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Found 95 results

  1. Blueberryxs.JPG

    From the album My first Diary

    © Shumroom 2021

  2. Just received my most recent seeds from the Subbies seeds. @Revive do you have any information about this cross of yours? My intention is to have a grow with these indoors Is this advisable, Or do you think that they should be done outdoors? Many thanks again for sending these in, I'm a bit of a blueberry nut Thanks in advance.
  3. One of 3 of the ladies.

    From the album New grow , old seeds.

    About 6 -8 weeks old.
  4. Blueberry Ghost OG

    From the album Bits and bobs

  5. Hey guys, been fantasising about growing my own blueberry strain for years now after smoking some many years ago and absolutely loving it, haven't been able to get any since. Even when i went to amsterdam, no coffee shop seemed to stock it :O I know Dutch Passion sells straight blueberry, but I'm dubious of buying from them as any of their stuff I've run outdoors has been a flat out fail. On the attitude DJ short's original one is there for a crazy price and the seeds aren't feminized. Are there any other breeders im not aware of that have a good version of this strain? Or are their other "Blue" versions of strains that would be just as good to try? Any suggestions would be great!
  6. Week 11 Day 71 3 Plants Down

    From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Original Noname: LED Coco

    Lost 2 plants and 1 poorly due to blocked drippers then after my poor adjustment a flood but luckily had a Garland tray to catch it...
  7. I'm sure many of you have experimented on different mediums. I brought a few blueberry autoflower seeds. Dont have the space or bollocks to grow loads at the same time. Currently have 4 on the go, 3 autoflowers and 1 photoperiod (bonsai mum here we come) This one is my summer outdoor grow. A month old hidden amongst my chilli plants. Blueberry auto in soil
  8. Blueberry auto hydroponic 12 weeks

    From the album Blueberry auto hydroponic tent

    Week 12 of growing in Hydroponics and she is already starting to flower!
  9. LED Coco Multi-strain Last Day Of Veg

    From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Original Noname: LED Coco

    12/12: noon til midnight lights off. Feeding 3ml Growers Ark A&B grow, 2ml universal traces. Given 5ml universal traces and 5ml root tonic flush. Next flush just universal traces.
  10. From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Original Noname: LED Coco

    Apex High Collective's Ju Ju in the centre. Looks a little "sativa" ish but can't find anything on the interweb about it and think I won them on here in a comp years ago. During veg there have been so many pistils that I thought it was trying to flower on 20/4 light cycle.
  11. From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Original Noname: LED Coco

    About week 7, maybe week 8 vegging, had a few seeds planted a week or 2 on from first lot so been playing catch up by holding some plants back to get them all the same size. Finals 6.5l, all trimmed below and all have been topped a couple of times. 375W Scope LED dimmed to 300W giving about 600umols at 40cm to canopy. Growers Ark/l 3ml A&B grow, 2ml universal traces, 5ml root tonic. Now in their finals I am about to set up Tropf Blumat drippers. See later photos.
  12. Hi everyone, this is the later stages of my first ever grow, I suffered with all sorts of problems along the way but managed to deal with them. unfortunately this one has me stumped, it started on the very lower leaves and I assumed it was them dying due to lack of light or age... the plants about 5-6 weeks into flowering now and the buds don’t appear to be developing anymore I assume due to this issue. if anyone can help me prevent this in future that would be a great help. the plant has been grown outside in b&q verve, feeding fish mix & bloom when flowering started at a rate of 2ml/litre of water, tap water I might add, we live in a very chalky area in the south east. any help greatly appreciated and hopefully I can avoid this in future grows! You guys have been a massive help throughout and hopefully one more bit of advice is on its way!
  13. Lockdown Grow #2 LED Coco

    From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Original Noname: LED Coco

    3ml A&B, 2ml universal traces, 5ml root tonic. 300W light fixture at 50cm, 400umols at centre.
  14. Lockdown Grow #2 LED Coco

    From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Original Noname: LED Coco

    After about 7 weeks of faffing about and whittling down numbers I'm left with 9: Ugorg Noname x5 Blueberry Fem x1 Ken Estes Bay 11 x1 Bodhi Bingo Pajamas x1 Apex High Collective Ju ju x1 All in Ecothrive coco, Growers Ark Grow A&B 3ml, universal traces 2ml, root tonic 5ml per litre. Scope on at 300W, 400 umols in centre of light tailing off to 290 umols at edge. About 50cm above canopy.
  15. Blueberry auto in soil 6 weeks

    From the album Blueberry auto soil outdoors

    6 weeks and she is getting a little spindly on top. Going to start LSTing soon