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Found 41 results

  1. Firstly big thanks to @Dinafem-Mark for letting me be one of the five chosen for this UK420 Ocean Grown Cookies pre release grow show. Hopefully I can do them justice and do a good preview of this new strain. I will be growing out 3 of them along with 1 Dinamed, I have never grown CBD strains before so this is a first for me. Also in the mix is 2 Purps#1 and 1 Remo Chemo, I ran these 2 last year and I want to fill my jars up again. Lastly 1 each of Gorilla and Bubba Kush, these two are new strains for me too. So that’s the plan, 6 strains over 9 plants to showcase Dinafems brand new unrealeased strain, a CBD strain, 2 old favourites and some new ones to me. I will be getting them wet tomorrow evening, I loves a Dinafem grow so this spring should be a lot of fun.
  2. Another year, another dinafem diary This season I'll most likely only do autos and I'll not be entering the competition. So, for the diary I chose these I've also bought or won these + more Most of them will be going out to the same plot that I showed in my hso diary I'll also be keeping some in a greenhouse, most likely wwa in the ground and some others will be seeded in 5l pots. Once the reversed plant has done it's job, there's a good chance I'll start a second run Feeling a bit rough with manflu today, so I'll leave it there for now. Good luck all
  3. Bubba island kush

    From the album My shit ... Hope u folk enjoy

    8 weeks 12/12,... Nearly all blue I'd say 70% .

    © Gf1seeds

  4. I have meaning to get this thread up for a while. I chose Bubba Kush and Moby Dick originally but due to issues with germing the mobys and just a bit of bad luck the Bubba Kush is a few months ahead now so I am dedicating this thread to Bubba Kush all by her lonesome. Back in September last year 2017 I received the seeds , many thanks to Mark and The Dinafem crew for the chance to grow out what is always first class genetics. I like to soak them in water for 24 hours till I see the shells split. The nearest big seedling or the middle one, is Bubba. Here she is the 1 seedling that I need . A few weeks later , them fat Bubba leaves are showing through. Not yet potted up from her 1 l seed pot. I was quite shocked to see in a week that she stretched massively. Not what Bubba was supposed to do I thought. So a topping was required to promote me a bit of bushing. Now that is a major topping lol. Looks harsh I know. Not much left but I knew this topping would force the plant to put out new shoots. My space is only a meter tall so I need ball bushiness , not vertical growth . A week later the recovery starts. To help it put out multi tips, I then crush out the stems. Here she is looking much better and back with those lovely fat leathery looking indica leaves. And now we have a few more heads on the plant. A little bit more bushy. Again all growing tips pinched out. Here she is just tucked on the inside of the door. Then as if by magic a new grow room had been built in the background in my loft . Around double the size of the garage room with the same sort of headroom. No more scrogging , I hope to grow more tree type plants , just a bit of training with a handful of yo yos for each plants. On the right is the Bubba Kush , along with the Mohan Ram on the left. These are the only 2 seed plants that have come from the garage. The rest is clones and new seedlings. Being a bit bigger and going through a very cold spell , I'm vegging with a 400w hps now . You se the cage , bulb holder I made that will accommodate a 315cmh to join the party when I get to flowering. I'm gonna grow 9 plants and train them into every inch of the slanted roof, using yo yos. At the moment she is being handwatered daily , But soon I will automate the feedings and pump into that white pipe and through a 2mm hole over the 9 plant positions. First I will test it with 2 holes drilled for the 2 big plants. I have a good 2 months before I'm gonna flower this room , so plenty of time for training this girl. I knew that some more topping was gonna be in order so that I could try and get some kind of evenness to the canopy once my clones start kicking off. I want her to be up their with her back right on the wall and up the ceiling . All growing towards the bulb come flowering time . Massive difference in size from the new clones and the Seed Bubba Kush. So out came the scissors and a bloody good haircut was in order. Slightly smaller after topping, I'm after the ball / bush look. She has that power growing feel to her. The indica leaves are key to its strong growth. Much nicer temps indoors now under the 400w sunmaster. You can see her start to enjoy the light, considering she has had 250w mh all her life. Now I have her position , I must train her to fit the desired space. I want her to spread out on the back wall/corner and creep upwards but mainly bush outwards towards the light . I'm gonna do far less work than scrogging on a screen I hope. Obviously in a vert , the back of the plant doesn't get much light and growth aint needed there , so its chopped off. You see the plant is turned sideways. And the other way , but you get the picture . And back to the front again. The recovery starts with new shoots. Bring em on , each one will be a new cola. I want it like a medusas head of colas. A perfect plant for my room I feel as she has very little stretch and grows strong. She reacts very well to topping and training and recovers quickly, look at the new shoots coming through. Starting to develop a bit of a bush look . I can see her filling up that corner nicely. Now you can see the results of multiple topping and supercropping. Now I have got the yo yos out and have them on the pot, pulling shit down and trying to open up the plant a bit. Ive got bits of it pulled down like a step , just to expose more of the inner plant to the light . Also to train the plant where I want it to be in a few months. A bit closer and you see the whole plant is responding to being pulled apart. From this angle you can see what I'm trying to do, sort of train it sideways a bit , to spread it out in its space. I will expect to see lots of new growth spring from the centre of the plant now. She was potted up from 3.5l to 6.5l about a week ago and is still rooting out her pot. Now I have a bit more space I am going to up the pot size to an 11l finishing pot in coco. I figure I can train these over a few months and root out the larger pots and end up with more yield. She really is a beautiful specimen . I love these squat indica types, and the rate they grow. Very Bubba Kush looking I think. Picture of health from the start. Good strong growth from day 1. That's it thread rockin and rollin. She has a couple of months of veg and training ahead of her before I flower her and believe me by then I think she is gonna be Big. Nice way to Christen a new room with a classic Bubba Kush. Over and out for a week now. zz
  5. 31 may

