the buds up to cause contaminates. So I ran the full 5oz 15mins first run, and then 15 for the 2nd. After checking the 73 micron bag both runs produced very little and even less (as predicted in the 53micros) - total of 1.1g. I decided to pack it up and chucked the wet trim back in the freezer with some more fresh trim. With a solid rock of frozen bud I didn't care about contaminants anymore, I didn't want to throw it away. I knew the buds had not broken up as I squeezed the bag after finishing the run and could feel the solid buds still there. A few days later I filled the mini washing machine up with ice and added the water and solid block of weed. 3 x 15 min runs later I had some joy!
  4. I won some small bubble bags from the Sweet Seeds contest and I have been experimenting with them over the last few weeks. I only vape weed these days as I have always found hash doesn’t really work in a vapouriser. I have now discovered that if left unpressed the bubble hash works really well mixed in with some flowers and vaped at a high temp. I have quite a lot to process, 9oz of frozen trim, 5oz of old dry trim and air buds and also I can maybe run a whole fresh frozen plant in the new year. It’s becoming tedious and time consuming with 1 gallon bags and a wooden spoon so I have ordered a Bubblebagdude washing machine and a set of 5 bubble bags. It’s arriving tomoz and I have brought a load of ice so I am going to run some frozen trim through it tomoz. I have made some this weekend and the cleanest was from half Oz of Seedism Milk flowers, it’s well strong in my Evo cloud on 3 o’clock. I will keep a log of my adventures in here. Its been a fun weekend Seedsim Milk 73 Screen
  5. Hi all Im a hash lover, good hash for me is dark brown, Easy crumble (when lit with light flame) and smoked in a joint, usually stronger then most buds... I get this kind of stuff in egypt and occasionally in the U.K. Now I have lots of bud, trim, and bud I don’t smoke because it didn’t grow well or flavourless. so I ordered a bubble washer and bags today. My question is that the final product... can I get it to look dark, and smoke on a joint like that hash I’m on about... I ask as everywhere I’m searching I can’t find what I’m looking for and the bubble hash looks very light in colour (never seen in person) Most people are using the bubble hash for other purposes like resin and stuff but I’m not interested in that just yet. any help on how I can get the final product to be a nice brown hash for joint smoking will be helpful.
  6. Hey all, I used a bagless ice hash method to give me just under 10g. I hand rubbed half of it yesterday but my poor thumb!! Does anyone know of a way to process the rest without rubbing any more skin off or getting RSI? Hair straighteners and greaseproof paper maybe?
  7. Hi everyone! First post so I’ll introduce myself and give some context before I get to it. First successful year of gorilla growing, tried and failed several times before.. Unfortunately my plots aren’t 100% ideal, obviously, and botrytis had its nasty way with a few of the ladies. These plants I decided to use for bubble hash. I meticulously removed all visible mouldy budsites and leaves/calyxes, salvaging fresh weed which is likely contaminated with spores. I then froze this material fresh for processing later. I ended up doing 4 runs (bubblebagdude 5 gallon 5 bag) with 3 strains - 2 runs of the same strain - and now have 3 different batches of bubble. **I am concerned about the drying process.** My first and second run I took the bubble out of the bags and put it straight onto a pressing screen with a towel underneath, letting it sit for approx 5 mins. I then pressed it lightly using the screen/towel sandwhich tech to removed more moisture and deposited it onto some parchment paper. Next I used coffee filters to remove moisture until no more could be removed using this method. I then chopped it up in stages using a sharp blade; first into slices which end up like small worms; then 12 hours later into smaller chunks; once more after another 12 hours into smaller chunks; and finally into a powder after approx 36 hours. My third run I did exactly the same thing but I stopped before the product was a powder and only chopped it three times (worms then chunks then small chunks). My fourth run.. This time, a few runs under my belt and after a lot of reading, I managed to produce what seems to be a higher quality product! (I think..). It’s glassy and very blonde. I tried to proceed with what has become my drying routine so to speak, but when I came to chop this stuff it was very hard work... Too sticky! The other batches were sticky but, this stuff is different, like it didn’t dry as much from the initial screen/towel and coffee filter process. At this point I decided I’d try out using corrugated cardboard as a desiccant. So, now I have a