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Found 7 results

  1. Good evening all Just thought i would start a thread about maintaining mother plants this is an open thread for all to post and chip in with tips and progress , i know Oldtimer has a thread somewhere but i thought a running thread would be good ! just some thing to look at for everyone i guess as its often a issue for many a grower when it comes to keeping chosen stock or even for those venturing into regular seed growing for the first time . Here is a picture of a couple of mother plants i have in 3.5ltr pots of totaly unrelated stock , i originally clipped them back to four main branches with alternate axis so they open in a bowl shape and grow outward rather than upward , i have feed them with Plant magic grow and silicon not to much just splashes here and there . You can see from the last picture how much i have clipped them back i could have had at least 15 clones from each variety which is far more than you need really and they were grown only under a t5 I will continue posting as they grow back and i further clip them back where eventually the stems will start thickening and start to really take on the composition of a true bonsai plant . then will be the time for the root ball to be trimmed down which is the part that puts people off most. Please feel free to post your mother plants and methods of maintaining them and progress if your trying it for the first time Have a good evening all
  2. Any help, direction etc very much appreciated... I have three clones, doing very nicely, though stuck in a small veg area while their mum flowers... I staggered taking the cuttings, so I can experiment to a degree - the first clone was potted from 0.5 to 1lt 3weeks ago and is becoming or is, root-bound. I do not have the option of potting up so plan to trim its roots and re-pot into 1lt. If it all goes to crap, I have a couple of weeks to work out what to do with the other two - worst case, one lives and is potted up. Can anyone advise on good practice for root trimming or direct me to any relevant threads, please? I have found a few discussions, though on hydro trimming, which isn't really helpful - I guess bonsai'ing a mother would be the closest to what I am trying to achieve, though temporarily. As I say, the aim/hope is to put these three in for a few additional weeks veg and turn them to 12/12 when mum comes out... Many thanks in advance.
  3. Aghan Kush Dry Bud

    From the album Bonsai Style CFL

  4. Afghan Kush Dry Bud

    From the album Bonsai Style CFL