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Found 7 results

  1. Hi boys and girls been a while since iv been on. been paranoid about the internet lol. this is my third run with similar issues and i need it solved. iv always thought it calcium deficiency as i use rain water. im all organic and use the burnt egg shell recipe with vinegar and epsoms salts for my calmag. this run the two front girls have it. i wondered if its from the fan on them or the fact that i 1/2 turn them everyday and they get bumped. using my own living soil recipe and biobizz on hand. temps are between 21-25 humidity around 50-60% any help appreciated
  2. Hi There, hope someone out there can help with a bit of advise. Setup: 1.2x1.2x2.0 (4x4) grow tent 4 xl autopot setup + airdomes (coco/perlite) Mars hydro tsw 2000 4 inch extraction fan with carbon filter Oscillating Tower fan Growing autoflower northern lights General hydroponics nutes at 1/4 strength + calmag Ive stoped the calmag now as after research ive found out my tap water is 200ppm so i dont need it, could this of done it? Ive also had my lights on 24/7 but now changed to 20/4, could this have done it? Seen a tiny bit of improvement. One plant is doing amazing but the other 3 are not. Any advise? https://ibb.co/qpN4hk3 https://ibb.co/fXkTVt9 https://ibb.co/3mR30jc https://ibb.co/ZScjrRJ
  3. Just started a new grow and have some brown spots! I over watered in the early stages, which caused some curling and browning to the lower leaves but I'm sure I have that under control now. Plants are now 4 weeks old and these spots are on new leaves...................................Any thoughts? Room temp is between 24 to 26 degrees, ventilation is good so humidity levels should be ok, PH levels are fine but I'm not adding any nutrients yet.
  4. little help please

    From the album auto's

    hi every body really need some help on finding out what this is on my plant
  5. little help please

    From the album auto's

    hi everybody really need some help on finding out what this is on my plant
  6. I have been using bio bizz all mix and biobizz grow bloom topmax and alga mic I am at about week 4 of flower and I started to get brown rusty spots appear on a few leaves and then the fan leaves started yellowing then turned fully yellow and curled up and went crispy now all the leaves have started yellowing in between the veins the buds are looking ok and forming quite nice but I'm worried something g is happening to my ladies and im going to lose them somebody please help