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Found 79 results

  1. Lockdown Grow #2 LED Coco

    From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Noname: LED Coco

    3ml A&B, 2ml universal traces, 5ml root tonic. 300W light fixture at 50cm, 400umols at centre.
  2. Lockdown Grow #2 LED Coco

    From the album Bay 11, Bingo Pajamas, Blueberry, Juju, Noname: LED Coco

    After about 7 weeks of faffing about and whittling down numbers I'm left with 9: Ugorg Noname x5 Blueberry Fem x1 Ken Estes Bay 11 x1 Bodhi Bingo Pajamas x1 Apex High Collective Ju ju x1 All in Ecothrive coco, Growers Ark Grow A&B 3ml, universal traces 2ml, root tonic 5ml per litre. Scope on at 300W, 400 umols in centre of light tailing off to 290 umols at edge. About 50cm above canopy.
  3. Hey guys, been fantasising about growing my own blueberry strain for years now after smoking some many years ago and absolutely loving it, haven't been able to get any since. Even when i went to amsterdam, no coffee shop seemed to stock it :O I know Dutch Passion sells straight blueberry, but I'm dubious of buying from them as any of their stuff I've run outdoors has been a flat out fail. On the attitude DJ short's original one is there for a crazy price and the seeds aren't feminized. Are there any other breeders im not aware of that have a good version of this strain? Or are their other "Blue" versions of strains that would be just as good to try? Any suggestions would be great!
  4. I'm sure many of you have experimented on different mediums. I brought a few blueberry autoflower seeds. Dont have the space or bollocks to grow loads at the same time. Currently have 4 on the go, 3 autoflowers and 1 photoperiod (bonsai mum here we come) This one is my summer outdoor grow. A month old hidden amongst my chilli plants. Blueberry auto in soil
  5. Blueberry auto in soil 6 weeks

    From the album Blueberry auto soil outdoors

    6 weeks and she is getting a little spindly on top. Going to start LSTing soon
  6. From the album Blueberry auto soil outdoors

    Blueberry auto outdoors in soil Blue bits are slug pellets as they seem to love all my plants. The bastards. Its windy here and she keeps getting blown all over the place Really happy how she is coming along
  7. From the album Blueberry auto soil outdoors

    Blueberry auto outdoors in soil Blue bits are slug pellets as they seem to love all my plants. The bastards. Its windy here and she keeps getting blown all over the place Really happy how she is coming along
  8. Outdoor blueberry auto