bunch of what might be good quality bubble sitting in bits and bobs on cardboard, I have no confidence in what I’m doing and need some advice! I’m in the process of a trial and error test myself but the quantity is too much to risk all on trial and error lol. 1. I proceeded with my method, but again the second chop was more difficult than the first, like it’s getting stickier! - Obviously the outer layer dries and hardens after each chop, so the more I chop it it will eventually become a powder I guess, but it’s a lot of work. 2. I took the 120micron hash from the second wash and pressed it into as thin a disc as possible between 2 sheets of parchment, then put back on cardboard. - It seems to be drying and was easy to do, however it seemed to change the colour of the product. 3. I took a small amount of the 73micron from the second wash, froze it and grated it with a frozen Parmesan grater (lol DIY microplane? Seemed to work) and spread on cardboard. - This worked okay, but each small lump I froze quickly became soft after a few seconds trying to grate and stuck to my fingers. Initially, it did grate reasonably well with the tools I was using. So, my question is how should I proceed with what I have now from the fourth run? It is around 36hours drying now, and lumps are stretchy, gooey/sticky on inside. Am I good to continue drying this batch on cardboard in chunks, chopping regularly? Can I press it into 1mm thick discs and dry on cardboard? Should I try and perfect the freeze/grate technique with the tools available to me? I would like to be able to store and cure this bubble, I hope that is still possible. Any advice is appreciated, thanks very much.
  8. Eyup! I have never made hash before, but I have some trim from my recent harvest and just want some opinions and explanations as to what method people prefer. Im a yorkshireman, which means I dont want to spend more than I really have to. Id rather redneck something if I could. If I dry sift, Im going to need at least one or 2 different mircon silk screens (and maybe dry ice). If I do bubble, Im going to need the bag set. What is peoples prefernce? So far all I have bought is a T bar pollen presser. Regards and thanks.
  9. Good morning all, Having lived to tell the tale thought i make this post So did my bubble hash from all my sugar leafs,note i don't use bubble bags just mix ice with builders mixers and sieve through dress with little holes ( I am getting all the grades in one)basicaly leave it in the bucket to settle down and after 4h i empty the green water and end up with bottom residue which i evaporate over the hob-boiling water(100C) as it stil contains water,after all water vaporates (20min) its all done.I believe I am decarbolizing my hash doing this? I use coconut oil for my hash edibles so i only melted my coconut oil and mixed maybe 0.3g into it,mixed in some creamy yogurt.all nice and tasty. however after 45min started feeling so high again(happened few times in the past so i started little again,weight 18st) and knew i am only coming up but having high blood pressure around 140/90,hearbeat 90 went upstairs to chceck my BP and had it 180/100 heartbeat 114 sitting still anxiety all over me,panicked and don't laugh but made myself sick just so i don't digest anymore as was worried what will come next considering wasn't even my 1st hour on it....... anyone else experiencing similar? edit:not taking any medication,doing life style adjustments(no caffein,quit ciggs,no red meat) but i am monitored by cardiologists for my BP
  10. IMG 20150504 094330

    From the album random bud and hash shots

    This is bubble hash me and @shaggy Rodgers fabricated back in Jan 2015 great stuff this was from 2 runs strains I can remember from trim was Dela haze,wappa,fruity chronic juice,NEP jam and a few others very tasty
  11. Hey so since my very first bubble runs I bloody despised the painful arm work of all day stirring freezing cold ice cubes. I always wanted a mini washing machine set up but when looking struggled to find them well priced in UK. But I've just came across the machine with a 220 pyramid bag for 105euros and I already have a 5 bag set so that should be me set to go. Now I have a back log of trim (like 8 carrier bags) I'll have to get round to and just wondering how people get on with these? Don't see many people using them. Do they return lower quality? Typically I've done 3 runs on each bucket of trim, one at 5 mins stir, 15 sit, pull, which I keep for smoking. Then two runs at 10-15 mins stir (more aggressive) then sit for 15 and pull. Which I've used for edibles. Just wondering if it's pretty much the same without the arm work or if there's a difference really? Thanks!
  12. Stem Hash

    From the album Hazy's Hash

    © UK420 Hazy Harry 2014

  13. Stem Hash 2

    From the album Hazy's Hash

    © UK420 Hazy Harry 2014