    From the album HSO 2018

  6. Ok so i dropped 2 x bubba kush 2 x og kush 1 x critical 2.0 and 1 x sour diesel seeds straight into bio-biz all mix soil using 3 gallon fabric pots on Tuesday 19th September, all broke soil on Sunday 24th Sept which im going with as my day 1. This morning (day 18) i have 1 x bubba kush 1 x og kush and the critical 2.0 all showing me white pistils......bears can smell the menstruation ! set up - 1m x 1m green qube tent,5" intake & 5" extractor/carbon filter,6" clip on and a 9" oscillating fan inside tent for air movement but swapping out the 9" for a 12" once the stems strengthen up. 600w digital ballast running 250w MH at the moment and will up to my 400w dual spec probably within the next week, i doubt i can run my 600w dual spec as temps get too high but will give a test run for a day or 2 at some point. gave them a half strength light watering with bio-bizz root juice on day 7 and will be using bio-bizz grow and bloom feed and have a bottle of plant magic magnecal (never used any calmag product so could use some advice) probably no need to but i gave them a quarter strength feed of bio grow on day 11, im planning on giving either a quarter or half strength watering of grow today ??(any advice welcome) as ill be away from this afternoon till sunday or monday after this watering planning on some training/tying down once i get back in a few days (advice on this also appreciated) this is my 3rd grow this year first was photos,second all autos,im still trying to learn and up my harvest amounts lol so advice and criticism is welcome to guide me in the right direction as far as a feeding schedule etc. is concernedill try and keep things upto date as often as possible and no doubt be looking for help along the way ! cheers for popping by
  7. Going auto this round 2 x Bubba Kush 2 x OG Kush 1 x Critical 2.0 1 x Sour Diesel 1m x 1m, 600w digital ballast, 5" extractor, 5" intake, 9" and 6" fan in tent all seeds straight to bio bizz all mix soil on the 19th September all broke soil on Sunday 24th Sept (100% as usual), pic is 8 days in with a half strength watering with bio bizz root juice yesterday running the 250w MH for the first 2 weeks then 3rd week will be the 400w MH then switching to 400w dual spectrum till harvest (possibly 600w dual for last week or 2)
  8. Dinafem auto grow

    From the album Dinafem auto grow

    All Autos, seeds put directly into bio bizz all mix soil on Tuesday 19th September,all broke soil on Sunday 24th Sept (pic 8 days from breaking soil 2nd Oct) 2 x OG Kush 2 x Bubba Kush 1 x Sour Diesel 1 x Critical 2.0
  9. GROW-3663.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

  10. Hi folks, I'm a total beginner, growing several strains of Dinafem and Greenhouse plants outdoors in Southern Spain. I've been reading up about topping, FIMing etc and I'm a bit confused about which I should be trying. I'd like to get as many nice buds as possible, what would be a good starting point for a beginner, outdoors? Most of my plants are around 7 weeks, some are a bit younger.
  11. 7 weeks