    From the album Blueberry auto soil outdoors

    Growing amongst my chillis Unlike the chillis this is in soil. Have a few seeds so going to test mediums and compare results
  9. Hi all, Doing a check of the plant I’ve encountered these very small bright yellow things on the undersides of my leaves, I’ve managed to rub them off incredibly easy, but obviously want to prevent them returning. Has anyone encountered these before? as always thank you guys in advance!
  10. Hi All, After posting on the pest's section, a few members suggested this plant was a Hermaphrodite, I have taken some more photos today. If it is... does it mean it needs to be binned? If it is not, what was the other members looking at to believe it was? I have also included the photos from the pest section, I now believe these miniature yellow things to be Aphids? anyone seen anything similar? I found more tiny yellow things under the fan leaves today, also there is some slight yellowing discolouration on the first photo the main leaf at the front of the photo. Would like to say thank you in advance, this site has been nothing but incredible for someone who has never grown before!
  11. Hello fellow smokers. So doing my first outdoor grow. I'm looking for direction so will lay out my plan of attack and any suggestions please HMU. Thanks So soaked my seeds, pre soaked my pellets in Bioysos 1gm to 1ltr water. Seeds went in today in a propogator and is now in under the lights. Was going to leave lid on and closed for 3days. Once germinated and when it starts to fill the peet pellets I have some 10cm pots that I was going to mould with palgoran batmix. This will be watered with Bioysos and voodoo juice. I was thinking of vegging them inside for 3 weeks or so dependent on growth and weather. I will be using micro, grow and bloom, voodoo juice and bud candy also Bioysos when required after seeding. 16ltr fabric smart pots. Watering schedule thinking feed, feed, water, feed, feed, dry, dry?? And follow the advanced nutrients calculator halving for soil?? I have basil sown, marigolds and thyme to go with them outside and am planning no making organic nettle fertiliser for pest control along with copper and club pellets, and chicken wire when needed? How's it all sounding? I will start posting pics etc as they start popping. Please any advice on advanced nutrients and UK pest control etc. I'm growing only 6 plants. Plus one I have inside.
  12. Hi everyone, very new to growing! This plant is now 2 weeks old, just trying to convince myself this is going okay lol, the plant stays outside from around 9am to 7pm moving around to ensure direct sunlight. Over night I bring the plant in and chuck it under a led light I got from eBay, rated at 100w from the wall. The strain is Blueberry auto from 00seeds. my question is, as this is an auto flower, shouldn’t this be much further ahead by now? thank you all in advance https://ibb.co/YbZBM9Y
  13. Hi, I'm a first time grower and 8 days ago, I planted an Auto Northern Lights and Auto Blueberry. Here is my set up; 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.6m grow tent Viparspectra LED 300w 5" RVK Extractor fan (with speed controller) Tent vent for passive intake Root!t 40w heat mat (with thermostat) 40w tube heater (with thermostat) Automatic humidifier (with humidistat) 7" oscillating fan Lights on temperatures - 18-25c Lights off temperature: 14-18c Humidity level: 60-68% (I live in England, so the weather isn't that great). I'm on day 8 of my grow, and I want to know what people think about my plants. They look like they are starting to turn a little yellow, and the new leafs growing from the middle of the Northern Lights plant looks a bit brown. I have a feeling that it might be because my light was too close. My light height was at 25" from the plant canopy. I moved it up this morning to 30". I saturated the soil before planting with PH 6.5 water, and have only feed them 500ml of PH 6.5 water each since then. I do spray the soil if it looks a bit dry on top. I don't think it's a water problem. A second opinion, or some advice would be greatly appreciated. (Please find pictures below) Many thanks Auto Blueberry Auto Northern Lights
  14. It's about time for a Berry Off! SEED INFORMATION: BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE: Genetic lineage: Blueberry x Cheese Indoor: 7-9 weeks Height: Indoor: 80-120 cm | Outdoor: 100-150 cm Taste/smell: Intense fruity cream-cheese smell and taste Effect: Powerful, yet balanced stone/high Blueberry Cheesecake (Cheese x Blueberry multiple hybrid) are selected from an extremely vigorous, smelly mother. We wanted to recreate a very special phenotype that we once found. It had the most amazing Blueberry Cheesecake smell. We succeeded! The Blueberry Cheesecake has two phenos that only differ in appearance. #1 pheno is short and bushy (classic Indica look). This will double in height from the beginning of the flowering stage. #2 pheno is tall