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Found 6 results

  1. Blumat doing it’s thing

    From the album Bits and bobs

  2. Veg tent

    From the album Bits and bobs

  3. Hi everyone, new to the site. So…. Having some trouble with Blumat and looking for a bit of advice. Having ruined two crops to difficulties with Blumat, I’m hoping that someone can point out where I’m going wrong. My particular issue isn’t mentioned on the Blumat website. Here’s how I’ve been doing it: Root out the plant (maybe 3 or 4 weeks) · Soak the ceramic cones and the green top parts for 24 hours · Use a pipette and make sure there’s no air in either part · Screw shut under water and leave for a few more hours · Insert into the medium (containing no perlite etc. Just coco and peat) about half way through a wet/dry cycle · Wait a few hours then bleed the lines thoroughly · Tighten until a drip hangs from the tube then turn clockwise another two arrows So from there I can see that within a day they’re dripping. But gradually (over a few days) the drip seems to slow down and eventually they’re not watering at all. It’s as if there’s no pressure in the lines. The pots get lighter and lighter and I end up resorting to hand watering again. The reservoir (about 35L) sits about 3.5 feet above floor level and the line runs down through one of the tent socks then angles up slightly to the top of the pots. I know the line isn’t blocked as when I open the valve manually, water starts to flow. However, even doing it this way there’s a constant drop in pressure. So for example, if I try to water my pots by simply opening up the valve, the flow continuously dies down and stops when it should be constant. I constantly check the feed tubes for kinks and no issues there. And there’s plenty of water in the res (5L or 20L seems to make no difference). I’m scratching my head trying to figure out where I’ve gone wrong and I’m determined to get this right. Really hope that someone can help.
  4. Week 11 Day 71 3 Plants Down

    From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Original Noname: LED Coco

    Lost 2 plants and 1 poorly due to blocked drippers then after my poor adjustment a flood but luckily had a Garland tray to catch it...
  5. Hello, Happy Xmas Ive always wanted to have a go at setting up irrigation! It seems like a great idea, saving time and if done well, improving quality. What are the favourite options out there? Ive only heard of blumats before which i am keen to try I have a 250 Litre water butt and am hoping to set up a basic beginner irrigation system with it. Struggling to get my head round the concept, what kind of system do i need to set up? Im growing with 15 Gallon pots of living soil - contains worms (so i cant let get too dry), seaweed, garden compost etc 15gal is quite big so they need a decent amount of water - my first question is how many 15 gallon pots can a 250 litre water butt supply water to? People say hand watered is best, but ive also heard that blumat watering systems can be even better, ideally I am hoping to set up a Blumat watering system with a couple of moisture sensor carrots in each pot or something along those lines At this point im considering all options so a basic cheap and easy option may win me over, but if someone can advise on a blumat or 'moisture sensor' setup, i think that could be a very good option also Any help with would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hello All. I'm growing 10 plants in a coco/perlite mix and ionic coco in Blumat drip fed airpots. I'm 2wks from harvest and plants are all very healthy except one which has necrotic, yellow/white, crispy, twisted upper leaves. Some are purple/white! It looks like a nutrient lock-out/deficiency, possibly Sulphur. I may not have mixed coco/perlite thoroughly enough creating a hotspot? Bud remains unaffected atm. Some lower leaves are similarly necrotic although there are differences. Leaves curl under at the sides rather than twisting making them appear very narrow, then they die and drop. They also have a slightly damp/dank feel and a few have grey blotches. I'm concerned it's a fungal/pest problem in which case I'll get rid/isolate it asap. I've already spent a week watching deterioration as I initially believed it was windburn. I use a lot of ventilation with temps averaging 70-80 as I struggle to keep rH down. Atm I average 50% but want to reduce to 40% for these last 2 wks to help combat. I haven't done anything earlier as I initially thought it was wind damage. I'll post pics later when lights come on. I've brewed up some plant magic essence with neem oil to foliar feed them and am considering giving the one plant a ph-balanced flush. Does anyone know of deficiencies particular to Ionics or have any other ideas? I'll post pics tonite, Thanks guys, Keith