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

  12. GROW-3203.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

  13. Bubba Kush

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

    Dinafem Bubba Kush at 6 weeks
  14. Let's get this show on the road shall we? First of all a big thank you to Mark and all at Dinafem for making this possible. I hope I can show my gratitude by producing a stunning summer show. I'm currently trawling the net for completed outdoor diaries of the 4 strains I'll be having a go with, none of which I've grown out before. A bit about the environment first. I'm at Lat 37N, on the coast, hmmm...OG!! I'm pretty much guaranteed blue skies from April through until November and the sun is intense to say the least. Last summer temps went way up into the 40'sC for about 3 weeks non stop which didn't suit everything so I may run into some problems if that happens again. Can't order the weather as you all well know. I'll be growing organically using either Compo or Flortis Eco veg & bloom nutrients which served me well last year. They're basically the same as BioBizz but about 40% cheaper. BioBizz light mix or Grotek, not sure yet. I'll also have some seabird guano which I'll use as a top dressing once flowering is underway. Today DPD arrived with my new wormery, a Wormcity 100 4 tray setup and 500 worms went into it this morning. They take a while to get up and running but I should have some lovely tea by the flowering stage. The strains. Pre'98 Bubba Kush. Sounds right up my street, I do like a good knockout indica for a relaxing evening. I rarely smoke during the day - too busy looking after my girls & boys and when I'm not doing that I play golf 3 or 4 times a week. I've read it's short, stocky, average yields, best topped, notoriously slow in veg...among other things. Let's see about that shall we! I may start this one off earlier than, for example, the OG Kush as I can probably trust it not to take over the whole neighbourhood. A 40L Smartpot will be perfect methinks. OG Kush. I picked up a pack at the Canamoexpo in Sevilla last year so it's time to get going with them. I'm toying with the idea of growing one of these using a SCROG. I have 2 sturdy 'nets' 1M x 1M that I could place either side of a 40L Smartpot. Why not? The other one I'll start off in May. I can't have 2-3m plants so starting towards the end of May will give them enough veg time without me ending up with triffids. Original Amnesia. 'It needs high levels of Ec and light. Those seeking the highest quality, it is best to grow it organically' 'The breeder recommends that it is with respect, as it is said that it's power is very high and to be careful with it, because it can cause temporary memory loss'. I'll smoke this when I need to forget something White Widow. Not much to say that hasn't already been said about this strain although I have yet to grow it. That's got the ball rolling, first update when I get the beans sprouted. Good luck to everyone else taking part, here's to a great outdoor grow in 2017 !
  15. GROW-2327.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

    Dinafem Bubba Kush
  16. Better late than never here is my diary for Dinafem's Bubba Kush Auto for the generous seeds for diary giveaway earlier in the year. Respect to @@Dinafem-Mark for setting all this up and letting us all have a crack at their genetics Its always hard to choose strains plus I always have the medical/pain relief properties highest on my agenda but I was rather taken by the blurb on the Dinafem website on the photo version ... "Bubba Kush cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized, Indica-dominant cannabis strain that results from our elite clone Pre'98 Bubba Kush. This variety is probably one of the best Indicas in the world and we are proud to offer this legend. It is no coincidence that Bubba Kush makes part of the 10 most renowned strains in America." Then it goes on to say about the auto version.... "Bubba Kush Auto cannabis seed has been created to provide growers with an autoflowering version of this wonderful Californian cannabis strain. It is a great fast-flowering easy-to-grow vigorous marijuana plant that yields good amounts of beautiful round compact buds full of resin. This cannabis seed is suitable for growers of all levels and for those seeking a cannabis strain with medical properties." Wow I thought to myself.... it would be rude not to This will be my third Dinafem diary and I'm already a massive fan of their strains not one has disappointed indeed each has produced raised eyebrows of pleasant surprise on first spliff As well as the the ones I've run diaries on I've also grown out the Cheese and the Blue Amnesia XXL. Right so enough preamble lets get on with the main event Bubba Kush I did my usual starting process into a shot glass in the airing cupboard for 24 hours tapping after 12 hours to make her sink, then planting straight into a prewatered 20l Airpot, 0.5cm deep and lightly covered, I dont water again as the pot is still wet enough. I then cover the pot with clingfilm and put under the T5 for warmth this creates really high humidity, literally dripping wet and seeds seem to like it as I have them above ground after 48 hours without fail I will be using my own organic soil that I ammended with the following when I made the pot up: 2l Fresh worm castings, MyCorMax, Neem Meal, Ecothrive Charge, Rock Dust and a little Malted Barley Powder. The top qtr of the pot I only used MyCorMax to keep it gentle while she is a baby Once she was above ground I covered the top surface with river gravel from the river next to me to act as a barrier for sciarid flies. So as per usual she was above ground after 48 hours, the next 10 days are always a bit nerve wracking, hoping that they get out of the gates without a hitch. Every single day counts with autos is something I'm painfully aware of....so fingers crossed!! So here she is on her first day above ground I call this day 2 as I count from germination, I know many start counting when its above ground but I do it from when life begins So off to a cracking start and I'm really looking forward to trying the legend that is Bubba Kush, I do like a good couch lock effect as it helps me sleep. I will be doing a report at the end from both my wife and my POV regarding pain relief/medical effects as this is my main reason for growing. Thats it for the first update let hope she does well Keep it green all