thin shape (Sativa look) this will triple in height. Blueberry Cheesecake cannabis plants are very resinous, giving healthy vigorous plants with a light blue shine. Flowers are known to be lime green and dark violet in color with orange hairs covered in a blanket of crystals. It’s a really a big cropper with an amazing bag-appeal. You will be amazed of the huge trichome production covering the buds from top to bottom. Blueberry Cheesecake is perfect for outdoor, in Mediterranean climates and for Charas production. Blueberry Cheesecake will ensure a plant that has a very intense and stinky smell in the flowering stage: a carbon filter is highly recommended! The taste is fruit on inhale and cheese on exhale. Blueberry Cheesecake is a great strain for putting mind and body at ease. DREAM BERRY: Genetic lineage: (Blueberry x Haze) x Nev Haze x Blueberry Cheesecake Indoor: 9-10 weeks Height: Indoor: 80-150 cm | Outdoor: 2-4 meters Taste/Smell: sweet and soft like Blueberry, with some woody Haze and herbal undertones Effect: Highly creative, energetic and uplifting high, the day companion you always dreamed of! The Dream Berry strain came from a stabilized Blue Dream clone mom, with a Blueberry-dominant Blueberry Cheesecake pheno. This hybrid is going to be your new daytime companion because of its highly creative, energetic and uplifting cerebral high combined with a smooth, relaxing body high. Dream Berry strain makes anyone talkative and can definitely be described as a social smoke. Dream Berry relaxes and relieves pain symptoms, nausea and alleviates depression. Dream Berry produces medium-sized to large buds. Predominantly rock-hard nugs with buds on the lower branches being fluffier. The Dream Berry plant is relatively short and compact with many leaves and wide lateral branches. Leaves are mostly dark green. However, one phenotype has a faint blue shine on her leaves whilst another has an almost dark purplish complexion, thanks to her Blueberry origins. Another important detail to mention is the noticeable abundance of long, thick pistils. The Dream Berry strain can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors preferably to be grown in an arid climate, a moderately humid climate or a Mediterranean-like climate. That is because of the compact bud structure and mould issues the plant would face because of too much humidity. Dream Berry flowers within 9-10 weeks when cultivated indoor. Dream Berry will start off slow but once flowering commences, she tends to spread wide, like a true Sativa. As stated earlier, Dream Berry is very easy to grow, forgives minor mistakes and does not need particular feeding nor requires any specific attention. Dream Berry loves to be trained, and topping can help to create space between the branches so light can reach the lower branches to maximize production. The smell is reminiscent of the blueberry because of her sweetness and because of the subtle berries tones. In conclusion, the smell is complex and with interesting pine/herbal sour notes thanks to her Haze ancestors.
  15. Right , time to kick start this diary. Many thanks to Seedsman for the opportunity. You see I picked some winners I think. Nice couple of indica doms and a girl scout crack lol. You see the packaging is a bit old school , flat paper packets with a baggy inside . Bit of a soaking for 24 hours till I get a split in the seed then its in to the coco. There they were sat till they showed themselves. As I am extremely height restricted , I will be growing vertically , around a bulb which at moment is a 250w metal halide. Within 3 days quite a few of them are up. Blueberry was first , almost the next day one was up. Then Candy Cream , not far behind, movement on all three. And girl scout crack , looking like 2 so far. I added a fan to give a bit of air movement in general. On for half hour off for half hour. So after around a week we had our seedlings and our no shows. Being as I can only flower 1 of each of the strains , one plant will do. I will normally weed out the weaker ones till only the strongest of each remain. Lots of sideways growth in vertical growing and you see the wires I will use to train the plants to the wall with. They are very near to the bulb as most of the heat goes up and out and not towards the little plants. So I potted up into 1 l pots to try and bury the stems a bit. I ended up with 2 Girl scout cracks , 2 Blueberries and 3 Candy Creams. One of the Blueberries is looking nice and short already. Candy Creams all pretty much uniform at the moment. Same with the Girl Scout Crack, pretty similar. Just wanna see their veg potential now. I'm looking for the strongest of each and the ones with short indica appearances are a winner for my low headroom. That's where they are residing for the next week , next to the metal halide. Loving the new genetics in this new room. These three will definitely be flowered in around 14 weeks I expect , so I have to use every bit of space I have to fill it with vegging plants of which there will be 9 , possibly 12. Over and out for another week but the shells are open and the leaves are up. zz
