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Found 6 results

  1. I've heard a couple of people claim that pollinating a single flower site on a female will globally increase it's resin production greatly.... Has anyone here done this to notable effect? interested in potentially taking this on as a breeding method....
  2. http://www.canna-uk.com/florigen Here is the flowering hormone Florigen which is triggered by daylength in photos and by age in autos. A few growers and I mean just a few globally have been apparently getting Super Long Flowering Sativas to flower early by grafting them to an auto plant!! So you grow your uber sativa as usual. About 3-4 weeks before Solstice your auto seedling (ideally from a tall auto strain) is planted really close to the Sat. Or in a line trajectory where you will LST your Sat at Solstice. The auto is then bent over and grafted to the Sat around Solstice. Or vice versa the Sat is LSTed down to the auto/s. Florigen then is donated to the Sat bloodstream from the autos bloodstream and flowering commences!! For a real big Sat I guess two or more auto grafts might be more effective. Right are there any mad scientist lunatics out there who are genius enough to try this out next year? I reckon a back garden would be favourite for starters.
  3. Hello everyone, hope you good people at UK420 can help me decide what to do with my beans! This year I'm doing 3 feminized of each of the main outdoor varieties. Some of them are new to me so I'm thinking of doing 3 plots with 1 of each variety in it, so if I get ripped I'll deffo get to try the new plants as long as 1 plot survives. But I also have a load of HFH Monk (indica) and Super7 mix (sativa) regs so I'm thinking of planting them out as well and not taking down the males, so I would end up with with seeds from established outdoor varieties like PM, ES, Durban etc crossed with either Monk or Super7 dads and a load of Monk x Super 7. This is partly cos I'll be 100 miles away and thinking some males would probably slip through anyway. How much is smokeable yield actually affected or does it depend on amount of pollination? My plots are small so I would have to go with the one or two males that I got rather than select, same goes for females. I could perhaps let one plot go to seed but again am I forcing myself to grow potentially crap seeds if they aren't good specimens? I would only grow em out not breed further. Will I get F1 vigour? Is this stupid should I just grow sensimilla and test-smoke these varieties before growing seeds, or would it be fantastic free F1 beans that are definite outdoor goers? penny for your thoughts UK420...
  4. Interesting article/interview with DJ Short: http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/9825376/a-trip-hempfest-pioneering-cannabis-breeder-dj-short The Willy Wonka of Pot By Jason Fagone on November 13, 2013
  5. Hi Guys. I was hoping that the amazing people on here could give me some advice. I have an Egyptian strain that has done really well in my grow room. I have several females that have been in flower about 4 weeks now, I also have a really nice male that I want to make seed with a couple of the females. The females are bursting with pistils all the way up the single stem, the trouble is the male is lagging behind, it has balls but no flowers opening up yet. Is there some way to speed up the male flowering maybe by shortening the light time to 8/9 hours. The females look like they are in their prime and I don't want to miss this opportunity. Thanks. OSB