  16. Hi, Can someone tell me is it normal for Blueberry to flower longer then 12 weeks ?Got 2 of them very tall,flowering already for 3 months,but I can`t see it finishing in next 8 weeks.Is that ok or should I start a new grow ?Thanks for any advise
  17. In The Night Garden... Welcome folks to this, my entry for the Seedsman grow contest 2016/17. First the acknowledgements to @J Trich and Seedsman for running this competition and the outstandingly awesome generosity in not only running the compo, putting up the prizes etc, but also dishing out the magic beans for gratis in order for peeps to run in it...my gratitude to Seedsman and J Trich on this and kudos to you guys Okay so the deal was to run 3 varieties out and as such some months ago, I recieved a 3 pack of feminised seeds for Somango and Nemesis and a pack of Regulars of Narkush, however some may know that my space isn't very large and I push it by running at 400 Watt even (the space was designed to use a 250 HID but I found that 250 wasn't providing the flower show I wanted so push it hard). Well, there's good and there's bad news on this and due to the Narkush being regulars the intension was to run three Somango and three Nemesis for a part one to the diary and then run the Narkush straight after the finish to conclude with a part two. Well due to time constraints as I'm later starting these than I originally intended, I'm having to alter this somewhat and considering what I experienced earlier plus recent issues with too many plants in a little space affecting the bloom production it may well be a universal sign of positive direction (I'll explain later). Now a deal is a deal and three strains were sent out but I'm hoping Seedsman see how I'm trying to honour their good faith with a little bit of a change here, so I'll only have time for the one diary before November but the flipside is, I'll be running four different Seedsman strains, one bean each in 7.5 L final pots (I've run six in the grow cab in 5 L finals but it's too tight and affecting the yield). I'm able to do this as I took advantage of Seedsman's crimbo offers and bought their Blueberry and Jack Herrer, with some Power Africa, Nevilles Haze and Afghani #1 freebies and was a blinding deal for the little money the purchase cost me. This diary for the competition as said will have four different strains of one seed each and as I promised originally to run the Narkush for the diary, what I'll do is to also document them when I run them in this forum but of course this won't be in time for the competion element. The Prologue Strains being run :- Nemesis (x1) Somango (x1) Jack Herrer (x1) Blueberry (x1) Earlier on today I put some compost (I'll be using reused for this run and is Jack's Magic and Westland MP combined) into starter pots, 3/4 filled, gave them a soak but not drenched with a solution of Maxicrop Seaweed Extract, then made a hole 5mm deep, sprinkled some Vitax Hormone Rooting Powder into the hole and placed a seed of each strain into said holes, covered the seed and then a gentle spray and placed all four into my propagator and under a 25 Watt CFL to keep them warm in my little starter box. As said above however there may well be a universal sign here as when I deciding on which seed from each strain to use, two of the Nemesis failed the pinch test and crushed so were not viable, of course from then on it was hope and pray from me for the last seed, fortunately it was fine and has gone into the hole, the other strains were all good and I picked the most mature looking seed from each for the run. Some are a bit paler though so fingers crossed. And that's about it for today really and we'll see now in a few days as to how things get on, all that remains now is the obligatory picture of the humble beginnings for these seeds and thanks for watching
  18. BLUEBERRY FEMINISED A mostly indica strain, Blueberry is a classic that dates back to the late 1970s and under ideal conditions is a very large producer. A dense and stout plant with red, purple and blue hues, Blueberry as a finished product has a very fruity aroma and, as you’d expect, a taste of blueberry. It produces a prominent and nicely euphoric effect of the highest quality and is very long lasting. Blueberry also has a long shelf life, ideal for collectors who wish to preserve for future use. GENETICS: Blueberry VARIETY: Mostly Indica FLOWERING TYPE: Photoperiod SEX: Feminised YIELD: 400-600 gr/m2 PLANT HEIGHT: up to 225 cm GROWS: Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors FLOWERING TIME: 8-9 Weeks HARVEST MONTH: October TASTE / FLAVOUR: Berry, Blueberry EFFECT: Long-lasting http://www.seedsman.com/blueberry-feminised-seeds Feel free to share your photos of this strain in this same thread.
  19. Blueberry 2L

    From the album Blueberry Seedsman